BANK WILL ALLOW CLIENTS TO BUY XRP | Hogan, Deaton, Morgan ON COINBASE & Conflicts Of Interest

Hello this is Matt on the moon family Said Dan Channel a major bank is going To allow its clients to purchase xrp Along with a couple other Cryptocurrencies and this is all Happening of course despite the SEC V Ripple case still playing out because as I've stated and many others have for the Last two plus years the rest of the World in the end will not give a damn What the U.S does to destroy xrp in the United States and and broader crypto Markets whatever happens in the United States it's not going to impact the Adoption of decentralized Cryptocurrencies like xrp And so that's while you know well I Still admit that there's tremendous risk Holding xrp in particular for people in The United States because of the SEC Specifically look I'm more afraid of What the SEC is doing in regards to my Financial well-being compared to any Sort of volatility in crypto I'm way More concerned about uh about the SEC But despite that I continue to hold and Understand that this could be a Multi-year process you know especially If this actually goes to the Supreme Court which I don't think will happen But it could but if it does I'm going to Sit here and continue to hold unless They somehow like pry my my private keys Out of my head you know if the

Government can do that okay then I guess You got my xrp but uh but outside of That I'm just gonna wait for this damn Thing to play out because you know when You come out on the other side not only Will there be I think anyway dramatic Jump uh in terms of adoption and price Appreciation as a result of that type of Clarity all of the real world adoption Which I think is going to play a larger Role especially in a mature market in Terms of where price lands well that's All unfolding everywhere else on the Planet it's not like adoption of xrp is Stopping because there's a bunch of Asshat Pricks in the United States and The SEC trying to stop this So I'm going to share with you the news Of what the bank is doing because you Can expect to see more and more of this As as the years pass and then there's Also I have an update for you from Um well it's on the topic of what's Happening with coinbase because as you Know that the the SEC is about to sue The ever-loving hell out of coinbase uh The wells notice was sent out which is a Warning hey we're about to see you Effectively in a nutshell that's what it Is and uh as far as I'm concerned it's a Formality because ginsler's got the Votes it's going to happen I feel like That's a virtual certainty it could be Wrong but that's that's why I'm looking

At it and I've got comments from uh Three attorneys within the xrp community On this topic attorney Bill Morgan Attorney Jeremy Hogan and Attorney John Deaton so we're just going to have a a Blasty blast here but before going Further I do want to be clear I do not Have a legal or financial background of Any kind I'm not offering legal or Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say are right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun now at The outset when I said a major bank is Going to be allowing its customers to Purchase xrp you didn't think I met the United States right because obviously There's the SEC lawsuit that would stop Any bank from even considering such a Thing now as a result I'm probably going To butcher this this bank's name because It's foreign to me but I'll do my bestie Best here uh it looks to me like Rife Face stain Ray phase Zion Nailed it Bank to offer clients Bitcoin Xrp and Shiba Inu Investments Um we'll just call it rlb because that Seems to be the ticker symbol a Regional Bank located in Austria and a member of The Revision Banking group is planning to make

History as the first Traditional Bank Within the EU to provide its customers The opportunity to invest in digital Currencies such as Bitcoin xrp and Shiba Inu among others and by the way the only Thing I kinda don't like about this this Development is that xrp is in any Capacity being lumped in with Shiba Inu No I don't know we'll see what happens What if what if some of the meme coins Actually persist like what if 30 years From now doge is actually somehow still A thing I don't know man I don't know For sure it just seems silly right now In 2023 but who knows weird stuff Happens right I mean who would have thought 14 years Ago that magic internet money would Still be around in any capacity so uh Anyway the Regional Bank plans to offer Its clients the opportunity to invest in Bitcoin Shibu and xrp by integrating Bitpanda technology Solutions Which provides institutions with an Investment as a service solution Bitpanda currently supports 2500 plus Assets across five asset classes Including crypto stocks ETFs medals and Commodities a bit Panda announced the Planned partnership in a recent blog Release in an official statement rlb Emphasized the significance of the Partnership and real that it had signed A letter of intent the bank stated that

It is presently scrutinizing the Feasibility in particulars of the Collaboration with dip Panda and the Assessment is expected to conclude by The end of this year and so again xrp Just because of what is happening in the United States isn't being shunned Elsewhere in the planet with rare Exception by the way which is with that But that part's positive Rob's clients Include over 270 000 distinguished corporations Institutions and individuals in lower Austria and Vienna as a result this Development will greatly boost Shiba Inu And xrp as it could bolster their Adoption rates and significantly Increase demand yeah that's right Welcome to Legacy Finance crypto and not That this is the first instance of Something like like um you know of Legacy of Finance adopting any sort of Notable way crypto I mean even just you Know PayPal just jumping into crypto BlackRock Um just a couple of time ahead but the Point is you're going to reach this Point in the future where you know the Lines will be blurred between what is a Crypto exchange and what is a Traditional Finance exchange because I Won't be surprised in the least if it's At least certain parts of the world You're seeing stocks traded side-by-side

Bikes cryptocurrencies in the future why Wouldn't you want to have it under one House and then it's just like what type Of exchange are you just well just an Exchange at that point right and then With the tokenization of everything Anyway that also blurs the line and like If you tokenize all stocks well okay I Mean it still stocks it's a Representation of a stock I'm just Saying it starts to blur the lines a Little bit And then they also State here rlb Integrating digital currencies like Bitcoin ship and xrp into its investment Offerings offerings will likely provide Its clients with clients that's Definitely not work clients with Increased flexibility and Diversification opportunities in their Investment portfolios this move Indicates a growing Trend among Financial institutions uh now beginning To incorporate digital assets into their Offerings and I remember talking about That concept you know half a decade ago And it sounded way more crazy back then But here we are it's not crazy at all it Never was and it's just going to keep Going that direction which is why I said At the outset of the video Even if we Have to wait years and years in the United States for clarity and go to the Supreme Court I'm optimistic Justice

Will be done and the adoption will be Occurring in the background and that in Conjunction With you know positive news even if it Were years from now surrounding xrp Which again I'm not saying it's going to Take that long I'm just worst case Scenario if that actually happened bam Like I I still want the exposure I'm Just gonna I personally am going to Continue to hold now on the coinbase Front uh they've become uh very familiar With what uh you might want to call the The Ripple treatments you know how the SEC has treated Ripple over the last Couple years here and it's been Interesting seeing Uh you know Brian Armstrong the founder And CEO of publicly traded exchange Coinbase uh discovering all the stuff That we've been sharing in the xrp Community for a couple years you know The Twitter sleuth is Ripple CEO Brad Garland hospital look at finding all Sorts of documents and videos uh things That would absolutely destroy the sec's Argument uh for example there's a and This is just you know highlighting Hypocrisy in this one example here but There's a video that's been circulating Within the xrp community for about two Years at this point And it's Gary ginsler And uh he's saying that probably about

This when he's teaching it in my team He's saying that probably about Three-fourths of of cryptocurrencies are Actually commodities So now fast forward a few years and he Says that everything about Bitcoin is a Security [Music] Which one of those Gary's is telling the Truth I want to see that first Gary Debate the second Gary because one of Them's a lying liar and I think I know Which one it is and so that video has Been circulating again recently and Brian Armstrong saw it and he retweeted It from somebody and he wrote wow and It's like you know we in the xrp Community we look at that we just like How can you not like just kind of like Do a Hot on both side and face palm and the Eye roll and the whole bit how could you Not do that knowing that they were Silent for most of the last couple years I appreciate the Amicus brief they wrote Finally at the end but where was the Rest of the public outcry they just you Know booted xrp to the curb they were Silent and now they're sharing the same Video clips that the entirety of the xrp Community has been sharing and he's like Oh my God this is not right now it's Outrageous Uh Mr Clean where were you a couple

Years ago I don't understand like how How I don't get it and so that's why I've Said many times it may just be the case In fact and they really were just Linguine spine sons of and now They're just like well we have no choice And they're growing something of a Backbone but it's it's not it's just Frustrating to see you can understand That's frustrating Well of course I can I mean we all get It we've all been in the trenches the Last couple years right So here is coinbase's website with the Headline coinbase responds to the sec's Wells notice last month we shared that We received a vague and Broad Wells Notice from the SEC uh today we're Sharing our response to the SEC we Provided a written and video submission To the SEC and we discussed those Submissions with the SEC a few days ago Coinbase is in the same I'm sorry coinbase is the same company That we were when the SEC allowed us to Become public two years ago after Detailed discussions with us about the Very aspects of our business that are Now the subject of the wells notice We didn't list Securities then and we Still don't we'd like to in the future But the SEC has still not complied with The law by providing companies like

Coinbase with a way to register to be Able to do that we do not relish Litigation against the SEC but we will Vigorously defend ourselves and stand up For the rule of law for everyone In the meantime the financial system Still needs updating so we'll continue Building we will also continue to ask Congress for legislation and the SEC for Rulemaking so that regulatory Clarity Isn't left to the courts and then in This coindesk article covering this they Shared a snippet of an additional thing That's a coinbase stated which reads as Follows the threat of imminent Litigation appears to be intended to Pressure coinbase to accept demands that The commission simply does not have the Authority to order namely that coinbase Number one agree that virtually All Digital assets listed on coinbase's Platform are securities and two overhaul Its entire business model to register as An NSE National Securities Exchange and Clearing agency potentially requiring Coinbase to jettison its entire customer Facing business and overhaul its public Company governance structure to conform To limits on concentrated voting control Of nses and clearing agencies end quote Um so uh what does this sound like here A bullying tactic except the demands of The SEC Authority they don't have And again I appreciate the Amicus brief

This past I guess it was November when It was filed but where the hell was this Argument when it was just Ripple pushing Back and the xrp community pushing back I did it it's just frustrating sometimes And then they wrote here neither of Those objectives is supported by the law Or within the Mounds of the commissions Yeah I know it's outside of law and the SEC is making a jurisdictional land Grant like that's exactly what this is And coinbase is correct on this so I'll Continue to support them and rally Around them but every now and then I'm Just going to about it because I'm annoyed can you believe me come on I Think a lot of us feel the same Um And so in response to all of this news Breaking attorney Bill Morgan of the xrp Community wrote best of luck with the Response while you are at it why not Share with Ripple's attorneys the views You shared with the SEC about asset Listing in xrp now that's a good point I Would love for that to take place I I Don't know technically it could have Behind the scenes and we just don't know I kind of doubt it though but I guess it Was if memory serves the beginning part Of 2019 when coinbase met with the SEC They said here's why we think xrp is not A security and we intend to list it Unless you you know give us reason not

To and then the SEC just didn't say Anything to the negative and then it got Listed uh okay so what was the analysis Coinbase used at that time Have you Shared that with ripple good thought From attorney Morgan Uh then there is also this in response To the news from coinbase attorney Jeremy Hogan wrote there's just no way To reconcile allowing coinbase to sell Shares of stock to the public and then Turn around two years later and say the Sales are all unlawful that's not Investor protection it's a regulatory Ruggable no that's spotable I don't know Assuming this goes to trial and you know I mean I understand there can be summary Judgment but assuming it gets that phase And I think as far as I'm concerned it Is because like I said the wells noticed I think it's just a formality I don't Know how you can get a judge who is Unbiased who looks at this and isn't Just Bamboozled by other like what the Hell are you talking about What's this horse Malarkey son like What is it you you the SEC allowed this Company to go public under this specific Business model which there's which is Still implemented there's been only Minimal changes since then and now it's All wrong and bad what the hell that's Your fault SEC if it were true it's not True it's it's not all bad illegal but

It would be the sec's fault so what the Hell are they doing here this is going To look To any unbiased judge completely Disingenuous Xrp Community member nft Bounty Hunter Responded and wrote I bought coinbase During the initial public offering Because it was deemed as safe by the SEC Shouldn't I be able to sue the SEC for Damaging my investment through their Back and forth regulation Attorney Hogan responded and wrote yes If the SEC was a company these actions Are negligent at best and intentional at Worst giving rise to punitive damages So special protection since it's the Governed yay but uh But but the good news is even though They do have the special protection When it comes to whether or not they Will win or lose uh that won't play a Role it really shouldn't Like like I'm telling you no judicial System is perfect but here in the United States uh for especially for something Like this Uh it is it's not commonplace to have Some sort of like corrupt judge you know This is this isn't like a third world Country and you know Banana Republic Stuff like that's not what's happening Here you're not likely to have some sort Of corrupt judge that's just going to be

Like yeah I got you Kim jong-gizer I got You back so no that that's not how Things work here so that's why in a General sense I'm still optimistic here Then we also have this there's a tweet From xrp Community member Mr Huber and He tweeted out the following hey John Deaton Ripple was not only in 2022 but already A client of Sullivan and Cromwell before Clayton ever filed the SEC lawsuit Shouldn't Clayton have abstained in this Case did Hester purse vote for this is That why Clayton said it was not his Decision to file such cases Um and then attorney didn't responded And he said Clayton should not have Voted because his Law Firm represented Consensus and brokered the purchase of Quorum between consensus and JP Morgan Which was pushing JPM coin a direct Competitor to Ripple and xrp as you can See but conflicts of interest don't get In the way at the SEC Now you have In response to that an attorney named Mark fajell Uh formerly with the SEC by the way Disagreeing with attorney Deaton and Attorney Mark here says sorry but that's Like three steps removed from any actual Conflict of interest the SEC was Extremely rigid about conflicts during Both during and after my tenure you can

Always find some Optics issue if you Squint hard enough but this is not a Legal conflict I'm going to be as Fair as possible here You know that I admit I'm biased Obviously But to be as Fair as I possibly can from A legal perspective I I don't know what The standard is because I'm not an Attorney in terms of you know what is Too far removed but I can tell you it Was just a regular everyday person Observing this uh it's I don't have to Squint to see a conflict of interest Here it just to me just looks like a Plain old everyday conflict of interest That to me it looks Like Attorney John Deaton is making an Absolutely correct point I just again From a legal perspective I'm just being Honest as possible here and saying okay I don't know but on the surface to me as A regular person yeah it sounds like Attorney Deans right now attorney Deaton Responded with something rather Interesting here Uh having to do with Hinman he wrote Mark if they were so stringent with Conflicts then I'm sure you're willing To bet the SEC ethics office screen Hinman's speech for conflicts and gave Him their blessing right I'm sure you Will agree that his speech was unusual Considering specific tokens aren't ever

Discussed see and now that is a Brilliant point because there's been all Sorts of you know conflicts of interest That have been uncovered for over two Plus years at this point and so the one He's talking about here is the ethereum Free pass speech that bill Hickman gave On June 14th of 2018. Now the ethics office leading up to that Made it very clear that Hinman couldn't Uh have any sort of you know proper Communication I think if memory serves I Think he wasn't even allowed to like Have a phone call with people at this His former Law Firm Yet still he gave the speech How could it possibly be the case that The SEC ethics office would have Approved that when they're like yeah you Can't even have a phone call and now This which would substantially benefit And did benefit uh Ethan as a result his Firm is his prior firm at that point Anyway So what do you mean astringent you know It doesn't it doesn't look like it here And uh attorney Mark fagel formerly with The SEC responded and said I don't know The answer to this the GC would review My speeches but I don't know whether They'd get run by ethics I would go to Ethics if I had concerns about a Conference program sponsors but I don't Know about the specifics for that

Specific speech well again with with Hitman do you think that he ran it by Ethics the ethics office I don't I don't suppose that he did Because I don't think that the speech Would have been allowed had he done that So in terms of conflicts of interest and Being three steps removed from that like Uh that just it rings Hollow to me again Don't I don't know the legal standard But it just Rings how to me it just Seems like nonsense just on the surface That's all I'm saying here I'm not a financial advisor you should Not buy or sell anything because of Anything I say or right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon family sedan


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