XRP Account Record , Ex Ripple On White Swan Event & Missing MIT Course

Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and I had one busy weekend I Had one my 17 year old had to go to prom My uh youngest had a travel ball and I Took him to a Braves game he got the Cool experience I had a friend that gave me some uh Those tickets where the kids can go down There and get on the field and he was Actually got got autographs and he was Able to get on TV it was pretty cool Um so check this out um I love it when The Bitcoin Max is actually like chart People uh to see something in xrp Because they hate to admit it Um look at this xrp next potential Autumn High thanks to Fibonacci Circle I Managed to find previous Autumn Heights Assuming January June 2022's low was the Cycle bottom for xrp using these Turtles Helps forecast next potential High look What he's look was he what he's well Actually he says it there three Potential all-time highs emerge from Conservative to optimistic conservative 334 that's not an all-time high I think It went the size 380 something These are 849 and 2156 in fact I think Susan athy's uh uh model that She did on xrp back in 2018 was it Put the value at somewhere around eight

Dollars I think Don't quote me but I think it did Xrp active accounts have surpassed 4.5 Million That's big now don't forget Um two more days we're going to have Consensus I was gonna go to this And I decided that I was gonna not go Um it's fun I I want to go to this like Every year but I decided I wasn't going To go Um my wife's birthday is this week and So I just didn't wanna Didn't want to go so anyway or I wanted To go but I didn't want to get in Trouble you know how that goes Um we're only two days away I've got I've showed you some of those speakers The other the other day it's going to be Should be interesting digital Perspectives who is Brad comes he put This CL interesting clip out from Greg Kidd Greg Kidd was on link two and by The way Link to is in the very top of the Description you can get they've got if You're an accredited investor that is They're one of my sponsors you can get Ripple Equity poly Sun private Equity You can get uphold you can get one of The other ones linked to itself private Equity which is my largest holding Go check it out these guys are moving And shaking listen to what uh Greg Kidd

Did one of their investor conferences I Guess listen to this for me my point of View it's inescapable I can't tell you When it will happen but when something Like fkx blowing up and finance having The problems it has and the banks Blowing up it kind of tells you that the So powerful looking 2.0 reality we live In it's it's kind of built on Sand and Like when the tide comes in and Tide Goes out every time I'm sort of Surprised at how many folks that I Thought were dominant in the industry Are now just a history chapter in in Wikipedia this is sort of a social Political statement like there's always This pyramid of like what's at the top And what has been at the top have been These Web 2.0 companies and and other Just traditional institutions like in Other Industries and there they are and Then they have accounts and they assign Users to those accounts in in the new World if you flip that pyramid around Everything starts with the user like There was a time when if you change from One phone company to another you had to Give up your phone number because the Phone company owned your phone number And a way of locking you in was to say Well if you leave you know you're Leaving us and we own your phone number You have to get another phone number but Now in the phone industry users on their

Phone numbers and the phone companies Service you and your phone number and if We can start to see that in other areas Like your money like if you switch from One financial institution to another Your money simply stays in the account You just have a different institution Servicing it and you could have multiple Financial institutions servicing your Account it's your money and so if you Start to take that across everything Your medical records the assets that you Own they belong to someone either a Person or an entity at a point in time There's a trail of Providence and other Folks May service that they may add Value to that they wherever they are in The value chain or in the supply chain That's just a story but it's a story of Following the goods and following the People that own the goods and all those Other institutions they're not at the Top of the pyramid the people and the Goods that they use create there at the Center of the system and so it's a User-centric Item-centric view of the world and all These other institutions and I'm not Anti-institutional I'm not Anti-government or anti-corporation but They're there to Serve the People And the goods that are being tracked in A supply chain when you see like a bank Like Silicon Valley Bank collapse in a

Number of hours you realize that these Things that we thought were absolutely Solid and steadfast can be gone over the Weekend and once you see a few of those Things disappear then you know you Really need to have a hard reflection About what is enduring in this world Because these Black Swan events we have They keep coming all the time pretty Soon people have to start talking about White swans well xrp is my white swan or My Phoenix which we'll cover in a second Uh first I want to show you this Zimbabwe to introduce gold back digital Currency now remember Gaddafi got killed Over this folks so so when you start Introducing goldback currencies you Better hope that the rest of the world Or that the the US is on board you have To wonder You have to wonder if I mean because Look once you have a gold back currency You don't need any other currency Then it just comes down to the trust Issue over whether it's legitimately Gold-backed Um so that's what this will come down But somebody whether it's Zimbabwe or Somebody else is going to create a Gold-backed currency That people do trust and and that that Is a totally legit gold-backed currency And when that happens it is over for the Fiat

Joke All right Um and I said imagine the boom times the USA if if the you if our leaders in the U.S thought like this and did things Like this you would have the greatest Gold Rush boom time this this country Has ever seen if these Regulators like Gary gentle would back away and let Crypto Thrive and do things like this Instead UAE proposes bill to create Decentralized economy for its freezing With a hundred percent tax exemptions You start doing stuff like this and You'll actually make your country great And you won't destroy it the way they're Doing right now Now there's a little company called Backed that a lot of people have Forgotten all about Now folks I believe that this right here Remember remember who backed is Jeffrey Sprecker is behind it he's the CEO of Ice ice is the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange I believe that Backed is going to be a part of the back End of when when Wall Street finally Opens up shop okay for crypto And I'm going to show you a lot of what I'm talking about here These guys Gary Gensler is in alignment With guys like this they talk the same Way they talk about Um the incumbents because Jeffrey Jeff

Sprecker is the incumbents okay these Are the incumbents and they started I've Said it a thousand times they start they Started putting in motion how they were Going to jump into this game and that's Why you're seeing everything you're Seeing with Gary Gensler now it's Important that you understand that Backed is publicly traded they quietly Uh went public and and the stock never Did anything remember how coinbase got All the Fanfare and the the initial Investors sold out of coin but coinbase Went to I can't remember how high it was But it was four to eight hundred dollars Or something like that when it went Public everybody it was like the shiny Object meanwhile all the original Investors were selling out of coinbase Well back went public at the same time With no Fanfare not a lot of attention And it hasn't had a lot of attention Since then well guess guess who has been Buying some backed uh shares in the on The public market that would be me Because I believe this is one of those Nobody's looking at right now and all of A sudden It will be one of the ones that rise and I believe that these guys are friends With all these Gary genslers and all These Regulators but We can prove it because Ashley prosper's Been busy this weekend as she says I've

Contacted him I remember the missing Course from MIT when Gary Gensler was There she said I've contacted MIT for Information on that missing course Gary Gensler taught on November 5th 2018 Entitled S18 a new approach to crypto Exchanges and payments which was Attended by guest speakers Jeff sprecker Who is the CEO of the internet Intercontinental Exchange and Kelly Loffler who's the chief chief executive Officer back she's his wife she's Jeff's Wife or was I don't know if she still is But anyway she's the one that was that Was he put in charge of starting back And then eventually she handed it off Not I can't remember if she handed off To him or somebody else But anyway the point is is that this is A missing course so they apparently said Something in this that Gary Gensler and And friends don't want you to see So uh and then Ashley Prosper had Updated she said I received a response Back from MIT apparently guest lectures Have a great have a right to request That their lectures not be published but Why would very busy people like Jeff Sprecker and Kelly loftler take the time To go to MIT give a lecture and then not Publish it best guess one or both said Something that they didn't want Disclosed publicly I'll keep digging It's not over yet okay so here's the

Communication now this I wanted you to Hear this because I went back Jeff Sprecker went to and spoke at consensus A few days after he did that lecture at MIT and I wanted to show you this so That you understand he's completely on The same page with Gary Gensler about Protecting incumbents the these Institutions don't so much get disrupted As as the they the disruptors Caused the institution's antenna to go Up and say oh my gosh there's a threat On the future and maybe we better move And and so what you're seeing is US Adopting a lot of what what people are Working on looking for the best use Cases for our particular business and uh And institutionalizing uh the work of a Lot of entrepreneurs I happen to buy the New York Stock Exchange because it was Slow to adopt technology and the first Thing we did when we bought it is put in All new technology So it didn't go away it didn't get Disrupted in the sense that it went to Zero it got disrupted in the sense that A new management team came in and um And I you know we enjoy running it so I Don't want a new management team to Throw me out and so uh and so part of This is you know we we've been as Kelly Mentioned since 2014 pretty deeply Involved in blockchain uh and various New Innovative database Technologies

Okay so he he made it very clear there That they want to protect themselves From these new upstarts now at the same Lecture series Gary gensler's if you Remember Gary gensler's brother was There to do a lecture as well this is From Mr Huber but he makes a reference To the Phoenix Rising From the Ashes Listen to this look I think Bitcoin I'm Sorry I'm real biased about this is a Massive regulatory he's also talking About You know The these are all these guys are in the Same club and they don't want to be Disrupted I don't want the governments The officials anywhere in the world to Know something I want to create a system That's beyond governments have you found Anything maybe in the history of Humankind there is something where Officially the official sector doesn't Come back with a vengeance and get its Fair share so I think blockchain can be Very good as a utility to make a lot of Other things it's like what are the Killer apps that will come and it was True with the internet when the killer Apps came guess what Amazon was a color App and apple was a killer app well Apple's different but Facebook Etc And oh by the way all of them sorry Because you're gonna say why I would say There weren't 500 billion or a trillion

Remember there was an installed base of Value Amazon's case 100 of global retail That they could disrupt well they've not Even five percent yet I don't know Whether you should own Amazon stock or Not I'm not trying to say that but well You know we're all of global advertising You know that's what's Google you know Wow and they're disruptive for all the Money I I so maybe Bitcoin becomes the Utility that some app resides on top of That is you know and this becomes Ubiquitous enough in 10 or 15 years and I actually think something will happen It's just will wow us off that we hadn't Even considered but it's in the second Phase not in this first phase of hype Disappointment and I don't think we're Anywhere near the disappointment the Disappointment takes years and I know Something like the Phoenix yeah that's Because you know your brother is going To spend all of his time time trying to Disappoint that's just it rises up again And it's once the distributed process is All out there and there's not nodes like A Bitcoin notes but nodes of users it's Like So there you go Phoenix now this I found This this morning this is Jeff sprecker When he was Jeff sprecker was talking to Michael Casey this is back in March of 2018 and he makes a reference to that Phoenix too and you think of the you

Know that something comes out of the Other end uh that that all of that Failure uh will produce uh there'll be a Phoenix if you will and something will Yeah I really I really do Phoenix would Be nice wouldn't it um it's a good name For an Ico Phoenix coin yes high five I Think there's already been a phoenix Coin right You'll be the richest man that's got a Fire token For example Um All right and then uh finally I wanted To show you this from Ashley Prosper who Was busy I found a transcript from one Of Gary gensler's blockchain and money Lectures at MIT he is well aware of the Ethereum Ico and he even knows how many Purchasers there were I'm more convinced Now than that than I was before that he Himself is a disguise to eat the whale And when this company did a 25 million Dollar initial coin offering the day of The offering which only had 40 to 50 000 Purchasers How does he know that Um also make some interesting comments About Bitcoin code see this right here Um is answered there's something that's Freely available the Bitcoin core code It's actually under a copyright license Here at MIT which makes it free that was Satoshi nakamoto's decision it wasn't it

Wasn't that well maybe Nakamoto does Work here Folks go ahead and write it down These guys know who Satoshi Nakamoto is And you have to ask yourself the Question now remember these are the same Guys that are trying to destroy crypto Right now and just by pure coincidence The the uh as he says right there the Copyright license for Bitcoin just Happens to be at MIT where the same People that are trying to destroy Everybody except for the incumbents Right now The fact that nobody is asking whether Bitcoin could be their kill shot is Crazy it is crazy because if these guys Really want it now I'm not saying they Will but I'm saying why is nobody asking That question That's way too close for comfort right There for Gary gentler that's way too Close for Gary Gensler to be to knowing Who Satoshi is do you trust Gary Gensler I sure as hell don't And then Mark Phillips makes an Interesting point it is is it possible For chain analysis to ID the disguised Ethos it's more than possible they could Do it probably with the push of a button Mark and everybody knows it and he makes A very good point here if so I wonder Who would be on the list how do people Who mostly work in government education

Accumulate so many millions of dollars That Pulitzer is still available Eleanor Turret and Eleanor if you're out there And if you're listening Mark is a Thousand percent right Why would you not Start putting microphones in people's Faces and and try and go over to Jane Analysis say why aren't you guys have You guys ever done a um have you ever Ever uh put your software towards what Happened in that ethereum Ico and just Sucked all that data out and seen where It led I'll bet you they did it a long Time ago folks I bet they know all about It I bet they know down to the name of Every single buyer who bought in that Thing the question is why do these guys All pretend like they don't know who Satoshi Nakamoto is and why do they Pretend like they don't know who the Ethereum whales are Those are the questions and those are The questions nobody else wants to ask I'm the digital asset investor I'm not An investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that we seem to Be surrounded by Hiding in secrets and lies And people that just aren't Straightforward and those are red Thank you


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