Ripple IPO , XRP Valuation , FOIA Madness & When Subpoenas Congress?

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Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero liftoff we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and let me tell You what today you know me every once in A while I'll start a show and I'll say This and I'm gonna say it again this is One of those where I'm like and and it's It's because my ex account was freed and It's like a whole things I had forgotten All about opened up it's like my I've Been it's kind of like I've been Operating with one hand tied behind my Back and now I can see all of the things That were being I wasn't it's like I Wasn't being allowed to see certain Things well and so I'm I'm pulling back Up some of the things from my library I Call it my library it's my Twitter feed Which I lost access to all my past Tweets and all that so strap in well First this caught my eye this morning Rip this xrb Captain Ripple IPO will Send xrp to unexpected prices now this Brings up an interesting topic you know I told you I told you that link to and I I'll show it to you I told you that Today link to um had was adding Ripple Private Equity back on the platform they Are my sponsor so if you're looking for Ripple Equity you can go and check it Out today it'll be there but this tweet Brings up something that should be Talked about more and it's been talked

About but I've got a specific clip that Where it's addressed and that is Brad Garlinghouse had said that xrp was not On the Ripple balance sheet and there's Been a lot of discussion I remember Getting into to uh uh Tit for Tat with Mike noats back in 2019 about the issue of xrp the Valuation of xrp versus the valuation of Ripple Equity it's two separate things We're we're we're uh that we're in Unchartered territory Linda P Jones this Was at um a link to conference in Napa Valley that I went to watch what she Says about this you were a year ago I Mean it is an incredible Vibe still and That's why we say don't pay attention to What is the share price some people say Oh it's expensive because it's a $40 Share price but it's not the price of The share it's the value of the company That you want to look at because a Valuation of something like $6.6 billion With ripple has the potential to Ideo at A much greater value so just as a Comparative measure some of you have Heard me say this how many people have Heard meel of Calculation thank you so we can compare Ripple to other companies that are like Companies that are similar companies and That's kind of hard to do except for one Company and that's coinbase that was on The link 2 platform and went public at a

Valuation of $86 Billion so Ripple being at 6.6 billion Right now and coinbase going public at $86 billion that's more than 10 times Where Ripple is right now so that's why I say I think in my opinion in my Personal opinion I think that the Potential for ripple could be more than A 10 time Improvement in your initial Investment so if you invested $110,000 In Ripple it could become a $100,000 Investment and that's just if it doesn't Do as well as coinbase did if it does Better than coinbase which it could and It could for one very important reason And that is because right now Ripple Holds their xrp asset at zero value on Their balance sheet so there's no value Right now for xrp on the Ripple balance Sheet so if Ripple does value xrp at 50 Cents today or whatever it is selling at Today or if they're able to give it a Higher valuation because it moves up From where it is today if it went to its Old Highs at roughly 3 probably 384 384 Thank you 34 that put us at over a 14x valuation Where $10,000 invested could become $140,000 so the potential with ripple I Think is one of the best on pH going to But you see the point there is that if They do put it on the balance sheet and It and and there's all kinds of Different ways this thing could come

Down but it's a pretty fascinating Conversation and so this will be today At 3:30 Eastern time I'm going to do an X spaces uh it'll be on John deon's um Channel so um and we were going to talk About me getting back on um to X that'll Be fun I'm gonna put this firmly in my I Think I've got three or four red files The all the world's a stage file I saw This picture today and I just thought I'd mention this goes directly we're Going to print this out and put it in The red file today now Um I saw this clip today and so I asked Paul Baron TV if he had heard of eth Gate watch this uh I want to kind of Wrap up on a couple of topics here Ethereum right now many people look at This as the technology that really could Be the next internet and you look at Super Cycles if you compare it to Something say like an Amazon just to Give you an example if you were an Investor in Amazon in 2015 do you feel Like eth may be in that kind of position Where it's just a super cycle and just All the way up just because of the Technology adoption and all that stuff That we're talking about right Now I don't think so but because I just Don't believe in the idea of a super Cycle as I said before and I do think Other things will grab market share but I think ethereum is going to 10,000

Bucks the the fact is for a lot of us Who are crypto native and I learned this The hard way the last cycle like many People even outside of you know Voyager Bankruptcy and and losing Millions there But you know a when the cycle ends There'll be plenty of time to buy back Like three years you know um and I don't Believe that things only go up it's Never happened in any market so I don't Think that the super cycle idea is going To come to fruition just because it's The thing that I love but you become way Too overweight crypto right and no Matter how much you believe in it you Just got to rebalance right and I failed To rebalance some I took plenty of Profit but I failed to rebalance some in The last market and I regret it and I'm Not going to I'm not going to make that Mistake again when everybody's he um he Mentioned Voyager and how much money Lost on Voyager I had a conversation With a voyager a guy that worked at Voyager one time at a conference and he Was trying to EXP explain to me you just Don't understand Ripple is going Nowhere and uh he worked at Voyager Interesting story huh so is this I asked Empower and Jason Foster you remember Them Empower was the the nonprofit that Stepped in and started doing the Freedom Of Information Act request Jason forest Or Jason Foster is the founder they

Stepped in and they were um actually They had sued to get the Communications Between Bill Henman and the SEC and the People on this list right here look Steven n off's on the list and so I Asked them where they were at on this um This lawsuit right here so maybe we'll Get an answer from them today look Forward to that um Also I said um I had I'm having a little Fun today with my X account remember That time I got kicked off X and lost my Access to the to my tweet about how JP Morgan banked Mount goau they also Banked a certain Island guy who we'll Talk about in the member group at d boy you want to talk about spicy Go to and this at the go sign up At di you're going to want to Watch the end of this video Woof um and then Cowboy crypto it's good Seeing him out here um he's pointing out One of my older tweets this in this Tweet I'm showing how stripe was the Original investor in stellar and they Got 2% of Stellar's um they got 2% of The xlm in existence okay we don't know What happened to their 2% after the After Stellar burned 50 billion of their 100 billion tokens we don't know what Happened there I'm assuming they've still got their 2% Which makes it 4% and then but Cowboy Krypto is

Pointing out Mark carne X governor of Bank of England and Canada also Goldman Sachs with Gensler is on the board of Strip Gary HED strip while working for The as CFO for that person's campaign Who we only we can only talk about them At um not here but in this video he He says say that they use stripe you Know who else uses stripe that would be The X Platform and do you know who is what was One of the backers of original backers Of stripe would be I think Elon Musk and A lot of the PayPal Mafia guys that's Why I've always had this theory that the PayPal Mafia was behind both xrp and xlm But who knows we'll See now while I was off of x mark Cube Had done a tweet uh it was in reply to Something where they were talking about The corruption of the government or SEC Or whatever I think it was SEC and he tweeted because Mark Cuban's A basketball guy and you know they call College basketball playoffs March Madness and he had a great tweet where He said fi a Madness Freedom of Information Act Madness and he's Basically he was basically saying maybe There needs to become a coordinated Effort to file Freedom of Information Act requests against all these people in Government that are hiding things and

Being dishonest so John Deon picked up On it this is a reply to one of my Tweets I'll show you that tweet in a Minute after Mark's tweet about fi a Madness I posted whether there's an Interest in setting up a FIA committee Commission many people responded we're Having a zoom meeting on Friday to Organize looking for a name right now I Have citizens for transparent But maybe someone can come up with a Better name I'm going to work on that John I'm going to try I'm pretty good at Coming up with names all right well Along that along those lines I had the Idea to go back through some of my um Old stuff what are the things and this Is part of what I would do if I was Doing f o i a Madness is I would go back Through the library of of all of the Dishonesty and corruption we've seen and Pull we've got so many clips and so many Tweets where we can go back and we can Say well that'd be a great thing to get Freedom of Information Act request on Remember how Gary Gensler was working With FTX before FTX went bankrupt and he And nobody has ever made him bill hinga Here is asking him about it nobody has Ever made Gary give up the goods on what they were Talking about the emails the Correspondences the meetings between Gary Gensler and FTX here's I believe in

Congressional oversight and I need all Moving on moving on I'm taking that as a No so the climate disclosure request you Resp like that you responded to our FTX Request solely with publicly available Documents uh to date 213 pages of those Publicly available documents have Produced and guess what uh you didn't Give us anything surrounding the charges Filed against Sam bankman free Uh on April 12 uh M chair McKenry and I Sent you a follow-up letter and uh we're Led to believe that the staff Recommendation memo presented to the Commission for a vote on charges against Sam bakman freed exists is that true is There a memo from the staff recommending To the commission the the charges that Sam bankman freed was uh was ultimately Charged under standard practice our Commission receives action memos from The staff whatever so it does exist We we work on on so it does exist okay Well you have a bunch of BS answers and That's the point folks that's why I said Here hey representative Zinga when are You going to start subpoenaing these Guys just like asked Patrick McKenry but Then F # foi a Madness because the people might need Might be time for the people to take This into their own hands and have an Organized Freedom of Information Act Effort and this is another one of the

First things that I would do I even Copied Mark cubin in on it Mark cubin You're really missing out you should Follow me I don't see why you're not but Look at this you see this one do you Remember this one remember when um when Those was this bombshell exclusive That's a great thumbnail for today where They found Fox News they found out that Gary Gensler had deleted key details of Meetings no I think he deleted the the Fact that the meetings happened Themselves from his public Calendar Gary Gensler to this day has Not told anybody or shown when he had These meetings is my understanding but More importantly what were the meetings About and who and how about email Communications between him and these People now we now there's a video to go Along with this and I'm going to show That in the member group here in a Minute at but I'm als that's not All I'm going to tie this together now Remember remember what this guy's in the Business of he's he he's in the business Of manipulating currencies go figure Imagine why would Gary be meeting with This guy he's also he also specializes In keeping companies offshore so that He's out of the reach of the SEC I'll Show you the video don't worry but it's Got to be uh some of these things I used To show out here I'm not doing anymore

I'm GNA I'm going to keep them in the D We're going to um and then I'm going to Show you a guy we're going he's the uh Mystery did I say the ew I didn't mean To say it out here we're going to show You a guy who was on the uh plane of That Island guy okay might have to cut Out that part I'm the digital asset Investor I'm not an investment advisor This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button Tell your friends and family D aixr I believe a lot of these things Are tied Together


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