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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Liftoff we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor it is Friday and The cleaning people are headed to to the House and my wife did tell me and I've Never understood this that I was Supposed to clean up before they come if I'm going to pay somebody to clean up I Want to do the opposite of cleaning up I Want to throw clothes on the floor and Do not not really that but I don't want To do lift a finger if I'm about to pay Somebody money to clean my house I just Want to stand Back never understood that this is a day 100 years ago marked the end of Germany's Yar Hyperinflation 1 trillion paper marks Were exchanged for one Renton Mark Bitcoin fixes this well if we didn't Know that Homeland Security had met with The four Satoshi I might agree with this Last statement I do agree with the gold I do agree with gold being a solution This is an important day to highlight The following 71% of investment advisers Hold zero to 1% of gold in their Portfolios today why do you think that Is the financial advisors all of them Are I mean they're literally given Incentives to put people in other things Things that are more Wall Street Oriented gold is is like a almost like a

Taboo I cannot recall a time in history When the metal was as under allocated as It is currently additionally keep in Mind that in 1980 gold con constituted 75% of global Central Bank assets Whereas now it accounts for less than 20% these massive pools of capital have Just started to shift significantly Toward the metal presenting one of the Most compelling opportunities to invest In gold to date guess what the digital Asset investor did this morning I called That number 952 9297 Z6 I called my sponsor miles Franklin I Even gave him da code da I gold which You should too you got to call them to Get the best PR call them or email them To get the best price I called them Because I am ordering some gold today Myself the Link's in the top of the Description but all you need is dii gold That phone number or that email address All right Ray doio he was one of the Guys that was at the China meeting in San Francisco now just by virtue of you Being at that meeting it does not mean That you're a bad guy okay I don't think He's a bad guy I think he's really smart Guy so listen to what he says what did You what did you see happening at that Dinner I think he's a bad Guy uh I'll tell you about the dinner Just in a second I think I think I just Want to emphasize that you know I'm a

Markets guy trying to uh think about the World ahead and there are five main Forces that are at work and they're Interrelated and that is the uh the debt Money economic Force the internal Conflicts that were having particularly The populism the left and right the Geopolitical that we're seeing most Importantly between the United States in China then of course there's climate and It's cost is there and number five is Technology and so I think we have to see That all interacting um the dinner uh Was mostly uh a gathering of um o old Friends in um at a moment Where there was a stepping back of uh The risks of War I was there last in March you mean prevent World War III and at that time there was a a very Clear risk of a military war and I think That uh that really concerned both sides And there was a stepping back I think uh That dinner um had to do with Relationships over a long period of time In my case I started going there 39 Years ago they didn't have any money I Didn't go for money I went for the Relationship I I curiosity at first then I over a period of time I I my son when He was 11 went to a Chinese school Because it was interesting we evolved And we developed uh good relationships Over that time others did um a lot of People uh had uh friendships with people

Who they were working together uh let me Translate he knows that there's a lot of Guys that are bought and paid for by Them and he's telling you he's not one Of them help to develop relations to Help the economy and so on so it was Sort of a gathering of uh Chinese and Americans who knew each other and there Was an element of warmth and and an Element of relief that there was a Stepping back from uh the bad uh risks Of War nobody wants War right all right I'm I'm getting to where I like this guy More and more I hope he does not get Totally co-opted by the Bitcoin Maxis But it looks like they're trying this New uh crypto framework is out I got to Ask you if you become president of the United States what changes from a crypto Perspective I think what changes is that Regulation by enforcement ends what does That mean that the rules are delineated Clearly in advance rather than you Having to wait for an enforcement action For the SEC to figure out whether or not A given coin was a security or not that Gary Gensler refuses to say today for Example about ethereum what also changes Is that any unconstitutional regulation Not just as it affects crypto this is Part of a broader administrative State Reform for me but any regulation that Congress did not expressly give an Agency the power to pass is null and

Void it turns out that applies to most Regulations governing the crypto Industry and I I put these into three Categories for the areas of reform that I've laid out one is the freedom to code It's my view that code is speech and While it's perfectly appropriate for the Government to go after Bad actors if you Take the tornado cach example going Upstream for the actual developers of The code that's wrong you got to draw The distinction between the code itself Which is protected versus people who Misuse it to steal that's something That's not happening today that's Freedom of speech is is principle number One is the freedom to code principle Number two is financial self-reliance I'll give you the punch line here There's a lot that that's behind it I Mean the AML statutes the know your Customer stuff a lot of this the bank Secrecy act has been weaponized but the Punchline is self-hosted wallets should Not be touched I mean that's part of the Jeffersonian Jacksonian vision of Financial self-reliance and Independence We can't have a regulatory apparatus That effectively creates self-hosted Wallets and prevents them from actually Being able to exist so that's Point Number two and then point number three Is just the freedom to innovate and I Say this as somebody who comes from

Multiple different regulated Industries In the past the wet blanket on American Innovation isn't even Congress it's the Regulatory State that's making up its Own rules regardless of the laws that Actually exist in this country and so We'll resend all of those Unconstitutional Federal Regulations we Downsize the federal employee headcount By 75% which I think is a good thing a Lot of these toxic regulation and Enforcement action come from the fact That if you have a bunch of people Showing up to work who shouldn't have Have had that job in the first place They find things to do we'll put an end To that and the good news about all of This is these are things I can get done As the US president without asking Congress for permission or for Forgiveness because this relates to the Executive branch I like this part here I Will ensure that Innovative SE sectors From crypto to energy to drug Discovery Are liberated from the shackles of the UN unconstitutional Shadow Government remember ethereum had a Shadow government I believe that this is Really the core problem of the United States I don't know what egag crypto Doing here he comes out of nowhere with This xrp macro goo on the macro level The go go level is still our portal to Hit our preset targets 5 7 10 13 15 17

22 27 where uh just a Question I think that most most people Are out most retail is out of there Between 5 and 10 what are your thoughts That's what I Think um and then Molly elanore she must Be in the mood to get the crypto police After her today because she had the go To put this out and remind everybody of The interest in the Xrp fundamental what they call it it's Down here comprehensive approach to Determine the fair market value of xrp She had the go to draw attention to the Number of people globally who have been Looking at their xrp valuation that they Did she and uh Jimmy Valley and and his Team she must really be wanting to live Dangerously on this Friday and draw the Attention of the crypto Gestapo they are watching Molly be careful out there you're not Allowed to talk about things like this You're not allowed to say ex only Robbie Mitnik and Susan ay are even able only They are allowed to do an xrp valuation Unless the it's approved by the crypto Police Gusto if Approved you too could do an xrp Valuation so be careful out there Molly And also look at this rumors suggest This is dangerous too you're not allowed To talk about rumors rumors suggest

Grand Theft Auto 6 will feature Cryptocurrency okay now we're about to Go into the group we don't leave one Side of the aisle untouched okay uh Today we'll touch on Tommy tupperville Here we're also going to we're also Going to apparently there's a list out There there's people naming names people People from people that were on Islands Certain Islands there's Also there's also a certain country that Starts with a c that has their own list And they're checking it twice and I Don't think they need Christmas to be Coming to do so we're going to go over What that list is too this is a video Many of you have probably never ever Seen today in the private group you go To dii to check that out I'm the Digital asset investor I'm not an Investment adviser this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family that nobody is Off limits in Republican Democrat libertarian whatever Else Socialist not oh I can't say some of These words out here all right going off Into the Group Oh


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