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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel xrp price has been heating up a Bit as over the last 24 hours it ran up To almost 66 cents you know after just a Couple days ago hitting a low of I think 60 cents or so uh which of course Resulted in all sorts of cries from People that something was wrong Something's wrong with xrp well let me Tell you nothing is wrong with xrp and In fact there is Broad expectation that Altcoins are going to be running in the Short term as Bitcoin currently is Taking a little bit of a breather after Running to over $44,000 and uh at the time I'm recording This let's see what time is it 4:13 a.m. Uh Central Time Thursday December 7th 2023 um we actually did just about 40 Minutes ago hit a local bottom where Bitcoin cratered at into the upper 42,000 after just being yesterday uh What 44,500 or so something like that up Into the upper 42,000 now this is normal This is normal it's just crypto is Wildly volatile it is what it is uh but Xrp did move in kind and I'll show you The charts I'm going to share with you Perspective uh including thoughts from a Couple xrp analysts one of them says That xrp is eyeing a new all-time high So despite you know brief moments of Time where things are moving to the Downside we're in Bull mode baby but

Before going any further I do want to be Clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I'm not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say all right I'm just an Enthusiast to enjoys making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun now as I record this latest Moon Lambo Hot Jam Xrp is 63 cents Bitcoin uh has popped up A little bit compared to that low that Was around 3:30 a.m. Central Time my Time zone uh it's now up to 43,2 15 Bucks and for those of you that care to Look at the screen this is a 24 hour Chart of Bitcoin on live coin watch you Can see that bitcoin price looks like it Just fell off a damn Cliff then popped Up pretty quickly uh so who knows it Will be by the time you're watching this Video by the time I actually get this Uploaded and published uh but I will Note uh flipping to an xrp chart it did The same thing so xrp price had been Rising as soon as Bitcoin went down xrp Just followed is what it is um nothing To be concerned about um and I also Wanted to highlight this so as far as The crypto fear and green index let me Say something real quick here uh and It's currently at 72 out of 100 so Retail speculators yes they are feeling Greedy well yesterday in a video you

Know I was highlighting various Indicators that would lead us to believe That what's most likely is that Bitcoin Is topping out around $50,000 so talking About that idea right um you know even If there is a a substantial pullback in Price um you know and and one metric Supporting the idea which um that it Wouldn't happen which I didn't mention Yesterday is the crypto fear and greed Index you know as as Bitcoin has moved Upward the last couple months we have Not seen the index move into extreme Greed so it's hard to believe that this Whole rally would be over without that Happening first it's just in greed we Haven't seen extreme greed yet that Would be that would be the first that Would be bizarre you know and I also Don't see celebrities pushing crypto Which historically is another indicator Of a top for crypto markets and Google Searches as I mentioned yesterday for Bitcoin are nowhere near the level seen Near previous all-time highs which means The retail masses haven't even entered The market yet so if this is going to be The local top and some people think that It is and the upper 48,000 is around 50,000 and then it craters back down Then we don't see another alltime high Potentially for a year or two or Whatever it may be there are people that Believe that that's likely I've seen

Analysts share that perspective and I Don't pretend to know for sure what's Going to happen of course so maybe They're right but I'll just note here if That's true and I I don't think that That's the most likely thing personally But uh if that's true it'll just be I'll Just don't I've never seen and I'm not Aware of any instance in in history of Bitcoin behaving like this with this Kind of rally pricewise in terms of Dollars in percent something like this Or maybe I shouldn't say percent because You know with each subsequent cycle You're going to have less percentage but In certainly in terms of this type of Velocity to the upside I just I've never Seen something like this to where that's It and we'll just come back in a couple Years I'm just not aware of something Now if that exists and maybe I'm just Like maybe it does exist and I'm just Not aware somebody pointed out to me That's fine I'm just not I I've never Seen a moment in time where that's Actually the case typically when there's This type of move to the upside with This much force it it does mean we're Actually in Bull mode but the thing That's weird about that and this is why Like this time would actually be Different to some degree is that you Know if this is really it and we are Going to see this is what leads us

Ultimately into a new all-time high say It comes in 2024 if that's when it comes And a lot of people think that that is What's going to happen as I'll highlight In this video in just a minute if that Is indeed the case the timing's now off We're used to fouryear Cycles well it Was 20121 when we saw a new all-time High uh the last alltime high for Bitcoin close to $70,000 so if it Happens in 2024 which is we're Practically there that's only three Years folks I'm no math wizard but I'm Surey pretty sure that's just three Years Difference so we'll say either way it's Weird like it would be weird either way If it craters back down or if we hit a New alltime high it's just something That's different but I but but if it Does and look I think it's plausible That we do continue to see move to the Upside that's what I if I had to vet BET Right now I'd say it's probably going to Keep moving to the upside despite Massive pullbacks along the way you Should expect those even if they're over 30% like that's normal actually even in Bull Markets um but Man it's we we'll see what's going to Happen but however long it takes I'll Just say the alt coins historically They're going to follow and so even

Though we're probably never going to see Something like 2017 ever again where Everything popped off there will be a Lot of coins that do follow and so That's why I feel safer sticking to the Larger and midcap coins because I think That you know just if you just go where There's where there's a belief that These things are going to be for the Long Haul that's now where people are More likely to put their money and so That that's where I think I think things Follow um here's perspective from xrp Chart analyst egreg crypto and he said Xrp short-term analysis 4-Hour time Frame xrp seems to be mirroring its Previous price action within a Descending Channel or DC for short he Says here I'll make this chart full Screen for you uh this is just xrp us USD chart well technically tether but It's the same thing Uh and and he says anyway check out the Chart below to see how xrp is attempting To break out of descending Channel B the Next challenge for xrp Is to surpass Descending Channel B to reach FIB point5 Pay close attention FIB point5 at a Price target of 75 could be the gateway To a potential move towards $1.30 to $1.50 and so there you go he's just Noting that should that particular Threshold get hit there's not going to Be a whole lot of resistance from 75

Cents all the way up to a buck 30 And a buck 50 then he says a Breakthrough past the 0.5 Fibonacci Level hints at Upward momentum signaling A shift from a down downtrend to a Potential uptrend instilling confidence But remember it's just a part of the Broader Market Picture keeping an eye on Increasing trading volume and the Overall bullish Market sentiment is Crucial and uh separately there was xrp Chart analyst dark Defender who was kind Of to the point here he shared this xrp USD chart and he wrote I see almost all Indicators are green and go and then he Named some indicators on the screen and Some are noted on the chart here and Then he says xrp is eyeing the new All-time high plus rock and roll baby And it's worth saying again here Especially after the Depression that Some people have been feeling which is Kind of silly because it's not like xrp Is even tanking it's just that xrp is Not rocketing to the upside but Bitcoin Has been and that's enough to depress People I'm like bro if you're having a Hard time with this like like you're not Going to make it something but I'm just I'm just telling you like this is normal Xrp is operating within normal Parameters there's nothing wacky going On here and it just I'll just say it Always seems impossible until one day I

Wake up and it just happened that's just How it is that's part of what it is to Be an adult and be patient that's it a Here's perspective from a very popular Crypto analyst named blunts 230,000 Followers on social media platform X and He wrote All I See is people taking Profit and warning of impending 10 to 15% pullbacks y'all not ready for how Far this leg from $36,000 Extends and he's not the only one that Thinks this in fact chart analyst Credible crypto one of my favorite Analysts out there 356,000 followers now He reposted that and wrote exactly you Either get it or you don't and so Credible crypto uh absolutely eyeing an Alltime high and he has been calling for Alltime high for Bitcoin in 2023 I don't Know if he still thinks that it's likely Since we're at the tail end of the year Here but even if he's off on the timing Um he's been an he's been a bull he he Was even a year ago when almost every Analyst and every typical retail Speculator Under the Sun was crying Bloody murder and bearish he went Against the grain just like and there Are others that do too like the Blockchain back for for for Instance um and and then he also posted This I don't think this run is anywhere Close to over Bitcoin metrics all look

Very healthy here that being said think We get a short pause SL breather here During the periods of time when Bitcoin Takes these short breathers on the way Up certain alts should perform well and He shared that in the morning yesterday And it was interesting because Bitcoin Was moving sideways and I'm sure you Guys have all been looking at your own Crypto portfolios you probably noticed I Mean I guess depending on what you're Holding but pretty much every altcoin That I hold Was up a good bit 5% here 7% here 9% Here 10% there and then some some a Little bit more than that uh like Bitcoin started moving sideways for much Of the last 24 hours and the alts did Take off it what he thought was most Likely to happen it actually did occur And fine right before recording this Like I said um you know Bitcoin took a Little bit of a trip to the downside at The time recording this popped up a bit Um and so that did hit all coins but Directionally that's what's happened Here Um so what are we actually going to see Here because understand like if you're Talking about Bitcoin actually getting Into the upper 40,000 around $50,000 We're not crazily far off from an All-time high for Bitcoin which as far As I'm concerned is a requirement for

Xrp to hit a new alltime high I would be Shocked if in 2023 uh or well I mean it can be next Year 20 it applies to 2425 whenever the Next cycle top hits whenever it is I Would be shocked if xrp hits a new all Time high and Bitcoin didn't First I I I just I think there's almost A 0% chance of that I just don't believe It I don't believe it's going to happen Bitcoin leads the market couldn't be More obvious always has been that way Don't know if it will always be that way But it probably will be for the Indefinite future at a minimum here um So we want Bitcoin to hit a new all-time High uh if you don't want that to happen You're a lunatic if you if you own any Crypto that's bad it won't be good for You um so then the question is is it Going to happen and if so when well There's an article here from the daily Hudle that talks about just that which I Wanted to highlight they share Perspective from one of the analysts I Just highlighted a moment ago uh Blunts And this article is titled top Trader Says Santa Claus rally in play for Bitcoin following vertical accumulation Here's his upside Target a Trader who Accurately called bitcoin's 2018 bare Market bottom believes that the crypto King is set for a Santa Claus rally Pseudonymous analyst blunts tells his

Two 13,400 followers on the social media Platform X that Bitcoin spent about 38 Days consolidating below $4,000 from late October to the end of November according to the crypto Strategist the consolidation period has Allowed Bitcoin to build a base for a Strong rally this month and he said Quote we just had a very nice and Healthy month-long vertical accumulation On bitcoin these sideways Corrections Build Steam for the next leg up which I Believe will take us up to $46,000 plus minimum enjoy the Sally ho Ho ho end quote very festive and Merry And cheery although blunts is eying $46,000 as his minimum upside Target This month he says that Bitcoin will Likely not stop there the crypto Strategist believes that Bitcoin is in The midst of a parabolic surge that can Take it to as high as 65 ,000 in q1 of 2024 now folks that is Just shy of the all-time high which is Why a minute or two ago I said what I Said because if it hits its alltime high You know what this means for xrp in fact Even more exciting if you think back to What happened in 2021 um it's you know because we don't Know where bitcoin's going to top off Like say say Bitcoin does top off this This cycle H say it's $150,000 I'm just Making that up but say it's so something

Way higher than its last High you know That's more than double which is good For Bitcoin you're not going to get a Great multiplier effect compared to Altcoins anymore because there's just Too much money but you know if you say Say that happens uh so whether it Happens in 2024 2025 whatever it is it Doesn't mean that we have to wait for That to happen and then xrp goes that That's not necessarily the case because In fact Bitcoin hit a new all-time high Um last cycle I don't remember the the First day that it happened but I mean it Was it I cuz look we know that it topped In November at what about $70,000 November of 2021 but I'd actually have To go back to admittedly to look at a Chart to see but when it broke above the Previous all-time high of close to $20,000 was way way way way way sooner So I can't remember if it actually was The end of 2020 it might have been or it Would have been the beginning of 2021 I'd have to check the chart here you Know what what the hell let's just Pulled up on live coin watch let's go to The alltime Chart I can get a rough idea Of when this would have been here so Let's see here so it started climbing Here at the end of 20 20 so maybe it was 2020 uh yeah it looks like it was okay So there you go so you can see by Roughly the middle of December we had a

New all-time high um and so again we Know that so December 2020 new new All-time high for Bitcoin and then it Hit its current all-time high about 11 Months later right but it didn't mean That you had to wait 11 months to see Xrp file that's the point that I wanted To make xrp filed pretty quickly because So once that alltime high had hit um it Wasn't it was until here I'll pull it up In the chart here since we're doing this Uh here's the all-time price chart on Livecoin watch for xrp you can see when It started running in 2021 well I mean We had some interesting and good price Action in January and February but then It really started rocketing at the tail End of March and so you saw most of the Action really in April of 2021 and so here you can see it it says It peaked at um a buck 62 I I actually Did see it at $2 and so maybe it was Just a wick on the day because this is Probably just the closing price for the Day so that doesn't mean that that was All that it was I I it did hit two bucks For that time period but uh so I guess This would have led into May of 2021 so All that to say when Bitcoin starts Going it doesn't mean necessarily that It's going to be at the end of the cycle That we start seeing some big moves for Xrp that's the that's the only point I Wanted to make here there's historic

Precedent for that now xrp didn't hit a New all-time high last cycle but blame The SEC it was Shackled as I keep saying On this channel and we we now know that With that being the case there wasn't Going to be a sufficient amount of money Pouring in it just Was um and but you know if you're Talking about $65,000 Bitcoin in the First quarter of 2024 how long are we actually going to Have to wait to see xrp blast off and That's why I wanted to highlight all That like I just I wouldn't imagine that Long like you'll start seeing xrp Inching up with the rest of the market Presumably um unless it does unless it Behaves exactly like it did in 2017 But even then I just it's more complex Though because even in 2017 it it so it Moved up for for a big chunk of the the First part of the year and so it was Either April or May got up to like 40 Cents after being at half a penny at the Beginning of the year but after that yes It did kind of trend sideways but you Know even if 2017 repeats then we should Expect to see some some incredible price Action because Bitcoin is hitting new Alltime highs and xrp was Blazing to the Upside even in the first half of 2017 Right so you know we're probably see Some fireworks for xrp should this occur And then once Bitcoin actually hits a

New all-time high that's when I'm going To be like okay because I I just until That happens I don't think that we're Going to be seeing a new alltime high For xrp I just don't believe that that's That's plausible I just because B it Would be based on what if you think that It is going to happen based on what I Don't see any data that would lead lead Me to believe that's most likely here And so the quote from Blunts on this Idea was quote Bitcoin well and truly Going parabolic now has all the Characteristics of a wave three under Underway enjoy the ride and for the love Of God don't overtrade end quote yeah I'll tell you what you don't worry about That with me because I don't trade I Refuse to trade I buy stuff and I hold That's it For Better or Worse either it Goes to zero or I sell it for a fortune That's it works for me it's been working For over six years I'm not over Complicating stuff here so lots of Excitement lots of uh lots of things to Look forward to here and so even if by The time you're watching this I don't Know what's going to happen even if Bitcoin craters down to whatever degree Again it's not going to go up in a Straight line forever I've seen this Movie a bazillion times it's fine that That in and of itself doesn't Necessarily mean anything I'm more

Curious to see what happens at this Inflection point when we do reach closer To $50,000 is it going to Crater back to The downside as some analyst thing or is It just going to go rip right on through That and then we see potentially a new All-time high uh you know sooner than What you would expect if you believe in The four-year cycle which historically Has been the case like historically There have been foure Cycles are we Actually going to see a new alltime high Sooner than that and then another option Which I didn't get in depth about but It's pretty simplistic so I'll just not It here is that we actually do see a Fouryear cycle it's just that we're the Beginning phases of this and so this Does keep ripping to the upside with you Know there should be some pullbacks Throughout 2024 but then it leads into 2025 and that's when we see it and if That's the case fine like if that's the Case and then nothing's broken and it Still is a four-year cycle that's Certainly plausible that's very possible But I just I what I'm having a hard time Believing is that what's most likely is After we get close to $50,000 everything Goes to the downside and I know that Based on some people's you know Interpretation of what's going on in the Charts that's what they think but then I Look at everything else you know I look

At all these other metrics like I talked About yesterday and today like so this Will this will be the time where we see This type of vertical move for the price Of Bitcoin and we don't see retail come In and we don't see extreme greed We don't see any of this Stu we don't See the celebrities coming in and it's Still creaters to the downside despite This dramatic move to the Upside okay I mean sometimes crazy stuff Happens but I just I have a hard time Believing that's what's most likely at a Minimum you mean you guys tell me what You think I'm not some sort of wizard I'm just a dude like all you out there Like I I'm just a guy on the Internet so my opinion is worth no more Than yours but we going and find out Together and it's a fun ride it's Definitely a fun and interesting ride You know you can't call this boring I'll Tell you that let me know what you think But I'll go ah and wrap up here I'm not A financial adviser you should not buy Yourself anything because of anything I Say or right that would be a very very Very bad idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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