They Are Removing Cash From the System!!!

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They are removing cash from the system And there's absolutely nothing you can Do about it so in this video I'm going To share with you the good the bad the Ugly and most of all what I'm doing to Protect my wealth and generations to Come my name is coach JV first of all I Want to start out with an attitude of Gratitude from my family's heart to Yours I truly truly love you my goal is To help over a million people in the Next 12 months understand how the system Works okay number two is we've over 7,000 people since 2020 and number three Everybody kept asking for it we have Tons of free resources now the First Resource is a 16-page guide on exactly My Foundation I'm only speaking for my Paradigm of what I know and I show you Exactly how I freed myself from 2019 to 2023 financially spiritually and Mentally that's in the description of This video below or in my social media Platform click the link number two I Talk about ensuring my wealth they teach You how to ensure your life we teach you How to ensure your wealth with tax code 7702 which was ironically created in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was Created so we secure our wealth and That's one of my key factors on what I'm Doing about it in the description of the Video you can set up a free consultation Don't there's scammers out there we'll

Never ask about your Investments we W Ask you to send us money it's a free Conversation with my wealth Protection Team around tax code 7702 and many Options to secure compound and grow your Wealth and protect your principal in These volatile times Okay at the end of this video I'm going To show you my how I exit the markets Which is extremely extremely important Because when it goes parabolic most People get wrecked in crypto okay so Let's dive into this video so what we Keep hearing about is a central bank Digital currency now I don't panic I Don't get emotional around these markets What I do is I use facts figures numbers Logic and history his story to predict The future I'm sorry you're not going to Stop this Central Bank digital currency From coming these presidential Candidates that are running saying that They're going to stop the Central Bank Digital currencies they're not guys the System is broken America's broke China Is broke Russia is broke we're going to World War III and after World War take a Look what happens new Innovative Technologies new government structures Like the IMF that was created in 1944 After World War II detaching from gold Standards things happen like that after The monetary system is not working Anymore it's always been a Ponzi scheme

Guys so your job is to protect your Wealth uh World economic Forum says You're going to ow nothing and be happy You're on your way guys think about what Happened after September 11th we used to Be able to walk up to the gate Everything was free freest country in The world and what did we get used to Security going through these security Things and going through all our stuff At the airport and we got used to it the Very thing you complained about you now Support every single day just like You're complaining about the cbdc when You have no money money and all the System crashes down and the middle class Moves down to the Working Poor and they Give you a little bit of a stiping on a Central bank digital currency so you can Feed your family 10 years from now Everybody would forget about all the Strife about it but it's the greatest Opportunity in human history to free Your family's timeline I'm just trying To speak to you guys truth I'm not going To you I don't focus on the Emotion that they're trying to create Because by the time it hits the news Guys that's what they want you to hear To get you to look this way so let's Dive into the facts figures numbers Logic so you can make an informed Decision so the first video that I'm Going to show you is uh from Christine

Leard four years ago four years ago four Years ago guys what happened four years Ago guys right before right before the Pandemic this is what Christine lard was Saying about Central Bank digital Currency so pay attention that we're Going to fast forward to 2023 the IMF is saying we're full board Dude here we are international monetary Fund was created after World War II guys It's here the Central Bank D digital Currency is here blockchain Technologies Here cryptocurrencies here to stay some Of you are going to make a large amount Of money in a short amount of time but I'll tell you what I'm getting mine into Protected tier one Capital so that I can Shift my family's timeline check this Out F managing director Christine lagard Says the global economy is in a very Fragile state she made the comments During a conversation with Yahoo Finances miles edland and he joins us Once again from DC so Miles what other Topics did you touch on today yeah you Know outside of the headlines that we've Gone through a few different times here At Yahoo finance we also extended our Conversation and talked about a couple Of interesting areas I think Brian Chung Might like one of these and it's digital Currencies That central banks might Issue we also talked about regulating Some of the biggest tech companies in

The world take a listen it's it's Actually happening uh when you look at The Caribbean islands and the uh the Caribbean uh central banks uh and the Bahamas actually you have I Believe four or five Islands m which Together have decided at Central Bank Level to go with a a digital currency so Central Bank digital currency is coming Alive uh it's it's not going to happen Today I think they have a 12- month Experimental period that they want to to Go through before they actually uh Launch okay so they start with the Smaller countries they test it and I've Showed you guys the uh I link think it's Atlantic Bay Council which shows you the Expansive of Central Bank digital Currencies went from people testing to Now implementation well this came on on November 15 2023 it says IMF International monetary fund says Central Bank digital currencies can replace cash This is not the time to turn Back guys we're not turning back you're Not going to stop the freight train your Protesting isn't going to do anything What's going to happen is you need to go Internal you need to build a foundation I'm building a strong relationship with God family structure principles morals Ethics I'm gaining control of my wealth I'm taking cryptocurrency profits out of The spective asset I'm putting in tier

One Capital like Insurance we're getting Into more real estate next year more Precious metals and we're going to Continue to focus on self-development And expanding businesses to beat Inflation now I want to give a big shout Out to this gentleman here uh 801 xrp Puts out some fire content so uh he Always comes up with some some gems out Here but he posted this video now now We're fast forwarding sorry the last Thing I showed you was fast for in 2023 And this is um uh Christina no it's yeah it's Christina With K georgino and she is the head of The IMF okay the international monetary Fund was created after World War 2 uh Which basically runs our monetary system Bank of international settlements is a Bank of banks but listen to what she Says let me start by thanking Bert and The statistics Department team for Always taking on the big questions of How we can quantify our rapidly evolving World economy and all of you will no Doubt continue this great tradition over The next two two days as you discuss Measuring money in the digital Age now is the right time to do this Accelerated by the pandemic mobile Payments are everywhere in many Advanced And emerging economies a large and Growing number of countries are steaming Ahead with development and deployment of

Central Bank digital currencies and While crypto assets including stable Coins have had their ups and downs They're not going Away the international payments system Needs to be improved we need to make it Cheaper quicker and easier sounds Familiar right so that workers can send Home remittances and small businesses Can increase their Exports but we must also urgently guard Against moneya laundering and other Crimes it's a lot easier to money Launder with cash guys Think about it including fraud and death From retail Investors and thinking ahead we need to Ensure that substitution out of weaker Currencies doesn't leave monetary Authorities unable to fight inflation Promote growth and maintain Financial Stability okay so basically she just Gave you the secret right there so what They're doing is they're slowly Methodically step by step now let me Pause for a moment guys cash is going to Be gone like that you have time but you Don't if you know what I'm saying like My boss my old boss used to say I'm Kidding but I'm not right it's like it's It's basically you have time but you Kind of don't if you say like cash isn't Just going to disappear it's going to Take years and years but I sure as hell

I'm not waiting and I'm taking advantage Of these bull runs and I'm securing my Wealth because America is going through A transition like we've never seen Before this is on November 15th this is A document if you want to just want to Show you this you want to go take a look This is uh the um the speech that she Did it shows you that on the IMF website You can look for yourself then if you go Over here you see some other stuff on November 15th Commerce Bank receives Crypto custody license in Germany I want To show you some HSBC now this isn't for Uh this is for non-c crypto digital Assets but HSBC plans custody services For non crypto assets on the blockchain Guys we are moving to a blockchain Technology okay so what as I always do I'm going to break something down for You guys really quickly is I'm going to Share with you guys on the end of every Video repetitively annoyingly exactly What I'm doing I only speak from my Current Paradigm that I exist in let me Explain what that means is as I teach I'm a generator in human design so I go Forward I Forge a trail I make mistakes I come back and I build safety and what I'm teaching is from the mistakes that I've made so that other people don't Make the same mistakes and so what I do Is I teach from experience okay so I Want to share with you guys number one

Is my intentions are to help as many People as possible number two is that Everything I promote on my channel is From my ecosystem I'm the owner of it I Created it my hands are in it I don't Have any sponsors I'm not never been Paid by a cryptocurrency company I'm Proud to say that because I have very Solid principles Integrity honesty and Uncompromising belief in God so think About that for just a moment the only Way I can control the integrity and Honesty is owning my businesses and Controlling the ecosystem and the only Way I can talk about God freely in my Walk with Jesus is to create my own Ecosystem because in Corporate America What do you not talk about God and Politics okay so I create my own Ecosystem for my family it's peace Freedom and family structure if anything Dips my peace or Freedom or my family Structure it's a hard no so I created All my own ecosystems I'm a very Efficient worker I'm just going to share This with you guys I want you to Understand a little bit deeper of who I Am and my principles at 2 o'clock every Day it's a hard stop I'm done working This grind culture that everybody's Selling to you that means they're very Ineffective I'm extremely effective by 2 O'clock I start very early in the Morning and I'm with my kids and having

Dinner with them every single night guys You can do it without grinding every Single day these Technologies are Helping us so rapidly and and are so Advanced that if you're working 16 19 Hours a day you're being inefficient This grind culture that everybody Selling you guys that's not Freedom you Don't leave Corporate America to start a A business to be trapped in time again Your job is to scale make them efficient Help other people become wealthy and you Become the wealthiest man in the world By building a relationship with God okay So I digress so again I will repeat Number one is my crypto strategy okay so I have a very Uh diverse portfolio in cryptocurrency ACR across uh payments across um Supply Chain management across some gaming Right uh infrastructure and what I Basically have is an Exit Plan okay now I'll explain this so this is why we Created Merlin okay so I am the Co-founder where am I at here I'm Backwards I'm the co-founder of Merlin So we co-founded this we created this And we built it with our own hands 36,000 lines of code there's over 1,42 Users already already in Merlin okay Look at the reviews absolutely amazing So it's the smartest way to number one Track your crypto we don't hold your Crypto your keys it's a interface to see

All your exchanges in one place now Here's the key factor that changed the Game for us and why we were able to get Rich and now we're starting to build Wealth is creating an exit plan okay so Inside of Merlin you're able to create An exit plan this is the most important Thing that I will talk about from here Till the end of the bull run in 2025 Okay if you don't have an Exit Plan You're going to do what probably 99% of People crypto do is they go shooting up And they think they're going to get they Get What's called the ging remember Institutional investors will be in now And their job the institution's job is To make their clients money they're Going to FUD the out of you in the News remember they kept saying Bitcoin Is going to 100,000 every YouTuber said Bitcoin is going to 100,000 at around 68,000 it came collapsing down and you Were holding the bag and they sold their Profits guys you have to have an Exit Plan what does that sound like okay so An Exit Plan basically I'll use xrp as An example so xrp my first exit Target Is $3.7 I'm exiting 50% of my portfolio Holding 50% longterm for the rest for Inter perpetuity it'll be inside of my Trust okay from there I'll be exiting Certain Targets on the way up so as You're waiting for it to go to 5.89 I've

Already pulled profits probably four Times by the time it gets to a special Price that we all think it's going to go To and I have profits that are going to Work when I pull profits I'm securing an Index Universal life I'm going to be Max Funding my policies which allows me to Have access to the cash gives me living Benefits it protects my principes so When the markets come collapsing down my Principle is guaranteed as you're Building back up to Baseline I'm working From Baseline up I can also borrow Against my assets taxfree duplicating my Dollar and making it double then I can Take that to buy more assets so I'll buy Back into the markets or buy real estate I'll also be continuing to buy precious Metals I have silver now I'll be going Into gold and then we're going to be Going into apartment comp comp lexes Next year and actually we're going to be Building a retreat center as well so We're going to be building things that Are cash generating assets and I'm going To continue to expand my knowledge and My depth in business right now in Business we're pretty what it be uh Breath we have a lot of breath now we're Going deep into our businesses right We're scaling we're staying focused on The main thing and we're working to Continue to increase our earned income With our earned income we put it back

Into more assets we secure it with tier One Capital which is insurance and we Repeat the process over and over again So in the description down below you can Join Merlin 30 days for free so Everything I have for you is free to try It before you even buy it guys we have Thousands of free pieces of content for You to get in the game so the free guide 16 page guide shows you exactly my Blueprint number two is a free Conversation we don't get paid by the Client we get paid by the insurance Company if you end up doing an insurance Policy that's the beautiful thing about It we don't get paid by the client it's Absolutely free to you okay and number Three is you can try Merlin 30 days for Free and if you decide to cancel we are All about relationship you don't have to Jump through hoops you just go on there And click cancel and your membership is Cancelled so you can try it for 30 days And you'll see exactly why we do that Because we are not afraid because we Know our customers Love and Enjoy the Product because it's going to help so Many people actually do what we all say We're going to do is become the Generational shifter right but if you Don't rewire the foundation you're going To end up in the same situation so I Love you guys I appreciate you as we Always say Warriors rise get your

Together let's Go


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