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Welcome back ladies and gentlemen this Is the barable bull Here and I got this aggressively average Content for you today as ladies and Gentlemen this is going to be one of the Most important videos I've posted in a While and I'm going to be explaining to All of you why this time is different in Regards to Xrp xrp will make millionaires this next Bull cycle and I'm going to explain to You why the this next Bull cycle is Closer than you all may expect but first I'm going to start off with Joe Rogan Letting all of you know that he believes Bitcoin has the most likely possibility Of becoming a universal Currency crypto is going to make its Return and this one is going to be more Violent than the last Bull Run and I Promise you we're going to see something We didn't even expect I mean the the Real fascinating crypto is Bitcoin to me I mean that's the one that I think has The most likely possibility of becoming Uh a universal viable currency and it's You know it's limited in the amount that There can be it's you know you people Mine it with their own computer it's Like that to me is very fascinating and I love the fact that it's been Implemented and that at least some like I've had uh Andreas Antonopoulos on the Podcast and he's when he talks about it

He's living it he's spending all of his Money everything he has paid is in Bitcoin he pays his rent in Bitcoin Everything he does is in Bitcoin now let Me make something abundantly clear to The xrp community and general crypto Community as a Whole Bitcoin is the leader of the Crypto Market Bitcoin does lead crypto Bull runs Bitcoin whenever it rises Brings up every other crypto on the Planet Bitcoin needs liquidity and Volume to return for us to see this bull Market again and ladies and gentlemen Former SEC chair Jay Clayton who sued Ripple and caused the xrp price to not Appreciate and value the way we expected The last Bull Run says a Bitcoin ETF Seems Inevitable as every legal question Around it has been answered And ladies and gentlemen the next Bitcoin ETF the one that gets approved will Trigger a bull run of bull Runs the amount of capital that will Flood into the market will be Astounding what I have to stress is that Despite the fact that this is Amazing I have a principle that all of You cannot Ignore look at the Maxis support the Very system that they claim to be Against as Max Kaiser states he is in

Support of a black rock Bitcoin ETF and General ETFs as a Whole they State all Bitcoin spot ETFs Could be approved within 3 to 6 Months that's very possible and I agree With that time frame but what I hate to See is how these people who claim to be Against the centralized system against Governments and powers that be clap and Applaud when it benefits the Bitcoin Price what I want all of you to realize Is you cannot be virtuous you cannot be Emotional you cannot be tribal in Regards to making money because Bitcoin Maxi virtual signaling is absolute they do not believe in what They Say Bitcoin will not be a Monopoly it will not be the world's Reserve currency or a Global Currency That overthrows Governments Bitcoin has been controlled For a While and the powers that be have Cornered this market and are making it Their own and the sooner you wrap that Around your head the sooner you'll Realize that xrp is the true Answer and ladies and gentlemen this is Why Iso20022 is live fed now is also live November upgrades and new go lives go For Iso20022 and what you all need to

Understand is that they are getting rid Of cash slowly but surely to introduce Central Bank digital currencies and get Rid of privacy get rid of Anonymity get rid of sovereign control Of cash but also also it eliminates Bank Runs and ladies and gentlemen this video That I posted 7 months ago shows that They've been preparing for bailin for a Long time now they know that the system Is Failing I showed you how here in lemonon They've had Bailin Sri Lanka has experienced Economic Crisis Iraq is prohibiting cash Withdraws And Nigeria is getting rid of cash as Well Nigeria has pushed back quite a bit And they're putting a pause to their Cbdc roll Out but guys that does not mean they're Not going to keep pushing us to the Brink I'm going to remind you that Balance has always been the plan and That's what they're trying to Do cbdcs are Inevitable and we have to plan Accordingly it's important that people Understand they can be bailed in but you Don't want a huge run on the institution But they have I mean they're going to be That's and and it could be an early Warning signal to the FDIC and the

Primary Regulators when these things Happen and there may be some other Prices this is uh similar to what Jay Was saying in the market That you can tell whether people Understand how the who's going to be Protected who isn't going to be Protected it would be I think an Interesting study to look at the Evolution of market prices in a Situation like March of 2020 for example And see whether people understood what Might happen I I might go further than That Don because I think that you look At the evolution I think we have to sit Down and talk to long-term debt Investors and make sure that they as a Stakeholder group fully understand Bank Debt today is not what it was before It is not principal protected by Design And I think that that is that Expectation I like how you started off Bet like it's all about expectation Setting and I think that is that is Absolutely critical if that doesn't hold This whole thing doesn't hold and so I Think it's one area to focus on I do Want to go back to something Jay said About stabilizing statements in my Experience they're not stabilizing if You have to make a stabilizing statement You're in real trouble and uh and I Think that part of that means that There's a lot of pre-work that needs to

Be done such that those statements AR Aren't seen as a reach because if They're seen as a reach the market Sniffs that out in two seconds and Actually has the opposite impact and This is one of those big challenges like What what can be done ahead of time so That it's all going as planned hands off The wheel this is this is part of what We've been prepared for and Ladies and Gentlemen let's think about that they Are essentially telling all of you that The system you are made to trust in the System of money is a Ponzi scheme and Let me say something else right now Everything in regards to the financial Markets is a Ponzi scheme the stock Markets a Ponzi cash is a Ponzi crypto Is a Ponzi Left Right everywhere Ponzi Ponzi Ponzi and the sooner you get that Into your heads the easier you'll be Able to make money ladies and gentlemen This Ponzi of the world financial system And Global Currencies is about to hit the point of No return it's going to be obvious to The world exactly what's going on and RFK junor even says he's against cbdcs Because they will be an instrument of Power and control they're going to Abandon the fiat currency System because that is going to be the Way the Ponzi scheme keeps Going they're going to run off like

Bandits they've inflated the currency Already to get all the the real Assets In their possession and then they're Going to give us the new Fiat that's Going to control Us cbdcs are Slavery and slavery is what's going to Come out of the other side of this Massive Scam and guys that is why I am such a Big believer in Ripple and Xrp the reason is because I think this Is our financial life boat to be able to Profit from the scam that they're about To implode on our heads here thank you To Mr Man xrp for this it's stated from The bankers Association for finance and Trade that we overestimate the speed of Change but underestimate the Magnitude and doesn't that feel like Exactly what the xrp Army has been Suffering From we've Overestimated how quickly this change Could happen But now that so much time has gone by I Think people are Underestimating how much this change is Going to Happen we've been running through quips In but now we're going to the moon like A rocket Ship the IMF had put out a document Titled trust Bridges and money flows

Where they describe the need and Function for such Bridges and at the end Of the paper they mentioned two projects Xrp and Xlm I need to remind the entire xrp Community that I have a nice fat bag of Xlm as well and it's not just going to Be one Global Currency one crypto to run It all there won't be a monopoly but a Synchronistic roll out of a multi-d Digital asset based Financial System and the sooner you get that Through your head the more money You're going to make what the dlpc is Thanks thanks Scott so uh you know we've All heard of the failures of trade lens And we trade and Marco Polo and uh the Question is why right I'd start off with Bill Gates he made the statement we Overestimate the speed of change and we Underestimate its magnitude and that's Sort of where we at uh what what has Happened over the last three four years Is now new building blocks have formed Think of them as Bridges from the Traditional world of Erp because data is Important needs to be secured to this New world of web 3 from the traditional World of payments WIA transfers to this New world of smart contract triggered Release of funds right and payment risk Right from the traditional world of law To the model law for the electronic Transfer records these are all building

Blocks that didn't exist and to sort of Traverse this new world you need a Vehicle think of it and that's the dlpc That's how we see it and we think what Is needed is essentially an instrument That uh is legal uh that allows for data To be secure where you complete control Over privacy and where you're able to Effectively leverage the legal system For final recourse and if you then sort Of take that one step further and you Look at all the existing instruments the Eub the letter of credit Digitized invoices so there's a Distinction between Digitization and if you will digital Asset formation and where the blockchain Really comes in is in the formation of This digital asset and where the Problems really lie is having those Bridges from the traditional data world To the new data World from the Traditional payment world to the new Payment World from the traditional legal World to the new legal world we are Fortunately at a point where all of that Now exists and I can go into greater Detail and how each of these things play Out and we have a one-pager slide that If somebody could put up would be useful As back background and the dlpc is a set Of standards and best practices that Came out of path so those of you who are Not familiar with it you should be able

To find not only that guys but here from Finextra we're seeing that they're Warning us that we are at an inflection Point where Market go lives of digital Ass and DLT projects are Occurring ladies and gentlemen the time Is Now there's no holding Back position your chest pieces Correctly to profit from the fourth Industrial Revolution and the digital age Tech Trains you're seeing at the moment well For me it's really delightful to see That we are um really at the inflection Point where very uh serious Organizations um here on the the floor Many of them have Booth here have been Already not only utilizing um DT Emerging technology in their operations But they've been in production for a Year they have processed you know Trillion dollar months like in case of Brad on their repo platform or you know In case of aulan for instance they Already saving 100 million that for the Industry right with their One Source Platform um you know with D7 on um on um Clear stream and Deutsche boards group We see the accelerated issuance and They've also been in production for a Year we've hosted fire side chat Yesterday here is it been standing room Only so people do see the interest of

Learning from this top leaders that are Paving the way and what's really Interesting also that we see that while We have like long past uh that stage of Um like oh are we doing as a PC you know No we're in production for you know over A year like the other aspect is like It's much more about interoperability Now how do we utilize new business Models and create more mutualized Workflows between all those distinct Applications and ecosystems and that's Where I see also for instance good use For Solutions like d Finance uh that we Utilize in some of our day-to-day work As well um specifically like libraries That allow to accelerate that time to Market time to production because now It's like we not want to waste any time We you know we moved on and we want to Get to market right and we want to bring More products to Market because all of Our customers can benefit faster from um You know our digital transformation That's why you're if I could add that's Why your question in the way I've asked It is now ladies and gentlemen to cap Off this video for today we have this From crypto Edie a former senior VP at Ripple Marcus Treacher talking about the Realtime grow settlement crossb payment Liquidity Solution Atomic settlements with a Revolutionary way of thinking about

Liquidity guys if nothing else what I Want you to get from this video is that Everything we've ever discussed on this Channel about xrp has been correct from The Beginning you got to decipher the lizard Talk as I like to Say and read between the lines to what These powerhouses in the financial Industry are really discussing Xrp is about to show us what it's really About and I can't wait for every single One of us to become the new One% ladies and gentlemen this is the Bearable ball Here thanks for tuning In as always I appreciate every single One of You now I'll be back tomorrow With another Video um and well tell us about rtgs Global's approach there you mentioned That's the the problem you're trying to Solve what what's uh I guess different About the the approach to crossborder Settlement that that you're providing Our solution enables the the funding Required the placing of that liquidity To happen immediately and what we called Atomically and that means that the the Money is moving between the currency the Payment is starting at to the currency That that the payment is going to end at Immediately and without any half payment

Problem so if you're making a payment in The UK again um ,000 that th000 will only move if at the Other end of the flow let's say in Brazil again or in the USA the U the Equivalent of dollars Have moved as well so we make the whole Transaction Atomic and we also have a Revolutionary way of thinking about that That liquidity so that we can make that Movement happen at any point in time any Time of day any day of the working week And ultimately to any value


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