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A massive shock to the system coming and The FEDS don't even know what to do at This point that's what we're going to Break down in today's video in detail Jerome pal addressed monetary policy and I'm going to break it down from my Perspective if I haven't met you my name Is coach JV welcome to my channel what I Work to do is to make macro Microeconomic Concepts very simple so The normal everyday person can rewire The foundation to end up in a different Situation we are in one of the most Crazy times economically that we've ever Experienced and we teach people how to Rewire the foundation so we can end up In a completely different separation Excuse me situation there's going to be A massive separation between the wealthy And the poor the wealth Gap since 1913 Specifically 1971 since we detached from The gold standard has increased Dramatically first of all I want to say Thank you for your patience as I just Got back from my spiritual journey from Peru and all I'm going to tell you is God is good all the time and my Recommendation is to build a Relationship with with God a Relationship I'm not talking about Religion because we need the foundation Right now it is going to be the wildest Times you've ever been through I have Two resources we've helped thousands of

People worldwide I Ure my money guys I'm Not telling you anything I'm not doing Myself I don't trust this system I'm Just letting you know so I do what the Wealthy do in tax code 7702 in 1913 Ironically was created when the Federal Reserve is created I ensure my wealth Tier one Capital we can help you do the Same thing so in the description of this Video down below it's an absolutely free Conversation with my wealth Protection Team to show you how I personally ensure My wealth and how we've helped hundreds Of people and soon thousands all over The world ensure their wealth with ton Capital number two if you're not ready To dive in or have that conversation There's a free resource for you my 16-page guide on exactly how I build my Ecosystem today I'm meeting with my Trust lawyer to get all that ecosystem Set up when I learn that I'm going to Teach you my goal is to help you secure Compound grow your wealth and understand That you're already free guys there is Nothing to fear we win in the end let me Repeat that the God that I know and the Bible that I read and the Jesus that I Follow we win in the end you have to get Out of the fear state of mind there's Problem reaction solution whoever Creates a problem creates a reaction in You which is fear and that same person Comes up with a solution this is truly

The greatest time in human history to Shift your family's timeline but you can Watch every single video you can educate Yourself all day motivation is fleeting Discipline and consistency done for a Long enough period of time will switch Your whole Paradigm all right so let's Dive right into it I'm excited to be Back with you guys um I did get some Feedback about the videos they didn't do Too well so it's more of an educational Sense so what I'll do is a couple of Those per week and I'll continue to guys Bring you guys you seem to like the Macro microeconomic but I will bring Education videos like that a couple Throughout the week just to share with You guys exactly what I'm doing you know If you want to dive into our Academy you Can't but there's thousands of free Hours of information that I can help you With and all I'm telling you guys is Exactly what I'm doing myself I'm never Going to share anything that I'm not Actually living and breathing okay so This is what I need you to pay attention To Americans are losing faith that Inflation will return to normal the FED Is absolutely terrified Jerome pal I Just want you to watch these videos and I want you to pay attention he is Starting to become terrified guys we've Seen his confidence what I do is I study Voice inflection I study their reactions

I study how their narrative changes but Honestly right now we're going to watch About a 10-minute video then I'm we're Going to watch another presentation um We're gonna watch three videos so first One is Jerome pal talking about Economic Policy the second one is gentleman Talking about shocks to the system and Then I'm going to bring you back to Video number three where Rosie Rio said You need a shock to the system to change Consumer behaviors and what we're going To finish up with today is showing that Black rock guys they lied to us they're In the game and you're in that game as Well and you're about to have Lifechanging price appreciation but you Have to understand how the game works Here we Go okay where was I inflation was coming Down uh the labor market remains tight Although improvements uh in labor Supply And a gradual easing in demand continue To move it into better balance GDP Growth in the third quarter was quite Strong but like most forecasters we do Expect growth to moderate in coming Quarters okay so that's important GDP Growth was strong right guys there's Still stimulus in the system okay Stimulus is starting to dry up and he Just said hey GDP growth is going to Start to wean in the future of course

That remains to be seen and we are Attentive to the risk that stronger Growth could undermine further progress In restoring balance to the labor market And in bringing inflation down which Could warrant a response for monetary Policy okay so they're having trouble This is where he's at right now they're Scared they're like we can't seem to get This inflation down we raised interest Rates we jacked up the system it messed Up the bond market so now they're Sitting on inflation or interest rates Like should we raise it anymore because If they do okay that's going to bring Down inflation destroying the job market So they're in this weird conundrum There's no money in the system guys There is no that's why I protect my Wealth the fomc is committed to Achieving a stance of monetary policy That is sufficiently restrictive to Bring inflation down to 2% over time we Are not confident that we've achieved Such a St Okay he just told you we are not Confident we have not ached we're going To do significant monetary policy to get It to 2% that means that interest rates Have to continue to go up which is no Bueno we know that ongoing progress Toward our 2% goal is not assured Inflation has given us a few head fakes Along the way listen to this lack of

Confidence he's telling you guys we're Not sure we don't know this is a very Confident man he was very confident in The past guys they don't know what's Going on they're terrified right now if It becomes appropriate to tighten policy Further we will not hesitate to do so we Will continue to move carefully however Allowing us to address both the risk of Being misled by a few good months of Data and the risk of Overtightening we're making decisions Meeting by meeting based on the totality Of the incoming data and their Implications for the outlook for Economic activity inflation and Inflation as well as the balance of Risks as we determine the extent of Additional policy firming that may be Appropriate to return inflation to 2% Over time and we'll keep added until the Job is done so with that let me turn to The three questions uh that I've posed That have Arisen from the receding but Still elevated so imagine a world guys Your economy your retirement your future They're just going meeting by meeting Trying to figure this out they're Literally telling you we're going Meeting by meeting trying to figure this Out this is Uncharted Territory family un this is Your retirement this is your money this Is your future that you work so hard to

Build inflation we're experiencing today The first question is with the benefit Of two and a half years to look back What we can say about the initial causes And ongoing policy Implement Implement Implications of the current Inflation after running below our 2% Target over the first year of the Pandemic core pce inflation Rose sharply In March 21 economic forecasters Generally did not see this coming as Shown by the February 21 survey of Professional forecasters which showed Core pce running at or below Target over The subsequent three years okay he gets In really I love the data but it's Really boring data and it's like it's Kind of ju it's just just a bunch of Data about pce about GDP all that stuff Okay now this gentleman's going to talk But I want you to listen to what he says About shocks to the system and I'm going To take you back to a video from Rosie Rios that said we need a shock to the System to change consumer behaviors I Think we all know we can all agree if You're still watching watching this at 8 Minutes you're a true warrior I love you Is that we know what's going on Guys stop believing the media by the Time it gets to the media understand who Controls the media who controls the news By the time it gets the media it's what They want you to hear to have you look

Over this way just do the opposite You'll be just Fine all right first it's a pleasure to Be here in a conference in honor of Ken Rof we all cherish and follow his Distinguish contribution in Academia and And Practice um what I also want you to pay Attention to is so the video we're Listening to now they're going to tout The the um just just listen we're going To walk through this just listen to the The countries they're touting so pay Attention that's how I look at things Where are they keep focusing on what What what areas are doing really well Think about that what countries are Doing well right now what areas are Doing well right now and I'll give you a Hint it's Innovation xrp is being used As a current out there guys they are Telling you the blueprint of where we Are heading America the industrial area The old archaic banking system is dead Guys dead um sort of in a sharp turn as We're all aware uh Israel is currently At a war following the October 7th human Brutal attack by the terrorist Organization of Hamas this is crucial Time for Israel's security and we thank All those who support us are remember How do they move a population challenge Your safety challenge your security when You don't feel safe you don't feel

Secure secure you will accept the Solutions that are provided parts are With the innocent victims of the war and Our hope is for it to end with the safe Return of hostages and with peace and Security and now I'm going to turn [Applause] Out and I agree with him with peace and Security but it's like we all know why This is created man it's very sad fix my Heart God is Good I want to turn now to address the Issues and questions presented uh for This session an important question is to What extent can a small open economy Like Israel or for that matter any soe Conduct its monetary policy Independently or should it rather follow The steps of the major economies another Question is what are the spillovers from The policy taken by the major okay what Did he just say should they accept the Other policies or the spillover but Listen to what they're listen just pay Attention to this guys it's so important Econ economies to small open economies And how do those impact local conditions The answer to these questions depends on The development of the economy its Specific areas of exposure to the global Economy and the particular shock it Might need to react to generally local Monetary policy cannot be entirely Disconnected from that in the major

Economies yet local circumstances Justify and require setting policy that Is tailored in accordance with the Economy structur and needs key Considerations will include interest Differentials foreign exchange and the Effect on domestic activity in Particular exports and on inflation and On financial Markets as we all know our planet has Become a small village The coid Experience demonstrated the spillovers That can result from a common shock the Spillovers that can result from a common Shock monetary policy was generally Similar in many countries because the Initial Health shocks as well as many Supply side difficulties were Similar also we benefited to some extent Or from the common monetary framework Such as inflation targeting and that Meant that monetary policy in different Economies was predicted to act in a Similar manner predicted to act in a Certain manner based on a shock to the System having said that the differential Health shock and related steps fiscal Policy differences and exposure to Supply side effects and commodity prices Led to somewhat different policies Consequent inflation and ity outcomes so Supply chain problems Russia invaded uh Ukraine which caused wheat shortages Right everything is supply chain guys

And what is it to switch the system to Tokenization that's what the whole Gaza Israel thing it's all Financial guys It's all to move us into new monetary System new Supply Chain management all These different technologies that they Told us were a fraud are all the Technologies they're going to use to Bring in a brand new monetary system a One World Currency a bag of currencies America will no longer be the dominant Force in the next 10 years that's my Prediction consequently there was more Heterogeneity in monetary policy exiting Coid than upon its Entry Israel was fortunate in that sense With relatively small share of Tourism Sector and a relatively large high-tech Sector which actually benefited from The Increased dependency on remote work okay So he's giving you the hint guys so they Actually succeeded because of their Remote work because of their technology Because of their Innovation their Economy increased so why do you think so Many people are investing in foreign Countries why do you think r d is moving His investments into foreign countries Why do you think Warren Buffett Decreased his in uh position in Bank Stocks in America except Bank of America And started moving into foreign Countries these circumstances led to a Wedge between Global monetary policy and

The required domestic monetary Policy this slide shows that for these Reasons and other ERS inflation in Israel is in the lowest quartile of Rates in the oecd in particular headline Inflation in Israel was low because its Natural gas supply and prices were Shielded from Global Developments the next slide shows the Swift recovery of the Israeli economy From the coid crisis the level of GDP exceeded its long run Trend already By the end of 21 and stayed some what Above this trend by Q323 and we'll come back to this Recovery ability of the Israeli economy An additional key attribute in Israel That affects potency and effectiveness Of monetary policy is the large share of Mortgages that are directly tied to the Bank of Israel therefore raising rates Influences the stock of almost all Homeowners not just new ones this is Another cause for possible differences Between global and local monetary policy Decisions okay so I just wanted you to Hear the shock that he it goes into a Lot of little boring data but do you see What's happening guys there's a certain Economies that are thriving as other Economies are collapsing there is a Switch in your monetary system guys the Industrial era is dead it's done parents You have to stop teaching your kids old

Go to school get a job get a subsidized Loan from the government to go to school To get a $30,000 a year job to pay taxes Of course you have to pay taxes but pay Your taxes so that they can pay down Their Debt Guys we have to start Thinking innovatively we have to start Reconnecting back to Source we have to Start using our creative state of mind Right we have to start to expand Consciousness it's the greatest time in Human histry to switch your career to Become an investor because guys I'm here To tell you the industrial era is dying The old way of doing finances is dying The old way of communicating and Connecting is dying but it doesn't mean Your connection to Source God Jesus Christ or whatever you believe in I Believe in God in Jesus Christ should Become stronger because Consciousness is We're all being played conscious is Supposed to expand itself do not get Caught in this trap okay so now let me Take you a little bit a little bit back In a oh my computer just a second Computer's acting crazy oh we might not Be able to do It there we go we talk about God and the Devil attacks let's just wait a second Here this thing's just Spinning all right I might have to talk To you guys for a second my computer is Is

Stuck all right let me see what it does So my computer's spinning so I don't Know if I can turn this video off we'll See what happens here so we're still Rolling that thing's spinning okay so I'll just talk to you guys so basically It's a video from Rosie Rios uh that Basically said we need a shock to the System to change consumer behaviors Remember Rosie Ros in 2012 family in 2012 there we go we're back oh no that Side is not back okay we'll just keep Talking Um yeah my computer computer is acting Crazy so in 2012 she was told to reduce Coin and cash usage right and she Couldn't reduce coin and cash usage Because of GDP growth she said you need A shock to the system to change consumer Behaviors okay we had a shock to the System in 2020 2020 which changed Everything and you see Israel's economy Is succeeding guys Japan or excuse me China we found out ever Grande 30% of Their GDP was underwater basically their Real estate we found out America's Policies have completely destroyed our Economic structure guys this is a switch In your financial system okay so what am I doing okay so I use cryptocurrency is An extremely extremely extremely Spective asset I have an exit plan which I use Merlin which we develop Merlin I'm The co-founder of Merlin which is down

Below as well basically to exit the Markets as everybody else is coming in I'm holding 50% of my portfolio longterm I'm not touching 50% Legacy wealth okay Then I'm going to be exiting on the way Up it's called a ladder strategy so for Example if if and when xrp hits $3.7 I'll exit about 5% of my 50% if it Hits $5 I'll exit a certain amount if it Hits $7 right and if it doesn't hit Those targets I don't exit when I exit Though it's extremely important that I'm Putting my money into things to secure Compound and grow so I use index Universal life tax code 7702 I can turn my money into two Different things I can take my profits Put it into index universal life and Then I can leverage against that turning $1 into two when I leverage against that I'll buy more cash generating assets Things like real estate precious metals And then now I'm in the process right Now of setting up what's called the Rockefeller trust for my family Ecosystem so what I'm here to do is Transform my family's timeline my kids Kids kids will be wealthy if I can do it You can do it if I can do it you can do It guys in 2020 or going 2020 2019 to 2020 I lost everything so I made it my Mission to figure out how money flows to The system and I realized it's not that Difficult guys it's not not that

Difficult the system is not against you It's actually designed for you to become Wealthy it's that your parents Indoctrinated you and did not teach you Nor did the system teach them how the Wealthy operate once you understand how The wealthy operate it becomes very very Easy oh did this thing completely Stop oh wow that's Crazy let's see stop sharing What is going On All right what can we do Here Really good My computer Clear thank You All right family I'm not sure what Happened with the video I'm not sure how Much was captured but I'll basically Just wrap it up so Rosie Rios I Apologize if this is repeating so I Don't re-record my videos I just speak From my heart and um here we are okay And I got a very busy day today so I'm G Get this done so basically um I'm not Sure where it cut off and I'll just Figure that out with my team in just a Moment but basically guys there's a Shock to the system coming right so I Use cryptocurrencies is a very spective Asset I have an exit plan I'm holding 50% longterm I exit on the way up when I

Exit it's opportunity cost of money I Don't get sit large amounts of money in A bank account because they're going to Use my money to index it put it in the Capital markets and they're going to Lend it to you coming in right so I take My money and I index it I put it into Insurance and I borrow against my own Self with insurance okay next I use Precious metals as bability and then I'll be getting into gold we're going Into real estate next year um and then I'm also getting today actually my Second meeting I'll be setting up what's Called the Rockefeller trust around my Family so if I can do it you can family I just devoted my life to understanding How the system works okay and I've taken You honestly and transparent around Where I'm at financially right I'm not Bullshitting you I'm telling you exactly Where I'm at I'm going to continue to Tell you where I'm at right eventually I'll be a multi-millionaire and then From there I plan on becoming a Billionaire and or I'll pass that down To my family where my ecosystem will Continue to perpet perpetuate itself so My kids kids kids will be billionaires And so on because for me it's about Freedom safety and protection so what's Important to me I got back from Peru in 14 days sitting in a garden in Peru That's freedom to me that's what Running

Money represents to me I'm not running Around in fancy cars and big houses Freedom freedom of time Freedom of Choice freedom of religion feedom I say I'm not religious but I believe in God Freedom to speak my truth around God in Jesus Christ and my belief system in That without fear of any Judgment at all So I built a whole ecosystem around that And I love you very very much so my Intentions are to help as many people as Possible over a million in the next year So I hope this video uh worked out well For you um and I'll see you tomorrow Warriors R get your together let's [Music] Go


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