Ripple/XRP-SEC Sanctioned From Crypto?, December Brings Finality To Ripple Case,XRP Price $9.6-$27??

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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines could the SEC be Sanctioned from crypto let's hope so and You know what we're going to get into it We're going to hear from steuart Alara The chief legal officer and how about This could December bring finale to the Ripple case we got that and so much more Somebody roll that beautiful Intro digital perspectives with Brad Kinds come on In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now it's $ 1.53 Trillion doll market cap for crypto the Market is up 0.5% Bitcoin now 38,700 plus 2100 slightly over for Ethereum right now and we see tether Market cap is 89.5 billion plus if I'm not mist Mistaken that's an all-time high right There for the market cap of tether but We don't know how the US government Really feels about it actually we do They're actually in the process of going After tether that's what's happening There according to the deputy secretary Of the US Treasury however number five Spot xrp is 61 cents we're going to take A look at some very interesting ta Before we get out of here today let's Look at the range of price very quickly It's 062

6062 excuse me me and on the bottom and 6162 on the top very tight trading range As we sit at 61 cents in the middle here Ladies and gentlemen if you have not Done it for yourself you need to do it Go to look at this over a half a million Registered users now that's what we're Looking at why aren't you one of them All you have to do is sign up and Register and get started today it's Linked to the best private Equity Investments in the World building out The digital asset space and so so much More don't hesitate click the link to my Sponsor below you won't believe what's Available let's start with this Brad Garlinghouse is going to be a keynote Speaker in Boston institutional digital Asset Forum December 4th 2023 how about That go Brad just two days from now We'll bring you any highlights we're Able to get from that obviously we don't Know if we'll have any but if we do we Will bring it to you and we know The highlights of this everyone is Anxiously awaiting the approval from the SEC with all of the spot Bitcoin ETF Applicants that have met just late November here at the SEC and it appears That the dialogue is deepening in the And the motion towards getting the Approval for these ETFs are starting to Look very real now a lot of people are Suggesting that it will be early next

Next year and I say think of it this way If we get the approval of all of these Spot Bitcoin ETFs very quickly here the Having is in April for Bitcoin imagine Having the approval for spot Bitcoin ETFs let's say January February the Accumulation starts to build These funds These Trusts the custody takes place to back These trusts and Funds Imagine This This could be a massive breakout for the First couple quarters of the next year Which is just around the corner we're One month away here very exciting to Think about all of those uh spot Bitcoin ETFs getting approved and then this Right here from Caitlyn long shout out To her uh founder of custodia bank I Just think it's so wrong that she was Essentially blackballed because she Wanted to create banking that was 100 100% if not over 100% fully backed no Fractional lending and because the System is so broken they see her and Custodia bank as a threat because she Wants to do it the right way don't Believe it write that down that's true Right here we see the update from Andrew That said uh SEC meeting with spot Bitcoin ETF issuers have been volume Volume vinous and it says here SEC Source 99 cent approval and all it once Dotted eyes and cross tees across all

Applications Caitlyn long says if this Is true then Eric buun has predicted Today there's going to be an epic Marketing War by all spot Bitcoin ETF Issuers and it's going to be fun Watching Normie say wait wasn't Bitcoin Dead all ahead of the April having and US presidential election no doubt about It it gets quite interesting and this One we need the community's help on here This here from Rohit q and it is a clip Of someone suggesting that uh Ripple is In trials with NASDAQ for adoption now It would make sense that you would have Some sort of blockchain settlement System involved with you know let's say The New York Stock Exchange and all the Exchanges of the world and the uh NASDAQ As well to help settle all these Products in fact that's what the decks The xrp Ledger decentralized change is Designed to do right for the world so But let's take a look here now and just Listen to this and I we what we need Help with here is verifying who is this Person where did they get that Information so we can try to clarify Whether it was just this person's Speculation because they're saying I Think so let's just take a listen here And you know this guy sells it to that Guy that's essentially you know what the Stock exchange does so um if you can Have a common Ledger um to to be able to

Exchange those I at then that certainly Makes sense and uh and there's there's Examples of uh Korean Banks partnering With local uh you know Bitcoin companies For the settlement uh you know people Like the IMF or or World Bank or or These kind of people are always talking About these sort of blockchain Settlement systems NASDAQ uh is involved In in I think doing some trials to Ripple as well so um and you know this Guy again you know I think we're not Sure I don't know who this person is That says that or where they got that Information I did some digging this Morning and could not connect the dots But if anybody else has something or Knows who this gentleman is we'd Appreciate you reaching out and letting Us know so that is a community everybody All hands on deck try to figure that out But you know what we still have great Stuff to look at here and this a federal Judge on Thursday warned the Securities And Exchange Commission attorneys that He may sanction them for allegedly Convincing a court to freeze a crypto's Firm's assets under false and misleading Pretenses where does it Stop highlighting this is steuart aldera Chief legal officer for ripple and he Says a troubling pattern emerges Court Finds the SEC demonstrated hypocrisy by Making inconsistent arguments to the

Court and not acting out of a faithful Allegiance to the law SEC versus Ripple July 12 or yeah July 12th 2022 and then we had court agrees that The SEC defaulted on its duty to respond In good faith to coinbase's petition for Crypto rule making and this was in the Coinbase case on June 6 2023 the court finds the sccc's Inconsistent treatment of similar Products is arbitrary and capricious in The grayscale case with the SEC and that Was in August 29th of 23 the court Orders the SEC show calls why it should Not be sanctioned from making false and Misleading representations in the SEC Versus debt box and that just happened Two days ago so you know this is quite Troubling and has been for years Now John Deon highlights the fact that Court order sec to show cuse why it Should not be sanctioned making false And misleading representations to the uh To the court during the SEC versus debt Box case it says almost every single Court that has dealt with the SEC in the Last three years has called them out for Lying Patrick McKenry where is The Subpoena exactly Congress has been Absolutely silent they've been nothing More than just a Squawk Box they've done Nothing to take action only threatening That they would they've done nothing but Look who comes in down here Mr Mark

Cubin himself ladies and gentlemen Someone needs to go for you Madness on Them oh boy you said it Mark cubin and That's exactly what needs to happen we Need to get inside of these Communications at the SEC because if We're finding out this much in cases Over the last three years imagine what Foyer requests could do to reveal what's Going on inside those Doors Yasin moar asked David Schwarz to Shed light on why xrp has yet to Incorporate uh Ripple's liquidity Hub And xrp with It now let's take a look at this and This is five months post decision of Regulatory Clarity for xrp not being Being a security here's the Tweet shout Out to yasen here says uh can you Explain if you can David Schwarz why xrp Has not been included in Ripple's Liquidity Hub products five months after The July 13th decision by judge Torres Stating that xrp is not inherently a Security what a great question David Schwarz comes back just 11 hours ago and Says Unfortunately No look at what happened the last time I Did exactly this around our OnDemand Liquidity Strategy yasen says thank you for the Reply David I appreciate it well we're Left to speculate and we love doing that

Here and one has to wonder if it's not Much like what is suggested down here by Let me see if I can find it again by Baron the lawsuit has not fully Concluded and regulations still haven't Been established in the US as well as Many other regions patience wins the Race then we have to remember this I Want to play this very quickly here Which is Brad garlinghouse Explaining just how important xrp and The xrp Ledger is take a listen to how This works it's this is very important To understand this very basic Foundational approach to what they've Done here competition because it Requires Capital to get it there our View in the future is you don't have to Have this prefunding and instead you can Use a digital asset to have Global Liquidity on demand now we build upon a Tech stack an open source technology Called xrp xrp originally was built by Some Engineers who had seen some of the Flaws of Bitcoin and the challenge of of Scalability around Bitcoin where Bitcoin Today uh per transaction basis you it's Rather slow and rather expensive xrp is Very very fast about a thousand times Faster per transaction and a thousand Times cheaper per transaction the other Dynamic of course of correspondent Banking is some of the more quote Unquote exotic currencies exotic

Corridors have been left uh you kind of Stand on their own and the liquidity in Digital assets could be applied to Actually make that much more uh Democratized in a Level Playing Field Listen Ripple's vision from the Beginning really has been to apply these Technologies in the same way that tcpip And HTTP are the Technologies Underpinning the internet of information There you have It The xrp Ledger is like Tcpip or HTT p p it's a foundational Layer right that anyone can build on Because it's open source and it's a Public good obviously they've also built That for a you know a private side for Uh Central Bank digital currencies in Central banks right but I remind people To remember that we learned from Simon Mofin and I don't need to P to CLI here But shout out to him and uphold that They are partnered with ripple now now And they will be launching Ripple Liquidity Hub days away December they said this Month now expected and projected volumes Of at least $5 billion a year for Payments to Start now understanding that David Doesn't want to expand on why they Haven't talked or added in xrp at this Time to Ripple liquidity Hub to me Suggests that the case is obviously

Still in a very critical place or maybe It's just about to rap and he can't Speak on it I don't know but what we do Know is is that Ripple liquidity Hub is Going live this month according to Simon Mofin the CEO of uphold with the new Partnership with ripple so this is all Exciting to see this unfold regardless In my eyes so let's take a look at here This is what technical analysts are Saying dark defect vender says uh Elliot Wave showing cup and handle patterns uh That could Propel the price to xrp to A15 to $188 levels we like it we want to See it this is crypto toes showing a Nice chart of the cup and handle pattern Here and I'm showing this to give Everybody a little FaceTime on the Channel for working so hard shout out to Dark Defender and crypto toes here and It says here green resistance level is Where we need to close above 64 cents I Guess in order to propel to that Dollar Plus region that dark Defender was Discussing nice looking chart right There we'll see what happens but then we Have this egg rag crypto as well shout Out to all of these technical analysts Who are gracious and kind enough to Share their information with all of us Valhalla or helheim here so we're going To take a look at this you come down to It now be be uh uh be aware that this is An xrp versus Bitcoin chart that we're

Looking at now so it looks quite Different than the cup and handle Intentionally right so uh this is Bitcoin versus uh xrp and this is Interesting because we don't normally Look at the Bitcoin versus xrp chart However should Bitcoin surge to 48 to 50,000 range it might exert pressure on Xrp potentially causing a decline Against Bitcoin this scenario would Signal Bitcoin absorbing substantial Liquidity driving its dominance higher Unless xrp decides to decouple and carve Its unique path says although seemingly Unfavorable this situation is remarkably Bullish why because once the absorbed Funds are released it would be like a Dam bursting causing money to flow back Aggressively and abruptly Valhalla Gateway the green area symbolizes the Valhalla Gateway a breakout that aligns Closely to xrp uh versus the dollar Charts in terms of dollar value the Measured move of the falling wedge Coincides with Fibonacci 1.618 which is An important line on the xrp chart which You can see right here right it says uh But before that we need confirmation to Break above the 0.0039 price Mark again this is xrp to Bitcoin chart right you can see that Right here and it says the anticipated Steps might happen swiftly within one Candle as xrp tends to move sharply and

Abruptly against Bitcoin much like a Rocket launch let's crunch some numbers These are two different scenarios is Being shown here and it says a $50,000 Bitcoin could put us at $685 xrp a $770,000 Bitcoin could put us at $9.60 uh 880,000 Bitcoin could put us at 11 bucks $90,000 could put us at $22.33 $100,000 Bitcoin 1370 for xrp 150,000 Bitcoin could put us at $20 plus for That uh xrp and 200k uh Bitcoin could Put us at $27 Plus for xrp and the Lower Side uh of the chart is $50,000 uh Bitcoin could put us at $1.95 for xrp And $70,000 Bitcoin puts us at 273 and Then $80,000 Bitcoin could put us at 312 And 90,000 could put us at 351 100,000 put us at$ 390 $150,000 Bitcoin put us at $585 xrp and $200,000 Bitcoin could put Us at $7.80 for xrp as well so he's giv Both sides of the of the of the Indicators if it plays out much stronger We could be sitting at 27 bucks which we Hear a lot about on the charts and if we Don't play out as strong we could be Sitting at $7.80 right or maybe it's 960 right who Knows none of us know and these charts Could actually fail the indicators could Fail and go with the opposite opposite Way we have to always remember we don't Know we're just looking at Prognosticators and indicating tools

That are leading indicators but they Don't become predictors right we have to Watch and see what the markets actually Do in real time all right look that's Going to do it for me but before I leave I want to encourage you guys look the The freedom zone is growing so quickly And we need you guys to join us in the Freedom Zone because we're having such An incredible time in there you get full Access to it's a new perk you get full Access to the private telegram to Digital perspectives in there you're Going to want to be a part of that you Talk about having a great constant Conversation in there 247 365 it's going On in there and you get all of the daily Content with zero Google ads and so much More we're taking on stuff that we could Never talk about on social media and We're all loving it and I'm loving the First time ever being able to do it with All of you so we'll hope to see you in The freedom Zone which starts right now Not Financial advice for me or anyone Else I'll catch all of you on the next One


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