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The distractions are so unbelievably Massive have you look this way as you Look this way Ripple is putting the SEC In absolute check our financial system Is an absolute disarray so we're going To have you looking this way this way During the greatest opportunity in our Living history my name is coach JV what I work to do is make complex macro Microeconomic strategies very simple so The normal everyday person can Implement Them I'm very proud of the ecosystem we Build everything I talk about is Something that I created or I'm the Co-founder of I do not advertise any Other products other than what I have Created so we have many resources for You one of the biggest ones and the Biggest requests we get JV how do you Ensure your wealth during these times I Use tax code 7702 Infinity banking Concept index universal life insurance As the banks teach you how to ensure Your life they're ensuring your wealth We ensure our wealth just like the banks Do so in the description of this video Or in my social media platform if you Click the bio you will see where you can Set up a free consultation absolutely Free watch out for scammers we will not Ask you to send us money that is not me Talking to you on social media I won't Ask about your portfolio so know that There's also two other resources for you

If you're ready to jump right into our Education Academy we have a paid Education Academy where you can be Around like-minded individuals our Warrior academy and our revolutionary 12 Challenge and if you're not ready for That I have a free resource for you a 16-page guide on exactly how I did this Exactly I only speak for my Paradigm Well let's dive into this guys so Ripple Xrp is putting a beating on the SEC but They don't want you to see that and most Of the public isn't so there's very very Very few of us small percentage of the POS population paying attention but this Next 12 to 24 months is probably your Most critical time this is our Super Bowl guys this is it but before we kick It off my thoughts my prayers and my Love and frequency goes out to Charlie Munger's family and investing genius I Absolutely love Warren Buffet uh and Charlie Munger I love I I call myself a Warren Buffett style investor in Cryptocurrency uh you can't see it Behind me but the book intelligent Investor uh but I've always enjoyed Listening to both of them their Concepts Their integrity um and you know people Have their different views but I love Charlie merer I love Warren Buffett I Think they're Legends but what it really Tells us there's a new era coming in Guys he lived a very long amazing life

And they were very simple with their Investment strategies they didn't make It complex they were simple they Invested in real companies with real World solve which I'm going to present To you today real companies real world Solve real utility and companies that Were innovating into the future so my Hearts and my thoughts and prayers go Out to Charlie Munger and his family he Lived a great life and impacted a lot of People okay so Brad garlinghouse I think One of the greatest CEOs in financial History in my opinion he's calm he's Poised and they put a beating on the SEC So this was um uh from the Ripple swell It's an older video about two weeks ago Uh but I wanted to I was diving into This I want to share this with you guys We're going to watch two clips from Brad Garling house and guys it's here the Adoption is here institutions are coming In you just have to be careful with the Emotional intelligence and not getting Fed out of its xrp token and what Ripple's recent court win means for the Scope of SEC power over the over the Crypto space listen in Ripple has had Three consecutive victories over the SEC On this first the judgment on July 13th Saying very clearly xrp is not in and of Itself a security uh second the denial By the court for their their request for An interlocutory appeal and third the uh

Dismissal with prejudice the charg the Allegations against Chris Larsson and Myself so uh you know look one of the Things that people talk about is one of The definitions of insanity is doing the Same thing over and over again and Thinking you'll get a different outcome The SEC is doing the the same thing over And over again and they think I guess They're going to get a different outcome At some point in you and I talked also Backstage about a grayscale also had a a I think an important victory in the United States about the Bitcoin ETF Where so that's important to in Understand guys in stand not understand Inner deep inner stand we need to rewire Our foundation okay is that the SEC has Taking a beating guys so I think it was The Department of Justice or the Treasury apartment um you know you have Janet or Janet Yellen who comes out Can't even say the name correctly guys D Guys bance B I mean it's like it's so Crazy that these people are running our System guys she can't even say the name Correctly she doesn't even probably know What binance is she didn't even know how To say the name guys I mean that is Crazy think about that they're just Trying to throw out stuff like oh look At us we're protecting you guys all They're doing is pulling it under the Traditional Financial system and they're

Basically just trying to figure out how They can make money off of us or the the Judge again there's a federal judge Talking about a federal agency in the SEC saying quote the SEC is being Arbitrary and capricious you know Generally judges tend to be pretty you Know down the middle and try to not be Uh dramatic like those are damning words So I I think at some point the SEC has To step back and realize that their Approach of Regulation through Enforcement let's just bring lawsuits That that has to break so what me Through and the reason why it's Happening guys people want jobs right Jay Clayton initiated the case against Ripple on December 20th 20120 he bounced To New River I think it was who Increased their position in Bitcoin and Ethereum he's also the head or or sorry He's on the board for the bank bailing Committee Gary Gensler stepped into the SEC who came from the cftc who was a Head professor at MIT and he's also uh Vying for some other jobs out there guys It's all political it's all political by The time it hits the news it's done guys They're having you look another way okay So that's one clip and here's another Clip on the back end here um just talks About he talks about where he thinks the Market's going to go and I love his view Because guys I'm not I have a long-term

View on all my investments I don't think About the short-term people like oh what Do you I don't think about the short Term if it goes parabolic I pull profits I secure an index universal life I'm Max Funding policies um I'm going to Continue to get more things that are Sustainable God's money I'm Diversified Crypto isn't people like oh he's just All about Xrp is a small percentage of it's a Large percentage of my crypto portfolio But xrp is just something that I enjoy Talking about crypto is something I Enjoy talking about crypto is a very Speculative asset it is not my Retirement my retirement is my insurance The real estate that we're getting into The businesses that I have the precious Metals are for uh bability and security Right and as we continue to grow my Relationship with God makes me the Richest man in the world and with Bitcoin and xrp both showing upward Price momentum in November I also asked What's next for the Market yeah I'm going to dodge that Question as best I can uh look I I I I Really I don't know how to think about These things in the short-term Prediction I you know if you look at Previous patterns people have talked About October uh certainly you know November

Has generally been a good month but you Know going yeah generally remember October goes up November's a good month December goes down and then uh we go Into the Bitcoin having into Bitcoin Having people talk about certainly an ETF getting approved could create a lot Of capital flowing into the market uh I I don't know how to balance those things Against other macro factors I go back to Kind of first principles around big Picture what do we need this industry to Thrive we need regulatory Clarity we Need lots of utility we need to be Solving problems at scale boom I just Want you guys to hear that guys so Everybody's like why isn't xrp going up Why isn't guys you need tons of utility Guys so you need to focus on Institutional adopting focus on interest Rates coming down people flooding in but During these time I don't think we'll Ever have a time like this where it's Going to be as volatile as this is right You want the volatility if you want to Get wealthy okay you want the volatility I'm excited in the future when it starts To get normalized right so we can get Back to the normal type investing Structure because now we have our system Set up for generational wealth as we Build you know we'll get more real Estate more businesses now but this this Time is like kind of anxiety man it's

Like this shoots up through the Roof you got to be ready with an Exit Plan guys that's why keep telling you Guys about Merlin it's 30 days for free Down there you have to download Merlin Guys you have to have an Exit Plan it's So important I'm the creator of Merlin I'm one of the co-founders of merland we Built it from the ground up 36,000 lines Of code to solve a massive problem we Started doing it for ourselves and we Realize holy this can help a lot of People because we helped a lot of people From 2020 to 2021 going into 20 22 start To exit these markets and pull profit Because a ton of people lost all their Money okay so let's dive into this I Just think it's the greatest time in Human history we know that um HSBC of Metco platform could drive interest in Xrp Ledger you're going to get a lot of These things a lot of companies are Going to be partnering with uh you know Xlm or or uh Stellar with ripple with All these different companies guys you Know there's going to be there's Apple Phones there Samsung so a lot of people Are like oh it's going to be xrp running The whole system guys Ripple is just Part of the ecosystem Stellar is just Part of the ecosystem right there's Going to be Samsung phones there's going To be Apple phones there's going to be Cricket phones everybody thinks there's

Like just one company that's going to Run the whole system right Swift Ripple All these companies are going to work Together guys they're going to work Together to bring in the new system ISO Is a messaging system right there's ISO Compliant crypto tokens but ISO is a Messaging system it's the messaging goes First they got the messaging movement The speed of light money's going to move The speed of light if you watch Biden's Addresses now it's supply chain they're Going to fix supply chain right uh so What is this Ripple excites XP Army has Met Co acquisition brings Bank closer You know each step each day is going to Be a little bit better and then I want To show you this coinbase stock surges 18% in a week a CEO Brian Armstrong says Binance settlement closes that chapter In crypto history guys problem reaction Solution so as Ripple whips the sec's Ass they're like let's go after binance Right first it was Celsius then it was SPF so they're they're showing on their Side they're showing the public look at Us we we arrested SPF we did our thing With s bankman freed you know the we we Took care of that now we're taking care Of binance look at us we're the heroes Guys we're the heroes as they stifle Innovation as they slow down regulation So that they could get set up guys to Run it through the central bank that's

What it is guys but but here's the big Butt in it you have the opportunity to Invest in these Innovative Technologies That they're fighting you out of but you Cannot you cannot Bank on this as your Retirement guys do not like people were Cashing out you know home equities and Putting it into crypto and they were Taking all their money out of their Investment accounts and put it or like Retirement account I'm like no guys Create cash flow there's two ways you Can make money you can decrease your Expenses which all of us can do that Every single one of us can decrease our Expenses right eating out coffee all That stuff and put it into a spective Asset take a chance or you can make more Money right there's two ways you reduce Your expenses or make more money you can Do both reduce your expenses and make More money and when you do that don't go Buy new you get a promotion at your Job take that extra money and put it Into an investable asset start buying Your liabilities from assets so that's How my ecosystem operates have Cryptocurrency is a speca of asset as it Goes parabolic I'm pulling my future is Secure my kids are secure my son and Daughter all my daughter just went into The workforce my daughter is going to Retire as a millionaire and my son is Going to retire as a millionaire already

My son and daughter will have the exact Same amount at retirement I set them up For success that's what you're supposed To do they don't have to go to school For five years six years to get a Doctorate or a lure they are literally Set now if they stay steady and we're Building a family office and there'll be A rule that if they want to continue to Stay in this ecosystem their kids will Have to do the same thing guys one Person can shift the generation okay so I use Insurance okay I'm using Businesses to increase my earned income Every single quarter I continue to Expand and grow and deepen my businesses Around information technology and Attention uh precious metals I tell you Guys about that every single time and Then we're getting into real estate I Realized for Real Estate so I'm in a Different Paradigm than I was in four Years ago I'm I've been completely Transparent with you guys you know my Income has gone up quite a bit and now I Have different issues which is Understanding how to mitigate the taxes Right I'm have a large larger amount of Income coming in and have less tax Liabilities and so our businesses are Profitable so I'm like oh I need to Figure out so real estate I learned you Know I'm learning about real estate I'm Learning you know interest in or you

Know uh the uh uh how to write off Interest and you know home offices and You know real estate and rentals it's Not something I'm interested in but Something that that I need to understand I have experts around me so I'm only Going to speak for my Paradigm guys it's Very important and I'm going to so if This turns you off I'm not the guy to Follow I'm going to repeat the same Things over and over and over and over Again because what you repeatedly do Gets ingrained in your subconscious mind What gets ingrained in your subconscious Mind becomes an unconscious activity Warriors rise get your together Let's go love you Guys


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