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Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and we have so much to cover Today we got a lot going on and my son's Got a double header in baseball today That I got to go watch so let's get it Going first I want to show you John Deaton in his UFC jacket I could totally See John fighting in the UFC Um but in his UFC jacket is on bit boy And he said this Than I've talked to in the last two Weeks I've talked to three projects that Have received subpoenas from the SCC uh That are in the stage of the SEC talking About trying to do a settlement previous To suit and they're all like I don't Want to settle because they're not Offering favorable enough terms and I Think a good vertical embolden the Industry you know to fight back fight Even harder because there's a rumor that There's two to three hundred more Potential enforcement actions out there Two to three hundred let me think about It that's just staggering whoa these People Um now John lays it out this is the plan This has always been the plan I've been Saying this for probably three or four Years now maybe longer than that laugh At crypto dismiss crypto try and kill

Crypto through regulatory enforcement Realize you can't kill it so you crush Crypto incumbents get much larger Um uh of crypto work out regulatory Clarity for crypto promote crypto We are um right in this number four Right now we're in we're in the midst of This right here right now it's just About Hanging in there okay this tweet may Come back to bite me in the ass but I Believe the Ripple SEC case is just days Away from settlement possibly as soon as Next week Monday Monday don't hold me to It now When you see the rest of this video and What is unfolding right before our eyes It's it it it it it makes me even more Optimistic for in in the landscape of Finance right now it's almost like xrp Is the only thing with potentially a Light at the end of the tunnel Everything else seems to be burning I Made a tweet like that then Ashley Prospered the xrp plan Sue Ripple to Create a loss of confidence in the asset Delist it from exchanges reduce access To the asset buy back the asset to Protect its price crash the market force People to Fiat crash the banks in the Lawsuit begin using xrp now that sounds Like a good plan now coin Telegraph who Just like coindesk has been nothing Pro Ripple or xrp for years okay all of a

Sudden is xrp decentralized our latest Article explores this question uh and More delving into the history and Working of Ripple's cryptocurrency okay Now uh Cowboy crypto had had grabbed This from the article and says Ripple's Potential he says coin Telegraph pulled A complete 180. Ripple's potential is Obvious to see it can potentially Replace an inefficient and outmoded International money transfer system and I tweeted this this morning because I This is what I've told you many times After you do two to three videos on this One topic for this many years you can See around corners and the the seeing Around corners that I'm looking at right Now in my own portfolio and in the Market in general is everything Financials everything in finance is Burning just think about it this week The government went after Bitcoin mining From a tax perspective okay I think There was even a lawsuit that uh was Talking about Bitcoin money the ethereum Thing was questioned in the Attorney General in New York's uh lawsuit that She called ethereum a security you've Got all of the all of cryptos under Attack just like you just heard John say John Deaton say two to three hundred Subpoena two to three hundred whatever About to drop okay you got the banks Because they're now raising interest

Rates we got a federal government that Left interest rates at almost zero or Below for over 10 or 15 years after the Financial crisis and anybody with a half A brain knew where that would end up When they finally had to raise them you Got this Silicon Valley Bank situation Now which we're going to get into big Time here in a second And but you have this one digital asset You have the only asset Who has who has been under attack for Two plus years while all the others were Left alone That is about to see the light at the End of the tunnel the potential light at The end of the tunnel with a case that's Almost over What are the chances folks now if there Ever was a Black Swan event Silicon Valley Bank is it I want to make sure That everybody in my audience Understands how this happened and what a Big deal it is first let's go over how It happened this was from uh this guy You can read his thread to it's great Mario noffal I guess that's how you say His name he does a lot of these Twitter Spaces and he says how Moody's warning Downgrades to downgrade Silicon Valley Bank caused the collapse on Friday and It's important when you hear all this Story now that we know that Moody's is What initiated it let me tell you who

Some of the top shareholders in Moody's Are by the way because I looked uh Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett's form Is the number one you've got Vanguard You've got BlackRock you got State Street all of the people Who represent when Gary Gensler get when He kills uh tries to kill crypto and not And tear down all the prices so his Wall Street buddies can come in and buy Well those guys are in that list okay Because they are Wall Street so so just By coincidence and by the way s p and Moody's remember me telling the story From the remember the the uh the uh What's the movie I'm drawing a blank on The on the was it too big to fail Whatever Um the the Um no the big shorts the one I'm Thinking about too big to fail you need To watch because that's what the feds Are doing right now this weekend over Silicon Valley Bank but the uh The uh big short in The Big Short There's a scene where the guy's saying Wait a minute all these mortgage-backed Securities he's meeting with the S P 500 And this lady's like he's like well let Me get this straight so you're rating These mortgage-backed Securities that Are being created by these Wall Street Firms and they're paying you to rate Them

And she's like well that's just the way It works I'm sorry well that's what Happened in the financial crisis well Those same Wall Street firms who are Paying Moody's and s p who who are the Reason behind their whole existence Because they pay them those same people The Moody's is the company that that put All this thing in motion with Silicon Valley Bank that that catches my Attention now You need to hear how it happened this is All about this all started actually in 2019 as many people know there was a Giant influx 2019 2020 2021 in startup Funding startup funding started going up Like crazy to give you guys some context Within one year Silicon Valley Bank Deposits tripled Tripled we're talking about billions and Billions of dollars then At their uh as their deposits grew they Had to get yield on those loans I mean Any any good bank would do that uh in an Effort to get yields they tried to look In the market to get guaranteed yields Remember most of those deposits were Coming from startups most of the loans That they were giving out were to Startups so they were looking for Something that was a pretty good Guarantee to counteract that that growth In deposits uh and so they went and I Know that this is these three words are

Not liked but mortgage-backed Securities Which were pretty stable at the time at 1.56 10-year duration they put money Into that and uh and everything was Looking great they have lots of deposits They had a giant loan book everything And yield was looking good for that time Fast forward to last week and this is When it gets really crazy Moody has a Phone call with the senior Executives at Svb over the last year everything has Collapsed as many people know in the Tech industry valuations have collapsed Deposits went down and and interest Rates rise was went up so fast that that 1.56 yield was was a lot lower than what You could get from Bonds in the market Bonds in the market uh you know and so Therefore the value of the Mortgage-backed Securities plummeted Right why would you hold the security uh That could lose money when there's a Risk-free interest rate you can get from Bonds that did what Grant and and others Were saying and so ultimately when Moody Sat down with them they said we're going To give you a major downgrade because Everything is looking like so Because svb at that time was burning Through cash the stock price was Tumbling they were they were and they Had to find a way to meet their losses So uh uh by the way along the way on February 27th

The CEO and the CFO of Silicon Valley Bank sold a large proportion of their Shares in the middle of last week though For forwarding back to recent movies When they told them that they were going To downgrade their credit uh svb started Scrambling They began consultation with Goldman Sachs uh the CEO Greg Becker actually Flew out to New York met with uh Moody's To discuss the situation try to calm the Whole situation down they then in a Scramble had to sell uh 20 20 billion uh 20 billion worth of the MDS which they Sold at uh a giant loss leading to a 2.25 billion dollar deficit which They've now had to cover so they went And they got and this is where it gets Crazy they actually found an investor to At least cover 500 million of this General Atlantic But they were the other investors were On they had other investors but you know The timeline was so short But when they went to General Atlantic To get this money they were going to Have the deal done by the morning before Everything opened But the but the disclosures were not Complete the information comes out the Downgrade comes out the information Comes out about the loss a bank and then Founders fund somehow I'm not going to Say how but Founders fund YC Tech Stars

Reach out to all of their Founders and They Um they say hey get your money out When they say get your money out Uh there's a bank run the bank run leads To collapse the collapse Leads to Ripples throughout the entire Ecosystem Ripple throughout that's what Happened All right so now that you know what Happened uh it's Tom I'm gonna try to go Through this pretty quick Bill Ackman Did an entire uh thread on on how the Government better bail these guys out Because basically this will take down Innovation in the United States this is Your Black Swan if there ever was one Folks check this tweet out the oddest Thing is the exact same weekend that Bear Stearns went to under 15 years ago Look at this I want to make I'm going to Try to fly through all these things but I want to make sure you understand This this is where most of Silicon Valley puts their money and there are All kinds of people tied to this ship Okay I I would not be a bit surprised if You don't see a bailout come out of by The end of this weekend Look at this silicon sorry Silicon Valley Bank 50 of USBC backed startups As customers there are over 130 000 VC Back companies according to pitchbook That's nearly 65 000 startups that used

Silicon Valley Bank Then circle gets wrapped up apparently Circle Um is uh the stable coin their USD Stablecoin is 43 billion dollar market Cap apparently around 3 billion of it Ashish burla weighed in he said he was Trying to I think um you know uh back Circle up here a little bit but he said Here's all the banks that Circle holds Money with so they've got it spread Across some but they and and then this Little article shows that Andrews and Horowitz had money there sequoia had Money there we've talked about those Circle tweeted this out following the Confirmation at the end of the day that Wires initiated on Thursday to remove Balances were not yet processed 3.3 Billion dollars of the 40 billion of Usdc reserves remain at Silicon Valley Bank like other customers and depositors Who relied on svb for banking services Circle joins calls for continuent Continuity of this important Bank in the U.S economy and will follow guidance Provided by state and federal Regulators Coinbase temporarily paused USD USD Conversions then you've got Robin Hood Suspends usdc trading and deposits then Binance temporarily suspended Auto Conversion of usdc to busd then you've Got this this the CEO of Silicon Valley Bank has been removed and from what I

Read I don't know if I put it in this Lineup or not that guy well here here it Is he's he's been removed from the board Of directors not of Silicon Valley Bank But at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Well I mean if these are the people that Are running our our government the Federal Reserve and they can't even spot Something like this at their own Freaking Bank What does that Tell You Folks then we Have had usdc tanking and losing its Peg But it here's the problem it's not just Usdc it's stable coins that are all that Are following the lead Dai and not to be Confused with this Dai but and then usdd They're all trading underneath their Peg Which is supposed to be in a dollar Then David Schwartz says great quick Question are you solvent he's talking a Circle and somebody asked David shorts What Ripple's exposure is if it has any And he says we're going to issue a Statement I can't really say anything Until we do that officially I don't like the sound of that still and Then I went to chat GPT to see just if If it knew of any Custer people that Banked at Silicon Valley Bank wait this Bank might just be too big to fail folks Look at the list I'll just name some That I recognize Airbnb Coinbase and I don't know if these still

Bank with them but chat GPT says that They did at some point anyway LinkedIn You've got uh what else palantir you got Robin Hood Roku I read an article where They had they have like 400 and Something million there Square strike Tesla Twitter Uber upwork Zoom Man oh man I'll bet you that there are Some people making some phone calls Behind the scenes look at this one even Harry and Megan From royalty even they it's Harry this Is a major blow set our source they they Had all of Harry's money there Uh oh Folks if you don't think people are Making calls behind the scenes check This out Another Jim Cramer this is from March 10th 2023. what's today's date so this Was yesterday Think about this this guy how much money Is this guy made by telling everybody What they should do with their money With Bitcoin below twenty thousand Dollars convert all your crypto Holdings To usdc immediately to protect your Capital as Bitcoin keeps dumping usdc is The safest stable coin period Wow you can't make this stuff up you Couldn't if you tried then Charles Gasparino had two scoops on this every Major Bank PE private Equity Firm is Working on a possible svb deal this

Weekend word is it's going to be a tough Sell as an entire entity the solution Could be lehmann-like picking a Lehman Moment folks like picking of the pieces Bankers tell me PE firms Blackstone and Apollo Global Jay Clayton's firm are Interested developing then he had this Scoop Bank Regulators Wall Street firms Closely monitoring likely knock-on Effects of svbs clash next weekend Including inability of businesses that Were customers of the bank to get their Money out now that all accounts are Frozen just imagine all of the startups And companies in Silicon Valley That are sitting there that need to have Access to that money to pay people By Monday Folks you you you're telling what what We can see this weekend I'm the digital Asset investor I'm not an investment Advisor this is for entertainment Purposes only Please Subscribe subscribe Hit the like button tell your friends And family that I am a proud Thank you


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