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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel in just a moment I'm going to Share with you a post from uh an xrp Community member and he basically says We are now in the xrp wins phase so I Would say you know the last few years That's the xrp is under attack phase uh Thanks to those ass hats over at the SEC Uh but now we're in the xrp wins phase There's nothing tethering tethering xrp Down xrp is no longer Shackled and in Fact I would say you know like the only Thing that could possibly stop xrp from Hing a new all-time high is Bitcoin not Leading crypto markets into a new phase Of pure Euphoria but I got to ask does Anyone actually believe that Bitcoin Won't hit a new all-time high because I Tell you the only people I can think of That would believe such a thing would be The no coiners or anybody out there that Is even if they're peripherally aware That there's this thing that exists Called Bitcoin and they don't know much About it like the people who aren't Researched on crypto or Bitcoin I can See those people saying it but is there Anybody who has half a brain and has Actually informed themselves that Doesn't think that's going to happen Even if you because look even if you Don't believe that that Bitcoin is going To be number one in market cap forever You could be right actually um and and

Maybe we fast forward 50 years when we Find out crypto here of course but yeah That Bitcoin thing after so and so okay Fine maybe that happens that's a that's A bigger conversation but does anybody Think that right now right here in this Moment crypto is not going to get led to Pure Euphoria buy Bitcoin because I do I'm not even excited about Bitcoin I'm I Hold it I've been holding it for almost Six years but I'm excited for that Because I know that my xrp is going to Come along for the Ride um before going further though I do Want to be clear I do not have a Financial background of any kind I am Not offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun and so here's a post from Um xrp Crow he is at status on social Media platform uh X formerly known as Twitter and he's the guy that does all Sorts of awesome um infographics and Puts the xrp community poster together Which I'm sure many of you have seen I'm Sure some of you actually at your homes Have it printed on your walls and um and So he posted uh I would say that we're In the xrp wins phase now congrats to All xrp holders and investors who had

Unwavering support for ripple and Conviction that xrp is the standard and Folks I do believe that's what we're Going to see here uh with xrp having Been artificially suppressed four years It's got a lot of ground to catch up but There's a recognition that's the case And that's why we've been seeing Institutional money pour into it um but Take a look at this first before we get Into some of the specifics surrounding Some of that type of stuff and where the Market Market going um I I wanted to Share this post which I thought pretty Well hit the nail in the head it's from Crypto Insight UK and I wrote The Following and this is just uh last night Something I find very strange about Crypto is the hatred towards the xrp Community and Al pause to note yes There's hatreds towards the xrp Community but that started first with Hatreds hatred toward hatred towards xrp Itself and that and that that actually Began from bitcoiners who didn't like The competition and they actually were Paying I think it was 550 bucks to get People to lie and say that xrp was a Scam and that was being done on bitcoin Forums back in the year 2013 I Highlighted that in a recent video I'd Highlighted that several times over the Years actually that's a real thing that Happened xrp is viewed as an actual

Threat and then it was touted as the Bankers coin what's that Ripple's doing This thing with this decentralized Cryptocurrency but they're positioning It to help the Legacy Financial system We'll call it a banker coin because that Sounds exactly the opposite of Bitcoin Now of course never mind the fact that The tunes Chang now that the bitcoiners All excited about Black Rock coming in And you got Jack MERS using strike Positioning Bitcoin as a bridge currency The same way that Ripple positions xrp As a bridge currency so no now that Narrative shot the crap so but that's Where it started from they hated the Competition so they hated xrp because It's better than Bitcoin and anybody That supports it they're now the enemy That's you and me folks these are people That are not intellectually honest They're ideologues whatever it is they Got heavy bags they don't like the Competition and screw them it's Tribalism and I hate it but he he is He's still right though and then he said Salana pumped hard over the past few Weeks everyone is excited xrp pumps and People say the community is a cult and No one is excited but then in the same Breath say we need to remove tribalism In crypto I completely agree we need to Remove tribalism one of my best Pals is Mainly salana and I've been at a cardano

Conference this week I love all the Projects I understand within the space But I can't help feel people just hate On xrp does that mean there's more value There I'm not sure often time the General consensus is wrong time will Tell I guess so A couple things on there You know I I think it's the case that Although you it's not hard to find like Sincere hatred towards xrp and the xrp Community it's not hard to find that It's mostly from a very noisy uh crew That is a small percentage of humans so It makes it feel like it's a lot bigger But it's not the case that most people Come across xrp and just hate it as Evidenced by the fact that xrp today is Number five in market cap yesterday it Was number four um when xrp had jumped Up to 73 cents it's just SL pullbacks And now it's back down to number five For now don't be surprised if it blazes Up higher but it wouldn't be there if There weren't it's just an inless SE of People that agree yes xrp makes sense so It can it can beat you down just seeing That a time but I just wanted to make The point just because there's a small Crew that's very noisy that makes it Feel like there's a lot of people it Doesn't mean there are a lot of people That think that it just doesn't make any Logical sense and here you can see Salana I mean he wasn't kidding uh look

At the 30day salana up 78.4% over over the last 30 days Celebrated right after people were Crapping all over salana but people are Happy for that because there's not Hatred towards the salana community but With xrp it actually is treated Different by this particular segment of Of of bitcoiners in particular it just Is and it's stupid because like and like I'm not going to hate the coin they hold Because I hold it too like I'm just I'm Not a Maximalist it's just completely Ridiculous but the good news is it Doesn't matter like we're in the xrp Wins phase folks xrp already won from a Stance of legal Clarity and xrp is going To substantially outperform Bitcoin That's what's going to happen here and So take a look at this perspective from Chart analyst raes up who writes for Coin Telegraph uh shared the following Perspective uh bitcoin's marginal rise Of about 1.5% last week suggests that Traders are cautious at higher levels But they are not rushing to uh to the Exit the Bears have been in hibernation For the past few days but if the rally Fails to resume sellers may try to make A comeback however in an uptrend dips Are usually viewed as an opportunity for Long-term investors to accumulate and so Folks think about that xrp got as high

As 73 cents yesterday um when I checked A little bit before recording here xrp Was around 68 cents I don't know where It is by the time you're listening to This video but even though there's a Small pullback there again what he said There is true in an uptrend dips are Used usually view viewed as an Opportunity for for investors to Accumulate so what do you think we're in Do you think that we're in an uptrend Because I do it doesn't mean that we Can't have even more of a pullback after I just said that sentence but I still Believe what I just said is broadly true And I think if you fast forward you know A year from now and look back on roughly This moment in time I think that that's How it's going to play out and we'll see But you don't need to be a chart analyst To have that reasonable perspective if You just look at the macro environment And understand that things are cyclical And we just had a bare Market bottom a Year ago it's pretty reasonable to Speculate that's the case don't you Think cuz I do anyway and then he Continues the positive sentiment among Traders can be gauged by the increase in Bitcoin withdrawals from exchanges which Reach 61,000 Bitcoin a strong Improvement over the year-to-date low of Nearly 43,000 Bitcoin according to Crypto slate analyst van

Stratton and and folks that's true for Obvious reasons hopefully obvious um but Just in case it's not if people are Pulling Bitcoin off exchanges that's Because they don't have any immediate Intention of selling so think about that We're hovering close to $35,000 for Bitcoin which leads the market which Will lead us to xrp Glory frankly Because again Bitcoin leads the market That's the reality I don't mind it in The least let's just acknowledge it so The fact that Bitcoin is hovering around $35,000 and people are removing Bitcoin From exchanges which is typically a sign They're not about to sell and it it's Just one one piece of many you can look At but is does does that not instill Confidence I to me it looks very Positive and then he writes a large part Of the accumulation is taking place in Bitcoin and the hopes that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission will eventually approve a Spot Bitcoin exchange traded fund the Enthusiasm of the Traders increased Further on the news that the Hong Kong Government may consider proposals for a Spot Bitcoin ETF yeah and you're just Going to see more and more of this Around the planet which is what you want If you're in crypto even if you don't Hold Bitcoin you want to see this and Then there was this article um yesterday

They wrote why is xrp price up today This is from coin Telegraph which Historically um hasn't necessarily been The friendliest towards xrp or been the Most accurate towards xrp in their Reporting but here's what they had to Say here the price of xrp is up gaining Over 10% on November 6 reaching nearly 72 cents the highest levels in 3 months And so after they wrote this it did go Up to 73 cents but anyway uh xrp's gains On November 6 are part of a larger Rebound Trend that started October 19th When New York investment firm grayscale Refiled the application to convert its Bitcoin trust into a spot ETF with the US Securities and Exchange Commission Since then xrp's pric has gained nearly 45% replacing cardano to become the Fourth largest cryptocurrency by market Capitalization as of November 6th Audible side face pal I roll all that Crap because they wrote card it was Replace cardo no replaced binance coin B&B that that's the one that was number Number four in market cap and then xrb Took the four spot and now it's back to Number five but look this is look this Is Crypt media folks as I say frequently And quite accurately Crypt media it's It's a bunch of C students and they Write stuff down they don't fact check It they don't nobody else say provide Any feedback check for grammatical

Errors it's just I wrote this thing down Here's the first draft now put it out Into the internet that's good enough That's pretty that's pretty much it That's what any out anyone out there Listening with no background in Reporting or journalism or anything of The sort even if you barely know how to Operate a keyboard you can be a writer For any sort of Crypt media Outlet That's that's it send in your Application today it can be on a napkin Mail it in it's Fine peace continues an addition Addition xrp's bullish momentum has Improved after winning regulatory Approval in the Dubai International Financial Cent's free trade zone in Other words financial institutions in The DFC can now legally carry out Transactions and xrp tokens furthermore Gains in the xrpusd pair come ahead of Ripple's swell conference on November 8th and 9th in Dubai amid rumors that The blockchain payment firm May announce Its initial public offering plans folks I just I think this is such a bad take I See crap like this all the time now look As far as the deide news yes the news Itself is fantastic xrp now it's opening Okay fine but if you look at when that News came out and when xrp was moving There's no reason to believe that that Caused any sort of movement in xrp price

Action and same for when even when the News broke about when uh the swell was Going to occur that that doesn't line up Either that makes no damn sense and so Here's this is what always freaking Happens with rare exception it's xrp's Moving because speculators move the Price of xrp and by the way analysts Were calling these moves leading up to This so we didn't know what the news was Going to be but we knew that the Analysts were saying to a much greater Degree than they normally would State And more so in unison anyway what's most Probable is xrp moves to the upside so Then xrp moves to the upside which is What we should have expected based on What's most probable and then whatever Is happening at the time that is applied As the reason after the fact price go up What's happening at the time oh there's That's that sounds good about the DU buy Thing oh swell that's probably causing It no and and then there's this and I Saw this too I I kind of did my best to Debunk this in a video literally Yesterday the idea that swell was Causing the price xtrap to go up I think It's completely Bogus you need further proof I don't Want to rehash all of my reasons from Yesterday but how about a new one how About the fact that xrp just had a Pullback and ripple swell conference

Hasn't even Started how about about that as I said Come On and so it's not that after it happens You can't see a continuing price decline But do you really believe that the Moment that happens is right when swell Begins because that's what it would have To be right at that exact moment and if It happens fine okay I'm just saying I Don't think that that's the most Reasonable probable explanation I really Don't H silly nonsense here so anyway All that to say there's a lot to look Forward to to here um it's just Directionally everything is happening That we want to happen yes there are pit Stops along the way uh bitcoin's been Moving sideways a little bit but it's Been nice seeing the xrp run up and even If xrp pauses here for a bit fine I mean Hell look this is normal for Cryptocurrencies there's not something Weird about xrp going back for just a Moment to the salana Chart here this is A 30-day chart so it hit a 30-day high Of 46 bucks it's currently $41 those of You looking at the screen you can see What happened when it hit the $46 high For the chart that was on November 1st It is now November 7th it's been range Bound for for the rest of for basically The last Week now that doesn't mean it can't or

Won't run higher I mean we haven't even Seen the beginning really of crypto Euphoria yet and so even if we do have More downside action in the short term My my response to that is okay so what Because that's not an indication of some Sort of shift in terms of what's Happening directionally on a macro scale I ain't worried in the least Man like I said this is the xrp winds Phase xrp Crow was right about that it's The xrp winds phase this is when finally By the time this cycle is done xrp will Have hit a new all-time high and entered Price Discovery that's what I believe is Most probable and I can't know that I Admit I could be wrong and it could go To zero I I'm I'm taking on the risk of Holding xrp but I have placed my bet I Have strong conviction you guys know my Stance here I just don't know how high It's going to go and I don't make Predictions but I have a I have some Suspicions that you know the Expectations that many have many Analysts have in terms of XP getting up To $10 11 12 $13 that doesn't sound Wacky that sounds pretty reasonable and Even people that think that it's it's Likely xrp gets up to 20 or 25 bucks it Could I mean the higher we go in terms Of price suspicions the less confident I Am but that doesn't that still doesn't Sound crazy to me big things happen in

Crypto sometimes and when xrp rips it Really rips historically so and with Years of just waiting I just think when It goes it's really going to go cuz it's It so many reasons and the legal Clarity I mean it's just like the perfect Confluence of events occurring The Perfect Storm Here legal Clarity spot Bitcoin ETF inevitably coming here Market's getting hot even outside of That regardless like yeah and so many More more things that we've been talking About in recent weeks feeling pretty Good here so we'll see when exrp starts Moving back to the upside I don't know If it's going to be today or tomorrow or A week from now I but it's not going to Stay here for forever and like that Analyst for coin Telegraph is saying R Cas you know usually pullbacks like this They're viewed by investors as an Opportunity to accumulate because they Expect further Upside perhaps that's most probable I'm Not a financial adviser you should not Buy or sell anything because of anything I say or right that would be a very very Very bad idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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