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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we've got vitalic Buter and deception slight of hand You're going to want it Ripple partners Are on the Move xrp Ledger amendments Ladies and gentlemen and uphold Ripple And xrp somebody roll that beautiful [Music] [Applause] Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on in Welcome back to the show you can follow Us on Twitter and YouTube for exclusive Content right now it's $ 1.46 trillion Market cap for cryptocurrency the market Is off by 8% Bitcoin 36,900 Plus at the moment just over $2,000 for ethereum and tether market Cap is 86.9 billion plus right now xrp To number five spot at 65 cents it's off By 1 1.2% in the 24 hour and off by 6 And A2 half% on the 7 day but yet the Technical analysts are telling us Breakout is imminent I like it I'm Hanging in there we'll see we're going To look at the numbers before we get out Of here ranging between 65 and 67 cents That has actually tightened a little Over the last day or so so we'll keep an Eye on it right now before we get Started I want to tell you if you Haven't registered look at these numbers Look at these numbers 455,000 registered users over 300

Million total Investments on the Platform in just 49 companies available And you know how this goes they're not Always available and if you're thinking Hey you know I I I I can't do that you Know just go sign up and register and Find out for yourself if you can do it Because I tell you link to makes private Equity more available for anyone in the World than I have ever seen or come Across and it's the best opportunities You're ever going to find in this space Don't believe it click the link Underneath and check out my sponsor Oh boy Jim Kramer shout out to Anders for this one If you don't know and you're new to the Space very quickly here Jim Kramer is a Wall Street puppet and whatever he says The opposite usually happens because He's actually talking the book for Wall Street so when you see 31 days ago Jim Kramer said Bitcoin is about to go down And now Bitcoin is up 37% well there you have it right Andre Said is here rightfully so all I want For Christmas is Kramer calling xrp a Giant con Again oh we love Anders don't we and Then there's this guy The Whistleblower Himself stepen nay off here eth gate Whistleblower free pass whistleblower Here he is he takes a tweet here from Vitalic butan who says Mount gox look

Sketchy and never tried too hard to hide Or or to too hard to whitewash itself Luna 2 FTX was the opposite and did Fullon compliance virtue signaling not The same thing as compliance the second Kind of fraud Cuts deeper than the first Now he's right when you put off the Illusion that you're trying to be legit It draws people in right wolf and Sheep's clothing kind of thing right That kind of thing however Steven Ray Off's got it right here virtue signaling Pretending you're a good person Especially on social media to whitewash Deceptive activities towards the public Strategy call this tactic out as worse Than sketchy fraud so nobody thinks You're doing the same strategy crypto Judas now let me give you the book in The author of where vitalic butan got This from Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals blame others for what you Yourself are actually Doing uhhuh Steven roff's got it right Here stepen nof also says that not too Long from now they're going to be Dropping some of these receipts he's Been talking about and it will be Undeniable one of which will be an hours Long conversation many multiple hours Long conversation with vitalic but and Himself and about how they understood That it was not a decentralized network Uhoh can't wait for that one and by the

Way very quickly here if you haven't had A chance to join the patreon freedom Zone or Dai patreon this is about Censorship and freedom protection ladies And gentlemen we encourage you to join Us we just did a live over the weekend Together it was fantastic and I tell you This is we're talking about 20 cents a Day to make sure that no one can cut us Off from communicating with one another Because obviously L we're talking about The right things or it wouldn't have Happened to The Goat in the xrp Community make sure you click the link Underneath the video and join me for 20 Cents a day that's what we're talking About here right 20 cents a day and we Are talking and tackling subjects that You wouldn't believe you'll see before We get out of here what we're doing Today in the freedom Zone you're going To want it and here we have Ripple Partners on the move here compliments a Working Money Channel and Michael branch In LAX a lead ICT infrastructure and System integrator in subsaharan Africa Has announced the ability of the inlx Customer relationship management CRM System on temos Exchange which is a Ripple partner we're not done yet and Then we have this again from compliments The working money channel terpe is a Ripple partner magnati uh a leading Payments company in the Middle East is

Empowering Merchants by adding a new Payment method to its product Suite in Collaboration with terrae love seeing This Ripple partner news and then here's One more a Wallock if my memory serves Me right they go all the way back with Ripples to 2017 odl partner in the first Half of 20 first half of 2023 air wallic Singapore saw 13 times growth 123% in fact in a year-on-year revenue And more than 11 times growth 1,5% in total transaction volume as Businesses in Singapore recovered from The pandemic and the world reopened Magnificent numbers right there now Let's talk about The xrp Ledger and the Amendments that we've been waiting for One of which is the Xls-medical x ls-30 uh if done right and It works the way it's intended to will Be a game Cher for The xrp Ledger and I Do believe that that automated Market Maker coming to The xrp Ledger could be Such a GameChanger that it could also Change the characteristics of the asset Itself to a stable coin because it's a Stabilization Mechanism looking at this the countdown Has begun for the activation of uh fix Offers V1 now this is not the amm Automated Market maker uh Amendment this Is a different one I want to go over This really quickly but very quickly Here in this tweet and shout out to Fiat

Link this is not attacking them I just Want to make clear The xrp Ledger by Ripple is not by Ripple xrp Ledger Existed before Ripple and it's Commencing commencing a two-e activation Countdown with support from over 80% Validators for this amendment we're Looking at which is not the automated Market maker it's fix reduced offers V1 And very quickly here the primary goal Of fix reduced offers V1 is to reduce The prevalence of order books that are Obscured by reduced offers ultimately Enhancing the overall functionality of The xrp Ledger now let's get to this Because this is um let's see here yes uh And one second before we get to this I Want to show this okay this is what I Wanted to show first very quickly here This is ml markets right here give him a Follow 45,000 subscribers the guy should Have 4 million 4.5 million I mean let's Give the guy a follow he does really Great stuff shout out to you mckl let me Open this up here so we get the full Screen he's going to tackle this uh Understanding of the judgment about xrp And some remarks that were made and then I'm going to go back to David Schwarz About the uh automated Market maker Because michl's going to talk about that As well but I first wanted to play this C clip very quickly for you take a Listen to this start out this video and

Quickly talk about a fud Point that's Going around Twitter right now and that Is that Bitcoin and ethereum are the Only cryptocurrencies with regulatory Clarity because the CFC is calling them Commodities now this is a narrative scam Detectives is pushing on Twitter Right now and essentially the point he's Making is if the cftc decides that Bitcoin and ethereum are commodities Well then those are the only Cryptocurrencies with Clarity because Technically xrp was never declared a Commodity it was just declared not a Security so scam detectives is pretty Much trying to make the argument that Bitcoin and ethereum have more Regulatory Clarity than xrp well I want To give you my opinion on this because I Think he's making a massive mistake I Said poor scams doesn't yet understand That agency opinions are not factor law There it Is see Is such a smart guy he he knows exactly What's going on here right this is Exactly what we have said about a Gazillion times on this channel and MLS Spot on here right there is a huge Difference between regulatory Clarity Regulatory opinion and legal Clarity Right and xrp has legal Clarity Everything else has a regulatory opinion Huge difference

Shout out to ml for that now I got one More spot that I want to jump to for This because he also Dives down into Automated market makers and it is a Great clip about the Xls-medical to Ripple going forward and The main reason it's going to be so Critical is because Ripple just Announced at Swell the other day that They are going to start using the decks And automated market makers when it Passes to facilitate odl trades this Means that even more of Ripple's Activity is going to be happening on The Xrp Ledger now this in itself is pretty Funny because people forever said Ripple Doesn't need xrp they don't need The xrp Ledger they just need their software and What we're seeing is Time After Time Ripple moves closer and closer to The Xrp Ledger and inter Ates it deeper into Their payment stack Bingo see th this is What we've been beat up and attacked Constantly for for years on this channel We have said this exact same thing You're watching a phase in operation Happen with ripple right first their Software then they phase in the use of Xrp then just as we heard years ago from Dilip brow the ultimate is the Holy Grail of the banks and Financial system Holding xrp we are steps before that Moment happening now aren't we yes we're Still needing the clarity from the OCC

And the US government but obviously Other governments around the world are Absolutely headed that way in advance of What the US is doing continue to listen To this rest of this clip here so what We're seeing is Ripple 100% wants the Automated Market maker on The xrp Ledger Because it makes their business more Powerful so people are wondering if this Is such a great thing if it's going to Improve liquidity on The Ledger it's Going to make the xrp Ledger more Powerful why isn't it being passed and I Think the main thing people need to Consider right now is that these Upgrades to The xrp Ledger these code Changes take a long time to make sure There's nothing wrong with them right Now The xrp Ledger is one of the few Blockchains that never goes down The xrp Ledger has never had a massive crash The Xrp Ledger has never been down for an Extended period of time this is so Important to understand because xrp's Reputation is on the line with big Upgrades like this we need to make sure Sure that these upgrades are 100% vetted Before being pushed through regardless Of how powerful the upgrade is a couple Weeks a couple months is not worth Risking the entire security of The Ledger and there it is right there and Currently right now he even shows us Here later in this that they are at a

34.29% consensus we know that they have To have a 80% consensus or better and Then it goes for two weeks and if it can Hold 80% or better on the vote for a Twoe period that Amendment will be made Whole onto the ledger so look it takes Time and the idea of just rushing Through this doesn't make as a bit of Sense at all so shout out to mckl Markets for that uh that Clarity there What a great clip from him now let's Move to this because this is David Schwarz and what he said back in October And I remember when this happened I Can't remember if we covered I think I Did but about the only reason to oppose The automated Market maker amendment is If you don't want xrp ledger to grow That would be rational if you thought The xrp lger was currently too broken And couldn't handle it I don't believe Either of those things what a really Powerful statement and if you remember The other day we also covered a clip too Where uh David Schwarz is talking about If you believe a token's worth 10 bucks You're not selling it for three bucks if You believe it's worth 10 bucks the next Day right and then he went on to say too You know some things are too great to be Paraphrasing hard to believe some some Things are too great to be true or Whatever too good to be true unless it's The automated Market maker which it is

Right so there's his opinions on those Things all pointing to the automated Market makers and doesn't it make sense Xrp is witnessing surging institutional Interest as last week saw it rank among The top traded assets on Ascent from Uphold yeah shout out to Dr Martin heis Who's been highlighting this aspect And we see top traded assets on uphold Ascent this week was xrp BTC KAS link And XTC and xrp sitting right in there Tells me all the right thing especially Knowing that the Ripple uphold Partnership is about to jump off in December yeah less than a month from now Pretty damn exciting now I told you we Would take a look at numbers and you Know the breakout is looking imminent to Every technical analyst that we look at On this channel from crypto insight Egg rag crypto to dark Defender they got It all right here I love what these guys Do and they're not saying it's a Prediction they're showing us what the Living and breathing charts are showing Them using the charting tools they use And we are we certainly should pay Attention to what's happening here to See if it plays out remember indicators Are just that they're indicators right There's a percentage chance that it goes Up there's a percentage chance it goes Down and a percentage chance it goes Sideways right so we'll keep an eye on

It and the most important thing is is That we are alert we're aware and we're Paying attention to what may be in front Of us and some of these technical Analysts are saying xrp breakout is Imminent so I'm very excited about that Now let's take a look at it well we're Going into the freedom zone now this is Where we got a part ways but if you want To find out about the real conversation That's happening it's behind the freedom Zone like I said 20 cents a day ladies And gentlemen and we're going to have The real me meaning F conversations that You and I both know we couldn't dare to Have on social media and today we're Going to be discussing you know the Threat the World Health Organization is A threat ladies and gentlemen you talk About a transfer of power you're going To want to see what we have in here for You today plus the other content that's There you won't believe it we're Tackling everything not just crypto it's A real conversation in here ladies and Gentlemen I hope you will join us link Underneath the video to the freedoms Zone not Financial advice from me or Anyone else I'll catch all of you on the Next One


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