630 MILLION XRP Moved By WHALES In Just 3 HOURS As Pessimists Sound ALARM

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Hello this is Matt on the moon family Said Dan Channel given the train wreck That 2022 was many were taken by Surprise when we had quite a launch to 2023 a Bitcoin up from its lows xrp up From its lows pick your crypto it's Probably up from its lows but it doesn't Take much negative price action to get This what to me is anyway a hilarious Narrative shift in crypto media How many of you out there saw my videos In recent weeks where I was highlighting How there's just this flurry of nothing But positive price action articles for Xrp They were so easy to find dime a dozen They were almost nowhere to be found in 2022 with you know there are some Exceptions of course not saying there's Literally zero but what did we see now Within the last within the last week in Particular well let me just give you a Couple examples here at the outset of The video here's one from you today xrp Looks desperate as asset and by the way For those of you that saw my videos when I was pointing out all the this glowing Headlines it should be extra funny for You can see just how ridiculous our Crypto media It's just it is what it is uh here's Another one from the crypto basic whales Move 630 million tokens in three hours As xrp risks a drop oh my God how am I

Going to sleep at night I don't even Know what to do with my hands right now Are you kidding me son like look at so Like the idea that they're trying to get Across here is that the whales which by The way generally speaking they are the Way they behave to me I think it's fair To say they're generally uh behaving a Bit more Responsibly and uh you know I think that They're able to control their emotions I Think they have a better understanding Of Finance in general they're a bit more Sophisticated than the typical limbing Retail speculators out there and so what Are you to believe upon reading this Headline that a bunch of whales moving 630 million xrp tokens in just three Hours it's gonna go to an exchange and It's all going to dump because that's About what you almost close to what You're you know you'd expect today Anyway in terms of total Global volume And it's all just gonna it's also gonna Go well actually in terms of dollars It's more like half that but still you Get the point it's like a boatload of it Um no folks and in fact to the contrary I'm going to show you some positive Action because even though yes fair Enough to State let's live in reality uh Price action hasn't been so hot for the Last week or so and there have been Outflows on an Institutional level

During that shortened time period uh not That's not the case for xrp actually let Me show you some data because I think You'll like it and then we can just uh Not fall for the Trap except by anybody That wants to scare you into making a Stupid emotional financial decision but Before going further I do want to be Clear I do not have a financial Background of any kind I am not offering Financial advice and you definitely Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say all right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys making YouTube Videos about crypto related topics but Just as a hobby and just for fun so uh You can see if you're looking at the Screen here as I scroll down to the top 50 cryptos by market cap we've got a sea Of red but it's not a very deep it's Actually more like a puddle of red we've Got a little puddle of red with most Coins down you know less than a percent Or many of them anyway xrp down point One percent over the last 24 hours for Example it's at 37 cents Bitcoin at Twenty three thousand three hundred and Twenty three dollars market cap for the Asset class still a little under 1.1 Trillion Bitcoin dominance doing what It's been doing for most the last 30 Days 41.6 percent and the crypto fear And grade index of 53 out of 100. so Anyway slice and dice it's much better

Than much of what we went through in 2022 much much much better Um and it's it's interesting to see you Know it look I understand it's it's more Fun and more exciting obviously I'm not Just we're having the euphoric moves to The upside but it's most important to Pay attention to what's happening when Uh you know we're we're in a bear Market Because that's that's a time when Everything's on sale and you can Position yourself and that's I think That's true whether you're talking about Investing in the stock market or Investing in crypto doesn't particularly Matter But um will Clemente on-chain analyst Cited something and this is a concept I Have shared before but I like the way Here articulated this and I might have To steal his term here actually I don't Even know for sure if he came up with it But what he's showing here is a Bitcoin Number of active addresses 30-day moving Average and that's overlaid on top of a Bitcoin price going back to 2013 so you Got a decade of data here and it's Really interesting to see the Correlation here might there be a reason For this and so what he wrote here is During every bear Market short-term Tourists leave but an increasing number Of Bitcoin Network users stick around This is the signal and so you can see

The correlation there for those of you That care to look but this is true of Crypto in general you know I thought About this in terms of myself when I When I jumped into crypto November 2017 It was pretty clear the bubble had Popped you know by by January it was Pretty damn clear uh the bubble had Popped just in a general sense there's Some coins that were actually Technically still taking off because of All season okay but it was pretty darn Clear like the party's pretty much over Here and I found myself as one of the People that was sticking around while Everybody else just exited the stage Left and so that behavior all those People that were super excited in 2017 They're now gone and I'm like but this Is cool then awesome are you kidding me Like this is the time to pay attention And I I as a result ended up dollar Costs averaging into xrp uh beginning Later in that year after I had already Bought some uh you know once I got down About 55 cents but you had that happen Then and then what did you have happen Again after all the excitement in 2021 Uh the mass hysteria now you're I mean It seems to me as though over 75 percent Of the people maybe 80 of the people That were regularly paying attention to Crypto General on social media They just stopped paying attention so

Even if they still hold crypto and I'm Not saying all of them necessarily sold Everything and panic sold and got out But uh these are not these are not true Enthusiasts these are not people that Are paying attention to what's happening In finance in general they probably Treat the stock market about the same if They're in the stock market they're Tourists that is a perfect way to put it And this is a concept I've shared and so That's why I'd Hazard a guess that if You're listening right now I mean sure Maybe some of you are brand new in which Case weird time to jump in but good for You seriously this is a good time to pay Attention Um but I'm willing to bet that a lot of You if not most of you listening right Now you already went through a bunch of This stuff and you're not the Fly-by-night individuals you're not the Tourists you're the ones that legit get That agree to which this can be truly Life-changing has and has been for so Many frankly and The Best Is Yet To Come In fact take a look at this from a chart Analyst income sharks he wrote this There's two tweets one's from today but First let me share with you the one that He wrote on January 7th because the Latest one is a tag on to this but on January 7th he wrote The Following and He's got two charts I'll make uh I'll

Make the first one full screen here If it will load there you go uh income Sharks wrote January 7th this year Bitcoin people loved posting the 2018 Bearish fractals but few are posting What happens next the bullish part I Think a slow borea to death bottom is More likely than a v-shape these charts Are almost identical even the dates are So oddly similar and so for those of you Not looking I'll just describe what You're seeing here what is on the screen And what you're not seeing a Bitcoin This is a Bitcoin chart price chart 2019 and he's noting what ended up being The final capitulation And you can see that after some time it Came on out of there so just in terms of The chart formation you can see I'll Switch to the next chart now this will Be uh this is whoops that's not what I Meant to do I need to hit right uh here We go 2023 and again We've got the benefit of hindsight to Agree slightly greater than income Sharks had when writing this but he had Full conviction back the beginning part Of January before it was pretty clear Hey the party's on uh he's saying No This looks structurally pretty much the Same as what we saw in 2019 you're going To see a move to the upside and that's What he was indicating on January 7th he Says the Bottom's in that's part and

He's firm on that that's his that's his Position And so then we got this update And he wrote today and he said I still Expect April to be when we see the next Big leg And so it looks similar and you can Argue sure we started to see a move to The upside a bit sooner than previously But it's it's not that the past Literally repeats itself it just kind of Rhymes with itself behaviorally and so That's the part that I find most Interesting here uh chart analyst Kaleo Is thinking in very similar fashion uh He shared the following with his 564 700 followers on Twitter he wrote And this is a Bitcoin chart bears are Using this lower time frame pullback to Try and convince you that we're heading Lower when it's nothing more than a Simple breakout slash retest before Continuing the send higher And again nothing's guaranteed in terms Of price action but it's a good idea to Understand various perspectives Historically what has happened so that You know you can control your own Emotions because we're all Our Own Worst Enemy when it comes to investing in General It's it's the impatience and it's the Emotions that wreck people more than Pretty much anything else

And take a look at this just kind of Paint the pictures like I said at the Outset of the video everything is not as Scary and terrible as it's now being Painted to be it's just so funny from Like one week to the next all the Positive glowing articles out there and Then bam you get a little bit of Downward price action and now it's all Doom and gloom headlines okay Just be aware of it just be aware of it Because it does emotionally impact People but take a look at this let's Live in reality and and talk about some Data at least on an Institutional level This is an article from the daily huddle Titled institutional investors go short On crypto markets as macro data Sparks Nervous sentiment coin shares Digital assets manager coin share says Institutional crypto investment products Were largely shorted by investors last Week and its latest digital asset fund Flows weekly report coin shares finds That institutional digital asset Investment products suffered minor Outflows last week contrasted by Major Inflows into short investment products And there's a quote which reads as Follows digital asset investment Products saw minor outflows totaling two Million dollars although this mask's Broader negative sentiment as the Largest inflows were into short

Investment products yes it does but Let's take it because by the way that Article doesn't mention xrp at all xrp Sitting pretty uh here's some of the Data from the the blog that they were Referencing to write the damn article You can see for the week Bitcoin down 11.7 million dollars for the week on an Institution level xrp is flat okay flat Yeah I'd love it to be to the positive But whatever it's not 11.7 million Dollars to the negative and even if you Look month to date Bitcoins down 16.8 Million on institution level xrp is up It's only 300 000 but hey it's up I'll Take that but here we have all the Doom And Gloom articles and in mind you so We're talking yes on an Institutional Level this is short-term price action Anyway It's it's look institutions although I Do think that they in the general sense Behave much more responsibly than the Typical retail limiting investor it is Always the case that for various reasons Uh you know institutions are getting in And out of positions they're still Betting against one another it's just The case that institutions They they they don't respond generally Speaking to the same emotions that uh You know end up coming to the surface as A result of just typical day-to-day Price action it's not Dr you know

They're not driven by that it doesn't Mean they don't have additional reasons To get in and out of positions based on Beliefs and Analysis and this and that But it's a whole different way of you Know approaching the market and so again It's just I'd love to hilariously point I think it's hilarious the headlines Quickly change and I'll continue to Point it out from time to time and then I'm just going to show you real data as It comes along and perhaps I'm going to Be happy to keep sharing on the channel Because it doesn't make sense to fall Into these scary narratives I think There's no longer opportunity this is an Incredible time to be in crypto people a Decade from now being would be like oh My God I wish I knew it about all this Back in 2023 and you listening to this You do know about it unless you're a Future person in which case sorry if you Missed out but the rest of us listening In 2023 well congratulations and and Good on you for paying attention to What's going on while most of the Tourists have exited but you know what There are various seasons of crypto and The tourists will come back in force and I'll be happy to sell my crypto at that Point as the prices move to the upside Happy to sell it at a nice premium but That's the only way you're gonna get out Of my hands

I'm not a financial advisor you should Not buy or sell anything because of Anything I say or right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon family sedan


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