XRP Is 2nd To Bitcoin, NOT ETHEREUM

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Hello this is Matt on the moon family Sedan Channel as I record this xrp is Number six in terms of market cap but I Have a strong suspicion that it's going To be ranked much much higher at some Point in the future in fact did you know That xrp is almost exactly as popular as Bitcoin is in Japan that's right and in Ethereum of course which look what's Happening globally ethereum is number Two in terms of market cap it's not even Close uh to the popularity that xrp has In Japan and it's interesting because For for um you know segments of the World that seem to get what I think most Of you listening if not all of you Listening get utility actually Functionally matters and so look at this Headline from coinggit not ethereum xrp Is second to Bitcoin in Japan here's why And so look I'm a holder of Bitcoin I'm A holder of ethereum I'm a holder of xrp I've been holding all three since late 2017. uh I don't know exactly what's Going to happen I I don't know if Bitcoin's actually going to be number One in terms of market cap forever I'm a Little skeptical of that but if it Happens I'm not going to hate that I'm Pro Bitcoin I've been in for over half a Decade but uh you know even if that were The case don't you think that at some Point especially after we get to Legal Clarity in the SEC replaced don't you

Think that xrp might or perhaps probably Will go back to the type of competition That it's it's had against ethereum in Terms of just purely market price action Because if you look at what happened When xrp hit its all-time mic close to Four bucks and ethereum hit whatever its Price was back then I don't remember off The top of my head but in terms of Market cap the Peaks were at almost Exactly the same it was like neck and Neck even though they weren't exactly at The same time it's pretty close actually And I just I just keep thinking like When you have you know this SEC case get Wrapped up here is xrp going to go back To being that and that type of situation Is going to be treated like that in Terms of price action well I don't see How we don't have a massive blast off First of all once that case is over Anyway But in terms of actual utility my gosh Xrp and Spades and so I'd love to see Ethereum pan out long term that would be Fantastic But Um like right now in 2023 and people are Pretty much just betting on layer one Technology but in a world where maybe Layer ones don't matter as much okay Maybe ethereum's got an even better shot Um but even with switching to proof of Stake I mean it's just it is what it is

But I just there's something going on Here where I'm just like It just I can't help but wonder if You're gonna see on a global scale xrp Take back that number two spot at some Point It's only speculation I acknowledge that But but anyway I wanted to share with You what was covered in this piece but But before going further doing be clear I do not have a financial background of Any kind I am not offering Financial Advice and you definitely should not buy Or sell anything because of anything I Say or right I'm just an Enthusiast who Enjoys making YouTube videos about Crypto related topics but just as a Hobby and just for fun Uh so into this piece again titled not Ethereum xrp is second to Bitcoin in Japan here's why not many top Cryptocurrencies of the past lived up to Expectations while many others have even Failed to survive yeah if I could just Pause to remind you and this is just a Fun little fact out there there are only Three cryptocurrencies in existence that Have always been in the top 10 cryptos By market cap they are Bitcoin eth and Xrp that's it if you go back about a Decade ago and you look at historic Price action on like coin market cap you May not even recognize any of the other Top 10 cryptocurrencies because like the

Coins going into the top 10 and out and In and out it's been it'd be interesting To know how many have been in and out Frankly over the last decade yet yet Still xrp is there despite the constant Attack on even from a legal perspective It's just astonishing and like I said so Like a couple months ago yes I'd love to See eth continue to thrive but it wasn't Exactly perfect right out the box and Fighting from a technical perspective Nothing's literally perfect but if you Look at xrp Not only was it one of the First cryptocurrencies in existence it's Always just simply simply worked you Know what I mean other than like a tiny Hiccup within the last couple years Where there was a scaling issue not Having to do with transfers of xrp but Having to do with uh you know the Setting up a bunch of trust lines Because there are a bunch of airdrops Going on there's a brief thing there and That was quickly fixed but think about It outside of that I can't think of Anything in any time in the last decade Where xrp didn't just magically work can You say that about any other Cryptocurrency well you're getting to The point where fine some of the newer Coins out there like hbar for example it Obviously just works right out the box But so the fact that xrp did that and it Was created in 2012 is astonishing

That's why it's one of the many reasons It's always been in the top 10 cryptos By market cap that's why I think it's Just a matter of time before It Ultimately does blast off again but Anyways peace continues Amid several waves of flood and Market Pressures only a few cryptocurrencies Continued to maintain their pole Position in the crypto Market over the Years xrp is one of the few Cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin and Ethereum to have consistently maintained Its dominance despite the uncertainties Around the xrp SEC lawsuit a strong Community stood in support of the Cryptocurrency The lawsuit is in its final stages with The court yet to pronounce its summary Judgment on the U.S Securities and Exchange commission's argument that xrp Was sold in the form of unregistered Securities meanwhile the xrp community Is stronger in some regions than others For a reason a recent study found and so Folks this is interesting and the what They did in terms of speculation even Before I read that part of the article I Was like well I think I have a strong Suspicion as to why this may be but Check this out and I've only bet that a Bunch of you already have a strong Suspicion as to what it is as well but Check this out so here we go xrp

Popularity in Japan So far it was not clearly known why xrp Has a strong community base in Japan the Altcoin's popularity in the country is On similar levels with that of Bitcoin Trumping ethereum which is only third Most popular cryptocurrency in Japan so Pause Again xrp and I'll get to the numbers on Your screen I'm going to get to in just A second though so in terms of Popularity xrp neck and neck with Bitcoin and you know this is fascinating Though because in terms of global Adoption there's so much more Opportunity for xrp holders because There's less money in it the fact that It's less adopted now means greater Multiplier effect as money comes in so You understand that there may be three To four percent of humans that have ever Held Bitcoin at any point in time but For xrp it's way less than one percent Of humans by uh by the best guesses I've Ever seen I think that's fair if you Look at the number of Accounts that exist for example you know Several million roughly I just I think It's pretty clear there are there's not That many people that have ever held xrp At any point in time which also speaks To the degree to which we're truly in a Nascent asset class even being 14 Freaking years in at this point here

Um so but check this out but that's why It's all the more interesting that in a Country like Japan neck and neck there But pretty much everywhere else in the Planet not quite even though xrp of Course has had this impressive spot Always in the top ten for its entire Lifespan But anyway uh peace continues Um Yeah here we go so uh so far it was not Clearly known why xrp has a strong Community base in Japan the altcoin's Popularity in the country is on similar Similar levels with that of Bitcoin Trumping ethereum which is only third Most popular cryptocurrency in Japan According to a study on non-performing Assets cases and cryptocurrency in Japan There are concrete reasons behind the Popularity of xrp the cryptocurrencies Association with Japanese Fifi uh VC Rather from SBI Holdings is the primary Reason behind Ripple's success in Japan The study found xrp was favorite Cryptocurrency for 25 of respondents While bitcoin's popularity stood at 26 Percent Ethereum stands as a distant third coin In terms of popularity so folks that is Astonishing is anything like that true For xrp anywhere else on the planet In fact I I'm to be honest with you I'm Kind of glad that it's not because that

Would mean that I'm later in the process Of of being a holder of xrp that I want To be you know what I mean because the Fact that you know way less than one Percent of humans have ever held xrp That means there's the opportunity much Much greater opportunity than investing In Bitcoin that's my personal opinion Anyway Um from if I'm running around if I'm Wrong I'm wrong but that's that's what I Strongly believe is the case But it I can't help but Wonder that's Why I was sick as you go through so you Look at this well this could happen in Other regions too and why couldn't you Have a case where xrp is again at least Number two in terms of market cap and is Bitcoin really going to be number one in Terms of market cap just because it was First because let's be real if Bitcoin Is always number one in market cap it is Purely because it was the first Cryptocurrency in existence and it's Because humans decided that standards Matter and standards are hard to Supplant so if that's the case that's it But it's arguably the least Technologically sufficient And you know if so okay though I'll I'll I'll be happy I like I'm at peace with That concept right now honestly well Because again I'm Pro Bitcoin I am and I Would like it to last but if it is

Indeed the case and this is what I think Is going to ultimately matter is that These cryptocurrencies if if they're Perceived as value people like certain Things about them I think you're gonna Reach a point in the future where layer Twos will solve all these problems in Fact in the case of Bitcoin it has Already been solved by spin the bits you Don't even need the lightning Network And hey I hope that works in the future But I mean a quote unquote works but Only for small transactions there are Other hiccups and concerns but there's a Turnkey solution for spending Bitcoin Like real money by using The xrp Ledger And tokenizing Bitcoin on there it's Like even even for Bitcoin it's already Been solved so maybe purely because of That because of layer twos Maybe it'd just be so funny to me if if Xrp and The xrp Ledger helps submit Bitcoin status as number one despite the Fact that the Bitcoin the toxic Bitcoin Maxi trolls have been speaking out Against xrp in The xrp Ledger like Completely irrationally for pretty much The whole time it's existed so it would Be like super rich to me if it ends up Being the case and it's an if like we Don't know for sure which layer twos are Really going to help Bitcoin flourish Spin the bits I wish nothing but the Best in it it functionally works they

Not science experiment but man if that's It that'll just be super duper Rich so I Hope that happens I wish them absolutely Nothing but the best here Um but uh here's here's something I also Want to share with you uh from Attorney John Deaton he said the sec's claims Um are so and he was this is on the Topic of you know Japan being the second Most popular Um crypto in Japan Um there's a story being shared by an Xrp Community member named Tim and so John Deaton shared that himself earlier Today and he said the sec's claims are So stupidly outrageous that it argues a Person who acquires xrp in Japan is in a Common Enterprise with ripple quote and All other xrp holders end quote and xrp Is a Security even though Japan's own Regulator says it's not xrp is the Second most popular crypto in Japan Once again I will say ripples offers and Sales of xrp may have violated U.S Securities laws and if the SEC were only Pursuing Ripple sales I would have never filed suit against The SEC but claiming an asset Alphanumeric sequence was is and always Will be no matter the seller or the Circumstances surrounding the sale a Security is insane and there isn't one Case in 76 years since Howie that Supports such an absurd claim

Spot on attorney Dean and so in the end That's why I keep saying too like my Personal opinion is like even if we get A really bad ruling and it's bad for xrp Holders in the United States well it Wouldn't be surprised to see xrp price Go down substantially but I still think The world's going to figure out oh it Looks like it's on sale right now and Then people just do what they always do And then it would just eventually move To the upside because the rest of the World doesn't freaking care in the end What the SEC says or does because they Have no power over other countries and Japan adoption is strong in fact I don't Want to read these others let's just Kind of make the point this is from back In 2019. here's a headline from coin Speaker SBI CEO every Bank in Japan will Use xrp by 2025 the ripples xrp but I Fixed it Um actually you know what I mean if it's Originating from the it's at least a Little bit closer to the truth if They're facilitating the transactions But still it depends on who the market Maker is Um and so it's just interesting to see I Don't know uh to what degree the timing Is going to be on or off on that at but Uh Ripple is plugged in substantially in Terms of the messaging in Japan I do Know that as far as xrp 2025 is that

Going to hit that'll sit sit tight but Even if even if you're even if anyone's Over ambitious it's easy to be over Ambitious about Real World Adoption and Crypto the same same as true the Internet too but look at this headline From July 20th 2021 Ripple and SBI Collaborate to launch on-demand Liquidity in Japan xrp surges here's Another headline from crypto news this Is uh from July 1st 2021 SBI Bax Ripple Xrp Ledger for nft tokenization another Use case then there's this from Cointelegraph Japan and this is a October 30th of 2020 before the SEC Lawsuit Japan is the leading candidate For Ripple's new headquarters SBI Holdings CEOs there's all sorts of Speculation leading up to this because Ripple knew that the SEC was gunning Form at that point obviously so we get That in hindsight then there's this from March 12 2021. SBI is offering shareholders option of Getting xrp as reward for second year And then there's this also from Cointelegraph this is from May 9 2022 Japanese e-commerce site adopts Bitcoin And xrp payments for used cars so Just to point out and that's why what I Said a little bit earlier in the video Wasn't surprised to see the headline my Suspicion and they did hit the nail on The head in the article was that this

Would be a notable piece of that Japan Is seeing the headlines and the real World adoption and it's a factor which Is purely not based on explicitly what Ripple is doing but what SBI is doing Which is a partner with ripple major Major company in Japan I love to see it so I'm just saying it's It's it's it's going to be really Interesting to see how all this unfolds Because I know even though crypto's been Around 14 freaking years now it's still Early I think is evidenced by the fact That every damn crypto moves in tandem In terms of price action rather than on Their own merits just in a general sense Anyway and the fact that we're not Seeing that many real world use cases Compared to the cryptocurrency still Being propped up with no actual utility I mean I think there's pretty clear Signs that we're in a nascent asset Class but there will be a moment when That changes at an increasingly Exponential rate that's what I'm waiting For that's that's going to be a real fun Part in time because we are here super Early before that Very rare opportunity but we're here I'm not a financial advisor you should Not buy or sell anything because of Anything I say right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon family sedan

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