Ripple/XRP-US Is In Trouble, US Supreme Court Clips SEc`s Wings, XRP $18 & The Lollapallooza Effect

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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we have for you the United States is in trouble ladies and Gentlemen in the Supreme Court clipping The sec's wings you're going to want to Hear Jeremy Hogan on this one and the Lala appoa effect of xrp price $18 Incoming and we're going to hear from David Schwarz a little bit too you're Going to love every single bit of it but Somebody's got rolled that beautiful Intro [Applause] Digital perspectives with Brad KES come On [Applause] In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now $ 1.47 Trillion do market cap for crypto the Market is up 1.6 good morning good Afternoon good evening wherever you are 37,000 right now 100 plus for Bitcoin 2,000 slightly ly over for ethereum Tether market cap is 86.7 billion plus And we still don't know how the Department of Justice and US Treasury Truly feel but we know how Senator C Cynthia Lum lumus feels yeah she says go After them take them out uhhuh we don't Have a crypto Market healthy unless we Understand exactly how the US government And the Federal Reserve and everybody Else feels about tether being sold with

Outside of the regulatory framework that Most things are monitored by we will Watch and see 67 cents at the number Five spot for xrp up 4.4 in the last 24 Hours and up 10.4 on the 7day we're Going to take a look at some ta before We get out of here you're going to love It range of price is between 64 cents And 68 cents right now sitting at 6781 Link to ladies and gentlemen I told you About it but let me tell you something Circle has said they are considering an IPO in 2024 and guess where you can get Circle private Equity right right here At link to but you got to click the link Underneath the video and you better do It quick because you know it doesn't Last long and all you need to do is sign Up and register to get started it is That easy that's all you have to do but Starts by clicking that link underneath The video what a great clip here by Jeremy Hogan here I want you to listen To this and compare where we are today In this country to where we were back in This day at this time with John F Kennedy take a listen This country was conquered by those who Move forward and so will Space William Bradford speaking in 1630 of the founding of the Plymouth Bay Colony said that all great and honorable Actions are accompanied with great

Difficulties and both must be Progress teaches us anything it is that Man in his quest for knowledge and Progress is determined and cannot be Deterred the expiration of space will go Ahead whether we join in it or Not and it is one of the Great Adventures of all time and no Nation which expects to be the leader of Other nations can expect to stay behind In this race for space those who came Before us made certain that this country Rode the first waves of the Industrial Revolution the first waves of modern Invention and the first wave of nuclear Power and this generation does not Intend to founder in the backwash of the Coming age of space we mean to be a part Of it we mean to lead It and what a difference we're in when We're talking about the technology race That's happening today right crypto AI Distributed Ledger technology blockchain When we think about these things and I Believe it was Dr Warren Von Bron if I Remember right and I may have messed his Last name up but I believe it was he was Asked by John F Kennedy what will it Take to go to the moon and the doctor Said the will to do It much different than where we are Today isn't it and this num skull right Here look at This uh to deal with a situ you have a

Plan to deal with China suddenly dumping $859 billion worth of us treasuries Janet yelling do you have a plan where China would dump that volume of Treasury Securities overnight what you plan Janet So we are not engaging in specific um Exercises to address address such a risk And and smiling at us while she tells us We don't have a plan right don't have a Fire drill nothing I got nothing right And then we have this and again I have Said this we saw casinos attacked in Vegas Caesars MGM luckily they're all back on Track now and I said at the time when it Happened this scared me because casinos Are some of the hardest things to crack Into and I felt like gosh I you know With the threats that we had from Russia And other countries about cyber Attacking the United States I said man I Hope that this is not some kind of crazy Pilot test run to do harm to the Financial system well this could lean Into that idea world's biggest bank Forced to trade via USB stick after a Hack the incident called I caused icbc's Clients to reroute some treasury trades A true shock to Banks around the world Oh Boy you know when I tell you about Things like you know glint pay your Alternative to banking or when I tell You about miles Franklin precious metals

I'm a customer to those things because I Use them and I use them because of Things like this that could really Magnify or 10x or a THX in our lives it Doesn't mean it will happen I just want To have a plan unlike Janet yelling if It does and you can too if you click the Link to those things underneath the Video Moody's investor service recently Made a pivotal move lowering its ratings Outlook on the United States government From stable to Negative oh boy now I bet old Janet Doesn't have a plan for this either Right what's your plan Janet you Everybody with good credit is looking at Janet and the US country government like This right now they like C Williams say What from stable to negative and Everybody in their personal lives doing The best they can to keep their credit Right right bills paid and you're Watching your own country go down the Toilet but I can tell you what the Answer isn't it's not Ethereum ethereum fees briefly jump to $100 after black Rock's e ETF filing and Properly said here by Dr Dr Martin heis Bo and here is your Eternal ethereum Problem fees spiked to as high as 270 late on Thursday the data shows Temporarily touching a level last scene In June of 2022 and everybody's supposed To flock to the network because it's so

Good H here's a solution and you don't have To believe me when I say it listen to The people that are using it say it Inside the financial system shout out to Mr Man for this you know the E Hong Kong Dollar digital wholesale cbdc project Right you know what's up with that well Take a look here because the proofs in The Pudding so this I give a very brief Overview of the 16 P um that we've been Doing with the firms um you can see we Can yeah let's get to it but as you can See a we have seen in some of our daily Life today as well and of course with Cash we can also do of a lot of offline Payment but we will expect to um allow Offline payment for a digital um eskd as Well and very quickly we know we have Relationships with HSBC we know we have Relationships with Visa we know we have Relationships with MasterCard right keep Listen here but on the right hand side Those um are the things that are getting Us into the New World um in the tokenize Tokenization world um that we'll we'll See um I think tokenization in general Is like a very Hot Topic in the finance Road today um so the right hand side are All use case that were related to Tokenization there it is settlement of Tokenized assets Ripple just waiting to Happen fubon Bank you see it sitting

Right there you Know H you know when people are so Frustrated right and this is coming from The Bank of Israel talks here right you Know is what's happening or conference That's happening here and then obviously You're hearing about the the uh cbdc Wholesale for the Hong Kong dollar this Is remarkable what's happening Regardless of what we're seeing in the United States right that's where I get Excited and it doesn't deter me one Single bit and I hope it brings you Strength as well and then let's look at This Jeremy sh Jeremy Hogan shares a Specific Insight from a Supreme Court Decision in a binance case that really Clips the wings of the SEC certainly in The damage phase what a remarkable piece Of uh Insight this is from Jeremy Hogan Here I want you to take a listen and it Says here basically in his latest Remarks Hogan has drawn attention to a Strategic precedent that could benefit Ripple citing the Morrison versus National Australia bank now listen to How this unfolds the case adjudicated by The Supreme Court the highest court in The land Hogan noted by the way if You're rooting for ripple throw a big Kiss to see Z and binance for their win Last year in Anderson versus binance Case which really restricted the reach Of us Securities laws outside of the US

The case helps Ripple out a lot legal Nerd stuff below and here it is delving Into the deeper legal intricacies here Hogan shared the specific Insight from The Supreme Court's decision pointing Out this the Supreme Court says that Ripple sales must have been in the US or At least on a US exchange how is the Sec's experts going to get around that He questioned the ability that of the SEC to assert extr territorial Jurisdiction highlighting the importance Importance of transaction location in The application of us Securities laws so Essentially Hogan also contemplated the International ramifications of the sec's Case against Ripple suggesting that if The SEC overreaches it could provoke an International Response similar to that seen in the Morrison case I didn't even know this And if the SEC tries to extend its reach Outside of the US will the UK and France and Australia File amus briefs the way John Deon did Like they did in the Morrison case that Would be Embarrassing yes it would imagine Countries filing for a meas Brief in the Ripple case like they did In the Morrison case so we have Precedent from the Supreme Court Precedent from other country's Governments that they're like no no no

SEC don't come over here trying to tell Us what to do right what a remarkable Remarkable precedent and insight from Jeremy Hogan here and the Supreme Court I say bring it on ladies and Gentlemen all of this leads us to talk About where we could be going with xrp Price and I'm going to have something Here from edrad crypto aside from this That you're absolutely going to love and I'm sure you love this too as I do what Could Propel xrp's value to an Unprecedented $18 coin well not only do They say you know history's past as we Know 2017 right the major SAR we saw 140,000 % right $18.4 billion uh uh for for ripple or Xrp rather during that time we saw a Massive blooming of the the flow of Dollars into into the project so now let Let's go here though and let's look at Where we really are with the laap paloa Effect well this is really great let me Get to this so we can just read this a Little better here first to have Regulatory Clarity multiple major Partnerships adoption from institutional Players interoperability and integration Influencing and enhancing retail Institutional sentiment crossb Payment Solutions operational savings for Financial institutions micro payments For everyday use enhanced liquidity in Market debth multiple integration with

Payment Providers otherwise collectively known As the laapoa effect or network Effects that I've been talking about This is what we're we're talking about Ladies and gentlemen and this is a Remarkable clip from David Schwarz and Listen to him talking about the mindset Of people whether you're actually an Investor or truthfully or whether you're Using something as a market maker or a Participant right so take a listen to This one thing nobody who thinks a token Is going to be worth $10 tomorrow is Going to sell it for $3 today right that Just there's if if someone is selling Something for $3 today they don't think They can sell it for $10 tomorrow CU Otherwise they would do that So you know just that those little bits Of Common Sense go if you know if it Sounds too good to be true it probably Is unless it's the unless it's the amm On The xrp Ledger which does sound too Good to be true and is true but Everything else that sounds too good to Be true probably is what a remarkable Concept that is right and it's very Basic and simple right you know uh if You believe something's worth $10 you're Certainly not going to sell it for three But I wanted to speak to this from a Speculator and investor in this space And it's it's not Financial advice I'm

Just sharing a digital perspective here The way David was right and I certainly Am excited to see the UN unfolding of And the launch of automated market Makers and what they will be able to do Because I think it's going to be Magnificent in multiple different ways But that's just that's a conversation For another day but I wanted to talk About the ideas that is why I have made A shallow bag and a long-term bag Shallow bag is something that I plan on Taking some profit At a smaller number than I believe my Investment will ultimately go to right And that way I can not have to sit for Years and years and years and years for It to go to the thing I certainly Believe it can become this allows me Some flexibility because if I believe Something will go for 10 or 15 or $25 I Can experience those profits without Damaging my long-term Holdings when I Certainly believe in this case xrp will Go to four or five digits this way I get The best of both worlds but David makes A great point you know just in simple Business people aren't selling something At $3 if they believe it's worth 10 and Likewise any other number that you put To it now today if you're going to join Us in the freedom Zone ladies and Gentlemen we are going live today Digital asset investor and I are going

To be joining each other in the freedom Zone make sure you click the link and Join it costs almost nothing to be in This group you'll get our daily videos Zero Google ads and let me tell you Something extra content that is about Free speech and censorship free because We know that the platforms we're using Today are not in that regard they do not Respect that at all so today we're going To be diving into some real interesting Things the world economic Forum but in a Way that is going to open the door to Understand some of their game plan to Really harness all of us under tyranny I Believe and uh you need to know it and I Also tell you we are going to tackle Some very other uh serious topics that You're going to want to know about too But you got to join us in the freedom Zone to get it and you're going to love It once you're there and you won't Believe the conversation no Bots no Scams none of that stuff just great People having great conversations we'll Catch you in the freedom Zone not Financial advice or me or anyone else I'll catch all of you on the next One


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