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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a lift [Music] Off hey everybody this is the digital Asset investor and let's get this party Started right I'm going to let you know That link to who is my sponsor just Added three new Investments onto the Platform expansive and then jackpot and Then bitgo now bitco is is relevant in Terms of the ex the the um Bitcoin ETFs And all because they're a custody Solution so bitgo will be one of the Custody providers that's going to Benefit from all of the coming ETF or The existing ETFs and the coming ETFs And the these other uh two have to do With um this one's expansive is Environmental Commodities market and Jackpot mobile Lottery service lets Users conveniently purchase official State lottery tickets tapping now that Sounds like a good Business anything tied to the Lottery's Got to be good business um anyway um I Don't own any of these as of yet um I uh Oh also they uh yesterday they added Ripple Equity they they had not had Ripple equity for a while on there and They added it back to the platform so Wanted to make you aware of that too They've still got Ripple Equity is my Understanding check this out here's Patrick McKenry talking about all he's

Going to do for Crypto joining us now Congressman Patrick McKenry chairman of the House of Financial services Committee don't it's you know you got a Ways to go so you're I got another year You and you still got constituents uh That that you need to look out for their Interests what does that entail in terms Of crypto what what does that mean you Need to do well I've got uh look when The house basically attempted to commit Political suicide Republicans in the House tried to commit political suicide In the fall it gummed up three or four Months of house floor action so I've got Major policies in capital formation data Privacy and crypto that we haven't moved Across the house floor and I intend to Get those moved across the house for This year we can still do big deals um We can still do big deals even in the Longest uh presidential campaign general Election campaign in American history we Can still get these things done and Build consensus and I think there's a Need uh for Market structure on on Crypto the the recent um ETF and Watching the the SEC CH sort of kicking And screaming really after you know the The courts said one thing and is that That's no way to run a railroad is it I Mean it's an aptitude and they they went Kicking and screaming after the courts

Demanded they take this action now you Have more legitimate money coming in Flowing into to crypto uh some structure Being provided to a new asset class that Uh you know has its problems and needs Need some clarity under federal law to Remedy it but what you see out of Gendler he's got 62 room lakings he Intends to do this year you have this Backdrop of regulatory policy for this Administration that is problematic for Them and they're having a hard time Rebranding what their economic policy is To the point where they're sending Administration officials out to try to Convince the American people that what They feel they should not actually feel Right um and that's a tough thing uh in A okay so he's doing his an Anti-er talk and I said great talk Patrick McKenry how about some action wi Saena and I put John deon's timer back Up 119 days 23 hours 45 minutes minutes Since chairman Patrick McKenry Threatened to subpoena Gary Gensler for Non-compliance with Congressional Oversight he's done nothing but announce His retirement and if you want to go Connect to Congress go to crypto law. Us then we had this now check this out Remember Anthony scaramucci is an Ex-government guy he's connected Apparently he's in communication with Black rock but not just black rock but

Robbie mitchnick formerly of Ripple now There's a guy named Robbie mitnik at Black Rock he's a young kid he came into Black rock with the idea of creating a Bitco and as Bitcoin Maxis do he's Scaramucci is not going to mention Ripple or xrp or the fact that Robbie Mitnik came from Ripple and or the fact That Robbie mitnik and Susan ay are the Ones that that did the xrp valuation That created the xrp valuation Fundamental analysis back in was that 2019 I Think he's not going to tell you any of That because he's a Bitcoin Maxi ETF he orange Pilled Larry and I'm going to give Larry A lot of credit because Larry actually Did the homework Larry did the reversal Let me translate so Larry Fink knows That xrp is the real deal he had to be Sold on the idea of a Bitcoin ETF and The reason he had to be sold most likely Is because he's an adult in the room and He knows DT yes Bitcoin wait it has no Utility why would why why do we even Need to go down that road he had to be Sold on it Larry was on the road to Damascus and converted as a result of Being steeped in understanding exactly What it was and why it will be an International store of value and and and I got to tell you something it takes a Very smart leader to pridefully say that

Bitcoin sucks and then 24 months later Say you know what I've got this wrong Black Rock needs to be a part of this And black rock needs to have a Significant stake in it so so no I don't Think he's just talking this book he's Not that type of person And he has said two things that you Should pay attention to if you're an Investor here number one it's a store of Value and number two it represents a Flight to Quality Scott I want you to Think about that okay this asset has Experienced 100 vs okay it's gone from 80 to 100 vs we've seen the asset go From 69 to 16 we've seen it do all Different types of Haywire things but The largest asset manager in the world The CEO of that company says it is a Flight to Quality okay so that implies That he understands it last point of the Story it's Now 23 it's January Robbie comes to see us My partner Brett mesing who I don't Think you've met he says to my partner Look I'm getting a lot of bureaucratic Resistance at Black Rock I need some Outside money in this Bitcoin trust so We sent them 10 million bucks we said Okay we're in so we were the first money In he then went to the ETF committee and Said we can raise outside money for this And they said okay you can raise outside

Money for this let's give it a go and They were watching that grayscale case Carefully their lawyers told them that Grayscale was going to win that case and Then they dropped the Application you noticed that um Everybody's so keen on watching the Grayscale case but the the all the Bitcoin Maxes they're all interested in The grayscale case but the significance Of the xrp case oh they don't really Want to talk about that that's not no we Don't we can't talk about the Significant so one case the outcome's Very significant the other ah Well it's crazy Folks SEC delays black rocks spot Ethereum ETF I would delay it too if I saw all The stuff coming out from Steven n off And the boring sleuth I'd be delaying it Big time the risks that are out there Think about this for a Minute these people have Proven with transactions and tracking it All this boring sleuth guy has shown Transactions we're talking that lead to If he's Right he's accusing them of out and out Hacks and fraud and all kinds of Stuff if that's true think about how Stupid you'd have to be at the SEC or or Black Rock for that matter to get behind An ethereum

Anything no when you had knowledge that There was a any kind of fraud or Illegalities that were surrounding the Create the people at the ethereum Foundation or ethereum can you Imagine that creates a tremendous Liability folks Bitcoin having in 84 Days 22 hours 56 minutes 30 seconds 852 Milliseconds Chad Stein Graber had Pointed this out oh baby they're they're Coming for it all he's talking about This bit wise ETF top 10 Index Fund I do Agree with them that they are coming but In this particular case I went to their Website and I believe don't quote me but The way I read this the fund seeks to Track an index comprised of the 10 most Highly valued cryptocurrencies so it Tracks an index in other words bitwise Is not not actually this is my Understanding bitwise is not yet they're Not actually going out and in and Investing in all of these digital assets They're just you're when you give them Your money for this particular index It's just tracking the performance of Those things it's not actually going out And buying those Things and then we have this a series This is from Michael Branch a series of Recently activated xrp whale wallets Have accumulated over 883 Million xrp Worth an excess of $454 million within 4 hours triggering

Speculation among investors well this is Dangerous you're not allowed to Speculate out here that wild speculation Can get you in some trouble out here now Here's another clip that metal law man Put out from his uh talk with Brad C After the ruling came out with judge Torres the XR p in it of itself is not a Security what happened in New York with The nydfs j o less than two months later Um the New York Department of Financial Services came out with an update to Their green list now I have um been uh Complimentary of the New York Department Of Financial Services for having a green List that the SEC does not have and this Green list says if you're an exchange You can offer these tokens to New York Residents you're good if you want to if You want to uh list a new one then You've got to go through a process with Us which again that makes sense as well So I've been you know um complimentary Of of How It's been approached and so Xrp has been on the green list um and so After judge Torres ruled that xrp traded On secondary Market is not a Security um less than two months later The New York Department of Financial Services updated their green list and Withdrew xrp from the list it's no Longer green listed for residents of New York to trade in xrp on any platform That has a bit license that that can

Operate in New York so this struck me as Kind of odd because Gary Gensler took a Took the L took the loss you and I went Through it line by line and it was a Loss and a big loss and an embarrassing Loss and then the next thing you know This other state regulator says no no no No now that xrp has acquired Clarity the S security we're going to delist it this Is what we call a non sequer it does not Follow at all in fact if it had not been On the green list the decision of Judge Tours would be a reason to add it to the Green list not take it off and so me Being a semi-retired lawyer with a Little time on my hands thought you know What I'd like to understand what exactly Has happened here um this is a u Government servant government agency and We're supposed to have uh Sunshine laws That allow citizens to understand why Their government does what it does so I Sent a Freedom of Information Act to the New York Department of Financial Services immediately after that press Release came out in New York it's called Foil with an L instead of Foya with an A And it just means Freedom of Information Law and so uh and it's very very similar To Foya and they have a deadline to Respond and all I said was I would like To have every single document slip of Paper text voicemail video chat or Anything else that involveed the

Decision to delist xrp from the green List want all of that oh and the second Thing I want is all Communications with Any other agency of government at any Level including the federal government Uh or any other state or any other Agency anywhere in the world where they Communicated to you about your decision About whether to delist xrp and of Course what I was looking for there is Whether the SEC had influenced this Decision because it makes no sense at All to list when it's clearly not a Security and a federal judge in this Town where you work in Manhattan said Not a security and so anyway I so I sent This Freedom of Information thing and Basically so far I don't have any Documents so so far they have missed two Deadlines that they get to extend their Own deadline so now the the the next Deadline is the end of this month January 31st and so I am a lawyer uh and I have a license to practice in New York I've retained a lawyer who's an expert In Freedom of Information Act law cases And I'm not going to let it go because What was done here is quite bizarre Perhaps Brad there's a rational Explanation for this I cannot think of What it might be but I'd like to see the Documents and see if in fact you know Somebody put their thumb on the scale And said look I know this is

Embarrassing to take it off the list When it's clearly no longer considered a Security but we got to do it because Somebody over here is is applying Pressure I don't know I don't know if There was a political consideration but I intend to find out and if it requires Fing filing litigation in New York uh That's what I will be doing uh Oh Gary might be time to Go okay um we're about to go into and uh we've got got some Answers in there now people are people Are being thrown overboard they're being Ratted out it's coming out who bad guys Are the bad guys I Mean man the things going on in this Country are unbelievable and I'm going To show you some of them we're we're Starting to see the truth really seep Out in this country it's like a great Awaken ing instead of a great evil Reset I'm the digital asset investor I'm Not an investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family you want to find out Who's being outed now come on into here we [Music] Go [Music]


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