Ripple/XRP-6 Major Banks & DTCC=Ripple,XRPL Moves One Step Closer,XRP Price Break Chart Signal?

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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we have for you here We've got Stellar in the news we've got Xrp Ledger moves One Step Closer we'll Tell you to what and it's a big deal Ladies and gentlemen the global head of Sant or Standard Charter Bank Implementing six major banks with the Technology you're going to love it and Did xrp price break the chart signals Somebody rolled that beautiful intro so We can find Out [Applause] Digital perspectives with Brad KES come On [Applause] In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now $ 1.44 Trillion market cap for crypto the Market is up 0.5% in the last 24 hours 36,400 plus right now for Bitcoin just Under $2,000 at 1951 in change for Ethereum and we see 87.8 billion plus For tether market cap xrp at the number Five spot is 60 cents right now we're Going to take a look at the the charts And the analysts where we get out of Here and see what's going on with price We're up 2% in the 24hour still off by 6.8 on the 7day the range of price However 59 Cent on the low end almost 60 Cent and 6192 on top we see we're at

6173 right now sitting there in the Middle now overnight we dip down into to The 58 Cent range we don't like seeing That so we'll make sure we take a look At what the TA is and if they're still Saying the same thing but let me tell You about this if you haven't had a Chance to sign up and register and get Access to private Equity here's your Chance to do it ripples available Upholds available think about this and Listen I'm going to play a clip to you That reminds all of us where we are Whether we're talking about private Equity or in this digital asset space And I love private Equity because it's The companies that are behind this Tech This is an opportunity to front run Wall Street and the institutions because not Many times in life do you have the Opportunity to invest before Wall Street In the institutions get their grubby Hands on it and this is a remarkable Time in history just like the early days Of the internet I hope that you have the Awareness to do so for yourself and your Family click the link below check out The sponsor and see if it's right for You going to love it now let's get Started with this right here it's Raul Pal he's going to highlight much the Same thing take a listen here so I think Where we are in the crypto Market is We're in late

Spring and late spring is when it starts To get really interesting it's not a One-way bet we will have periods of Consolidation or you know sharp Sell-offs it's very normal to say a 35% Correction in a crypt bull market but Spring is just the start we've got Summer to go and even into fall when the Weather's still good before things turn Again so we got a couple of years ahead Of us of life-changing Opportunities in one of the biggest Macro trends of all time and what's Great is how people still don't yet get It and they don't yet believe in it and They don't yet understand it and that Means we get to be first and not many Times do we get to be first as the Retail investor and Speculator and what An opportunity that Is this here is evidence of just how Early we are take a listen to denell Dixon from Stellar talking with uh the Head of Franklin Templeton here about How they found out that they were using Stellar technology and the xlm uh Ledger But and didn't even know it rest is History well it's so funny because I Remember I think it was in November of 2019 there was a filing that you guys Have made that was picked up by and it Was the first mention of the using the Stellar blockchain and I was like this Is exactly the way that you want open

Technology to work you guys looked at This made your decisions about what you Were going to do no one had to force you Like no one went out and said hey we're Going to pay you lots of money to do This you guys figured it out we were Thrilled to see that because that's Exactly what what we want to see happen All over the world and what we do see Happen not even like not at this scale Necessarily but small individual Developers in other parts of the world Can grab the technology and do it but Once we did we were like hey we should Be talking to them and so we started the Conversations and it's just been so nice To watch The Journey yeah and to watch That you know you guys like did very Methodically approach this and so what's The what are the benefits that you see For I of course you know at the time we Were you know trying to figure out which Uh which platform to use and um you know I think we ended up with Stellar because Of really the capabilities that you guys Have and I love that because you know I Love stellar and xlm uh shout out to Denel Dixon and Franklin Templeton and Shout out to the people working on The Xrp Ledger bringing us one step closer To welcoming evm side change as secur Side chains as security firm completes Audit look this is phenomenal and it Really cannot be overstated okay uh look

What I see happening is going if we're Comparing the early days of the internet When everything was a siloed Island There was AOL there was Netscape right There was Net Zero there was all these Different out the Vista all these Different products that did not talk to Each other and allow for cross Communication well looky here xrp Ledger One step closer to welcome the evm Ethereum virtual machine side chain as Security firm completes audit and Essentially if we get down to it without Having to read the entire article here They found about 11 things that were Categorized as medium risk to low risk And needed to be addressed and there Were no large like things sticking out Or severe issues found at all and Essentially they went in and they fixed Those things and Firefox I believe it is Is that what the name of it Bishop Fox Excuse me Bishop fox actually did the Review of this and the audit and Basically found found that all those Things were uh corrected and fixed so That is amazing for the Xls-28 cross Chain Bridge within the Rippled code now subsequently the bishop Fox team conducted thorough remediation Testing and published a comprehensive Report confirming the successful Implementation of the fixes that were Found and it is worth mentioning that

Purist is developing the xrpl evm side Chain in collaboration with ripple to Optimize decentralized Finance this Development offers Builders the unique Opportunity to Pioneer their defi Applications on a novel chain catering To a user base exceeding 4.5 million xrp Holders Builders can leverage well-known Smart contract languages to create and Deploy cross-chain daps effortlessly This is what we're talking about here Furthermore they can utilize a secure Bridge built upon the x ls- 38 cross Chain bridging specific a seamless fund Transfers between The xrp Ledger and Main main net and the ethereum virtual Machine side chain and I think this is What we're talking about right here Seeing a massive cross chain capability A bridging effect tying the networks Together oh this is what we want to see Now let's talk about working together Inside of the financial system let's Listen to this here from Mr Man and how Ripple is connected to embridge which is The bis Pro project we have told you James Wallace has told us that mbridge And xrp Ledger is certainly one of the Models being studied in mbridge but take A look at this video that Mr man's put Together with the bis Here um and it has a legal system that That underpins it um and in another Jurisdiction uh you have CBC system B

That has its own Arrangements now now uh The technical and Regulatory standards Underlying uh each system of course will Depend on the characteristics of each Jurisdiction but there are possibilities To make them more compatible with one Another so you could think of uh Coordinated messaging formats you know ISO 2022 um you could think of um you know Uh different privately offered Correspondent and clearing Services Being coordinated um and um and having Comon Tech technical standards that uh That underpin them so this requires some Degree of regulatory coordination Between the central banks but it's Relatively modest um and of course the Gains from this Arrangement would be Perhaps more modest than uh the ones I'll discuss Next a second model is an interlinking Uh model for uh cbdcs so imagine now That you have shared technical Interfaces or the use of a centralized Or decentralized common clearing Mechanism And an example for this is Project Jasper uin um by um the Bank of Canada And Mas and I think we'll we'll be able To hear perhaps more about this uh later On um this requires somewhat further Reaching cooperation between the central Banks um to agree on on these shared

Technical interfaces but it also in Involves potentially greater Efficiencies in uh in crossb payments Potentially lower costs um higher speed And uh and ultimately um smoother crossb Payments than currently you know it's Interesting because first of all shout Out to Mr Man for putting those edits in There to really highlight what is being Said because they never say it directly Right so shout out to Mr Man for that Video and it goes on but we got time Going uh slipping by on us we got to Keep moving here we got a lot more to go And it's this right here it's David Schwarz basically says that xrp ledger Pivoting towards realworld asset Tokenization pursued by firms like JP Morgan and Bank of America well we love Hearing this and essentially what he Saying in the remarks here is it's so Exciting to see more focus on technology You're right institutional adoption of The xrp Ledger technology is grow Growing said uh declared David Schwarz According to him part of the reason Behind this growing interest in adoption Is the Heritage that the network was Built on he confirmed that the original Architects including him built The xrp Ledger for Enterprise Finance Applications and crossb payments how About that he noted that the early days He said other archit him and other Texs

Other Architects excuse me we're looking At ways to bolster Enterprise adoption For solution like Bitcoin such adoption To occur uh they would need to establish Bridges and here we talked just now we Just talked about the evm bridge right Very very big deal ladies and gentlemen What we're talking about here so uh the Need to establish these Bridges Connections and other pivotal Technologies Schwarz then revealed that He is extremely excited about delving Into realworld asset tokenization he Stressed that the establishing efficient Tokenization real world asset has grown Let me move the cat off my desk here to Be a real problem The xrp Ledger is Positioned to let me see solve this Problem there we have it now I got to Put bobos on the floor here my gracious We're in the middle of doing a show Ladies and gentlemen this is what it's Like to do a live show if you ever Wondered if we do a lot of editing we do Zero editing here on the Channel all we Have is the pause button so there it is AKA bobos up on the desk while I'm Trying to make videos here oh my Goodness anyway let's get on to this Brad garlinghouse talks about the crypto Winter versus spring and points to Exactly what's been going on during this Crypto winter take a quick listen here That you know for me this spring

Uh within Ripple and even a little bit Externally we started talking about this Spring over the last couple months one Manifestation of that is just I think A Renewed focus on utility and solving Real world problems and I think what you See happen during you what we call these Crypto Winters is you that the the Hyperbole and the hype gets ahead of the Reality and it's a a reset back to okay If these Technologies aren't solving Problems then what are they doing and I Think as Sheila just introduced it kind Of like it's not crypto winter as much As it's it's a season to build a season To build right there and that's exactly What you're seeing with the audit that Took place with the cross Chain Bridge Of Xls-28 for the evm connection again I See that as the next wave of like the Internet when it started to get to a Point where you could send emails across Different networks and it didn't matter Anymore what network you were on we're Getting to that place now it's very Early still but we are getting to that Place and boy this is exciting right Here this is the head of global uh the Global head of Standard Charter Bank Here guatam Jane and I want you to hear What he says about integrating ripples Technology with Bank of America Merl Lynch sander uni credit Standard

Chartered West banking corporation and Royal Bank of Canada are the founding Members of Gpsg um the gpsg is a group of six Banks We have all come together um to to Discuss the rues set the standards and The legal framework of Ripple payments It is it is definitely a must have Because we are entering into a Brave New World and and we need some standards Against which we all are going to work So extremely critical um committee a Extremely critical group um and and once We set the standards and the legal Frameworks then off we go and Implement Ripple throughout a network so once we Establish the global standards and Regulations it's off we go to implement Ribble uh the creation of the gpsg is Significant because this represents the First time that major banks have Formulated policies to govern and the Transfer of money across uh borders Using blockchain said Donald Donahue the Chairman of the gspg and former President and CEO of the depository Trust Clearing Corporation which settles More than two quadr dollar worth of Derivatives every year and Donald Donahue was also a ripple advisor back In 2015 imagine That well with the current price let's Just take a look here uh bullish outlook

Here ladies and gentlemen clinch this Month's close above the FIB .50 Specifically around 60 to 61 cents which Is where we are now it'll make the first Monthly candle closure in an upward Trend previous closures were in a Downward trend recalling the 2017 Candle's top blowoff and April 21's Bull Run candle so if we can repeat that is Basically what Z rag crypto is saying That it looks a lot like those last two Bull runs that we had and who's mad About that we'll keep watching it look I Want to see the $3 I want to see the $5 At new all-time high s 13 $27 at all the Technical analyst see but you know what It takes the discipline it takes the Patience and the due diligence of each One of us because it's up to each one of Us to make sure that we don't mess this Up that's where we're at today now I Hope you will join us in the freedom Zone because if you're not I have to Tell you you're missing out we're having Some incredible conversations in there And it starts today with the CCP ladies And gentlemen in our own backyard with Dangerous pathogens you're going to Learn about it today we're also going to Talk about that island that private Island we're not allowed to talk about And who actually went there we've Actually got some names for you today we Hope you'll join us inside the freedom

Zone where we touch on topics and free Speech that you could never address out Here on social media I'll catch all of You inside the freedom Zone come on In


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