Ripple/XRP-This Means War-Crypto vs Banks,Brian Brooks/Elizabeth Warren/Jamie Dimon,15 Minute Cities

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Welcome back to the show everybody well If you didn't know we are definitely at War with the financial banking system Ladies and gentlemen we're going to Prove it to you today it's going to be Right in your face you can't turn away From it you wouldn't want to turn away From it and we also got crypto as a Presidential campaign issue this is Getting good somebody roll that Beautiful Intro Digital perspectives with Brad KES come On In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content and I just want to say Welcome back yeah welcome back to Da on X and welcome back to metal law man Who's back this morning as well make Sure you're following both of them uh we Know the goat xrp influencer digital Asset investor is back in full force as It should be but I tell you I will say This and I do mean every bit of this Ladies and gentlemen X is not a free Speech platform they took him off Without s they silenced him without Warning or Reason and when they brought Him back the things that they told him Added up to zero cense when it came to Understanding why he was taken off to Begin with no explanation made any Ration sense whatsoever at why why he

Was taken off so it pretty much tells me He was targeted for some reason or Another and that means we don't have a Free speech platform that also means That I will have a problem using X as a Banking platform until they rectify the Situation I also have a problem growing My audience on X because they can Silence me at any time without reason Which is why we are going into the Freedom Zone a little later today and You're going to want to be inside the Freedom Zone because we're going to talk About the conditioning that's taking Place from the world economic forum and It's starting in New York and you're Going to want to see it we're talking About smart cities the smart cities they Refer to as 15minute cities and how that Soft conditioning is taking place now Let's get started here $1.66 trillion Market cap uh were off by half a percent 43,200 Plus for Bitcoin 2,200 Plus for Ethereum right now tether market cap is 90.4 billion plus I tell you right now That is an all-time high I'm pretty sure Xrp 63 cents up 2% in the 24hour up 4.9 On a 7day ranging price between 62 and 65 cents so there's a bit of there's a Bit of movement going on today we'll Keep an eye on it but I tell you what I Would encourage you to get your ducks in A row ladies and gentlemen now we got Some new news that's coming out a little

Later today in just a few hours from now From uphold and if you look don't forget Ripple and uphold recently partnered and Don't forget that uphold is working on Lots of different things they're Bringing to the platform and later today You're about to find out exactly what That is and I encourage you to go to Link to all you got to do is sign up Register and get started today like the Other half a million plus registered Users have done and get your positions Because I tell you one of these days This window is going to close and then I'm going to start getting the emails And the messages where everybody's man I Wish I had got an opportunity to do it Now is the time click the link to my Sponsor link to and make it happen for Yourself let's look at this right here Pretty powerful moment right here uh This is uh vivec ramaswami I believe It's how you say his name here Presidential candidate and listen to This exchange about how he talks about Government agencies bureaucrats really Making decision in front of Congress Take a listen to this and crypto is the Conversation Mr ramaswami you've pray Praised cryptocurrency like Bitcoin as An opt out from our quote broken Financial architecture and you oppose Efforts to regulate it the head of the Largest International crypto exchange

Just pleaded guilty to allowing his Platform to launder money for terrorists Including Hamas you say your crypto Currency plan will quote ensure economic Freedom for Americans end quot won't it Also ensure economic freedom for Frauders criminals and terrorists oh boy Look frauders criminals and terrorists Have been defrauding people for a long Time our regulations need to catch up With the current moment the fact that SBF was able to do what he did at FTX Shows that whatever they have as the Current framework isn't working and I Think it is nothing short of Embarrassing that Gary Gensler the Current leader of the SEC in front of Congress could not even say whether Ethereum counted as a regulated security Or not and so I think that this is just Another example of the administrative State gone too far here's the Dirty Little Secret in American politics today The people who we elect to run the Government are not the ones who are even Actually running the government hello it Is the bureaucrats in those three-letter Agencies there you have it there's some Truth telling going on right there now Isn't it now take a listen to this as They cover basil 3 endgame now we know Basil 3 is really talking about the Financial system and where all of this Is going and the weight of the global

Economy take a listen to this clip as it Moves into Jamie Diamond Hillary what Are the Business Leaders telling Congress M hi Lydia well all uh seven Bank CEOs That were here in front of lawmakers Today raised their hands when asked if Raising Capital requirements would end Up hurting everyday American am an the New changes known as basil bosel 3 Endgame would change Capital Requirements for financial institutions But all seven CEOs raised their hands When asked if changing these rules would Hurt firsttime home buyers people saving For retirement farmers and ranchers and Small business owners the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank earlier this year Raised attention to the possible need For more regulations but Bank of America's CEO Brian moan says bosil 3 Would not have prevented that from Happening Silicon Valley didn't threaten the US Economy it could have been resolved and It was resolved why did the why did why Did the president you know act so Swiftly if if there wasn't such a Concern you'd have to ask the people we We didn't think that that all that could Have been resolved Differently Wall Street leaders also got A Stern talking to from republican from Ohio Senator JD Vance who scolded them

For meddling in politics from releasing Statements about the Georgia voter ID Law or making Net Zero climate Pledges whether we achieve Net Zero and When we achieve Net Zero is a debate for The elected representatives of the American people if you guys are going to Use the financial power that you've Accumulated to go to war against the Values of our voters impoverish our Constituents who rely on cheap energy And destroy the jobs of people who work In the energy sector why should we Listen to you when you come and ask us For a tax break or for reasonable Regulation Crypto was also a big topic of this Hearing today Senator Warren pressed a Lot of these um CEOs about the role of Crypto and how it's utilized by Terrorist organizations uh Jamie Diamond Said that he would close down crypto if He was the government of course these Banks have a vested interest in trying To close down crypto because then that Would mean more money would be funneling Through their institutions Lydia Yeah oh and here's Senator Elizabeth Warren setting up the softball and Setting the stage for Jamie Diamond to Come in and tell everybody about the bad Crypto that exists take a Listen today's terrorists have a new way To get around the bank SE act

Cryptocurrency last year an estimated $20 billion do in illicit crypto Transactions funded every kind of Dangerous CR criminal and how many Dollars actual US dollars were used for Illicit Acts or any other Bad actors of The world Elizabeth how many right just Crypto I guess North Korea has funded at Least half its missile program including Nuclear weapons using the proceeds of Crypto crime and Israeli officials have Confirmed that Hamas received millions Of dollars through crypto transactions Including quote large sums from Iran and There's this there's the setup so we Could bring Jamie Diamond in to deliver It like this I've always been deeply Opposed to crypto Bitcoin Etc you he Pointed out the only true use case for It is criminals drug traffickers Anti-money Laing tax avoidance and that Is a use case uh because it is somewhat Anonymous not fully and because you can Move money instantaneously and because It doesn't go through As you mentioned all these systems have Built up over many years know your Customer sanctions ofac it's they can Get bypass all that I if I was the Governments I'd close it down Okay there's the setup right there if I Was the government I'd close it down Yeah you know when he's first talking About elicit activity and all this stuff

Leading up to it I'm thinking was he Talking about crypto or the inside bows Of JP Morgan itself right I mean this is A company an investment bank that has Been caught for manipulating the US Treasuries market the silver market Right there is no level to the Corruption inside his own institution so If anybody should know about it I guess It should be Jamie Diamond he should Know about it right well this is the Fight listen to this because it's a Great clip here from Sam Lyman and I Want you to hear how he lays it down how Elizabeth Warren is preparing the soil For Central Bank digital currencies here For for the financial system to be the Winner for the government to be the Controller take a listen to this clip Why does she hate Bitcoin because it's The antithesis of a central bank digital Currency and that's her long-term goal Is to implement a cbdc over time but in Order to prepare the soil for that she Has to make that soil radioactive for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and That's what she's aiming to do with her AML bill this bill essentially would Make it practically illegal for you know A teenager mining Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency in his mom's basement he Would have to comply with the same Regulatory burdens that a bank like Goldman Sachs has to do in other words

It would be impossible right it would Make it illegal to practically touch Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin in the United States but that's by Design Elizabeth Warren intends to do that to do that Because if she can get regulations in Place that make it impossible to do Anything Bitcoin related in the US she Knows she'll Drive Innovation offshore And that essentially prepares the away For cbdc which is what I believe she's Been trying to do this whole time I Think that is so spoton right there I Think it's exactly what the goal is Right and then we need to remember that While JP Morgan is telling all the way That I was the government I get all I Pay it all well this is why talking very Specifically about um JP Morgan coin Itself if you look from left to right What uh what are some of the benefits That our clients are actually able to Get from using JP Morgan coin so we Allow for 4X s realtime transfers across Borders uh what it means is that if you Have clients in Singapore they are able To transact um they able to move funds To New York any time of the day and it Will take place almost instantly this is Very useful because traditionally or Conventionally you know before we have This idea of 24×7 real time cross water Payments what typically happen is that There is very little o overlaps in

Operating hour between Singapore and New York so in many situations if you Looking at crossb payments it's Typically at least a t plus one uh what It means is that from a treasury Perspective you need to do forecasting You need to move funds ahead in Anticipation of Your Action needs now Once you're able to move funds any time Of the day you actually do away with the Whole idea of forecasting because funds Are available anytime if I need funds in Singapore I draw it from my account in Us in New York in London I can move Funds anywhere I do away with Forecasting allog together I do away With the need to pre fund my accounts in All the different locations in Anticipation of needs that may or may Not happen which is exactly what xrp can Do and ripple the company through Ripple Net on demand liquidity and the rest of It right so here what we know is the Obvious truth just like Chad steinber Says here shout out to Chad and here's JP Morgan giving a presentation on how They use crypto the JPM uh coin uh to Eliminate prefunding noo vro accounts Just like it's done with xrp right uh Diamond's company is either going rogue Under his nose or he's a big fat liar Right And the reality is exactly that it looks Like to me when you now understand that

Clip and you see JP Morgan saying here If I was the government I'd just get rid Of all of it all of it except the JPM Coin isn't that right yeah I think that Is right because here's where the real Problem is the real problem is exactly The way Brian Brooks says it the banks See a bullseye on their back they Understand what's coming and Banks Realize this better than anybody that They are not innovators they're bankers And that's what scares them this Technology works and they want to Demonize it as much as possible and make The road forward for themselves and not The actual Tech take a listen to this Clip cryptocurrency does not seek to Replace currency it's a bad name Cryptocurrency seeks to replace banking The core thing things that banks have Done since the 1300s those are going to Go away 100% And and let's just be clear What I mean by that the reason that we Even have Banks Banks originated in Italy around the year like 1340 all Right and the reason they originated was Because of a set of accounting advances That allowed Banks to serve as trusted Intermediaries between parties that owed Each other money before that literally I Would write you a note and I would Promise to pay you money and you'd put The note in your pocket and you'd see if Anybody else would take the note you

Know that's that's why we refer to Discounting notes and then Banks arose And it was like you no longer need to do That we'll take care of it for you but You're going to have to pay us to do That that function of needing a trusted Intermediary to maintain ledgers of Account to figure out do I owe Brooks Money or does Brooks owe me money it Turns out that function no longer has to Be done by human beings the same way we Don't need postal clerks anymore I can Send you an email for free and it's Instant and that's just the end of the Post office sorry but it just is that Function will go away the the what's Going be left for banks is the high Value ad Services you know structured Finance investment advisory you know uh All of the things that make a dynamic Economy function we we still need people To do that there's a lot of creativity Going on in finance but the core of Banking the base of the pyramid the Thing that drives most of their revenue Doesn't need to exist and that's why I Say and I was saying to one of the Organizers even before we set up in this Panel cryptocurrency does not seek to Replace currency it's a bad name Cryptocurrency seeks to replace banking Just if you take nothing from this panel But that that's what you need to Understand you you just you know again

You know nailed it right I mean this is Crypto versus the banking World they are Scared to death and they're trying to do Everything they can because they know That they're the incumbents and they Have the power in the ear of The Regulators in the government and Congress right and they want to do Everything they can to get it done their Way that suits them best now uh I hope All of you will join us in the freedom Zone dig perspectives. comom I'm telling You this is what you're going to want to Know about this is how it starts the Conditioning for 15minute cities and It's not starting somewhere else in the World it's starting in New York click the button below underneath The video join us dig prospectives decom And click Freedom Zone and come inside You're going to want to know the real Story not Financial advice to me or Anyone else I'll catch all of you on the Next One


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