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[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and Michael Arrington tweeted This out today it's Brad garlinghouse in Person what exactly is going on here Brad garlinghouse I have the same Question Brad because the official cook Of the digital asset investor channel Has tweeted out a cardboard I think it's I think it's a girl's body with Brad's Head on there making the funny face he Says all right digital asset investor Working on some samples of Brad Garlinghouse in case he stands us up in Vegas don't know if if this body will Work but we'll make sure our cardboard Cutouts of the Ripple team are there to Keep us company now that would be it Would be both hilarious and sad if if I I don't believe it I've met Brad Garlinghouse I don't believe for two Seconds Brad garlinghouse is gonna stand Up the xrp community in in Las Vegas but I can promise you this if he does I will Be taking photos probably like everybody Else with flat Brad garlinghouse and Putting them on social media I mean that Would be bad to me okay Now Tom emmer check this out he is so Right about this folks for for over five

Years I think We have been talking on these channels About just how big we thought this all Was crypto and more specifically xrp and I would throw xlm in on this we've Talked about the debt problem and all The different things and he is right Over the target folks we got 32 trillion Dollars in debt in this country we've Got to figure out how to balance our Budget and then guess what you want Crypto and everything associated with it To grow here to innovate and grow here Because that will grow the economic pie For everyone Republicans Democrats That's the only way I'm going to tell You right now my belief is that's the Only way that you can deal with the 32 Trillion dollars in debt the the only Other way would be to clear the Country Bank that is not coming out of nowhere Folks to go into reorganization and tell People that they're going to take Haircuts for deaths and we're going to Pay this back we're going to prioritize That you this is a company this the United States of America that has not Been managed well uh crypto is a big Part of the answer I believe in how you Grow it but the we got 32 trillion Dollars in this country we've got to Figure out how to balance I'm sitting Here texting somebody Because I was getting a call

All right Um okay but but he's right over the Target and folks don't think that that's Coming out of nowhere that right there This guy knows things and I'll tell you This he was on the bankless show and Those guys are like ethereum Bitcoin Maxis and They these guys are young guys and I Think they're smart guys but at the same Time the whole idea of bankless like You're like you're gonna get rid of the Government that's not gonna happen And to think that is crazy it's Brad Garlinghouse said it for a long time he Said it for a very long time that they Will bring out the tanks and the guns Before you get rid of the government the Crypto can work with the government and It can be a part of things and the Government's a part of things but the Government's not going anywhere the Banks aren't going any way the banks may Look different but they're not going Anywhere now Mac attack here has a has an interesting Tweet you know everybody jokes around About oh look ten thousand dollars That's ridiculous not when you take a Step back look when I look at what he's Showing here and he's showing some of The dark Defender and egrag crypto Charts but here's the way I think of This thing

I think of this thing look if all the Lies and all the stuff the lawsuits and The and the the planets and all the Stuff that we've seen the things that That have been done against Ripple and Xrp over the last four or five years if None of that happens XR no question in My mind xrp is the number one coin in The land above Bitcoin and all of that Because and I think that they had that The Bitcoin and ethereum people they had To do all the things that have been done Over the last few years in order to keep That from happening And what does that look like with an xrp That's I don't know what that looks like Maybe it looks like a 10 to 20 dollar a 10 to 30 dollar xrp right now I don't Know because it's got a larger Supply Than those others or at least on bitcoin So but what about now So I the way I see it is just on the Anticipation of of what's coming in the End of this lawsuit you've you could get A three to ten dollars just on the on The anticipation and after that that's When that's when It it start to me it start it starts Becoming okay you got the big picture Which I I consider to be cbdc's that go Live Um tokenization of the world going live Bridge asset to the world okay and I Believe that when you get to those

Places you're in this range down here Where they're showing wave you know 20 20 20 20 24 20 20 23 Um but I think all of this post lawsuit Over the over the course of the next six Months to even a year I believe all of That's possible just on the as as the Clear skies and then building developing And all the different things that's kind Of how I look at all of that look at This Pro coin who is the Official sponsor of the digital asset Investor fish Hunting and Fishing Club They're retweeting a thing from bit true All-time high of 1.8 bill is that Billion long term long future we've Reached an all-time high in xrp Long Futures position since 2023 trade xrp Futures anyway All time the headline here is all-time High in xrp Long Futures that's a big Deal Coindesk is now they may as well be Advertising for xrp now after all these Years of talking about nothing but Bitcoin and ethereum they have to be Feeling uncomfortable right now trading Volumes for xrp they're even creating Graphics now folks for xrp xrp trading Volumes third South Korea then they're Even covering it on the on their show Now check this out Training volumes for xrp jumping on Three of Koreans

Emily what's going on in South Korea Yeah so we can get into this a little Bit later on the show but you know we've Been talking about this xrp surge a Bunch over the past week or so and it Looks like Korea is a big part of the Story apparently uh Korean exchanges are Showing a lot of xrp trading and um yeah I mean I think sometimes this happens we Can see a coin surge either on the Korean market or the Japanese market and It can affect the the it can affect Global trade so it's just an important Part of the story that I'm glad is being Reported Meanwhile we're looking at On-chain data and it's just some traders In Wales are taking profits after weeks Of gains for Bitcoin a little bit Yeah I You know we're we are uh seeing uh some Of that that that's that's according to Crypto Quant and that was reported by Our own Sharia uh malwa we of course you You have about a billion dollars worth Of bitcoin moving in the past uh in the Past week or so uh from Laura okay Enough of that he hates xrv but the Point is is that coinbase coindesk has Been activated for some reason Um then nearer rubini blocked me a long Time ago but he says eth is a security In spite of all the self-serving BS that Eat whales uh have have been spewing for A decade a bunch of each billionaires Claim that that isn't a security totally

Laughable sec's Gensler reiterates proof Of stake crypto tokens may be secured These what he meant to say was disguised Ethereum Wales I had to correct him There now this guy's been putting out Some interesting videos um lately I'm Going to show you play the first part of This what happens in the first stages of A dollar collapse Hey guys the other day I did a video Warning that dedolarization could be Coming Today we got news that France cut a deal To buy 65 000 tons of natural gas from China denominated in Yuan this is a big Deal six weeks ago it was just prior Nations like Iran or Russia trying to De-dollarize their trade last week it Was Brazil now it's France So what happens next what if the US Dollar is about to be dethroned as the World's Reserve currency Denialization means foreigners don't Need as many dollars this means there Are extra dollars nobody wants this Makes the price of the dollar full it Gets weaker that's usually slow at first And then it picks up speed if it keeps Going a progressive rush for the exits Note we Americans are obligated to use The US dollar thanks to an obscure law Passed in 1862 as a wartime emergency That somehow managed to survive for 151 Years now so Americans have no choice

Unless you have gold or Bitcoin you go Down with that ship boom that's all you Really needed to hear now this is uh This Greg Marinaro talking about gold And silver watch what are they doing They're keeping it very stable but know Where it is I'm going to say it's at Least it's probably close to 6 000 or Lower we are going to get there again at One point let's just say the we bottom Out in a full-on meltdown in the debt Market which will cause race to spike in An uncontrolled fashion you've got to Meltdown in the global Equity markets Here stocks will plummet plummet as we'd Spike in uncontrolled fish this is going To be by Design This is not going to be By accident of course and Um wherever the dial bottom is at let's Say we bottom at 6 000. I think gold is Going to be equal equal so gold 6000 Dow Six thousand that's what I think it's Going to be all right that's all you Need to hear that now something that That it's important that many a lot of You haven't been around for the whole Time the whole ride we've been on here But back in 2018-19 I believe there were Graphics everything you're watching Right now with this brick stuff this was Being discussed in the xrp community Four years ago or even earlier than that Okay this was all there were Graphics This graphic was going around way back

Then and now you're seeing the you're Seeing it real time people don't Understand how many movies are packed Into this xrp story people have no idea What all the people in this community Knew and found before it was literally Like they had a crystal ball look at This this is another tweet that went out This is the picture today and there That's that they were talking about Bricks in the xrp commit we were talking About this a long time ago this drawing Right here was put out a long time ago Swift and it even shows the gold and xrp I've always said I felt like Um xrp maybe some other digital assets Are going to solve the transportability Of gold It's just one more of many tokenized Assets Cbdc is a bridge currency to the world I've always felt like xrp was was a a Great compromise that had been reached That's what I feel like it is And I feel like that you're I think I Feel like we're in the midst of watching All of this happen and and I and I've Always said xrp and gold that's why I Went out and got a gold sponsor I'll Finish here glint links in the top of The description I buy physical gold I Buy xrp make sure you have your xrp on a Hard wallet Ledger Nano s that that Link's in the top of the description too

Glenn account I can I can have some of My gold in my Glenn account where I have A debit Master Card this way I have Spendable gold and I also have physical Gold that's what I do I'm not a Financial advisor but I'm just telling You that's what I do On the digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends and family to go check out That glint link thanks for listening [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music]


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