XRP $4-$5 Theory , Ripple Apec & Bitcoin ETF Hype

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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a [Music] Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital well I didn't even Clear My Throat before I start this thing Excuse me I'm sorry about that this is The digital asset investor and you know What I was doing before I turned on this Video first let me check the sound even Though Mr B does not like that um so I Was looking at a video because i' I've Been trying to like cook something Different um at least once or twice a Week a week like try to cook something That I've never cooked before and so I Watch these YouTube videos and some of The things are like wow that looks good Today I'm staring at chicken and Dumplings in this part of the world That's a big deal and my 11-year-old Loves it we'll see maybe that's going to Be the thing I learned how teach myself How to make all you have to do is watch A YouTube video in fact in my in my Member group I was thinking about Showing them how I make some of these Things even though I'm just watching a Video myself Um anyway link to who is one of my Sponsors join us for a fireside chat With wealth Mentor Linda P Jones where We'll be discussing private equity and Ripple

Insights and they do have Ripple private Equity on the link to platform she's Going to they're going to be talking to Linda on Thursday November 16th 1 p.m. Eastern time you can register right here Now this I got two good clips from good Morning crypto this morning this is Linda Jones saying something I think This is kind of what I've been thinking In the back of my mind folks ever since I got in this crypto Market anytime There's a real big buildup in One Direction I.E oh there's going to be a Bitcoin ETF It's as good as done anytime you you Have that kind of a buildup the exact Opposite happens she makes a good point Here when I see everybody going on Camera on television especially Larry f Who just I think it was two years ago Said that Bitcoin was a way to launder Funds and now he's on CNBC saying it's a Great investment safety flight to safety Linda when I see that plus everybody Else you know um Mike novag grats all The usual characters uh talking Positively about Bitcoin it feels to me Like they're trying very hard to move The price up and to get optimism but I Don't like it when everybody is on one Side trying to pump the price up and we Have excessive uh optimism right now on The sentiment chart so that's where Crashes happen from that side of the

Chart when you're excessively optimistic Not when you're pessimistic and we have Too much optimism right now so I'm Cautious well there's a guy I'm gonna Show you this guy's theory in my in my Member group he's got a theory that in The midst of that those same people Are going to pump that he thinks they Could pump xrp up to $4 to5 doll while Everybody's staring over there oh Bitcoin ETF Bitcoin ETF now look what Digital perspectives this is the kind of Thing that can get you into trouble the Crypto police crypto gestapo could get Mad at you for even floating such an Idea but digital perspectives who is Brad comms he says are we watching xrp Become a stable coin within the with the Introduction of a mm and credential Treatment requirements for bis category 1 versus Category 2 uh 1B I think is What he's referring to crypto assets With Stabilization Mechanisms automated market makers are Agents that pull liquidity stabilize the Arbitres arbitres is that man I Butchered that together they tighten the Slippage price creating uh fees earning For am amm and stable price for xrp While allowing xrp to move freely in an Open market providing a reliable stable Price without having to Peg the Asset this is the bis credential crypto

Asset treatment all right and then he Updates his tweet serious question when XLS 30d passes and amms become an Integral part of xrp L will it change The characteristics of xrp and qualifies A group 1B asset for bis and other Banks I think Digital perspectives might be right over The Target now this guy this is the Other clip from Good Morning crypto I Wanted to play you this guy's talking About some of this stuff here listen to The market makers because there's a lot Of people freaking out about whether or Not the automated Market maker is going To pass or not now I've said multiple Times the automated Market maker is Going to be absolutely critical to Ripple going forward and the main reason It's going to be so critical is because Ripple just announced at Swell the other Day that they are going to start using The decks and automated market makers When it passes to facilitate odl trades This means that even more of Ripple's Activity is going to be happening on The Xrp Ledger now this in itself is pretty Funny because people forever said Ripple Doesn't need xrp they don't need The xrp Ledger they just need their software and What we're seeing is Time After Time Ripple moves closer and closer to The Xrp Ledger and integrates it deeper into Their payment stack bingo in world are

Maker on The xrp Ledger because it makes Their business more powerful so people Are wondering if this is such a great Thing if it's going to improve liquidity On The Ledger if it's going to make the Xrp Ledger more powerful why isn't it Being passed and I think the main thing People need to consider right now is That these upgrades to The xrp Ledger These code changes take a long time to Make sure there's nothing wrong with Them right now The xrp Ledger is one of The few blockchains that never goes down The xrp Ledger has never had a massive Crash The xrp Ledger has never been down For an extended period of time this is So important to understand because xrp's Reputation is on the line with big Upgrades like this we need to make sure That these upgrades are 100% vetted Before being pushed through regardless Of how powerful the upgrade is a couple Weeks a couple months is not all right I Thought that was an interesting clip now This is too this is uh from the Black Swan capitalist the monetary shift trans Erring value this is that Jim Willie Got I don't have a problem that xlm is Advertising at the individual level Peer-to-peer Because after you do peer-to-peer with Persons you do peer-to-peer with Companies after you do peer-to-peer with Companies you do peer-to-peer with

Countries okay you start with Individuals you move to Corporation then You move to Nations and and that is how you do trade Settlement and I think it's it's a Brilliant plan I did not know honestly You guys I did not know that a founder Of of xlm within Stellar was deeply Involved with ripple and xrp I didn't Know that I thought they were Independently produced and Operated I have thought for a long time That they're both going to be winners so But the bigger volume would be Xrp and they're going to have to Massively increase the price That's what the escrow is about it's Very possible that's what the es I'm not Massively they advertising with Individual talking about transferring Value okay I live in a little a little Country where there's a lot of Remos It's Remittances okay a worker doing Construction work here sends money one Country what if Brad gums was right what If they what if Ripple become what if Xrp becomes a stable coin now if that Happened and it needs a high price for The movement of Money how would you accomplish that to Support their family that could be done With xlm transfer but remember what UAE Is doing you guys UAE is opening the

Gates for xrp they're expanding yeah They're using it for for cell bills cell Phone bills for electric bills for water Bills they're using it for small Contractor bills like like for the Cement component for a construction site They're using xrp they're not talking in The UAE about xlm maybe someone else is Going to be the champ H okay and then um There's some kind of there's some kind Of um this conference it's called the um Which one is it the ape 2023 apparently It's some huge conference going on in San Francisco and ripple is the major Sponsor but look at the other people That are that are lesser Sponsors Visa there's open AI right There Bloomberg down here you'll see uh I saw Bank of America Google Bank of America United Airlines who Else Um anybody else that I recogniz deoe Anyway this is kind of interesting San Francisco is going to be front and Center on the world stage the Asia-pacific economic cooperation Summit Or Apec will draw global leaders from 21 Member economies it's San Francisco's Biggest International Event in decades ABC7 news reporter Suzanne Fawn has a Look at whether the city is Ready top political and Business Leaders From around the globe are expected to

Attend Apec they'll be staying at our Local hotels and dining at our local Restaurants looks like uh Brad Garlinghouse is going to be there Speaking if I had to bet I'm going to Have to pull that up uh and see see who What the agenda is I'm the digital asset Investor I'm not an investment advisor This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button to Your friends and family that in my Member group we're about to give you This guy's four to five xrp Theory while While as we watch all the Bitcoin ETF Bitcoin ETF it's a theory that some of the same Guys are actually going to pump xrp in That $4 to5 range could be [Music] [Music] Interesting [Music]


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