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Welcome back to the show well as the Major Financial players in the world Gearing up for a massive go live date We've got a lot of information we need To look at we're going to hear from Brad Garling house and so many more somebody Roll that beautiful Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on In Welcome back to the show you can follow Us on Twitter and YouTube for exclusive Content right now $ 1.46 trillion market Cap for crypto the market is off by 0.2% But we got some stuff we want to look at Today it could be days away from the Major players in the financial system Globally going live here with some Incredible stuff so we're going to get Into that 36,800 plus right now for Bitcoin don't forget about those ETFs And what have you we're going to talk About it we're going to hear from Linda P Jones in just a second over $2,000 for Ethereum 86.7 billion plus for tether 65 Cents currently right now for xrp which Happens to be off by 1.8 on the 24hour And over 9% off on the 7 day what's Going on xrp what's Happening Here Ranging between 65 and 67 cents this Morning we will keep an eye on it go Watch that video from this morning Technical analysts are saying we got a Breakout that is imminent headed our way

Ladies and gentlemen and then I wanted To tell tell you about this right here It's miles Franklin ladies and gentlemen In times of uncertainty and even if There isn't it's always good to own Physical gold and you can do it right in Your hands through miles Franklin all You have to do is use the email Underneath of this video and use in the Subject box dig gold to get the best Possible prices from Miles Franklin and Get that gold in your hands today now Let's go ahead and get started here uh Let's start right here ladies and Gentlemen Chad Stein robbert who's an Incredible influencer and researcher on X and he says here this isn't your Favorite crypto crap coin no this is Your Almighty US dollar godp speed my Friends well yeah you know and to you Too Chad and thank you and game of Trades for this information here look at The purchasing power of the US dollar Since back in the 50s disgusting Absolutely disgusting Right you know uh I even played a clip From Lynette Zang uh over the weekend Who had basically remarked that the Average income in 1970s was about 93 9500 a year and you could raise and feed A family of four and then currently Today average income is about 55 57,000 A year and you need both spouses working And you're living paycheck to paycheck

That's what we're that's what we're Talking about here and I don't and look And there's a reason for all of this That I'm bringing this up I'm setting The table right so uh we know we also Covered over the weekend uh the Moody's Downgrade to Us credit Outlook from Stable to negative now I don't find any Of this to be mutually exclusive with The fact that the new Financial system And payment rails and products are being Introduced to the world uh Mr shison Here uh from grayscale says it's been 10year dress rehearsal you uh can follow What's going on here but a 10-year dress Rehearsal we're ready for the main event And this is an anticipation of grayscale F uh Fidelity Black Rock Invesco Arc Everybody else waiting for the approval Of a spot Bitcoin ETF right and what's Important to remember about that is in a Spot Bitcoin ETF gets approved they're Going to have to buy the assets to back The ETF right unlike Futures where you Can just paper trade it all day long so We'll keep an eye on it but Linda P Jones makes a great comment in here and It's it's cautionary and I really like The perspective on this I want to play It for you now and shout out to the guys On good morning crypto when I see Everybody going on camera on television Especially Larry Fink who just I think It was two years ago said that Bitcoin

Was a way to launder funds and now he's On CNBC saying it's a great investment Safety flight to safety Linda when I see that plus everybody Else you know U Mike novag grats all the Usual characters uh talking positively About Bitcoin it feels to me like They're trying very hard to move the Price up and to get optimism but I don't Like it when everybody is on one side Trying to pump the price up and we have Excessive uh optimism right now on the Sentiment chart so that's where crashes Happen from that side of the chart when You're excessively optimistic not when You're pessimistic and we have too much Optimism right now so and listen so She's cautious and shout out to all of Them for that clip and here's the thing That I want to bring up about this Remember these ETFs this is just a product that these Large entities would offer to their Clients they're at no risk to offer this Product right if you buy the product They buy the asset to cover what you Bought right and they charge a fee for It So I think Linda is making a great Point Here about be very cautious here because They're really not out anything right They either get to do it or they don't So if Bitcoin were to suddenly you know Not get approved and things go bad and

The market crash and don't forget Tether's hanging out here with Senators Now saying it needs to be dealt with and We've been saying this for years so uh Head on a swivel as we say uh here on The channel right but I don't find these Events to be mutually exclusive with the Downgrade of the dollar and the credit Of the country you know That's why I see like all these new Payment rails it's new infrastructure This is why I'm into the projects that I Believe will have use Case utility in The future for the financial system and Complement the financial system and the New payment system that were moving to Right now uh Wall Street bull says here Huge alert mark your calendars xrp Community the migration weekend set for November 2023 signifies major leap Business day on November 20th so if we Get into what talking about here weekend Of 18 19 2023 and for business day Monday November 20 2023 as well as well For CBF and Swift releases and this is All based around uh different payment Networks and the Iso20022 now let's quickly move to this Because this reinforces that Understanding about ISO Right iso Payment migration interoperability Considerations for Global community in November right here and we this has been Going on for a while and Swift refers to

This as a coexisting phase which will Last until 2025 right so this is a pretty Remarkable cap the new benefits to Alpha Company easier reconciliation through Rich data attachments with every payment Rich data attachments with every payment That's the part that I wanted to grab Out of this for you this is a pretty Remarkable time that we're in Ripple Mentioning Rich data benefits of using Ripple net for settlement JP Morgan and Swift rich data uses November 23 uh 1% Rich data currently being used in Rich Data in ISO carry uh crypto info value And movement 1% now listen this is what I have said over and over and over and This gives a credibility to it to be Honest with you and this is where I'm at With all of this I'm not expecting the Price to go crazy on November 20th but I Expect to learn that we have moved one Step closer to where we all believe We're going now now if the price wants To move I'm not going to get pissed off About it I'm pretty sure you won't Either I'll be excit I'll be happy about It but now less than 1% of that is Expected to carry Rich data elements so This is a part of that whole start of The coexisting phase now this is why I Also Say it says here we now expect 15 to 20% Of total crossb payments traffic to be

Originated in the iso 20002 format at The start of the coexistence 15 20% this Is a more leaning into what we talk About all the time phasing it in a phase In operation here just because something Goes live doesn't mean that they're Going to do 100% data payment flow uh Using xrp right it could be 1% of the 15 20% total cross border it could be none And it's planning to use it six months From now once they clear everything else So there's all these different hurdles And phasing it in is what we need to pay Attention to I believe so and we are Seeing everything be phased in there There's no question about that now Looking at this ISO uh 2022 definitions Of smart contracts it shows this the Road map here but I wanted to show this Here obviously uh Ripple integration Iso20022 here we talk about Ripple net Payments object standards which is uh Which use the iso20022 we see all of This is just reinforcing everything that We already understand and know but that Date is coming right we're seven days Away from that date That's pretty remarkable again I'm not Suggesting the price is going to move But what I'm saying is is that Swift is Telling us that there are going to be Some things happening in the way of New Market infrastructure and Implementation of process that

Coexisting phase is extremely extremely Important to facilitate smooth adoption Of cbpr guidelines and obviously it Highlights Visa direct Ripple Master Card send without impacting other Systems there you have it right right This is really huge stuff going on and I Love it but it's funny to me like I said Just like the dollar really going down In value right just like the the uh Downgrade from stable to negative for The US uh credit rating then we have in December timely enough just a couple Weeks Later we get Simon mlin shout out to you Simon we will be interviewing him soon Here on the channel telling all of us That they're going live in a very tight Timeline with ripple in December and this is about Payments that's what Simon's so excited About is that uphold won't have to just Simply rely on speculation of the crypto Space to ride up and down with the Volatility of the speculation of crypto Assets they're going to build out B2B And payments and serving that larger Market which is a daily Market flows Which is a much nicer business uh than The sort of very feast or famine nature Of retail tell them Simon and you know This is a poster chart for the kind of Deal that we want to do and how we want The platform to be used because it

Generates potentially higher quality Revenues and we've got other similar Deals in the platform and the other Thing that's significant from my point Of view is it's an example of how we're Plugging uphold as a platform into a Large installed user base so the uphold O odl platform already handles hundreds Of millions of dollars of flow a year so It's not like you're plugging into a Startup and you're inheriting execution Risk so for us it's a very exciting uh Project it goes live uh on a very tight Time frame actually we've got the first Live trades dueing dueing December that Is remarkable to me and as he said you Know you're not running the risk of like Some startup thing not knowing how this Is going to work they know it Works this is hugely positive to me then There's This reminder Ripple has partnered this Is from Brad Garling house over the Years past he said this multiple time Ripple has partnered with several Central banks around the world some We've announced and some we haven't yet Announced you Know again then there's this quick clip Take a Listen uh you know we announce our Customer relationships when our partners Are ready to announce that and that Speaks to I believe the Ripple uphold

Partnership and there's a reason why They're ready to announce that now could They be serving needs that are coming That involve Iso20022 because it's payments based and B2B Financial system oriented they don't Have to hold the asset but they get the Advantage of using It you know Know that's why this is an exciting Space to be in right it really really is Uh it really truly is then there's this From the world evil Forum uh just but Take a listen many of these crypto Assets are offered from places that I Would call Sunny places for shady people You're shady can you give an example a Shady place I think we all know the kind Of locations that we I remember that Specific World economic for too and I Remember this woman being extremely rude To Brad garlinghouse but I digress that We're talking about so we need to have a Global framework to regulate this it Doesn't make sense to just have National Approaches I think this is truly Global Uh Global in nature and so we have been Working concretely and then I'll stop on Updating our regulations on global Stable coin Arrangements Global stable Coin Arrangements Global stable coin AR Arrangements now think about all of this Right the financial system the Coexisting phase right and Global stable

Coin Arrangements I remember to this day The first time that I heard Global Stable coin put together those words Just up until a few years ago had never Been strung together ever period Global Stable coin you know that's why I still Remain in a place of question here and I Have yet to have anybody tackle it and I'd love to hear it I'd love to hear it I'd love to hear from David Schwartz on It nothing crickets can we dismiss It should we embrace It how come they never answer the Question right I have great respect for Them I'd love to hear what they say Serious question when x ls-30 d the Automated Market maker for The Ledger Become an integral part of xrp Ledger Will it change the characteristics of Xrp and qualify as a group 1B asset for The bis and other central banks crypto Assets with stabilization mechanism That's exactly what the automated Market Maker Is a new guidance on application of Current rules to capture the risk Relating to stabilization mechanism with Further consideration for Capital Add-ons if that if that could be true Then this will absolutely qualify Because the automated Market maker is Designed to minimize slippage create Liquidity pools so you don't have to Fight the buy the bid and ask on an

Exchange for Price Ripple and uphold just partnered So they could service the payments Industry introduc an automated market Makers it's already at a 34% plus vote It needs 80 plus per to get a two-e hold And once it holds 80 plus 80% or more For two weeks it will become a feature Of The xrp Ledger this is a pretty remarkable point I you know again I haven't had anybody Push back on it and and if they do if They can do it legitimately we'll let This thing go at least in this regard Right but seeing all the things that I'm Seeing leading up till now I'm saying to You you better not take it off the table Xrp could become a stable coin we've Heard the World Bank say it and many Other large entities and there's a Reason that they're saying it and it may Be because when the automated Market Maker finally does pass for The Ledger It could change the integral Characteristics of the token itself to Become a stabilization mechanism and Allow it to function as a stable coin or A global stable coin for the world's Financial system not Financial advice For me or anyone else it's just my Digital perspectives I'll catch you on The next One


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