XRP Legislation? , Ripple CEO On A Run & 1929

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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a [Music] Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and it looks like Xrp Las Vegas has got a new trailer out Remember xrp Las V they've got the dates On here I think it's May 3rd and 4th xrp Las Vegas is now 87 days Away here from Simon mofin CEO of event Sponsor uphold get the latest updates in Crypto Ira from event sponsors it trust Capital CEO Kevin Maloney David Schwarz Bring the latest updates at Ripple on Stage but ultimately I see the amm as a Trading engine it executes a trading Strategy on behalf of the those people Who sort of provide the liquidity you Can actually Harvest that volatility to Generate um a yield I'm much more Personally excited about that than I am About the fact that it provides Liquidity but it does also provide Liquidity it does also make Markets book your room now at the MGM Grand get your tickets now before this Event is sold out it's sold out last Year by the way folks go um in the Description of this video I have all the Links and I also if you go if you go Join Dp.com you can get a um you can get a Discount okay check this out this is Strange says this is weird S&P 500 is

Within 35% of three-year High fewer than 40% of its stocks are above their 10day Average fewer than 60% above their 50-day and fewer than 70% above their 200 day since 1928 that's only happened once before August 8th 1929 think Great Depression not good here's an Interesting clip um a Medico Talk you know given the background trafi We see a lot of the trafi names be that Larry Fink or is you know evangelizing About tokenization you know would love To get your views on that and how you Know does that fit in your your the ro Road map for rule match as Well absolutely I mean of course we are There is also a multifaceted topic I Think first and foremost I think we There sometimes this is Black or White View right like like blockchain is good And toiz crypto not of course we don't Share this right we we we we we we we do Believe that crypto as a class is here To stay No Doubt Um at the same time yes let's be honest The real disruption will come with Organization no doubt financial Instruments and so forth this they will Be Tokenized uh it will takes time but they Will I think what we are now building Now like Meto like us like other place

In the market we are effectively Building the rails right for toiz to Come and and so yeah it will take time I Think I I I would everything else is Naive and also you know if you really Want to replace some existing technology With new uh you really need to show that You really make something better cheaper Quicker and so forth um it certainly Needs to play in the same rules that's Important right regulation that that you Do not basically compare Apple Apple With oranges here um but you need to Make something better so this takes time And in our view of course tokenization Will be massive and and I think we we Have a bit of a saying we do believe That those Banks and secur firms that Trade and are engaged in crypto right Now most like and not I'm not saying Most likely are those who who will be The first to actually also be active in To security and I don't about talk about Pilots I talk about real world offerings I think participants that we that we That we know um they of course talk About they have ideas about organization As for Ru match um you can imagine I Think yeah there is of course a Perspective when we talk about Nondiscretionary when you think about All these principles all these systems Use all all the effort uh you can expect We don't do it only for crypto but it's

Not about the time to talk about that as Of right now we focus now on that face But certainly we will be prepared all Right and then here was one more clip They call it the perfect game plan Listen to this yeah stay come for the Crypto and stay for the Tokenization come for the crypto and Stay for the tokenization now we're Hearing a lot from Janet yelling today About stable coins and all that my what I'm interested in is two things on this Thing first of all right here it says That this is um it says T she uh Secretary Yellen warns Congress of Digital assets risk in her statement This is the statement before the hearing Listen listen to this applicable rules And regulation regulations should be Enforced and Congress should pass Legislation to provide for regulation of Stable coins and of the spot market for Crypto assets that are not securities Well xrp is the only digital asset that Is not in and of itself a security Legally and so that is that's a fact Right now but they're wanting to pass Legislation for stable coins well to do Stable coins I would think that that Would also include tokenization wouldn't It so then here's the this is from the Hearing with Janet Yellen today for five Minutes and so let's begin with your Last Point uh on the regulation of the

Spot market for digital assets um this Committee has produced two bipartison Bills one on stable coins one on market Structure to regulate the spot Market of Uh digital assets and provide this Clarity between the cftc and the SEC um so you test you testify that fx's View is that we need uh federal law and Law changes on the spot Market can you Tell us why can you describe why that's S sux belief um well there are many um Areas with respect to digital assets Where we do have clear regulatory Authority but we've identified some gaps Where um for Consumer investor Protection and to address Financial Stability risk it would be very useful For Congress to take action to fill Those gaps and um the cftc for example Um doesn't have uh supervisory or Regulatory Authority with respect to Spot markets and commodities like Bitcoin so that's a regulatory Gap Furthermore stable coins pose risk to The financial system that um both OC and President's working group on financial Markets have identified as potentially Becoming significant over time and we Would very much welcome an effort um by Congress to um create a regulatory Framework that was that would be Appropriate to address those risks so Similar to so stable coins are now being Regulated by the states New York has a

Very uh resilient regime are you Suggesting something like the New York Regime would be applicable to to fix This problem um well ifsac believes that Um it's critical for there to be a Federal regulatory floor that would Apply to all states and that a federal Regulator should have the ability to um Decide if a stable coin um is issuer Should should be barred from uh Presenting from issuing such an asset um Also we believe that because wallets um Are a critical part of the stable coin Uh ecosystem and we've seen many Instances in which there have been Significant losses that it's critical to Um enact regulatory uh protections uh For holders of wallets so back to the Spot Market though as you as in your Report you you state clearly that we Need to change law for us to have proper Regulation of the digital asset uh spot Market that's is that correct yes that That's a recommendation okay and then Here was the other clip and it's Interesting that she's referring to a Run on crypto council is focused on Digital assets and related risks such as Runs such as from runs on crypto asset Platforms and stable coins potential Vulnerabilities from crypto asset price Volatility and the proliferation of Platforms acting outside of or out of Compliance with applicable laws and

Regulations applicable rules and Regulations should be enforced and Congress should pass legislation to Provide for the regulation of stable Coins and of the spot market for crypto Assets that are not Securities we look Forward to continuing to engage with Congress on this with this overview I Look forward to taking your questions on These and well I took this time to Remind everybody that uh the adults in The room were talking about addressing Issues like a potential run on crypto or Run on Ripple way back 5 years ago when When dogcoin was just a pump and dump Puppy this is what the adults in the Room were talk Council was focused on Digital assets and related risks such as Runs such as from runs on crypto asset Platforms and stable coins potential Vulnerabilities from crypto asset price Volatility and the proliferation of Platforms acting outside of or out of Compliance with applicable laws and Regulations the question and and Brad This is an honest question um Ripple Is one of your products is to distribute Liquidity through the payments system so The question is could there be a run on Ripple in other words everybody wants Your liquidity nobody wants to provide It because there is a scenario where People doubts for good reasons or bad About the system so let first clarify

What what Ripple provides Ripple doesn't Provide liquidity Ripple provides Technologies that allow you to access Liquidity that exists in the marketplace In the last 24 hours the the digital Asset Marketplace traded about $50 Billion of liquidity in 24 hours that Includes xrp but that's includes Bitcoin And ether and what have you so you know Could there be a run on digital assets At large just the Nuance of the question Question isan Ripple sells Technologies Can there be a run on Ripple I don't Know what that I don't know what that Looks like I can't really think about That uh could there be a run on digital Assets I don't know I mean you know Today again $50 billion of liquidity and You know people are moving liquidity Around you know for xrp a settlement Happens in 3 seconds and so you know to Your point of taking 24 hours I mean 24 Hours is a that's a positive story of a Crossb transaction you know many take Longer you know so taking a 3second Transaction and the the risk associated 3 second transaction as compared to a Day or two or three I think most people Would say hey I I feel better about Taking three seconds of risk than you Know a day or two so uh could there be a Run on digital assets even that I don't Know exactly how to think about because Again there's a lot of I mean I

Suppose at $50 billion a day in a nent I View it as a pretty nent market today uh You know people are getting liquidity That exists in the marketplace in local Regions between xrp and the Philippine Peso xrp in the Argentine peso xrp in The Brazilian real and you know it's Tapping into that liquidity that exists In the Marketplace okay now Ashley Prosper had A very interesting tweet and I want to Show you this before we go to Dp.com because it ties in seven possible Ways that Ripple case could end one Ripple and SEC reach settlement case in Two Ripple and SEC accept REM ruling From Judge Torres and no one files an Appeal case ends three Ripple Andor SEC Appealed a second uh circuit for remedy Phase Second Court agrees with judge Tores no one files appeal scotus case Ends four Ripple and Andor SEC appeal to Second Court after remedy phase second Circuit agrees with judge Torres Ripple Andor SEC file appeal to scottus Kens um five Ripple Andor SEC appealed a Second circuit for after remedy phase Second circuit finds fault in ruling and Remands back to judge Torres both sides Accept the new ruling from Judge Torres Case ends six Ripple Andor SEC appealed A second circuit for remedy's face Second circuit remain remains back to Judge Torres one or both parties do not

Accept the new ruling from Judge Torres And real Ripple appeals again second Circuit agrees with judge Torres and no No one appeals to scotus case ends seven Ripple Andor SEC appeal to Second Circuit Court after remedy's face second Circuit Court Circuit remands back to Judge Torres one or both parties do not Accept the new ruling from Judge Torres And appeals again second C circuit Agrees with judge Torres one or both Party appeal to scotus case Ends now I went here's what we're going To talk about in dip.com I went and Asked AI I asked grock the same thing What what are seven possible Scenarios I'm not going to pay attention To six of them but the one that it's Spit out is the most interesting against The backdrop of what Janet Yellen said About regulations and da stable coins da That's what we're going to talk about in D Xrp I'm the digital asset investor I'm Not an investment adviser this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family we're going to talk About what is grocs number seven Possible way the Ripple case ends it is Very Fascinating here we [Music] Go



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