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Welcome back to the show everybody You're gonna like this one today well There are some things you may not like But I tell you what you're going to like Hearing about the project on this that The Central Bank of Mexico is going to Be using on The xrp Ledger somebody Wrote that beautiful intro Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.12 trillion dollar market cap for Cryptocurrency it's off by 1.1 percent Good morning everyone Bitcoin 23 500 Plus ethereum 1600 plus tether market Cap is 71.1 plus billion oh my goodness where It stops nobody knows well maybe the Department of Justice U.S treasury 37 cents for xrp right now We're off by 4.6 percent on the seven Day ladies and gentlemen if you haven't Done this you can get 81 off right now If you click the link for purevpn help Hide your identity online this is one of The many different layers of protection That I use that I love using and guess What they have expanded their uh uh Offerings as well you can get pure Square as well which helps you to Organize your Passwords you can put them in a secure

Place all in one place know that they're Protected I tell you what this is really A great new addition to what purevpn Offers it is very very affordable low Investment for yourself for the I'll Tell you what it brings click that link Underneath the video Or Tara it says here Element Sing from FDX pleaded guilty to why or Fraud it's just in the former FTX Director of engineering pleads guilty to U.S criminal charges uh oh conspiracy to Commit fraud conspiracy to commit money Laundering and conspiracy to defraud the US by violating campaign Finance laws Sings bail conditions 250 000 personal recognize recognizance Bond travel restricted to the Continental U.S surrender all travel Documents refrain from making any new Applications supervision as directed by Pre-trial Services sentences sentencing Scheduled on uh 11 13 2024 at 10 A.M and Right here Jeremy Hogan says pleaded is The correct past tense of plead I don't Care what a judge might have said to me In a hearing it is not pled there you go So have that shout out to Eleanor Tarrett and Jeremy Hogan for that Information and right here we see France Passes new crypto registration rules for Firms you know this is a part of the Push from the G20 from the FSB from the

Bis to get the globe moving in a Coordinated Direction so where we don't Have any kind of crypto Harvest area on The globe which we do have currently in Multiple places around the world Something is coming ladies and gentlemen Brace yourself for that so we know France is moving to bring out those Crypto rigs we'll let you know when we Have more details on that MasterCard Reminder here that they roll their System out allowing stable coin payments I think this is a big big look into the Window that stable coin payments will Happen but remember it is usdc that is Cited in this stable coin payment Acceptance example not hearing anything So far about USD tether that's why I'm So concerned about how big the market Cap is and where the U.S Department of Justice and the treasury truly stand on Tether 2023 will be the year of crypto token Price Divergence now I like this from Myself Bank of America says let's just quickly Take a look at this because what they Point out here is what I have been Really I guess You know an investor for right I've been An investor in this space I'm not a Trader I don't I'm not Downing you if You do trade I think that's great I just Don't personally have the stomach for it

Just like there's a lot of people that Don't have the stomach for the the way That we speculate wildly on this channel And I totally get that everybody's built Different and thank God for it but here They say the bank expects tokens That Power Smart contract and able blockchain Platforms will outperform meme coins and Governance tokens well this just makes Me very happy because this all points to Actual use case and listen not that it's Related to Bank of America but core Nova Is the mainnet launch for corium corium Is Smart contracts ladies and gentlemen and That's why I'm excited to learn more About it shout out to Bob Ross Fabio Reza and the whole team of solo genic And corium I can't wait to go to this Mainnet launch in Los Angeles I'm very Excited for it and I'm very excited to Learn as much as I possibly can about This new blockchain technology and what They really do I do know it's smart Contracts at 7 000 transactions per Second so I can't wait to find as much Information out as possible and I will Share it with you but I do believe use Case is where we're going here now This is Yaya uh I think it's fun UCI I think it is so Yaya fanuci here Former uh c-a-i-c-i-a analyst I want you To take a listen to what he says about China leading the cbdc race and let's

Pay very close attention to what he says At the end We want to talk to him about the first Let's just start with the cbdc question Where are we on that here in the U.S and How far out front is China Well the U.S is is I think sort of on The sidelines doing some good work doing Research but if you think about the rest Of the world China is actually leading The way China has been working on a Pilot since 2014 are working on its Central Bank digital currency has Already sort of had millions of Transactions millions of wallets and has An array of Pilots that are in the hands Of people testing out smart contracts And programmability of money so they Actually have data that they're Iterating on and they're helping other Countries with standards and Collaborating on cbdc to cbdc Transactions so I'd say we're behind Although it doesn't mean that it's a Race where we have to do exactly what China is doing but the conversation Globally is happening and China and China is well positioned to influence That conversation how concerning is that From a security perspective given your Background on that and encounter Terrorism and some of these other issues You have special insight into this yes And I think the the backdrop to this is

That there's really a geopolitical Context to all of this and we have to Make sure that we're not losing the Forest for the trees the geopolitical Backdrop is that around the world there Is now I don't know if it's a race but There's certainly a March towards Finding alternative ways for new digital Financial infrastructure basically how To do cross-border transactions in a way Where you're not relying the same way on Traditional banking infrastructure That's happening whether we want to like It or not and it's not just China of Course China has its project but other Countries in the EU the UK Japan uh Other parts of East Asia are all trying To figure out a way to innovate with Payments now the geopolitical Implication there is if there is an Alternative Financial infrastructure if There are new rails and the U.S doesn't Have have the same influence on that is Not sort of at the at the table when new Standards are being laid then that Impacts U.S state economic State graph Sanctions the ability to sanctions the Potency of of our sanctions power comes From the centrality of you of the U.S to The financial Global infrastructure so If that shifts even if it shifts a Little bit doesn't mean that China is Going to take over or or that the yuan Is going to displace the dollar but if

There's a viable new uh rail where Sanctioned actors can now transact that That that that's trouble Hear that last part let me just give you This right here if I could Or or that the yuan is going to displace The dollar but if there's a viable new Uh rail where a viable new rail he's Talking about a payment rail Sanctioned actors can now transact that That that that's trouble yeah Shout out to Yaya finusi there for that Little piece of information you know us Here in the xrp community know about Such a thing and you know to speak to What is coming here let's listen to Tom Emmer talk about what's going on in the U.S and how we cannot afford to have a Payment rail that spies on every citizen And every dollar that is spent take a Listen The Biden Administration is currently Itching to create a digital Authority Authoritarian styled surveillance style Digital dollar and through an executive Order they are pursuing analysis on a Retail cbdc that would not be open Permissionless permissionless or private In fact it would be ridden with Significant risk to Americans privacy Security Financial inclusion and a whole Lot more the this kind of digital Currency would give the federal Government access to and control over

Literally every financial transaction Conducted by Americans that's why I Along with a number of my colleagues Introduced the cbdc anti-surveillance State act and I tell you what Administration we have but we need to See real action come in place I'll tell You something just that 45 second clip Of knowing what the Biden Administration Is wanting to do is reason enough to Take yourself to the polls right there And it's like and I'm not making a case With a writer to left I I have no fans No fandom on either side of the aisle I Just believe that anybody pursuing Something that allows that much control Over the citizens is horrible and Despicable and the last thing we want to Do is end up like China on the other Side of this digital Revolution Looking right here speaking of clarity Digital Revolution and what's coming Here Jake travinsky from the blockchain Association shout out to him says This week we expect a treasury to Publish proposed rulemaking that defines The term broker from the infrastructure Bill of crypto tax Provisions you Remember this I'm sure There will be many details to consider But the main question is how the Proposal treats defy will it say web app Hosts are Brokers remember the Infrastructure bill created new tax

Reporting requirements for various Crypto Market participants in part that Makes sense nearly everyone agrees that Centralized custodial exchanges should Give 1099s or similar to customers as Long as the rules are clear but the Broker definition which says who has to Do reporting was way too broad it could Capture non-custodial actors with no Customers at all this could force defy Apps to kyc users surveillance through The back door of the tax code keep an Eye out for the rulemaking you know Again this should be a pretty busy week Coming to us ladies and gentlemen this Is extremely exciting news to me and I Think you will find it to be to you as Well innovation mission in Central Bank Digital currencies ladies and gentlemen From Ripple and James Wallace right here Let's check it out innovation in Central Bank digital currencies James Wallace Just came out just a two days ago here And what I want to show you and start With here is that they had one of these Challenges Innovation Challenge With a total of six winners I want to Focus on a few of them right here and Right we start right here for the Innovate challenge it's coin feel I'll Just say if I'm saying it wrong but Coinfield developed a unique localized Application Designed to be used by the Central Bank

Of Mexico Come on in Confiel explored building a retail cbdc On top of the xrp Ledger for Mexico Central bank I'm liking this using sat Mexican tax Authority here it says digital Signatures called file or ephirma the Use of digital signature to verifies the Identity of users thereby helping to Prevent fraud and theft now I want to go Down here and show Raheem here Has built and this is a different Challenge right and cbdc's are uniquely Positioned to drive Innovation with Financial services Community loans Enable users to give out and take Uncollateralized loans in peer-to-peer Manner incorporating a unique Reputation-based system to establish Trust in raheem's entry to the cbdc Innovate Community loans developer Tried to think about how users would Interact with the application and what I Would need for the from the user and Went and went from there so basically Using cbdc means that the users Hopefully already kyc'd and handling Fraud could also be simplified Raheem Believes that the cbdcs are an ideal Platform for Innovation thanks to their Ability to be back specifically by the Nation's Central Bank and their ability To enable easier to build interoperable

Financial systems now this is one I Wanted to show you right here it's a Peer pay created cbdc Innovative winner Nestor compost rajos it says peer pay Offers a unique ability to transact Payments with a variety of digital Assets pierpay is a payment system that Allows anyone to transact money send and Receive different assets C transfers and Manage an agenda of recipients it says Nestor created peer pay because he Believes the future of payments has to Be inclusive and interoperable now check This one out two other specific entities To highlight from the cbdc innovate Challenge include spending the bits Shout out to Jay Cambo right here yeah Spend the bits and check some it says Both applications provide a solution to Enable cbdc's to work as a functional Bridge between other digital assets Cbdc's hold great potential to Revolutionize Finance with impacts such As Financial inclusion reduce friction Near instant settlement times Interoperability integration with Enterprise and Retail applications says Spend the bits founder Jay Cambo here Who conceptualized the project by Leveraging Central Bank monetary Framework and perspectives this is where I go ahead and remind you Jay from spend The bits is going to be at xrp Las Vegas Along with so many others you better get

Your ticket because I'm telling you they Are selling a lot faster than I thought They would this far out I would not wait Get that ticket it's unbelievable I Can't even you know click the link don't Mess around you're going to fool around Somebody already told me in Florida They're having trouble getting flights Don't play around and get your ticket And think that you can get it last Minute because it will be gone this Thing will sell out looking right here I just want to highlight a couple other Things here uh peer-to-peer loan app we See and then we see on the uh anyone With the xrp Ledger account can Participate in obviously Chris Winkler Creator of peer-to-peer P2P cbdc shared His thought process in formulating the App for 2022 cbdc innovate challenge They uh combine the unmet needs for People that don't have access to Financial services like loans with Global development of fast and secure And more accessible Central Bank digital Currencies it says uh that's when the Fusion of our idea P2P loans with cbdc's On The xrp Ledger was born and you know What I'm seeing from all these different Projects even including the project here To be used by the Central Bank of Mexico On top of the xrp Ledger Is that I'm seeing a bunch of real use Cases that now not only help the

Wholesale backend but peer-to-peer right So we're seeing a lot of peer-to-peer uh Projects pop up which tells me they're Starting to push in that next phase of Adoption and not only the wholesale Backend and the market infrastructure That needs to be built the plumbing if You will right but now really starting To work on things that work right down To the consumer level and that is Extremely exciting to me ladies and Gentlemen This here from crypto Bowl 2020 a few Days ago says xrp finished its four Triangle touches just like in 2014-2017 before it ended up having a Massive Bull Run if we would repeat such A thing we could see 27 by June which I Don't think anyone hearing this Including myself would be upset about But there is no guarantee ladies and Gentlemen that is for sure but the Reality is is we must keep an eye on it There's a lot of fundamental news out Here that we're waiting on including the SEC versus Ripple case and a ruling in That matter I'm here for it that's going to do it For me not Financial advice make sure You hit the like And subscribe leave a Comment below it's just my digital Perspectives


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