SEC / ETH vs. Ripple / XRP : Biggest Verdict In Financial History

[Music] Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff [Music] Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and I want to show you this Clip right here because this guy's Making a point about what would happen If like coinbase and some of these Exchanges start to bail from the US and I want to make another Point uh in also This one scared me quite a bit uh Coinbase said to consider leaving the us If regulatory Clarity doesn't emerge This is a problem if coinbase decides to Bail you are literally left with a Handful of small exchanges and fidelity That's what you're looking at as a UNS Investor in essence you have been Debilitated to a point of being able to Keep up with the rest of the globe in Being able to do your investment Strategy around digital assets this is Another big problem that will only do The things exactly what Tom emmer said Yesterday when he was talking or I Should say grilling Um Mr Gensler and that was we are about To Offshore Innovation at a pace in Which we've never seen before exactly He's making a really good point I do Want to I did want to bring up is is a better exchange than

Than coinbase and so that's one thing Everybody's staring at coinbase most of Us haven't used coinbase in Forever up Holds a lot better the other point I Wanted to make is that if you have a Ledger Nanos they have a buy and sell Function that you can't buy and sell xrp On a legend NOS but you can buy and sell Crypto in it and and Ledger I don't know How this will work but they're a French Company so I don't know I don't know What their their how they're Bound by U.S stuff they obviously won't let you Buy and sell xrp so I don't know if they Would turn off the us but it is Available as of now Um and by the way I'm buying my mother I'm going to use my own link I'm gonna Buy my mother a ledger Nanos or a ledger X I think today and uh because I needed To help her with um this stuff she can't Figure it out so I'm gonna help I'm Gonna get her one now as long as we're Talking about Ledger Nano s's own to Maybe save some of you out there some Pain Okay this may be a joke this is Probably not true but it's still funny This guy says you're telling me Daquan Got arrested and they found a hardware Wallet inside of his body and somebody's Showing like uh scans of his uh X-rays Of his body I think that this is just a Joke but just in case it's not or just In case anybody out there was ever

Thinking that you need to put a ledger Nano s where the sun don't shine you do Not have to do that you don't need the Physical device once you set it up all You need is your 24 words and don't ever Give them to anybody but you can Memorize those 20 24 words if you had to Or you could just write them down and Put the piece of paper in your pocket it Doesn't need to go in other places but The link to get a ledger Nano s will be In the top of this description now our Old buddy Jay Clayton was on CNBC today And as usual not only did CNBC and squat Box not only did they not ask him any Tough questions they interviewed him First of all they hired him so he's a Contributor I'm assuming they're paying Him to come on and for them to not ask Him any tough questions and to treat him Like he's an innocent bystander and Wasn't at the SEC as commissioner and Couldn't have solved all these a lot of These problems for the whatever two or Three years that he was there Totally insulting journalism is dead Folk the only place you find journalism Now is in so on social media which is The why is is the reason that the Government was trying to censor it is Because they know that they're they've Got their control they call them Journalists on CNBC that they know all These guys are controlled by them the

Government and that's why they were Trying to control and censor social Media because they know it's the last Bastion of Freedom so here's them giving Uh Jay Clayton a bunch of Nothing Questions and he ought to be ashamed of Himself and so should they and then Finally Kurt Jones Okay Um why is there not some actual rules And regulations and some bright lines About what we're doing How about this question Jay what is your Responsibility in there being no Regulatory certainty you were at the SEC And will we ever get there are we just Going to keep punting the ball Um it was very interesting what happened In Europe where where Europe has said we Are going to try to figure out how to Take crypto which crypto is we use it to Describe products it's actually a Technology because it covers a wide Spectrum of products Europe just said We're going to try to figure out how to Bring crypto technology into our Financial regulatory system in a in a Less bumpy way right now what we've Decided to do is keep it out of the Traditional Financial system yeah that's Clearly the policy and work it out in The courts the courts the courts are not An efficient place to resolve Classification issues around Securities Commodities and the like

And therefore therefore we need right Now we're we're not in a spot where what I would say is the technology is going To come into the traditional Financial System in any kind of smooth way that's What we should focus on I think french Hill why didn't you focus on it Oh on the other day he is trying to push Forward with this I do agree with what I Do agree with Gary that Securities Covers a very wide Swathy he got in big trouble for me is Ethereum a security he got a big trouble Not answering that no Andrew and I did It no that's not the question Becky Quick the question is what did you and Bill Hinman do with the founders of Ethereum behind the scenes to help Ethereum get a free pass that's the Question What how how were you and Bill Hinman Involved with taking Alibaba public and Where does that play in to you guys Working with ethereum to give them a Free pass Where does it work in with you with Bill Hinman coming back and making sure the Lawsuit was dropped on Ripple where does That where does Alibaba and China come Into all of that Jay And years ago can I can I take 30 Seconds I mean things things can go from Being a security to not a security A play let's say we all want to put on a

Production here at here on Broadway we Go to people and we say you know what Give us a thousand dollars we'll give You a hundred tickets Playmat may not come to market for you Know a couple of years At that point those hundred tickets They're definitely Securities people are People are taking those tickets hoping That we're going to be very successful Put on a play instead of being worth ten Dollars they're worth a hundred dollars Or even a thousand dollars let's say we Do that the plate does beautifully five Seven years later you go to the Baca box Office you can buy a ticket it's just a Ticket Right now these things are secure so I Think they are but they can but they can Change to not be so on ether I don't I Don't know all of the facts you don't Know all of the facts how do you not Know all the facts you were there for Two or three years you guys were having Closed the door meetings all about Ethereum you tried to act like you Weren't And now years later you don't know all The facts How is that possible it's not possible It has many more Hallmarks of just being A ticket than it does of being a means To raise money man these people are they Are they are a stain on this country all

Of them speaking speaking of stains on The country look at Gary making China Great again Um they ought to go ahead and this Administration should go ahead and Change their slogan to make China Great Again because they are literally doing It here's breaking Gemini joins coinbase In offshore expansion expanding their Services into the Asia Pacific region And then U.S lawmakers slim uh head over Crypto Crackdown driving firms to China So that's exactly what they're doing All right so keep making China Great Again All of you in the in that includes Senator Elizabeth Warren don't forget Her and Brad Sherman and all of them I've said many times on this channel I Think a large portion of our Congress Has been compromised by China or some Other foreign country there's not a Question in my mind after everything I've watched Mark Phillips provided me with today's Thumbnail yesterday he says anyone else Hear the rumor I just started that this Week will bring summary judgment Friday Followed by settlement Saturday Wouldn't that be the perfect scenario And I thanked him for his potential Thumbnail here Look I think that when this does happen I think Friday is the perfect day and

From what I've from what I recall this Judge likes to do Um her things on on Friday Um like make decisions on Friday as I Recall now Ashley Prosper made an Interesting comment the next week is Going to be very interesting come April 27th we have been waiting 52 days from When judge Torres ruled on dalbert Motions this interests me because it Took judge towards 52 days to decide the Dalbert Motions so I assume her her Summary judgment ruling would be just Around the corner now one thing I Literally was thinking about last night What about the Hinman emails where's the Judgment on that Is that part of Gary's active Discussions I don't know now I saw this Clip this morning I was going to play it I don't think I'm going to play it this Is John talking about what a tough Decision that judge Torres has and That's probably why she's taking her Time I think I've shown that before I Had put it in the lineup but I don't Need to show it I'm gonna just move Along then we've gotten this from uh Patrick McHenry announced his hearings To be held uh by the sub committees on Digital assets Financial technology Inclusion National Security illicit Finance and he should include on the Current Administration making China

Great again Okay because that's what they're doing Now here's an interesting clip on stable Coins from one of the hearings I believe Yesterday sound stable coins has been Incredibly confused it's probably been Harmful to Consumers it's probably been Harmful to the nation one of the Problems is with lack of clarity from Congress many things are called stable Coins which should not be what we need Is Clarity to Define stable coins so That we understand that stable coins Built right are actually not new and are Relatively mundane financial instruments If you look at Frameworks that have Worked like the framework from the nydfs These things look like conservative Banks maybe government money market Funds these are the sorts of things we Know how to address as a financial System we can regulate them in the Current environment our regulation is Currently chaos for stable coins if I am An issuer and I want to create a stable Coin I technically don't know if I'm Going to be answering to a state Regulator a Federal Banking regulator The SEC the cftc it's unworkable and What this means that it pains me to say This as an American is that things are Moving offshore right now over the past Year the biggest winner has been tether They are offshore they don't work well

With us they facilitate some activity They probably shouldn't but the chaos is Leading that stable coin to grow While Others shrink the other thing that's Happening is other countries are moving Into this space just this morning before The hearing I saw news that Russia is Exploring legislation to formalize their Ability to transact in crypto if we Don't take the field others will do so Before us and they may not be doing it In ways that we like So in the end this matters I would call Upon the subcommittee to think deeply About passing some sort of Bill about Stable coins we can't let perfect be the Enemy of good when one of our enemies Here is time right now doing this right Will bring Financial inclusion through The dollar to billions of people Globally this is not just a U.S concern And it reinforces the strength of the Dollar in the world it will help us fund The deficit every dollar that goes into Stable coins ends up in traditional Financial instruments that we can use to Fund our government like t-bills it will Bolster our Reserve currency status and It will ensure that if the blockchain Continues to grow at the pace it has From 2012 to present the standard of Transaction on there for a currency is The dollar Okay so there's that now this is a

Question I keep having we keep seeing The cftc popping up in all of these Discussions here you've got Caroline Pham with um Danielle Dixon from Stellar Okay but the problem I'm having is During each gate cftc and SEC were Working together during FTX cftc and SEC Were working together during operation Choke point 2.0 cftc and SEC were Working together During Gary Gensler brought up that he Worked closely with the cftc so I'm Having a problem reconciling this and I Think the cftc should say something are They Pro crypto or are they cracking Down on crypto which is it because They're they're they're hopping on stage With these people as if they're they're A friend to crypto but we know that the Things I just mentioned are true so Which is it Tell us the truth Because I'm confused Um and and Caroline Pham she presents Herself as a friend to crypto in fact She used to follow me until I questioned This now she doesn't follow me anymore And all I'm doing is asking a common Sense question here Okay Common Sense this is basic common Sense I want to know Are you in or are you out are you are You trying to make China Great again too Or or are you Pro USA because Gary

Gensler and Friends seem to be wanting To make China Great again Jay Clayton Remember Jay Clayton and Bill Hinman They helped to take out Alibaba public And don't forget this either people if You weren't around let me give you some History remember that deal Ripple had While we're looking at Caroline fam here Remember the deal with MoneyGram that Ripple had that they lost once the Lawsuit was initiated against them well MoneyGram then went over to Stellar okay Now Guess what else Alibaba or the ant group was going to Buy MoneyGram back in the day And Trump denied that purchase After he denied the purchases when Ripple partnered with MoneyGram and then Jay Clayton and Bill Henry were the ones That took Alibaba public and they are Also the ones that gave ethereum the Free pass and made sure that the lawsuit Was dropped on Ripple So the same company Alibaba which is a Subsidiary of the ant group The same company that wanted to buy MoneyGram and was denied Ripple then came in and bought it the Same guys that helped those guys go Public and have Chinese colleagues we've Seen the pictures of building the same Guys Are the ones that made sure Ripple got

Sued Is that something that should be looked Into I think so I'm a digital asset I Was going to show you this last thing Here Um so Brian Armstrong and coinbase they Were in the UK the day before yesterday Then they popped over to the U.S I Couldn't remember if I showed this or Not but anyway looks like they're uh Trying to say look we're over in the UK We're going to do business there if you Guys are going to shut us off do you Want to be is that who you want to be Do you want to make China and the rest Of the world great again while at the US's detriment so far it looks like they All do so we'll see I'm a digital asset Investor I'm not an investment advisor This is for entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and Tell your friends and family do not put A ledger Nanos Where the sun doesn't shine just Memorize your 24 words the link to that Ledger is in the top of the description [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music]


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