Ripple/XRP-SEC`s Gary Gensler Targets Bitcoin Next, Amazon NFTs For Real World Assets,XRP PRICE $27?

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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines well if you haven't Heard the SEC versus Ripple news we're Going to give you the overview today and Guess what else Amazon using nfts tied To real world assets and by the way Gary Genzer's not done he's just getting Started Bitcoin may be next ladies and Gentlemen and I think everyone's going To get a turn at the SEC at being sued We're going to show you sec's plan to Kill cryptocurrency somebody rolled that Beautiful intro Thank you Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now It is 1.07 trillion dollar market cap For cryptocurrency 22 399 and change for Bitcoin 1567 and change for ethereum Tether market cap 71.7 billion and xrp is 37 cents up 3.4 On the 24 hour now let's take a look at This if you haven't checked it out to See if it's right for yourself check out My sponsor I trust Capital this is a Great way to get yourself institutional Custody if you're a retail investor Because that's exactly how you get your Crypto and how it's stored when you buy An a crypto IRA and I trust Capital you Can transfer your existing IRAs start a

New one roll over your 401k you can buy And sell the things you want in your own Back office of your portfolio it is Phenomenal click that link below and Check it out for yourself let's take a Look here Amazon nfts Will maybe in incoming oh Tell and they do we go into this and I'm Not going to read the whole thing to you So you can breathe the sigh of relief And here we know they tell you and as a Reminder here is a 167 million Prime Members in the USA wow that's a lot of People that's over half the country Right well close to it if it isn't so Here they say basically what they're Going to do is tie these things to a a They give an example here would be a Purchase of a fashion oriented nft tie To a pair of jeans and pay with a credit Card sources said just as they would With any other Amazon purchase when they Talk about this they say Amazon's Intention is to create some type of Private blockchain multiple sources said Adding that it's not clear whether that Could come about via a fork of an Existing protocol several sources said It is also not definitive to their Knowledge as of the publication whether An Amazon token would be a part of the Deal with one of them dubbing the setup As a very Walled Garden

Well we've heard that term before too Haven't we this gets very interesting it Says here they can onboard millions of Users without educating people about Self-custody without educating people How to set up a metamask wallet And so on and so forth uh you know This is going to be interesting to watch This unfold I can tell you that we know How big amazon is and the fact that They're going to do this and they are Going to do it Tells me that we're about to see digital Assets normalized for the rest of the Masses remember you know we're waiting For a moment of time to come We're standing in line somewhere and Somebody who's just a regular consumer You know out in the in the in the uh in Your town or city standing in line Cashing Out turns around says hey if you Haven't gotten any nfts you need to get Some or if you haven't gotten any extra Or whatever it is and then that's how You know when the masses are trying to Tell you us about it right because we're Speculative investors and we've been Here a long long time Speaking of which Binance has been getting trouble here Lately we know that oh this comes this This right here is on the heels of the Binance USD being stopped by paxos right Which was doing that so I feel that this

Is one more step to trying to cut the Liquidity tentacles to binance's token And calls them harm so they can go after The world's largest crypto Exchange And it may face an epic Bank Run According to former attorney to the U.S Security Exchange Commission John Reed Stark and it seems like that is what It's set up for now I don't want to see That happen I'm not taking any pleasure In suggesting that I'm just reporting This is what it looks like and we're Going to see some more information here That really sets up the tone that I believe reveals the SEC strategy and We're going to get into that deeply in Just one second and you're all going to Need to know it however keep an eye out Today because Eleanor Tara and John Deaton who both will be Speaking at xrp Las Vegas 2023 on stage You are going to want to get your ticket For that they will also be speaking Today on Fox at 3 45 pm to break down The judges Torres ruling on the dalbert Motions tune in for that tagging Charles Gasparino and Cheryl cassone on that as Well we will definitely bring that to You This right here is the shocking stuff That we need to really pay close Attention to because I think there's a Much larger narrative here that's going To be revealed and we're also going to

Hear from J.W verit who is a sec a Former advisor and he's going to shed Some light I believe as well to this Conversation But this here first from metal law man Attorney former Attorney James Murphy Shocking new case filed by the SEC the SEC has just filed a case alleging that And stay with me through this Selling crypto mining equipment and Offering hosting services for the Equipment constitutes and investment Contract under Howie yes you read that Right here's what you need to know and You do need to know it even if you're Not holding Bitcoin there's a much Larger narrative I believe at work here The case was filed in federal court in Utah some of the mining machines at Issue are Bitcoin ant miners to my Knowledge the SEC has never issued Guidance formally or informally that Even hinted that selling mine equipment Could be an unregistered Securities Offering Many public companies doing business in The U.S today are selling mining Equipment and offering hosting Services Right now And they have been in business for years With no apparent complaint from the SEC The sec's attempt to extend its Jurisdiction to sales of mining Equipment with no prior warning is just

The latest in a growing line of cases Where the SEC is attempting to stretch Beyond its statutory Authority the Overreach is accelerating Congress needs To act he does note here he previously Worked with the lawyers representing Some of the defendants in the Utah case Look this I believe is very important Ladies and gentlemen and I'll tell you Why First of all tell me you're going after All the crypto without saying you're Going after all of crypto That's what this is I believe Let's let's pull back just so let's Let's let's go 30 000 foot View Bitcoin is proof of work Xrp's consensus Ethereum is now proof of stake I'm getting the Impression here that the SEC is now Going to go after each particular Different form Of cryptocurrency and how it is done Whether it's through proof of work proof Of stake or consensus And I think they're going to push it to The wall to get a legal ruling on each Different kind of Technology And if there's a different one than that They'll probably sue them too And then this will create legally Defined buckets that you would fall into Once this is sussed out in in court

And once you figure out how proof of Work is seen legally proof of stake and Consensus which it does feel like with The Ripple xrp case we are very close to Getting some information on that This tells me that that is a way to Start to begin to organize a legal test Which may end up becoming the Ripple Test because Ripple is first over xrp to Digital asset And then you start to formulate what Works and what breaks and what holds Water against the Howie And then after that you could formulate A ripple test or whatever test you want To call it for digital assets and then Based on your technology and what your Your actual token is based on proof of Work proof of State consensus something Else you would fall in one of these Legal buckets of how it would be Regulated and certainly taxed That's what I see Happening Here I tell you I do see that happening And I don't think I'm the only one we're Going to listen from J.W Barrett here in Just one second However I want to remind people Judge Annalisa Torres has issued an Initial ruling as of last night in the SEC versus Ripple case but it is not it Is not the summary judgment ruling Instead the judges issued a 57-page Ruling on both parties motions to

Exclude expert testimony from summary Judgment dalbert motions You need to know SEC lawyers tried to Get judge Torres to Bar Johnny Deaton From participating in the case In part because he revealed the name of Their expert witness Who by the way is not allowed to be in This now instead she not only did not Ban Deaton but agreed with him that the Expert should not testify on the behalf Of xrp holders Thank God for John Deaton and what he's Doing But to speak to what I'm saying about The possibility that each form of Technology that currently exists for Digital assets and cryptocurrencies Will be sued in order to get a legal Clarity and definition on these assets And it does not mean that the SEC isn't Trying to control all of this because it Certainly does I'm not dismissing that at all But to go further I believe it is to Challenge each form of technology that Way we have legal classification which Bucket it falls in and this here shared By crypto law is J.W Barrett's comments Coming up in just one second but first No matter how the SEC is resolved by Judge Torres conventional wisdom is that The losing side will appeal when it does The case may become the vehicle by which

Administrative law itself is transformed This is from JW Avett In law 360. now I can't read you the Whole article because I don't have a Subscription to it but I think he's Hinting to this because if you look at This look at what it says here Crypto is Major question only appellate Courts can answer This is speaking even in the title to Exactly what I'm saying in the way we've Been analyzing this space I'm not saying This trying to be right I'm saying this Because this technology is new and if You're going to have real value and real Money transferred across these networks In any way shape or form there has to be Legal clarity More than likely at the highest level Goes on to say here no matter what judge Torres decides over the case The sec's other crypto regulations will Continue for years as legal questions Are far too big for district court to Resolve That's what I think too now I would love To see a settlement and then I would Love to see the U.S treasury and fsoc Come in and deem Ripple and xrp Systemically important and roll it right In and start off to the business but you Know what who knows where it goes we'll We'll find out right a couple ways it Could break

But in the interim Understanding that we are close to some Kind of a ruling on summary judgment and That doesn't mean in part that it could Still go to trial on some other issues Inside the case We don't know the full outcome the But egg Greg crypto shares a chart here With the troposphere That says you know this could possibly Take us if it follows the atlas line to 27 at some point but we just don't know When I find this interesting because thirteen Twenty seven dollars seem to be numbers That really find a lot of technical Analysts in this space like dark Defender crypto bull 2020 at Greg crypto Here now I don't know whether this goes To 27 or 27 cents or 10 cents But what I do know is is that Ripple and Xrp are Further Along on their Journey For legal Clarity of the digital asset Xrp than any other cryptocurrency out of The 20 plus thousand that exists today That's going to do it for me not Financial advice it's just my digital Perspectives I'll catch all of you on The next one


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