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Ignition sequence start 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero Lift off we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and I'm a little Under the weather and I am am uh so I'm A little behind here wanted to show you This that link to my sponsor just added Aera Labs AER Labs is an AI Company uh they create Advanced Connectivity solutions for data centers Enabling Tac Giants to enhance uh Performance and efficiency I wanted to Show you that uh they are planning to IPO this year like some of these other Companies like link to and circle Everything you need to know about a ster Laabs IPO what do we know about their IPO it's expected a debut on the New York Stock Exchange sometime in 2024 um it's appointed Morgan Stanley And JP Morgan as lead Underwriters so These guys it's happening all right Check it out I love to see some optimism In the in the midst of everybody going Negative that's where I go because when Everybody gets NE what I've learned if I've learned anything in crypto when Everybody when the when all the Sentiment goes one way that means look The other Direction um this is eag Krypto it's not Just him that's optimistic no escaping The target set fate cannot be twisted But Destiny does um he says short-term

Struggles long-term Triumph xrp faces Resistance to favor certain incumbents But it is destined to rule them all I Agree look at this he's still got his Targets one alltime high two $6.40 $313 $422 $527 and look at I want to show you this Because this is interesting look at his Um his triangle that he's got here I Know nothing about this stuff I'm just Telling showing you what he's saying but He's got this triangle and he's showing A a huge surge off of that triangle and Then if you look at dark Defender he Says I'd like to share the xrp update With you when we check the price uh da d Da he goes um Psychological test for the year but xrp Had an extraordinary technical move in Elliot ws and is developing a third wave And will prove it I'm here to win and I Will Chop Chop xrp is coming I like it I Like that and he's got a big bounce line Going straight in the same place that EGR kryptos got it now you might say why Are you optimistic well I think we have Tons of reasons to be Optimistic the main one of which Is that xrp is the one folks I've never Come off of that you know why I've never Come off of that because I've been Looking at I'm 50 years old now folks I've been looking at companies my entire Life I am not fixated on Ripple the

Company and xrp the digital asset for Any other reason than because we are at A one in 100 to 200 year time period We're in a place That's that you're never going to see Again this is not your average company Just like Navin gup to said this is just Not Ripple's not just another Company this is not just another digital Asset you don't see dogcoin and Luna and All these bull crap things you don't see That stuff on the big stages with the Big money people there's a reason for That Ripple's always been the adults in The room and the people that are focused On xrp showed up because they're the Adults in the room now some of them have Peeled off because they never really Understood what they held I do I'll be Here to see it through and when it when We do see it through I'll be standing Here and I'll be sitting there going I Told You we tried to tell you but so many of You and I've seen it so many it's Frustrating to watch even the smart People so many they say that they really Know what they have but when it when it When it goes on for too too long they're Just they come up with a thousand Different reasons maybe it's just their Personal financial situation to go Negative because maybe they maybe maybe They used to believe but the thing

Is all you have to do I've I mean I've Done over five years of videos This is not I'll go back to what Navi And goop said this is not your just some Company that is not what this is till Somebody proves to me otherwise then uh I'll be here now there's so and we're so Early that's the other thing golly we're So early xrp amm have reached their 80 This is from what what everybody's been Talking about this week but I wanted to Show it to you to set it up to show you To remind you of what this is the um it Reached the 80% thing and uh threshold Pass The xrp Ledger um after 14 days of Sustained voting the Amendments set to Officially be approved on The xrp Ledger So I wanted to show you this is a video We've shown before I think but it's a Good reminder to understand what this Means near and dear to my heart the Automated Market maker specification I Almost said automated Money Maker which Actually is kind of It's actually pretty appr propo right Amm will harvest volatility for yield Volatility will drive market makers Which the amm makes a spread right it Takes a movement in price to really Drive that volume and of course Volatility increases Arbitrage or Profits because the amm gets more out of Balance more and the am gets a cut of Those profits through the auction

Mechanism so this could really turn the Volatility of a digital asset from a Downside to an upside you don't super Excited about it automated market makers On The xrp Ledger could be a game Cher Uniquely positioning it to Leap Frog Other dexes liquidity providers will get Better returns through the inherent Execution advantages of The xrp Ledger That I just mentioned and a sort of Secret sauce that will allow liquidity Providers to get more of the profits Normally lost to Arbitrage and it will Be bolstered by incentive programs Traders will get better pricing and Better order execution due to Integration with existing order books They won't have to change anything they Do you'll be able to execute the same um Payment and trading transactions on The Xrp Ledger you'll get more liquidity and Better payment and trade execution and It will be bolstered by incentive Programs so the fact that the xrp Ledger Fees are lower is going to mean more of Those that money that would go to Arbitragers stays with the people who Are staking the pool and that's what you Want because you want you if people Don't stake the pool there's no Liquidity you want the stakers to reap The rewards of their staking so that There will be these deep pools of Liquidity and then with the mechanism

That we're working on that will allow Them the pool to recap capture much of The profits that the Arbitrage uh makes Almost as if the pool were arbitraging Against itself we're hopeful that that Will incentivize very very deep pulls of Liquidity on The xrp Ledger that will Make movement between tokens very Efficient um so X so that could be I Think that could be a game Changer all right uh then you've got This building the F uh this is xrp drop Polygon Labs cut 19% of its staff Removing 60 job while Ripple labs is Hiring all over the world 58 jobs Open check this out Senator Lumis on Whether Gary Gensler should be replaced Do you think that Gensler should be Replaced as the chair of the SEC you know my instinct is that Gensler Understands this asset class and I I Just am speculating that His uh r Is more political than it is uh a Misalignment of understanding of the Fundamentals so the only way to replace It is to get a new President and of course I support um Having a a Republican president um so uh We'll just see where what the public Thinks in November all right um now this is funny Because uh cryp Cowboy Krypto who is the Official Cowboy of the digital asset

Investor Channel Once Again has uh Nailed it my favorite part of this is uh You were sitting in the crypto Town Hall Listening to Steven nof talk about eth Gate so yesterday I was giving these Guys a hard time and the reason I was Giving them a hard time and that is U The Wolf of all streets and this James Cipher guy who is a uh I think he's a Bloomberg one of the Bloomberg guys Anyway I was giv them a hard time Because they're going on about the EF And I'm like are you guys really going To just ignore the these things going on Where Boring sleuth and uh this Investigative journalist guy and uh Steven nof they're literally pointing at At uh the ethereum addresses and they're Saying look the ethereum foundation was Connected to a hack they're either Involved or they know who it is or Whatever and these guys are completely Ignoring eth gate and this and they're Just talk to and they're just talking About that so I was just pointing it out And this guy tries to make oh that was Up my favorite part about this is that Apparently this potential story broke Yesterday this P podcast was recorded Two days ago well here's the problem James you guys have known about eth gate They've been talking about this well Over two days ago and you guys see it Too you just don't want to talk about it

Cuz you're towing the line well Cowboy Krypto also pointed or Mr Huber pointed This out J this this is how you know Folk this is a war these people look eth Gate we uncovered the Liars folks we Uncovered the corruption the same people That are Towing the line for Bitcoin and Ethereum I'm not saying that they were Involved in the corruption but I'm Saying that they're helping to cover up The corruption because they're not Talking about it and they're in a Position to talk about it same people The same ones who are against who who Hate Ripple look this is the same guy James cyer yeah it's all up in the air And the fact that Ripple case is even Remotely close is wild to me Ripple is a Security to me LOL I lean towards saying Eth is not that said if Ripple is Declared not a security in the courts I'm not sure how one could argue Ethereum is and so in other words he's Just another one of those guys it's all About defending Bitcoin and ethereum at All Costs um and the the problem for these Guys is that we have all the receipts And we got all these smart people like Mr Huber and cowboy crypto who are Sitting right there they know these it's Like having a Rolodex of facts and we Have all the facts on our side and That's the reason we it's so hard to let

Go of it because we're like no we're Right we've got all the facts we've Shown them to you and you guys are Trying to act like you don't see Them which is that much different than Being Liars I don't think So nobody and then here he is again over The target nobody wants to acknowledge That China runs the Show gatecoin was incubated by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation As well as Sin Man Neil Shin founding Manager of Sequoia Capital happens to be Global Steward of The Advisory board for This University here it Is Steven nof then says vitalic became Chinese in 2014 little known fact Vitalic taught himself Mandarin while Staying with me in 2014 I recall the Story with him in this video did he lie About only meeting with me a few times To hide that he became Chinese even Before the ethereum Ico now that's it interesting and then By coincidence here folks a dormant Pre-mine address containing 492 ethereum $1.1 million has just been Activated after 8.5 Years now I want to play you I'm going To play you this which I think is is one Of the more significant videos that I've Seen in a while because this guy Obviously knows something then in I'm going to show you I decided To look more into this guy and show you A few things I'm going to show you cuz I Was watching this I was like why would This guy be make a a statement as bold As this about xrp because my hunch is That he knows listen no no well I'm yeah Probably a bit more bullish um but I Have been for six years and slightly Behind my original projections but the The total Market is 1.4 quadr in Everything that's ever out there and if You start looking across any of those Asset classes they're all starting to Move move on chain already um and the Ease with which we've seen people Interested in the money market fund Tokenized treasuries and those types of Instruments the support for stable coins When you're talking about replacing cash When I see dtcc Euro clear clear stream You know it only takes one of them to Dtcc you don't say and listen to what he Says now on to natively digital and That's trillions of assets um on its own That moves so you know tens of trillions I think we could see and bearing in mind It's 1.4 quadrillion this is still a Tiny slice of a huge Market you know 30 To 50 trillion all on xrp all trading on Artex here we go $50 trillion two years From now Ripple Twitter will replay the Session oh my go that to me now in I'm GNA I'm going to show you

Who this guy is okay I'm going to show You I'm going to tie him back to people From Ripple Okay just watch okay I'm the digital Asset investor I'm not an investment Adviser this is for entertainment Purposes only Please Subscribe hit the Like button and tell your friends and Family if you want to find out more About the CEO arch of archex is is the Company Graham rodford here we Go


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