Ripple / XRP & SEC In “Active Discussions” ??

Ignition sequence starts six five four Three two one zero liftoff we have a Liftoff Hey everybody this is the digital asset Investor and I was watching last night Out or it was last night or the night Before there was a clip of Elon Musk Talking to Tucker Carlson and he's Talking about how important AI was going To be linked to is one of my sponsors And they're putting a they've got AI Private equity on the platform listen to This If I can get it to play let's hit the Old refresh button I had a An internet slow down all right T Reached 100 million monthly users in January chat GPT reached 100 million Monthly users in January and showed us Just how advanced artificial Intelligence has become and now Elon Must launch an AI company as part of the Billionaire's plan to create a new super Company Microsoft and Google have even Shifted their corporate strategies and Are investing billions into AI don't Miss your chance to invest in AI Companies available on linkedin's Platform Samba Nova built GPT banking Cerebral systems builds the fastest Chips in the industry and standard AI Has transformed retail as we know it no More needing to wait in lines when you

Check out visit to invest in The AI companies building the new Infrastructure layer for the global Economy best today while they're still Available on linkedin's platform well Looks like I'm gonna have to start Getting some AI private Equity check This out egragcrypto xrp Diamond bottom 10 update xrp Army Diamond hands for Diamond pattern it's coming Stay steady And I don't know exactly what he's Talking about I guess this is the Diamond pattern and I'm looking at the Dates down here He's compared I don't know what he's Comparing it to like now but but look at This 1825.63 percent to ten dollars So maybe he sees something sounds good To me I'll take it what is your what What is your exit what's your first exit Is it ten dollars I might have to think about it at ten or Twenty dollars Um now this is a clip that we covered Yesterday but I don't think I really Discussed it because words mean things Listen to this Do you say xrp is a security Well we're in a court an active uh Discussions and litigation on that You're in litigation because you do Active discussions and litigation he's

Talking about xrp well what that reminds Me of because discussions With you in discussions with the Judge I think that would be it would Have to be discussions between uh his Side and ripple side I would think But Um and and litigation so What that reminds me of is you remember John D I couldn't I tried to find it a While back John Deaton I think he was Doing an interview with link too and he And he said the way these trial works is That there's Um there's you've got a settlement team And you got a litigation team and They're both doing their thing all Throughout so it doesn't necessarily Mean that there's active discussions Um like as in settlement discussions Right now the way he said it is that Those type of discussions are going on All the way along because you've got Those two groups that are working so Um now the most by far I didn't show you This clip Yesterday by far the most Interesting clip from yesterday is this This guy's a freaking Gunslinger rock star this uh represent Let's get make sure everybody knows who He is I would vote for him today if I Knew where to vote for him Um he is Congressman Byron Donalds and this is

What you call a mega bomb drop all right And I don't get into the pot into Politics on this show but let me tell You there's there's a couple of things I Do know first of all I do know that Gary Was sent to the SEC because he's a he's A political operative and he's a Political operative who I think has Earned a reputation in those circles as Being a guy who just doesn't care what People think and he'll go up there and He'll kill you with his little Platitudes and act like he's a nice guy When he's literally he's a a gangster Okay he'll slit your throat but he does It with a smile and he does all the Circular talks that Janet Yellen same Thing the circular talk and uh well and All the all the platitudes about how It's so great to be here and all just Complete bull these are these are nasty Nasty people folks And they can't fool the digital asset Investor these are not good folks these Are not these are not your your local uh Nice people Um that that you've raised your kids With these are some Cutthroat nasty Folks and that's why they're chosen okay This guy right here and you you don't See them get phased very much but they Do here Right here this guy gets him watch the Look on Gary gensler's face and the

Reason he gets him is for two reasons One he didn't see it coming but two He doesn't have an answer Hey real quick last question I think it Might have came up you were Hillary Clinton's uh CFO in a campaign right It's part of my history were you yes or No In 2016. did you facilitate the payment For the steel dossier since you were CFO Of the Hillary Clinton freeze frame look At the look on his face he cannot Believe that he's actually being asked This question me Sir yes or no sir yes or no That that was that was not under Earth You're under oath No I was not you're under oath that Means we got you dude you better you Better have a good answer right here Don't lie I was aware of Not something he was aware of which does Two things one it it uh acknowledges That he knows something bad was done Okay but he's saying he wasn't aware of It with you and on those got to be Bullcrap watch I go back the rest of my Time thank you and then there's this Same guy And by the way Um the guy who captured this was the Cool guy the cool guy found this video And um

I had I had just I think I had just Recorded it and the cool guy made me Aware of it I just put my video out Anyway But um the Clinton eyes are he calls him The Clint oh I'm not supposed to say That word scratch that I did not say That word Um those people's eyes are priceless Then the same uh Congressman goes on to Fox Business Hey once you to CFO for the Hillary Clinton campaign and he was stunned he Didn't know how to answer I think There's a meme on that right now Floating around Twitter and then the Second piece was well then if you were The CFO did you authorize the purchase Of the steel dossier which by the way Um if we're going to be talking about What's going on in Manhattan with Alvin Bragg the steel dossier was actually Interfering with a presidential election Back in 2016. hey what like I said There's a reason that Gary gensler's Been put there now there were several Clips that happened after my video Yesterday of some of these congressmen Going after him too watch this Um is it fair to assume that you were About to say that the Department of Justice is is Responsible or implicated in the Production of that document

Regarding that they're they're talking About the FTX documents that Gary Gensler keeps hiding Largest SPF No let me say two things one Um it's really important to protect Investigative files because there are Things in investigative files that are Private and we put out that in a Charging document For court to review and the public to Review the important information about Those charges but an investigative file Is important is to keep confidential Number two uh the justice department Conducts parallel investigations and That's a separate matter as to whatever They do so A memo was was requested There should be an internal document From your agency You and your agency report to this Committee So you should be able to produce that Document Again sir I have deep uh belief in and Respect for congressional oversight but We're working with the committee staff Here we're working with the members that You met to try to address their issues We've met the staffs have met have Continued to brief as to how we Deliberate and how we approach Enforcement matters but it's also a

Really important uh I'll reclaim my time Investigative files you know we have Homeland security agency that gets Secret documents to the committee they Can be reviewed in the skiff There can be a process here by which you Oblige this committee And produce the documents that have been Requested it's that simple If I wanted to hear preaching I'd go to Church You were asked a question a document was Requested you have an obligation to Produce it now if we need to take Extraordinary Measures to predict the Information within that document it can Be done so but please spare me the Preaching I think the entire country and the world Woke up to who this guy is yesterday Watch this one I have a staff email Mr Gensler Confirming receipt of the letter in Front of me I know the SEC received it Can you explain why you failed to answer My letter Mr chairman Um there's a letter that I just got in The last two weeks as I understand no It's dated March 30 2023 and I have a Or two and a half weeks ago I'm sorry I Have a Let me just address again the substance I'm going to reclaim my time I do expect a written response very soon

To that letter and chairman Gensler I'm New to this committee I may not look Like it today but I sit way down on the Dice I've heard rumors that you're not Particularly interested in communicating With Congress the entities you regulate Or just about anyone else as you can Tell by how late I have been in a Speaking order for this hearing I am Nowhere near one of the most senior Members of Congress in this room but let Me remind you that everyone on this Diocese represents different parts of The United States of America and By Ignoring our letters you are effectively Ignoring the American people and make no Mistake we will hold you accountable Oh I like that guy already then there Was this now we showed this yesterday But this guy points out this is the one Where Gary Gensler says he's never owned Crypto I call BS on that and this guy Makes the point chair Gensler just Testified that he taught multiple Courses on crypto but has never owned or Used it how can you teach a course about Something you never owned or used that Makes no sense there's no freaking way That Gary Gensler sat there and taught That whole course and never even tried To buy go through the process of buying Bitcoin or something that right there Needs to be looked into was it was it

His kids that he got to buy it for him Was I mean that's a red flag right there Big time Then John Deaton was doing a recap and He John here talks about the number one Thing that he took away from the hearing And he said this should absolutely scare The living out of everyone involved In crypto listen to this because he's The others he caught something I didn't Catch the number one thing that I took Away from this hearing on specific Questions that should absolutely scare The living out of everyone involved In crypto is the following it was an Open-ended question by Maxine Waters Where she just playing the part where She's feeding him basically throwing him An alley-oop it's an hack that she Played in today's hearing where she said Questions like do you have authority to Regulate the crypto market and of course He said yes but she said I want you to Follow up your answer about what is a Crypto and this is what he said He said If there's a website That's indication If It is software that needs to be upgraded That is indication of a security if There are lawyers who have been hired to Come in to meet with us that is an Indication of a security because there's

A small group of entrepreneurs involved Just think about that for a second the Man has been sane for two years come in And talk to us come in and talk to us Now he's saying if you come in and talk To him and you hired lawyers to do it That indicates that you have a security He literally said that today in in the Hearing and then he also threw out if There's Twitter accounts so think about That website Twitter crowds uh is Upgrade software being upgraded so What's that tell you about what his Thoughts are of ethereum he won't answer It people but you know clearly Meeting his definition Bitcoin would be Implicated I'm not saying he's saying That I'm just telling you if you listen To what he said wasn't there a Bitcoin Tap Root software upgrade doesn't Bitcoin get upgraded uh ethereum upgrade To Shanghai that just happened all of Those things indicate what we warned in Crypto all year and a half ago every Single token is in danger with this guy Yes sir all of them not some of them Um and then I'm I'm not going to go over But I did put the back during the eighth Gate we expose these guys with all kinds Of things oh you know what why not I'll Show it I put this little video together This shows you who this lays it out for You I took some of the clips from uh From Patrick McHenry yesterday and then

I inserted past clips from Gary getzler One from a vitalik buter and so you can See Very clearly I'm trying to mix the truth With Gary Gensler is either a commodity Or a security Ethereum when it was first this is him When he was at MIT Promoted in 2014 I believe Passed this test and the word pass means That you are a security Without speaking to anyone I know you Repeatedly said you're not going to Speak to one except you've spoken to one Bitcoin some like Bitcoin and that's the Only one Jim I'm going to say uh because I'm not going to talk about any one of These tokens but sure my predecessors And others have said their their Commodity so I'm asking to speak to a Second one the second largest market cap Here and speaking to the tokens there's 10 to 12 000 if there's a group of Entrepreneurs I'm asking about one Public is anticipating a profit based on The so for all right so he basically Said the public is anticipating a profit Based on the efforts of others and then This is metallic buterin in 2014 before The ethereum pre-sale an audience that Are non-technical people right And they want to invest into ethereum How can uh first of all how does that

Work I mean when they you guys were Going to launch in February now it's Been put right you know so we are so It's not the launch that we have so we Are going to start The Ether pre-sale in A couple of weeks so the either pre-sale Will be an opportunity for anyone to Purchase ether or ether is the internal Currency inside of the ethereum system Sort of like the xrp and rebel is there A big window of opportunity for people To get in or is there just like a One-day option it's something we're Thinking of it might be for it might be 45 days it might be 30 it might be 60 Days okay so there's plenty of time sort Of an incremental thing so the earlier Yes the earlier you get in the better a Pricing yeah are you do you see how the Reason guys like Gary get so prefer Prefer this regulation by enforcement is Because it gives them the power to be Corrupt if you if they actually had a Set of rules that everybody could look At and follow and and it was very simple People then everybody would look at them And follow and you would have the Occasional fraudulent guy and that's who The SEC needs to be going after anyway But they want it this way this this is How they can pick an ethereum and let Them be a winner and they can tell all Of their crooked bodies ahead of time And let them know what they're doing and

They can all pile into that and they can All make sure that they own tokens that Are built off of it and all that stuff That is the whole purpose of that is why Gary Gensler is up here and won't answer The ethereums of security this is what's Happened to our country and this is why The trash needs to be taken out I'm the Digital asset investor I'm not an Investment advisor this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button tell your Friends and family that the trash has Got to be taken out or we don't have a Country anymore thanks for listening Foreign


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