Ripple/XRP-Chris Larsen Hack Attack 213M XRP, SEC Runs Scared Of Crypto Sanctions

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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we have for you a $213 million xrp hack attack against Chris lson oh we're going to get into it You better believe it and how about this One the SEC Running Scared oh the end is Near my friends somebody wrote that Beautiful [Music] [Applause] Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on [Applause] In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now it is 1.72 Trillion market cap for crypto the Market is off by 1.1% in the last 24 42,800 plus for Bitcoin right now 2,300 Plus for ethereum and we see 96.5 Billion plus for tether market cap Number 6 is0 50 cents xrp off by 4% on The 24 hour off by 1.7 on the 7 day we Know we're going the wrong way but you Know what we know we're also approaching A very very critical window to pay Attention to when it comes to xrp price And fundamentals now if you haven't seen The video I just put out this morning go Watch it about automated market makers And the recent vote and the approval oh It's going to get good it's going to get Good ladies and gentlemen ranging right Now between 49 on the bottom 52 on the

Top we'll keep an eye on it and I want To tell you very quickly you guys know That the best crypto gold silver IRAs on The planet Bar None are in IR trust Capital and I tell you something think About this ladies and gentlemen think About this for a second you have your Own back office you can control where Your money is in your IRA with all the Functionality and control over your Portfolio there really is and think of This for a moment too understanding the Awareness that's being brought because Of ETF approvals for Bitcoin we know the Rest of the Market's about to get them As well we're not going to just see one ETF for one asset right this is about to Go crazy right I think we all understand This at least I do and I'll tell you This you know think of this as a retail Investor we don't have the opportunity To get institutional custody but you do Inside of an IRA because they required To provide you with institutional Custody there is no downside here this Is amazing and the only thing better Than buying crypto is buying tax-free Crypto you could do that inside of here Click the link to my sponsor listen it Is 21 shares President says spot Bitcoin ETF is one of the best ETF launches of All time and and think about that back Office very quickly where price of Bitcoin has been down you could have

Seen that gone into your back office Pulled out of that for a second and then Gone back into it without any penalty or Effects think of that kind of control That you would have for your own Retirement what have you seen in terms Of flows and are they making you Confident yes is the extremely short Answer to that question at the end of The day these flowes have been really Promising it's one of the best ATF Launches of all time and there you have That so you can see how it's being Received now remember that like the gray Scale they have to sell out of that then Buy back into the fund right so there is A lot of this wash that's taking place That affects price and then obviously You have people people taking profits And things of that nature as well so you Know uh more to come you know these are Long-term products that are being Introduced that will be in play for a Very long time so I wouldn't judge these Things off of the last few days now Looking at this Kraken wins Court battle Against to protect uh user transaction Data in xrp lawsuit and this is Basically referencing the zakinov case And according the court statement shared By Mr hu Kraken exchange will be Personally notifying its clients Regarding the class action lawsuit Against Ripple Labs the court statement

Outlined that the sample notification That would be sent to concern customers Via email it assures the customers that Their personal information remains Secure and undisclosed to third parties It says here no none of your information Has been shared or will be shared by Kraken rather than providing your Contact information to court we've Chosen to contact you directly because We hold our clients privacy and Security In the highest regard at the heart of The zakinov Ripple uh legal dispute lies Whether xrp should be designated as a Security or a currency this is a case Out of California that had had been Moved to see what the finding of the SEC Versus Ripple case would be which as we Know so far is that xrp in it of itself Is not a security right the plain if Levied the charges against Ripple and CEO Brad Garing house and it subsidiary Xrp 2 alleging they offered xrp as an Unregistered security meanwhile the SEC Ripple ruling the judge determined xrp Does not qualify as a security so the Looming question remains whether Zach Andov versus Ripple case in a different Different circuit uh Court will align With the SEC ruling I don't see how it Can't but you know what it is California So we'll wait to see what happens there However this is breaking right here and I tell you this is massive ladies and

Gentlemen you are seeing a full Retreat Now from the SEC the SEC has just filed A brief in the debt box case that Intends to dismiss the lawsuit against The company the SEC is choosing dismiss Rather than face possible sanctions from The judge for misleading the court in Order to secure a restraining order and Asset freeze against debt box and this Is what you need to see right here it is This line the commission has determined That the best way to proceed is to Dismiss this action without prejudice And it should have been with prejudice No doubt about it and uh and it's Absolutely what actually Prosper says as Well here in a specific section the SEC Has to eat crow and indicates its Intention to file a dismissal without Prejudice in my opinion any dismissal Should be with prejudice and I agree With that the SEC should not be allowed To go after debt box again for the same Issue in the future there's no question They should not be able to pick this up And finish it and Jeremy Hogan chimed Into this and basically uh to the remark Of Elanor terr's tweet highlighting that Same exact line There Jeremy says wait the SEC thinks That a multi-million dollar fraud was Perpetrated against Americans but let's See go in order to save itself Embarrassment Andor money kind of like

Getting your girl pregnant than forcing Her to have an abortion to not have Child support obligations oh boy Jeremy Can really really put a spin on It that's a nice angle Jeremy yeah we Like it John Deon chimes in here and Chastises the SEC as well he comes in And says Gary Gensler this disgrace Falls under your leadership and it Absolutely does or lack thereof first Your lawyers were described by a federal Judge as Hypocrites lacking faithful Allegiance to the law and the Ripple Case later an appell Court ruled or your Denial of a spot Bitcoin ETF was Arbitrary and capricious in the Grayscale case despite those incredible Findings findings that would make any Lawyer or leader cringe from Embarrassment and humiliation your Agency's lawyers continued to act with a Complete disregard for the truth and for Justice now you run away attempting to Shield your unethical lawyers from Facing the very law they swore to Uphold Uhhuh yeah metal law man former Securities litigator comes in and says This Astounding I've never seen anything Quite like this in more than 30 years of Representing clients adverse to the SEC in 30 years this man hasn't seen This and he's been working in cases with

The SEC for 308 three decades Right this is unbelievable to me ladies And gentlemen he says I actually think This voluntary dismissal could make it More likely that the SEC lawyers Involved in the misrepresentations to The court will be sanctioned oh fredi Spoy chimes in says agree you have to Hope debt box gets aggressive and Opposes the motion to dismiss and Instead seeks dismissal with prejudice And continues to pound the table for Sanctions debt box has excellent lawyers This will get interesting so this is not Over oh Capitulation a Breaking Point right this Is a point where the SEC has had to Abandon its stance because they're Fearful that they will be sanctioned From this space Altogether now it's suggested it could Be individual lawyers that are targeted Instead of the agency but don't think That the SEC as an agency doesn't Understand that to be a shot across its Bow Right we are reaching a point now where Congress must act because if the SEC Finds itself sanctioned and certainly Running from the fear Thereof where is the regulator cftc and Where is Congress to put the legislation Through to finally put this in the lane It should be in the order of regulatory

Oversight that it should Be oh this is a big story right here Zack xbt uh reported it appears Ripple Was hacked for 213 Million xrp worth $ 112.5 Million Chris lson comes in and says This just a few moments ago yesterday There was an unauthorized access to a Few of my personal xrp accounts not Ripple this is terrifying ladies and Gentlemen he says however we were Quickly able to catch the problem and Notify exchanges to freeze the affected Addresses law enforcement is already Involved well thank goodness for that And I'm glad to know that Chris's Accounts are safe at this time so uh We'll wait to hear more on that if There's more to report there uh shout Out to Chris and everybody else there But look where are we today this is what The charts look like from Back in the Day 2017 2018 we all know it we saw what Happened in 2122 here we are right now now this is The channel top of the channel band and This is the bottom of that band that Channel this is where we are will we see A repeat and an explosion to the top of That band again right here and if so What would that take us to would it be The5 to $10 Mark or would it be the1 to $250 mark would it take 26 days like it Did between here and

There in 2017 to 2018 would It or will it take Years I don't know but I know one thing Everybody seeing these charts the same Way is it going to be up down or Sideways because those are our choices Ladies and gentlemen I don't know the Answer but I couldn't be more excited to Fact that I'm here for it with You dig perspectives. comom ladies and Gentlemen it is the freedom Zone where We can freely address Topics without the concern of of Censorship without the concern of Shadow Banning which is something that we have Been victim to for years since we've Been in the influencer business so this Is where we are today and I'm glad that We have this group and it is a great Group of people there also is a private Telegram group that you can join in here I will put that fresh link inside for You guys as well to have continued great Conversations in there and we're taking On lots of things that we talk about on The channel and off and the main subject Today is really dealing with going back Down the rabbit hole of eth gate and There's much more to the story than we Ever imagined I hope you'll join us Inside come on in not Financial advice From me or anyone else we'll see you in The freedom



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