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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel xrp is arguably the most Resilient cryptocurrency in existence For so many reasons you know it survived Bitcoin Maxi trolls literally paying People to lie about it in fact here I'm Not going to read all this but it's on Your screen right now in case you hadn't Heard about this this is an old Bitcoin Forum uh May 22nd 2013 uh where where this uh this news Got out literally people pay $550 For people to post and say that xrp was Actually a scam when it most certainly Was not here we are over a decade later So had to make it through that had to Make xrp had to make it through multiple Bare markets xrp had to live through a Multiyear sec Attack and it it's now been around Despite all of that for over a Decade look xrp simply refuses to die And it's now garnering more attention Than eth look at this headline from the Crypt basic xrp Google searches on Rise Google Trends reveals greater enthusiasm Among Americans for xrp over ethereum so I'm going to share with you the Specifics on this and I'm also going to Do something that's a little bit Different there is um there was a post From an xrp Community member on social Media platform X which caught my

Attention and I it was it was somewhat Long I read the whole thing and the Whole time I'm sitting there nodding my Head saying yes absolutely hitting the Nail on the head kind of got me a little Amped up so I thought you might Appreciate and you might you might get Equally amped up um but it just it it Talks about the nature of xrp price Performance what it's actually done and Then it kind of asks so what do you Think it's going to do like even if it Moves to the downside in the most Catastrophic way what does that even Mean after it's shown so much Resilience and so I I saw that and then I saw this article covering the fact That xrp currently more popular uh than Then eth when it comes to these Google Searches which is not common by the way This is not common but I think it's a Sign of where true interest is uh I just I I think you're going to like this one But sit tight uh before going further I Do want to be clear I do not have a Financial background of any kind I'm not Offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun all right so into this First piece data has shown that

Americans are exhibiting a greater Degree of enthusiasm toward xrp compared To Ethereum and so I'll just pause to Remind you too historically there have Been times where xrps running neck and Neck with ethereum in terms of interest And in terms of market cap specifically Now most of the time to be fair ethereum Has had a greater market cap even before The SEC sub has had a greater market cap Than xrp but there have been at least Three or four times where xrp notably Lurched above it and don't think that It's impossible for that to happen again During this upcoming cycle that may very Well happen and this is an indication of What humans are looking into right now That's why this is so fascinating so Piece continues specifically Google Tren's data reveals that xrp commands a Significantly higher search volume among Americans than eth and blanket terms Like cryptocurrency over the past 30 Days xrp consistently ranked higher in Search volume by a considerable margin And for those of you that care to look There is a screen indicating uh just That xrp in blue ethereum in red and Then cryptocurrency just a general term Uh in yellow and it's kind of Interesting because you can see that There's a certain correlation between All three of those search results it's

Just that there's way more searches Specifically for Xrp you love to see it though you just Love to see it peace continues Google Search volume for xrp from the United States peaked on October 24th Interestingly the date coincided with When the first born crypto Bitcoin broke Out significantly from its passive Trend To over $34,000 for the first time in more than 15 months folks you heard that right When Bitcoin started moving up you had a Huge increase in searches for xrp does That not result in you feeling positive Feeling some encouragement does it not I Know we say all the time and it's true That xrp moves in Tandon with Bitcoin Look at the behavior I keep saying and It's I firmly believe this to be the Case you know it's not just that that Bitcoin runs the way that it it it does And some other coins do and then that's Just it and you feel like your xrp is Never going to run because it's the one That you hold people beat themselves Down like that I was talking about this Fairly recently in a video it's not true The same human psychology that has Driven Bitcoin to an outrageous Peak Market cap of whatever it was 1.2 or 1.2 1.3 trillion at its peak when it's close To 70,000 bucks don't think for a second That xrp can't hit that level that's

Absurd it's the same human behavior and So even if bitcoin's always number one In market cap which is possible I Suppose even if that's the case xrp is Going to be a certain percentage of the Overall market cap and it's probably Always going to be one of the large cap Coins given that it's gained true Adoption at this point I mean it's Pretty well cemented in There the idea of like humans not Treating xrp with the same speculative Nature that they did with Bitcoin is Absurd humans are going to come in and They're going to have the same euphoric Feelings seeing xrp Rising because once Xrp starts rocketing that is validation To all the people that haven't even been Paying attention to crypto oh it's doing Well I should buy the thing that's doing Well because it'll keep doing well this Is what how humans think it's it's Stupid but this is that's part of my Strategy I count on humans to continue Investing like uh you know useful idiots I I it's part of my interest investment Strategy that yes humans will keep Acting like humans that's another way to Say it and peace continues ordinarily Crypto enthusiasts would expect that eth The closest rival to bitcoin would have Taken the spotlight as Bitcoin led the Market however such a scenario failed to Materialize instead xrp emerged as the

Center of attention with more people From the US showing interest in the Asset as evidenced by Google search data Again you love to see it now take a look At this xrp Community member on on Social media platform X phoh x33 42400 Followers and this post by the way has Been seen at the time I'm recording this Over 128,000 times and I actually Reposted it right before um before uh Posting this video and I just wrote what This guy said because I think he just Just knocked it out of the park here and Like I said at the outset kind of got me A little lamped up because I I like I Think this is true I think this this This perspective of things he's sharing It just makes sense and so here's what He said I wanted to share this xrp Perspective with you all xrp touched 17 Cents in December of 20120 after Ripple was sued and has not Gone down there Since this is important in June of 2022 xer touched a roughly touched Roughly 28 cents And accumulated within that overall Range for nearly a whole year in July of 2023 xrp was given regulatory Clarity And price pumped higher touching roughly 94 cents xrp then retraced and touched Roughly 43 cents in August of 2023 an accumulation Zone was created There as many were bearish due to lack

Of understanding and bearish Disease those on my team have been Prepared this entire time no stress Everything has been going exactly as Planned oh by the way I'll pause to note He self-described as a psychological Traitor macro investor USMC veteran uh Master manifestor Visionary God bless You all and um anyway and then he Continues and Wrote where was I right I was right here I think yeah xrp accumulated with in This Range uh xrp accumulated within this Range for only 60 days before finally Breaking out and pushing to the upside In October of 2023 as I type this the price is slowly Rising the question you need to ask Yourself is why did xrp accumulate for 12 months push higher in July of 2023 Retrace again in August of 2023 It only went sideways for 2 Months while respecting that Accumulation range and the low created In June of 2022 again that's 28 cents And the low created in December of 2020 17 cents so basically price continues to Retrace yet create higher lows since Ripple was sued in December of 2020 that is nearly three years ago that Is extremely important and just pause Just to note here too the the periods He's siding here and he may have already

Picked up on this but they keep getting Shorter so higher lows getting set Despite massive pullbacks because Crypto's volatile the fact that xrp Price went down to 17 cents that you Know and then later it went down to 28 Cents these are not indications in and Of themselves that there's something Wrong with xrp it's humans being Ridiculous And as far as the 17 Cent Part xrp price was artificially Suppressed because of the SEC so there Was That but no I mean it's it's being Treated like cryptocurrencies get Treated they're volatile AF which is What I'm here for because volatility is The purpose of investing in a world full Of moon Lambos there would be zero Volatility because I am stubborn as you Could possibly imagine and either I'm Right an xrp hits a new all-time high in Interest price Discovery and and I sell For a ridiculous profit or I'm wrong Which is possible and xrp goes to zero And if look if I ride this to zero So be it and I've been saying that for Years but I firmly mean it if that's the Case that's the case but the fact that It's volatile which is what I want I'm Here for the extreme volatility that is Not a sign in and of itself that there's Something fundamentally wrong with the

Damn Thing and so again he said so basically Price continues to retrace yet create Higher lows since Ripple was sued in December of 2020 That is nearly 3 years ago that is Extremely Important and some are still thinking That price is going to go down there in My personal opinion it would have Already happened I don't try to predict I adapt and when you adapt to what's Currently happening on the charts you'll Understand my Perspective one final thing Hypothetically speaking let's say xrp he Did drastically fall to low catastrophic Levels refer back to the retracement That occurred a few months ago in August Of 2023 where xrp went sideways for only 60 Days what is this telling you that Regardless of what happens the xrp chart Is Alive things are speeding up things are Lining up things will happen way quicker Now now we will no longer experience 12 Months of accumulation all of that is Done and over with xrp has clarity now The case against Brad and Chris has been Dismissed things are different today You've made it through the most Challenging times what's on the other

Side is for those who have been tough Enough to persevere grow and endure Anything and everything that came their Way you'll receive everything you Deserve on the other side if you've made It this far on this message I genuinely Appreciate you well I appreciate your Comment here at Pharaoh X33 because I so and I I know there's so Many of us that feel this way it's just It's great when somebody articulates it This well and shares the perspective Without and Heil he didn't need to go Into all the fancy ta nothing against The people that do that I appreciate the People that do the technical analysis Put their necks on the line while making All sorts of you know in some instances Expect predictions and in some instances Just expectations sharing what's Probable but I appreciate all of that But this is something that's worded Powerfully but it's it's not Unnecessarily complex and it it's it's Just the case look at everything that We've endured everything we've been Through all the hurdles everything Thrown at us including the kitchen sink Yet P still here and it's number five in Market cap what does that tell you and With the length shortening here and Bitcoin moving to the upside and Bitcoin Leads the market and now xrp there's More interest in that than eth as far as

I'm concerned the writing's on the wall All I got to do is continue to ride this out and I'm GNA be good that's That's my expectation that's my bet and If I'm wrong so be it but I know I'm not The only one that thinks This then you see the institutional Money flowing in and everything else Especially after the legal clarity I'm Here for it I am absolutely here for it So I hope you guys enjoyed uh in Particular that post from at phoh x33 as Much as I did but I'm just thinking yes That logically makes sense you know time P time spans for these you know quot Unquote accumulation zones shrinking Higher low Set and what do you think's going to Happen when this thing goes and we have Been been seeing recently a price of xrp Ramping up with all sorts of Expectations that in short order if it Breaks the next resistance so many Analysts have said 66 67 cents if it Breaks that we're going to see 90 cents We're going to see over a buck um and Again I don't make price predictions but This is not typically the type of stuff That we've been seeing for most of the Last few years most of the last few Years have been BS it's been crap and Yes it was fun to see xrp run up to two Bucks in April of 2021 and and we Deserve that especially after the

Nonsense the SEC brought down on us but Most of the last few years I mean I'm Just impressed like it shows the Resilience yes of xrp but also our Freaking Community which is the best Community in all of crypto we are still Here and there's more and more of us Every day as evidenced by the fact that There are every single day literally new Xrp wallets being created more money Flowing in we see volume increasing pick Your metric son it's looking Fantastic so we deserve this when it Comes and it's going to come I firmly Believe I'm not a financial adviser you Should not buy or sell anything because Of anything I say right that would be a Very very very bad idea until next time To the Moon Lambo


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