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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines we got for you this Morning gold a worthless Relic David Schwartz Anthony welfare in the news we Got a central bank reaching out to R3 Swifted xrp somebody talk to me India cbdc what's that got to do with Ripple well we're going to talk about it And we got new corporate payment Partners for ripple and it is an Impressive list Bank of America CEO Talks Last Mile Rippling and cutting Down payment costs we got that and so Much more somebody rolled that beautiful Intro Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on you Tick Tock YouTube And Twitter I'll get it right one of These days right now it's 1.15 trillion dollar market cap for Cryptocurrency is off by 1.7 percent Good morning everybody Bitcoin now 24 100 plus ethereum 1600 plus tether Market cap is at 70.5 billion they say Xrp is 39 cents let's get into this Ladies and gentlemen it's xrp Las Vegas 2023 72 days and counting down don't Mess around tickets are moving and I'm Quite shocked at how quick they are Moving to be honest with you there is Limited seating available Don't wait ladies and gentlemen I'm

Telling you get your chance and Opportunity to rub elbows with some of The most important people in this space And be able to talk with them ask them The questions you've always wanted to Ask click the links join don't mess Around it's just going to be an Incredible opportunity all we've been Through is xrp holders I promise you This You deserve to be celebrated and that's Exactly what we're going to do on May 5th and 6th get your ticket Take a look at this right here from Molly Elmore why would banks around the World hold gold if it was a worthless Relic let's listen to Alan Greenspan Here thank you to Gold Telegraph for This one well you know what's Interesting is cold Is still significant I ask myself if It's a a relic of some a long history Why is there a trillion dollars held in Gold By the world's central banks Plus The IMF and all the other financial Institutions if it's worthless and Meaningless why is everybody still Holding it because it's God's money That's why yeah and I use glint as you Know another sponsor was a customer First gold is money buy save send and Spend gold instantly with glint because You have your own MasterCard debit card

And you have it right there on your Account on your phone I load it up it Shows up as dollars I hit the button Shove it up into gold and then I'm Rolling and people don't even know it if I need to spend and use it I can do it I've tested the card but what I really Love is being able to accumulate it and Then if I ever need to spend it I've got The card in place to do it check out the Link underneath the video I'm telling You once you start you won't stop Eleanor terrett shout out to her says Just filed today the defense expects To propose one or more potential Candidates to act as an independent Technical expert to advise the court on SBS bail conditions by the end of this Week but let me show you this other Tweet that she put out here and this is A handwritten follow-up note to the Southern district of New York judge Kaplan Taking issue of Sam Bachmann Freed's Bail conditions Look at this here from Thomas F Morrissey Jr to the judge P.S he Continues to mock you and the system of Justice it's disgraceful please do your Job Oh my goodness I think that about sums that up shout Out to Eleanor for that one And then we have this from David

Schwartz He changes the banner on his Twitter but It's what's said that's gotten Everyone's attention today When a scrappy Financial startup takes On a web of corruption and betrayal to Bring instant payments to the masses They learn that the cost of disrupting The status quo is higher than they could Ever have imagined forcing them to Decide between their vision and their Survival I simply say here because there's a lot To read into that A lot of people were concerned this Morning with a statement like that but I Tell you what I remain grateful and I Say to Brad garlinghouse David Schwartz And everyone at Ripple Monica long Certainly I'm reminded of the quote we do these Things not because they're easy but Because they are hard John F Kennedy And speaking of hard and developing and Things that we have here the growth of Central Bank digital currency trials and Tests are building momentum says Anthony Welfare Ripple advisor and with each There are distinct solutions that will Ultimately require interoperability Between different Technologies and Protocols existing payment schemes and Across borders and it's well said and I

Tell you you know as we see this coming And this momentum building here let's Remember That the current state of where things Are stable coins privately run most People don't understand the reserves They have attestations but not full-on Third-party audits This is not a solution make for the Future things are going to change And I remind you that Central Bank Digital currencies the U.S fed is in That course of change hiring a digital Currency talent to run their development For Central Bank digital currencies it's Coming And this Central Bank from Nigeria talks To R3 here and they're just in talks at This point but remember they launched Their cbdc in October of 2021 and They've done at least 10 million dollars Worth of business through it and if I'm Not mistaken the paper dollar there has Collapsed Then there's more here I want to show You this because this here came from uh I think it's Emily so shout out to Emily For this one I did ask if she knew if Where the source original Source link Was she wasn't able to find it she Actually found this image and then Decided to share it but it's interesting Because it does show Swift GPI expansion And obviously R3 there which is not such

A surprise but then when it goes on the Show in the Swift document here the Swift GPI cryptocurrency xrp and a GPI Link this is interesting because it Shows a quarter settler because it shows That relationship we've all been aware Of The question is how close are we to Seeing this relationship actually happen That's the question here right and I and I say that because you know where we're Going with this case I think has a huge Impact on where this image develops to Be an actual uh process of transactions Or not You know when I think about uh where we Are in this case it is fascinating to me And obviously a little bit scary for us And a little bit exciting at the same Time But I do believe however this goes There's two areas of interest for me in This case and it's how retail holders Are affected Or not And about the xrp escrow those are two Big areas of focus that I'm really work Thinking about a lot these days We'll keep an eye on it This right here India's Central Bank Digital currency is set to go live Before the end of March this year now I Found this interesting because I want to Remind you about the Central Bank of

Bhutan is working with their cbdc pilot And why is that important because India And Bhutan have an incredible Supply Trade relationship and that is something To watch very closely with the Development of India's Central Bank Digital currency knee bone collected to The leg bone right and then we have Rather come in here who you should give A follow who gives us a list here from November through January Ripple formerly Announced several new corporate payment Partners and odl users in addition to Ai And nft initiatives Ms MFS Africa fomo Pay travel X Etc understandably get the Views but pay attention to the holiday Announcements too it says here New new corporate payment partners are Nutrisource and then ocean us Valencia And then it says New Horizons star Dreams General trading LLC and you see All of that is mainly agriculture food Related which is interesting then new Odl users it gives this list here right It shows some of these here BC remit Choice International cross paid GCC Remit uh you see ice and Lulu money and Lulu Financial Holdings lines Express Money trans PMI America's uh right Choice payments and the list goes on uh This to me is exciting because it shows The efforts that Ripple are making Around the world regardless of the case I just reminded again of Brad

Garlinghouse saying we are operating as If we've already lost a lawsuit because They can't tell them what to do in the Rest of the world and that means a lot To me from where I sit and this here is The CEO of the Bank of America and he's Going to give very key words about kyc AML transparency Last Mile and don't Forget while we're listening Ripple's Got their own Last Mile Playbook while He's talking about his Talks about the payments and the Rippling effect through the payment Industry if they can get that cost down Take a listen digital movement of money One half of the money moved by consumers Today at Bank of America today let's Move digitally one half this is not Something new when you get to an Anonymous currency that's a different Question And that's a policy question of whether We want an anonymous currency out there Of size and scale and scope and that's What the you're starting to see people Struggle do you think we do do you think We want I I don't think you want it I Think the reason why the hundred dollar Bill is the largest nomination of bills Was to make money more difficult to move Other than through a verifiable system And I think That is a lesson a lot of economies have Learned over time as they brought their

Denominations down to improve the Transparency of the economy the ability To track it the ability to find the Money the ability to have it come Through in a huge AML in kyc work we do In the industry does and it helps you Find all kinds of interesting things and And that's important for law enforcement And other types of things So it I think that that's not the Speculation I'll let other people Reflect on it you're seeing great Debates on it but I think you know the Idea of digitizing money is not new the Wire system is a digital transfer system The ACH system the question is what's Exciting is when you can walk around Bryant Park out here and go in these Little shops that are set up for Christmas and be able to tap your phone Or something like that as opposed to Being carrying dollars those are Exciting things to get that last mile Electronified that's what to have you And I exchange money if we had lunch Together through Zell that's that's Exciting that takes the cash because in The end day of the 53 billion dollars Expenses on round numbers we'll have Next year five of it will be to move Coin currency and checks around the System and if I can take that down In a safe verifiable Ability to do it know your customer and

AML take that down that's a very Valuable thing for us and then you just Ripple that through the industry and we We used to quote that we could ask them To destroy everything we could we could Pay them to reprint the money rather Than have to cycle it back in and out Because it was cheaper to move it around Now some of our Contracting parties Moving around for us might not be happy With that but that's rippled up through The system he says that's very Interesting and that reminded me of Swell just this past year and listen to Here as we heard from Nick mirafedo from Link two talk about his talk with Brad Garlinghouse Okay so I'm gonna take you through my Notes from the day it's quite louder Here so I apologize Um first thing is I I met with Brad Garlinghouse face to face and Brad was So confident he's got an error Confidence about him that's unbelievable I met Brad first in 2019 back in Singapore and he's he's even more Confident today than he was back then he Made it clear that they're ready to Settle with the SEC as long as they can Get clarity on xrp I asked him if American companies were waiting on the Sidelines to jump in the game once Clarity happens and he said absolutely And he specifically said Bank of America

Bank of America is a huge partner of Ripple and he said Bank of America Bank Of America stands to gain really big When the settlement happens because They're going to have a huge competitive Advantage over their competitors by Using odl in the marketplace so Brad it That's a big deal and obviously I Believe Nick had intended to say when a Ruling happens albeit a settlement or a Decision in the case itself but that is Exciting where it goes no one knows but We know we are waiting on that case and It could be days it could be weeks or Maybe even a few months but we do expect It to be this year and I I can't wait Not Financial advice for me or anyone Else it's just my digital perspectives I'll catch all of you on the next one


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