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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines World economic Forum Infiltrating the governments around the World we got the proof and you're going To see it today and we tell you what Else we got we got usdc Circle we got Ripple and ripplet partner all Connecting oh we got that and so much More somebody roll that beautiful Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now 62 cents for Xrp Price ranging between 60 on the Bottom and 63 on the top we'll keep an Eye on it it's moving around a little Bit today where will it go nobody knows But we're going to look at some charts You're Gonna Love Today I can tell you That boy we got some great news $1.67 trillion market cap for crypto the Market is up 4% ladies and gentlemen in The last 24 hours alone just over $44,000 for Bitcoin at the moment $2,200 In change for uh ethereum now 89.9 billion plus for USD tether xrp is At 62 cents up 1.7 in the 24h hour up 1.8 on the 7 day let's look at this it Is linked to ladies and gentlemen the Best private equity in the world over a Half a million registered users can't be Wrong they're not wrong I was a customer Am a customer love being there and guess

What uphold Ripple you're going to want To watch out for it and here's a nice Reminder when it makes its way back to The board talking about Ripple now take A listen to this little reminder here From the CEO of uphold Simon mlin and I've got an interview coming from him in A day or so you're going to love take a Listen to this price and trade to Extreme narrow spreads and the reason We're excited about this is It's Payments so it's recurring income it's Recurring flows which is a much nicer Business uh than the sort of very feal Famine nature of retail and you know This is a poster chart for the kind of Deal that we want to do and how we want The platform to be used because it Generates potentially higher quality Revenues that's right and we've got Other similar deals in the platform and The other thing that's significant from My point of view is it's an example of How we're plugging uphold as a platform Into a large installed user base so the Odl platform already handles hundreds of Millions of dollars of flow a year so It's not like you're plugging into a Startup and you're inheriting execution Risk so for us it's a very exciting uh Project it goes live uh on a very tight Time frame actually we've got the first Live trades during during December So at that point I I'll yeah at that

Point we'll just hold up right there Because that is a lot of Information Ripple and uphold Partnership going live this month ladies And gentlemen and there's even more news Coming in the next day or so so brace Yourself I tell you this is a remarkable Time again link to if you're interested In getting private Equity all you got to Do is sign up and register and get Started link underneath the video ladies And gentlemen And guess what massive news right here Digital asset investor the go to the xrp Community is back Baby Sound the Alarm it's on he's back And we're glad that he's back we all Needed him back in here and it's just Right that he's back at this point but I'll tell you something I'll tell you Something xplatform has proven to me Through this process that one we still Need to see James Murphy Attorney James Murphy meta law man free if he's not Free yet we need him back and I'll tell You something else too this platform has Proven to me through this process that Dai and metal law man have gone through That there is no free speech on this Platform there is no rhyme no reason to Why he was silenced other than he was Targeted that's what I Know now this speaking of being targeted The SEC targeting crypto and you tell me

If it doesn't sound like Tom emmer the Third most powerful Republican in the Republican Party absolutely listening to John Deon maybe listen to these facts Here as he grills Valerie Sanic who is Absolutely knowledgeable about exactly The approach and tone Bill Henman and Jay Clayton were taking back in the day When they decided to sue Ripple take a Listen thank you Mr chair and thanks to Our Witnesses for joining us today when Bill Henman was the director of the Sec's division of Corporation Finance he Gave a speech on June 14th 2018 entitled digital transactions when Howie met Gary in this speech he Famously discussed how tokens can morph From Securities to non-securities and he Stated that ether is not a security Mr Panic you reviewed and commented on Drafts of the speech didn't You yes I did when reviewing a draft you Said that providing quote less detail in The speech was better because the Concept of a token morphing from a Security to a non-security Was A New Concept and would generate a lot of Discussion do I have that Correct I believe so so you thought the SEC should give less Clarity to the Market rather than more I understand you Thought the uh token morphing concept Would generate a lot of discussion but When the industry complains about a lack

Of clarity I see it was a deliberate Policy preference does the current SEC Chair share that View so I I can't really testify about The current chair's view what I can say Is that um the the determination whether Any particular asset is a security is a Facts and circumstances based Det Determination and what I do as the Director of finhub with my staff is to Provide the facts to the folks at the SEC who are making that determination It's typically going to be a division of Corporation Finance reclaiming my time Because that's a perfect Segue I has finhub issued any guidance Since chair Gensler took office to Clarify how the security laws apply to Crypto so as I mentioned fin hub's role Is really to be a subject matter expert So we reclaiming my time ma'am I I'm Asking a very specific question has Finhub issued any guidance there you go Finhub typically gets involved with Other divisions and a uh divisions and Offices at the agency who are issuing Statements claiming my time I uh I take The answer is no because it is no it Seems to be uh enforcement through uh or Uh rule making through enforcement Action in his speech Henman announced That ether was not a security is not a Security is that your View today I can't comment on any particular asset

Well just to back up for a second you Provided feedback on the speech and so Did Brett Redford who was then the Director of the sec's division of Trading and markets yet first the SEC Argued in court that the speech was Hinman's own personal Opinion then the SEC argued that the Speech was the opinion of only the Division of Corporation Finance which Hinman LED but why would people across The SEC from finhub to the division of Trading and markets comment on a speech That has the views of only one person or Only one division that doesn't make any Sense I hope you can appreciate that I Can't comment on pending matters that Are in litigation or Investigation oh all of a sudden there's An investigation is it okay fair enough The southern district of New York even Called the sec's arguments Hypocrisy that the SEC would argue that The speech is not relevant to the Market's understanding of how the SEC Will regulate crypto while it's a fact That Hinman obtained legal advice from Sec councel in drafting his speech the Court said SEC is adopting its Litigation positions to further its Desired goal and not out of faithful Allegiance to the law that is what all Of us in Congress have seen the SEC is Not adhering to the law that's why it

Keeps losing in court Does the chairman of the SEC tell you to To adopt positions to further a specific Goal his own personal goal rather than Allegiance to the Law again I I can't comment on any Matters that are pending litigation but I will say that I do appreciate it I I I Reclaim my time I think you answered the Question I gotta tell you I don't know If there's anybody does it any better Than Tom Ember I mean Tom Ember could Lay it down uh you know listen but what We need now now you know Congress knows The shot they understand what's going on And what's taking place with inside the SEC Right the question now is is will they Take Action to either sanction or put the SEC Back in its place that's the question to That point here John Reed Stark who we Know is a former uh SEC official if my Memories yes former Chief sec office of Internet and what have you explaining Why he thinks Bitcoin is trash and look We all got our own Opinions John Deon says here I'm sure It's not a surprise that I respectfully Disagree with John Reed Stark about Bitcoin the question is I can find Anyone smarter than me when it comes to Investing who also disagrees with the Proposition that you shouldn't invest in

Bitcoin well Christian Carlo chimes in He says in fact it's not for you me or Any regulator in constitutional free Market economy to tell Free People how To invest in otherwise lawful Products let diverse opinions resolve Themselves in well-regulated trading and Marketplace of ideas not whim of Government officials whoa let me tell You something Christian Carlo laying it Down because that's exactly the way it Should be that's not what we're seeing Now now let's move on to the good news You want to know About this here from Jeremy aair says With usdc zero fee transfers and a super Smooth ux we are approaching a world of Global seamless value exchange over open Networks this here quick example from Coinbase There you have it and look why are we Showing you that not only for the face Of what he's talking about and the Smooth experience for sending money Instantly not a payment the actual Transfer of Value Jeremy aair says here Circle Launches major new Partnerships with new Bank uhoh this is getting real good now Ladies and gentlemen dramatically Expanding usdc access in Brazil through One of the largest digital payments in The world with 85 million retail Customers in Brazil alone well here's

The other part shout out to Ashley Prosper for reminding everybody Circle Partners with newbank the same new bank That is a member of ripplet and has the Backing of Warren Buffett's birkshire Haway the relationship between Ripple And circle continues to grow damn right It does and here is a little clip about The thoughts of new bank and what They're doing take a Listen so this is this is one of those Uh this is one of those fintech apps That I think is poised to become what They call a super app um I don't think That the average consumer whether it's In Brazil Colombia or the United States Or really anywhere in the world is Looking to have an entire page on their IPhone uh filled with with different Financial app so all of these uh fintech Companies are going to have to get very Good at incorpor in everything from Insurance to lending to uh credit card Uh to payments Etc so this is one of Those companies that got a jump on that Concept they've been very good at Bringing in new users 40 some odd Million users and by the way this is not Even berkshire's first investment in Latin americ fintech I heard stoneco uh Mention stne that's another one had a Tough year but this one's exciting I'm Very interested in learning more about It following it closely I'm definitely

Keeping it on my screen all and you're Talking about hitting a 41.5 billion valuation not exactly a Corner store ripplet partner new bank is Poised to become a super app this is a Big deal just like this Dai is free free At last come on in glad to have him back Like I said we got to get meta law man Back too if he's not back Already X is not a free speech platform He was targeted he was silenced and he Was given no valid reason for why he's Back but we're glad he's back here we See the RSI indicator from dark Defender Shout out to you dark Defender you're Amazing and uh you can see the what it Looks like right here look at where we Are we just had the cross right looking At the RSI relative strength index here Look at this you can see all signs are Pointing to where we want to go which is North baby and then here from the one And only egg rag crypto both of these Gentlemen have done an incredible job And obviously have done an incredible Job supporting uh freeing daai as well Want to thank everybody who's Contributed to that xrp dynamics of xrp Phobos Hestia and Hermes here Target $27 He says I will not stop you look at this This is where we were 2017 2018 you can See this massive Phobos line here you Can see this is where we are right Now and as it did in history past it

Broke past that line and then Exploded I mean Exploded from April kind of went sideways came back Down a little and then it exploded again At the end of the year I would love to See that happen again none of us know But the charts are saying watch out if Nothing else and take a look at this Macro chart from crypto toos or cryptos I should say six-year horizontal support And six-year diagonal Resistance xrp has been coiling in Between this for six years a breakout Above This level should be incomparable To any previous xrp move we have seen This year make or break take a look at It I'm reminded of what Brian Kelly from CNBC said back in the day about Ripple Itself and xrp he said the longer the Base the higher in space it's not a Guarantee but it usually is an indicator Now we're going to be going into the Real news of the day inside the freedom Zone join us all you got to do is click The link underneath the video for dig Perspectives. join us in the freedom Zone for next to nothing and we're going To show you proof how the world evil Forum is infiltrated the governments Around the world not Financial advice From me or anyone else I'll catch all of You on the next One


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