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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel seeing a few more positive Headlines out there uh not exclusively Bearish headlines like you've seen for Most of the last few days including this One though from you today xrp's upside Push is imminent if history repeats Itself and I don't need to read the Article to make the point but I do want To share with you perspective from a Couple analysts out there uh one kind of Makes the point that if history is to More or less repeat itself uh yeah we we Going to be happy in rather short order Basically the countdown the xrp Countdown has begun and there's one Analyst I'll share with you his Perspective in this video he still Firmly believes that xrp is going to hit $5 but not just hit $5 uh in some Indeterminate amount of time but within The next 90 days um and that's as of a Dates like I think it was January 9th a Little bit earlier this month about a Week and a half ago so and I'll give you Exactly what was stated there so you're Talking about $5 xrp by call it roughly Uh early April of this year so here Here's the deal on stuff like this I Don't think $5 is Market cycle is Bonkers at all I think frankly that's a Fairly low bar now that's not me making A price prediction I don't know what's Going to happen price-wise that doesn't

Sound crazy at all but I'll say what I've said before on this channel Um I get nervous get a little queasy When the analysts out there uh who I Follow uh put put specific timelines on Their price predictions now uh in a way I do respect it of course because it's Their neck on the line and if their Prediction doesn't come come to pass They have to know that they're going to Be taking some heat from certain people Now I play pretty nice about this stuff Because U what I I try to focus on is is The general thesis of what they're Arguing correct and then if if the the Timeline doesn't pan out it just doesn't Pan out but I don't think the $5 Mark Itself is crazy but either way it's on The record now so I'm going to share With you what this particular analyst Had to say so I think you're going to Like uh what is is is to be covered in This video uh I still firm believe I'm In the camp that believes The Best Is Yet To Come and 2024 is going to be an Absolutely incredible year for xrp Holders and we're finally going to get What we deserve so long as this is the Bull market that most of us are thinking It is and Bitcoin goes to a new all-time High Which is far as I'm concerned is Almost certainly a prerequisite for xrp To hit a new all-time high uh but before Going further I do want to be clear I do

Not have a financial background of any Kind I am not offering Financial advice And you definitely should not buy or Sell anything because of anything I say Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun uh now as I record this Latest Moon nembo hot Jam xrp is 55 Cents uh Bitcoin 41,8 n bucks it has Recently been even this morning been Above $42,000 um xrp within the last 24 hours As high as nearly 56 you've got the Crypto fear and greed index at 56 out of 100 so it's been creeping back up a Little we are officially back in greed According to to the crypto fear and Greed index not surprising since prices Are slightly uh higher and directionally It's doing the thing right it's it's Going even if a little bit even if by a Little baby bit uh it's going up in the Right direction uh here is some of the Latest from chart analyst credible Crypto and by the way if anybody's Curious um the time I'm recording this It is 10:22 a.m. that central time which Is my time zone Sunday January 21st 2024 Here's what credible crypto had to say And by the way somebody uh gave us some Grief because he actually so he he's one Of my favorite analysts out there I've Made that very clear I've said that a

Number of times probably too much um but There's a reason that I keep covering The stuff that he puts out there um now Despite the fact that he's still one of My favorite analysts and he has an Incredibly High hit rate in terms of uh When he says here's what's most probable To come next very high hit rate hit rate So frequently correct um he did uh Predict that we were going to have a new All-time high by the end of 2023 and That did not come to pass pass in um Some people are giving him some grief Over that um and I want to highlight one Of the messages it wasn't even rude but There's this person that was just kind Of noting hey you were wrong about this And I just wanted to share with you his Particular response on this but um it Kind of stem from this so here here is This post uh from yesterday evening um And so oh actually so first he reposted A comment from his uh October 28th 2023 Where credible crypto said very very Unlikely it's up only season baby Indicating that it's not likely things Going to go back to the downside uh it's Up only season and so then he shares the Following post from uh the evening Yesterday credit you said up only you Were wrong admit it admit it as if That's something uh that you know Somebody who would be a detractor might Say CU and he has been receiving those

Types of messages so here's his response To that in general up only doesn't mean We won't see consolidation periods on The way up it means we won't see any Massive pullbacks on the way up and That's exactly what we have got We have nearly doubled in price since The $25,000 bottom and have yet to see a 20% pullback despite this being the most Volatile asset in the world if that Isn't up only I don't know it is and so Of course it doesn't literally mean if You say up only uh it doesn't literally Mean that once a number once there's a Market price for Bitcoin or pick your Asset it doesn't mean that it will ever Be not even a fraction of a penny lower No of course not you're going to be Within a certain range and you Consolidate sideways that's all normal Stuff but obviously and if you follow Him in detail then you know that that is What he's talking about he's being Intellectually honest here but still he Did say that there would be a new All-time high for Bitcoin in 2023 and that thing happened to not come To pass and I even remember mentioning Last year I don't know if he's right um But regardless even if he's off you know I I his thesis it's still in play it's It's just you can get see this is the Thing though when you say something when You put a deadline down especially for

It's something that's highly Consequential like an alltime high for Bitcoin um people notice that that's the Thing that's trouble that's why I get Nervous for analysts even if I think They're really good and I do think he's Fantastic um I get nervous because That's something that everybody's going To remember they're not going to forget That if you say something like that um And so anyway he got a response from Somebody named tsnr and wrote true but You have been saying uh 2023 alltime High and then early 2024 alltime High And genuine feedback of a follower Before you breached 100,000 followers And Al pause note he has like 360 Something thousand followers so the Point is this guy's saying he's been Following for a long time and then he Says you are all over the place these Days putting out tweets that will cover You for both up and down situations Maybe I'm wrong but just sharing okay And I I'll share my response to that First and then I'll share with you what He said uh I respectfully will state I Do think that he's wrong he speaks in Terms of probability he's he's not all Over the place in fact the idea that He's been sharing which he holds to to This very day he's been sharing for Years now literally and then you can get Into the specifics in terms of the

Short-term what's going to happen and he Speaks about what's most probable and He's still mostly right on that stuff Too so we'll see if his overall thesis Is correct we're going to find that out Together and that I don't know I hope He's right because that would be Incredible for us uh you know the world Of crypto and and certainly specifically In the xrp community because you are Talking about alltime high then but his Response was yes my timing was off by a Few months I've already said that that Doesn't invalidate the thesis I've had Since literally 2019 and if you paid Attention to all of my content updates You would understand uh understand that Because I've made it very very clear Even before 2023 ended I am not all over The place my thesis hasn't changed for Literally years so let's jump into the Xrp stuff we'll start with perspective From dark Defender and this is from just This morning he shared this xrp price Chart and he wrote hi there I've Summarized what I've been saying for Months below xrp coiled himself as he Did in 2021 RSI at the same level Equation and then he's got two listed Here number one xrp stays below 52 cents For 3 days that puts 39 cents in play so Of course folks we don't want that one But here's the second possibility he Says xrp stays above 52 cents for 3 days

And he says 66 cents is in play so he's Expecting a move in a matter of days That will be particularly notable so We'll see if that comes to pass also uh Then he writes conclusion one way or Another wave 2 will be completed and Wave three is expected to Target $188 to $550 $585 for both scenarios Okay so he's retaining the conviction Those seem perfectly realistic targets And again that's not me making a price Prediction CU I flatly do not know what Price will do that sounds completely Reasonable and if the Market's going to Go why wouldn't xrp and that's what he's Saying he sees in the charts and that's What's most likely and then we get to Egg crypto and he shared uh this Particular xrp price chart and wrote The Following xrp short-term analysis 3 days Time frame uh check out the August 30th 2023 post on The Daily time frame for a Clearer perspective here's what's on the Horizon a no full body close in the 3-day time frame B anticipate a bounce Back to FIB 382 and I'll note for those Of you not looking on the screen that Would be roughly the 60 C Level for xrp And again he he said this is you know This is the three days time frame then He continues C in order to complete the Retracement of July 2023 pump xrp Requires a close above FIB .5 with Weekly close above uh 75 cents so the

0.5 FIB that is at roughly the 75 cent Level is what he's noted there and then D without meeting this closing criteria It's likely to continue Dragging still in the camp that within The next 90 days xrp will experience its Independent pump check post and then he Linked to a post uh an older post this Is not that old uh from January 9th and This is where he's making this Prediction here and so again it takes Some coones takes some guts to make a Price prediction like this put out there In the xrp community so I hope it comes To pass and um I will say this even Though I don't know if if it will in This time frame anyway uh it's certainly Possible the market can heat up very Quickly if you just think back to what Was going on you know in 2021 xrp I can't remember exactly where Xrp started at the year uh pretty low Because this is right on the heels of The secv Ripple lawsuit so it was it was It was down there it was it was Definitely down and then about about 3 Months later from whatever it was is Probably here I'll just look it up now Just so we can know um here let's just Go to an alltime chart um where are we Looking here okay so beginning of the Year call it this will be close enough Here yeah it's around 30 cents 32 cents It was yeah it was around there low 30

Cent region so that's what xrp was just Over three years ago now it's at 55 Cents but what it did in April this is It took just three months it ran up to $2 now we're starting at a higher price Point mind you and yes xrp has been Suppressed because of the SEC nonsense I Firmly believe that we're starting at a Higher price point though so what it can Do from here and now that xrp has legal Clarity on top of that you don't have That hindrance you know it's it's now Unshackled if he's right and it does go In this time period which again I don't Know if it will happen but things happen Fast it's not crazy to think it could I Mean if Bitcoin leads the way this a This is not crazy EG Greg's not crazy For saying this I just think it's very Bold and risky you know to put down the Specific timer that's all I'm saying but You got to admire people that are Willing to walk on on a Ledge like that So he says here xrp to $5 in 90 days and Again this was from January 9th so You're looking at early April based on That uh bare Market bounce versus bull Market bounce in the com upcoming 90 Days expect xrp to Surge into the $5 Range marking the initial wave one of a Prolonged bull market one that's likely To span several months xrp Army stays Steady just stay steady my DM direct Message is full with those lacking

Conviction and grip if you haven't put In the time to research over the last 7 To 10 years stop complaining and whining Like Bart which he has as there I'm Assuming it's which is the right Way to say the word uh yeah and You know look there's been a lot of Negativity out there I I still think Despite that most people are kind of Chill are very happy and positive like I Am it's just that the people that are Are very concerned and hyperventilating They make the most noise you know they Are they are much they are much more Seen on social media let's say so it's It's easy to have this idea based on That that most people are just panicking And everything's on fire and most people Think that but I don't think that's Reality even if you look at the crypto Fear and green index like I showed you Earlier you know 56 out of 100 I just I Don't get the sense that most people are Really flipping out right now it could Be a big chunk you know that might be Fair but I don't think it's most people So I we see what happens I I think the Best has yet to come $5 doesn't seem Crazy again if we're going to see Bitcoin hit hit a new all-time high if Xrp is going to go long for the ride $5 Doesn't seem like a high bar you know What I mean I don't know for sure it's Going to happen I plan to start selling

You know roughly in the $5 range at Least a little bit and you know kind of Dollar or not just like at dollar cost Average and kind of um you know reduce My Holdings let's say all the way up to Roughly the $8 range cuz that'll allow Me to hit the target that I want to hit But uh it just that's what I'm waiting For I've been waiting over 6 years happy To keep well got to I don't have a Choice happy to keep waiting you know uh The Best is Yet Ahead let me know what you think all I'm Not a financial adviser you should not Buy or sell anything because of anything I say or right that would be a very very Very bad idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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