“RIPPLE DIDN’T WIN; IT LOST” Says Fox Business Journalist Charles Gasparino

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel now look this opinion is so Absurd that I decided I must I feel Obligated in fact to make a YouTube Video covering this here's the headline From you today Ripple lost Court fight Against SEC top journalist says so I Must acknowledge that there's a Possibility that somehow this journalist It's Fox Business Network's Charles Gasperino may have slipped in some from Some sort of alternate universe where That would be a true headline But uh presumably he actually really Believes that Ripple lost the lawsuit Against Sec I'm going to share with you what he Stated as well as response from um John Deon's crypto law organization and also Have a perspective from attorney Bill Morgan responding to this as well it's Uh it's a little bit of a head Scratcher and then there was also this Completely unrelated but I found it Sufficiently hilarious that I got to Cover this to here's the headline from Coindesk a physical Dogecoin could reach The moon in December that's this is a real headline So like in Fact I love the stupid stuff a physical Version of a Dogecoin might make it to the moon Which look I don't hold Doge I'm not

Against it or like if people want to Have fun with their meme coins whatever Um but you just I feel like we we should All appreciate the humor of this when Moon for do next month perhaps Right anyway before going further though I do to be clear I do not have a Financial background of any kind I am Not offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast to enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun all right so into this First piece here um and by the way if You're not on social media platform X There's a possibility that you are Completely unaware of the animosity Between broadly speaking the xrp Community and Charles Gasparino um it's just without going Through the whole history of it just be Aware that there's some background here And I I think it's the case that there Is a fair bit of trolling going on here But here's here's the deal piece reads As follows contrary to widespread Perception renowned journalist Charles Gasparino asserts that Ripple has in Fact Lost its Court battle against the US Securities and Exchange Commission Despite a recent judgment declaring that

Xrp is not a security gasperino Criticizes the ruling as idiotic Challenging the prevailing Narrative of Ripple's legal Victory so here's the Thing technically uh neither side got What they wanted but I think anybody That's being intellectually honest and Is informed of of the specifics of this Case would recognize the core issue Certainly for the xrp community but I Would argue certainly for ripple because It's it's at the core of their business Model it's the legal status of xrp so Whoever would have won on that front won The case it's not that there aren't Other aspects that needed to be ruled on Obviously there were but that's at the Heart of the matter that's what actually Mattered and on that unquestionably Ripple got a massive win although Charles gasperino doesn't seem to um Recognize that he doesn't even think That that ruling is correct so far as I Can tell Anyway um and so here was the here's What actually spawn all this um there's This post from uh whale whale chart on X Wrote Kathy Wood prefer salana over Bitcoin and ethereum and then uh xrp Community member xrp da responded to That and wrote they always avoid xrp It's better than all three of those and Unlike salana it actually works And then we had an xrp hater obviously

Jump in here and wrote dude y'all need To stop this BS your sord coin ain't Going Nowhere uh I don't think that's going to Age well I'm going to guess that that Will age like a fine milk um and so we Have another xrp Community member that Jumped in at Zer 589 responded to him And this is why this all came to be he Wrote going to tag you in this after it Flips eth just like I did Bloomberg Charles gasparino Anthony Pompano scam Detective and dozens more who said Number one Ripple wouldn't win their Lawsuit or number two that xrp is an Unregistered Security I'm sure you will block me and Or backpedal like all the others yeah And so as far as Ripple winning within The first several hours or so or you Could even argue like the first day or So there was um because there's a lot to Unpack from the the the totality of the Ruling from Judge Torres on July 13th This year but you would see the the Bitcoin Maxi types they actually would They were arguing in the earliest of Ours and I highlighted this some of this On my channel they're actually trying to Argue that this is not such a clear win For uh the xrp community or Ripple and That hey there could be an appeal There's all sorts of fake news and Really bad takes on the case early on

But it's now been four months Everybody's had sufficient time to Digest this and so it's it's frankly Bizarre to be seen takes like this uh And in this case from a a mainstream Journalist note last year and uh he's Entitled to his opinion though nothing Get him on a personal level but this Doesn't make sense to me um but this is Why you got to kind of wonder if there's Just a bit of trolling going on here Because that what I just shared with you From at Zer 589 that was reposted by Charles gasperino and he shared this With his 163,944 the laugh of the southern District okay uh that's that's a lot to Unpack there split the baby in terms of The legal status of xrp I I don't know Where he's coming from that if you want To see split the baby in terms of one Side not getting you know everything That they wanted I mean I guess you Could characterize it as that but Certainly not the case uh that xrp There's some sort of split the baby Situation there and I'll show you what Attorney Bill Morgan had to say in Respones because and Attorney John Deon's crypto organization because there Is no actual split the baby in anywhere Where actually Matters and um and then I'm wondering Who is it that he's claiming in the

Southern district of New York is Actually laughing here who who are these People that are actually laughing about This and what is the justification that The asset itself the underlying asset Itself would be the security what is the Actual argument there and then you can Take it a step further because even if He were right about This then I if he were right I still got To ask why then did the SEC WR to judge taus and state that they Have no plans to appeal the decision That xrp itself is not a security and They noted that it's just computer code I've highlighted that on the channel Multiple times here even the SEC says They're not going to appeal it why Aren't they appealing it because it's Sound legal decision they're not so they Even the SEC doesn't believe that that's Wrong although apparently Charles Gasparino does seem to think that's the Case here and so you have attorney Bill Morgan who reposted that and wrote there Is no lawyer Who thinks it was not a good result for Ripple otherwise you would site one and So folks that's what I was getting at AO Who are these people that could possibly Think that this is a bad ruling for Ripple how what did what did Ripple lose Exactly from a technical perspective on The institutional sales side of things

But on the thing that actually matters Most the the the the only thing that Ripple could not afford to lose on was The the legal status of xrp not being a Security and they won there we all won As a result and so who's an attorney That thinks Ripple actually lost on the Balance of things I just I I don't see How that's the case and then also given That Ripple one on the programmatic Sales side it just seems intellectually Uh dishonest if you're not going to if You're going to see Ripple lost not Noting that they got the win that they Got literally from the judge that just Doesn't make sense to me and then Attorney Morgan says the decision was Split but Ripple got the better of it And won the key legal issue because the Judge distinguished the token from the Scheme action or contract and found that Token wasn't a security the effect of The decision was such that the SEC was Forced to give up its case against Larsson and garlinghouse which of course Is Spoton uh here's John deon's crypto law Organization reposting the nonsense from Uh from Charles gasperino stating that Ripple didn't Win um and I don't know if this is John Deon that wrote this it could just be Somebody that's on his staff because It's a crypto law account rather than

John deon's actual count here but um I Have seen civil discourse between Attorney Deon and Charles Gasperino um on on video that well it May have ultimately gotten on his crypto Law Channel but uh I think if I remember Ser any I think it was streamed live on Uh on social media platform X so they've They've had civil discourse back and Forth and I just in in seeing gasparino Perspective it's just struck me that Like Jaspine will make a claim whatever it is In the secv Ripple case and then Attorney Deon comes back and says here's What actually happened here are the the Reasons why and then he he he list all The reasons for any number of things ABC 1 23 here's the things we're talking About here's the specifics of why what I'm saying is correct and what I've just Noticed noticed during that is that Gasperino didn't dispute anything that John said he just didn't change his Opinion for some reason so there there Was no know and again this is totally Civil conversation between them as you'd Expect but but again Charles gasparino When when the the facts are just thrown Directly at him he just holds his Opinion and doesn't cite why his opinion Hasn't shifted in light of the facts Because clearly he had various Misunderstandings about various aspects

Of this case that's very clear but he Was on with h terret and and gasino and It was a three of them and that's how it Went down I remember watching it live at The time and I just found so Fascinating so anyway here's John de's Crypto law organization now and they Wrote the baby was not split the baby is Not a security blind bid SL ask Transactions on an anonymous exchange Vast majority of xrp sales in the case Are not Securities under Howie that 75 Plus years of case law speaking what Case law are the unnamed laughers at Southern District of New York sighting And I'm curious about that as well he Says that it's just laughing stock of The entire District okay who is laughing Can any can a single attorney even be Cided who is laughing at this Decision no as far as I can tell the Answer is no I I don't see this and and I don't know why he would ever think That the asset itself was would ever Be a security just by the nature of it Existing if it's if it's not in the Definition of of of investment contract Then it's not and there are things that Are listed like for instance A stock by the nature of it existing is But there's this list I pulled it up a Number of times on my channel over the Last couple years if it's not listed in The actual definition then it's not by

The nature of an existing a security it Just isn't it can be uh you know part of A scheme that would be would be an Illegal Securities transaction but not The asset Itself um and but then attorney not Attorney Charles gasparino reposted the Crypto law post and wrote The Following Xrp is trading as if it is split and There isn't a Securities lawyer in the Country who is holding what judge torz Oined on this case as a model of San Securities Law interpretation okay and So didn't didn't respond to the question From the crypto law account asking uh Who are these laughers who who are these Individuals that are laughing in this Particular District what what is this And then also didn't dispute the the Legal perspective in that post because Cryptologist said the baby was not split Didn't dispute that either he CH he Changed his comment saying well it's Trading is well what's that have to do With anything the price action going up Or down for xrp has nothing to do with Its legal status that doesn't make a Damn bit of sense and as far as how it's Behaved I mean I just think it shows a a Pretty firm lack of understanding of What causes crypto markets to do what They do uh because look the the asset Class moves in tandem so the fact that Xrp spiked almost basically doubling in

Price in a matter of several hours and Then began trending back downward in Fairly quick order that's not that Sur Surprising because it's not as though There was some sort of influx in capital Uh you know into crypto markets broadly Speaking there was a bit of excitement Around it and then uh it was shortlived And okay like we've seen stuff like this Uh many times in the world of crypto What was happening bigger picture what Was happening with the asset class at The time well Bitcoin was in a downward Trend the asset like xrp historically Has always followed whatever Bitcoin is Doing so to state that xrp is trading as Though there's some sort of split here Is to deny the fact that xrp Historically and provably if you just Look at some charts it's just it's Following Bitcoin and then what do you Know Bitcoin started going up xrp Started going up that's how it always Has been right and the only times that Xrp has ever hit a new all-time high and Gone into face melt mode is when when We're in Euphoria as as a crypto Market Which is led by Bitcoin so no I I I Think it's very clear that xrp is Unshackled now that has this legal Clarity we don't have to worry about About another 2021 repeating where it Won't hit a new all-time high I just and Nobody knows for sure but that's my

Strong supposition uh but clearly the Way it's behaving right now yeah I mean Yeah so you have two and a half years of A damaged xrp price action that you Can't just fix overnight but it's doing What it should be doing Behaviorally it's not behaving as though There's uncertainty resulting from a Clarity action I mean in fact you want To talk about legal Clarity here how About the fact that once this decision Came down the attorneys at basically Every Exchange in the entire entirety of The United States decided it was so Clear that xrp is not a security that Inside of ours this it started getting Relisted coinbase had xrp trading again That day coinbase folks they haven't Historically exactly been that excited To have xrp but they got xrp back back On the platform almost Immediately so no I I I don't think that Anybody out there is thinking that this Was a bad decision ision from Judge Torres and these are conservative Individuals who delisted xrp out of Extreme Caution and and then this Decision comes down and they they don't Even bad and I like yeah exactly that's Because it's a good and Sound Decision And so even if Ripple's actually wrong On the institutional side I don't care It doesn't matter to me and it doesn't Impact uh anything that would matter to

Xrp Holders because the asset itself is Not a Security all right uh now on to this Dogecoin and this is hilarious I just I Got to kick out of this so I thought I'd Just wrap up the video by sharing this It's a funny story a physical Dogecoin Could reach the moon in December when when xrp to the moon when Xrp Moon anyway physical Dogecoin token Could reach Earth's moon in a space Payload Mission planned by Pittsburgh Based firm astrobotic Dogecoin developer Said in an exp poost Thursday Thursday astrobotic plans to send a Physical Dogecoin to the moon in the DHL Moonbox via ula's Vulcan Centaur rocket On December 23rd 2023 doost coin Developer said uh funded by our Community in 2015 and so folks uh I hadn't heard Anything about this not that I'm the you Know the biggest follower of all things Dogecoin like I said I don't even own it I never have Uh so I had to go to a few different Pages just to verify that this is a real Thing and as far as I can tell this is a True thing this is a real news story so Far as I can tell and if I got tricked I Got tricked because it does sound that Absurd it made me kind of go huh but Apparently this is actually real and

It's being reported as an absolutely Real thing that is planned to happen by All sorts of media Outlets so there we Go maybe some of you have heard of this Thing but I this is news to me and I Thought surely this can't be real right But apparently it is piece continues Astrobotics paragen mission one or pm1 Is carrying 21 payloads cargo from Governments companies universities and NASA's commercial lunar payload Services Initiative the same mission is also Scheduled to carry a physical Bitcoin Token in an initiative planned by crypto Exchange bitmex which was announced in May it will also carry a copy of the Genesis block the first block of Bitcoin To be mined Commission by Bitcoin Magazine yeah and so the only thing that I hadn't seen is um exactly what form This physical version is going to take For Doge or even the Bitcoin for that Matter I mean you can like you can print Like you know I have a physical xrp Which is just it's just a mockup of what You know a coin that's xrp and it's Metal uh you know you can buy them on Various websites I'm sure a lot of you Out there listening have that so maybe It's something like that maybe who knows Maybe there's even a QR code so has one Ghost coin exactly but uh I tell you at least we he in the world Of crypto and just broadly

Speaking we we we do appreciate our Losss right we we do have a sense of Humor here Dogecoin on the moon because The whole thing's so damn stupid I I Remember jumping into crypto in late 2017 and I saw a bunch of idiots uh just Typing stuff like wi Moon and wi Lambo And I thought it was so damn funny That's why I have the stupid name that I Have I have the stupidest name in the Entire xrp Community moonl I just slap Those two together But that's why just to see after all These years because I've in crypto six Years now to see that now moon is Actually going to happen for a coin even If it's not my beloved xrp fine I just Think it's Hilarious ah we got to get an xrp up There like we need to start a go f That's probably what we need to do right We need to to to move to get xrp on the Moon Right I'm not a financial adviser you Should not buy your sell anything Because of anything I say or right that Would be a very very very bad idea until Next time to the Moon Lambo


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