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This is about to get really really ugly For those who do not understand what Money is so in today we're going to Break down what money is very Simplistically and if you understand That debt is money and money is debt it Will radically transform your family's Timeline so in today's video I'm going To break down debt monetization it's not Super exciting but you understand how They move money through the system Through debt you can take advantage of The biggest shift in generational wealth My name is Kos B what I work to do is Make very complex macro and Microeconomic strategies very simple so The normal everyday person can Implement Them I teach ways of energy it goes up It goes down and if you do the opposite Of the 99% you can radically transform Your family's life so I teach people What's called tax code 7702 Infinity Banking concept how we ensure our wealth During these volatile times so when it's Down our principal's locked in when it's Upped we're earning and leveraging it's Called The Infinity banking cons concept Index universal life it's worked for me And hundreds of people so if you want to Set up a free consultation click the Description of this video down below You'll set up a free consultation with My licens insurance team in all 50 States number two I have an absolutely

Free guide for you 16-page book at the Back end of every video I show you Exactly what I'm doing it outlines the Whole book it's absolutely free so let's Dive right into it so this video today I Need you get out of pen and paper we're Going to school okay so the first thing We're going to watch is here's why the Feds are going to cut rates we know that Feds are going to cut rates but I want Want you to think of money as debt okay This is super super important if you can Understand this concept it will change The way that you invest all money is is Debt all the feds are doing is Monetizing debt okay so interest rates Are high inflation is high and to cool Inflation they must lower rates why Because all money is debt your income is My debt my debt is your income well what Happens when interest rates are high and People are not borrowing there's no debt In the system everybody's credit cards Are Max so now it's starting to tip into A liquidity crisis so in order to get More debt into the system they feel that They need to lower interest rates okay Then what that does is it gets people to Borrow again and when you borrow that Creates more money but the feds can Print money you can't the feds can print Money and you can't now this has been Going on for a very long time the Problem is we got the brunt of it now

Guys the wealth Gap is massive since 1971 and now when they lower interest Rates you as a middle class is getting Wiped out wiped out moving down to the Working Poor so when they lower these Interest rates and assets go into Hyperinflation you're not going to be Able to afford a home unless you Understand how this works so what I'm Doing is I'm getting into assets that Are going to inflate dramatically when Interest rates go down and when it goes Up I'm pulling profits and I'm just Moving it into debt monetization which I'll explain on the back in this video So let's first watch this video okay and We need to start to understand what the Feds are going to do on the back end of This year Everybody's you know worried about the Super Bowl and the presidential election Guys the president doesn't make the Decisions on a cbdc the president Doesn't make the dec it is the feds the Central banks that make these decisions Guys it's the bank of banks so all the Central banks in the world are all over Leverage right now okay there's only Debt in the system so there's only two Ways they can fix this lower rates print More money create more debt or reset the System there's only two ways they're not Going to reset the system right now They're going to lower rates and print

More money which is going to make the Wealth Gap extremely massive in between The rich and poor and I'd much rather be On the wealthy side so I can create Resources for my people so let's listen This first video it's our next guest is Vetting that a rally is head is ahead For treasuries and we could get a Downside for equities joining us now Kamal SRI Kumar president of Sri Kumar Global strategies and former Chief Global strategist for TCW thank you for Being here SRI um explain that explain That thinking for us what what would be The the driver of those two markets The driver here and I think the Consumers are said to be very strong Part of the economy right now Lesly I Put out a report on Saturday saying that Is where actually a serious weakness Lies consumer spending is supporting the US economy but consumer spending has Been rising faster than income and in The four largest US banks credit card Loans Rose even faster than consumer Spending so the Okay so that's what I Want you guys to hear we're not going to Go into all the rest of it so what he's Saying is consumer spending is rising But it's with Debt Guys and I showed you The consumer credit index yesterday it's Maxed so people now because I was in Costco this last weekend my Costco Hall Was $500 for 32 items stake four or five

Stakes was like 70 bucks so what's Happening now the stimulus has dried up People don't have more income so they're Stacking their credit cards they're Going out a last shepher trying to get More credit the banks are starting to Get liquidated because remember debt is Income but when people can't service That debt we're going to head into What's called a recession okay so what They're going to do is to try to correct This right before the presidential Election which helps you tremendously When you own cryptocurrency stocks or Real estate is your assets are going to Go through the roof but I want you to Understand this is a really cute video That I saw it's said the trouble with Debt monetization um I'd highly check Out this video so we're going to watch Uh the first three minutes of it but we Need to understand I want to educate you On what money is once you understand It's just debt family all the feds do is They print they buy junk bonds they they Take uh a bad debt off of the big Companies and they package it up and Sell it back it's just it's literally a Ponzi scheme money's moving through the System so you got to flow with that Money you got to understand where the Money's going when they lower interest Rates your crypto your stocks and your House is going to go through the roof on

The back end this year but you have to Have an Exit Plan you exit because what Goes up must come down you exit and then You put it into tangible things real Estate Insurance lock it into businesses And then when the cycle comes down you Buy back in we just follow the wave That's all we do family it's not that Difficult as of writing this script the National debt is just under $20 trillion It has been a concern for many people For quite some time but there are some People who assert that the debt doesn't Actually exist which is crazy this video Was six years ago 20 trillion then I'm Going to show you the debt Clock after This you're gonna your pants man How much it's gone up for six years There are multiple variations on the Arguments asserting this claim but they All base their conclusion on two points One the debt is denominated in US Dollars and two the US controls the Issuance of US Dollars the logic or a Lack thereof behind this is that the US Can create dollars to pay its debts Needless to say there are some problems With this logic firstly the ability to Quickly pay off a debt doesn't mean that It doesn't exist your ability to buy More toilet paper doesn't mean that you Suddenly have more of it when you run Out secondly the ability to do this is Not as simple as it is portrayed and it

Is not without without serious Consequences what is being proposed here Is something I mentioned in part one Called debt monetization debt Monetization is when the government Creates money from nothing and then uses These newly created dollars to pay off Its debt what this has done is add a Bunch of new dollars into the economy When the number of dollars increases the Prices of everything else increases Which in economics is called inflation The fury behind debt monetization is That it will cause prices to go up Especially for those who are unemployed Or underemployed what really concerns People about debt monetization is Hyperinflation hyperinflation is when Prices go up dramatically in a very Short time inflation is just the first Identifiable issue with debt Monetization okay so I want you guys to Hear that part okay so that's what You're experiencing right now that's why If you made $100,000 in 2020 the Inflation rent's gone up gas has gone up Stakes have gone up and now you make About $75,000 without doing anything so When you're watching the presidential Election you're watching all this stuff Happen like oh we're lowering rates you Get super excited but the environment We're in right now because of so much Printed money because interest rates

Were low for such a long time they're Literally robbing Peter to pay Paul so When they lower interest rates if you're Not an investor and you're not properly Allocated into assets and you don't know How to exit these markets and you're Just a normal everyday person cruising Along with your 401k you're going to get Wrecked there's going to be so much Hyperinflation within the system because The house that I bought last year is Going to go over a million right the $600,000 house is going to shoot over a Million okay then I have equity in that Home boom I'll borrow from that equity And I'll buy a rental property what most People do is watch it go up and go down When my crypto goes up I'm going to pull 50% of my crypto I'm GNA Max Fund my Index Universal Life policies and I'll Leverage against my policies to buy more Real estate I'm going to use their lack Of discipline and debt monetization to My advantage that's the key to this okay So when they lower interest rates again Just remember they lower interest rates Your assets are going to go up but what Goes up what happens family must Come down it's always going to come back Down it's just a wave it's just a cycle Just like you everything is a wave Everything is energy everybody goes up They're in you know great mood and then You go back down the markets go up and

Then it goes back down this has been Happening everybody's waiting for a Savior Jesus said there's no savior to Coming coming to save you in the Beginning is the end and in the end You'll find out it's in the beginning It's you guys it's you so remember when I told you six years ago it said 20 20 Trillion we're at 34 trillion and national debt okay so I Just wanted to help you guys understand At a deep level what is money money is Just debt so hopefully that makes sense Comment down below if that makes sense To you when you understand that money is Just debt you think differently about it So we know that all the feds can do now Like write this down all the feds can do Now is either reset the system the Central banks all the central banks are Working together around the world just So you guys know there's probably going To be some sort of reset but it's going To be in a digital currency type of way There's going to be an asset back Currency at some point is it going to Happen happen next 12 months probably Not not during the presidential election Will it happen next 10 years absolutely But during those next 10 years you can Become the new richest family in the World so another thing I want to say to You guys is this this whole protesting And going out there and fighting against

An invisible enemy guess what that's What they want They're laughing at you You're in your jacked up truck paying $1,200 a month you can barely afford to Put gas in it but you're protesting when You should be creating a budget getting Your together invest they don't Want you investing they don't want you Focus on that they want us fighting Against each other they want the left And right fighting confused they want Transgender versus non-transgender Fighting and Confused they don't want us All getting our together and Realizing that we are the problem that We are the cause that we are the Cure That we are the solve and that's what Jesus was teaching he's like get your together like stop you know he says Oh oh oh Jesus they try to mock him who Who should we pay our taxes to and he Says who's on the coin they're like Caesar he says pay your taxes to Caesar Give to God what is his give to me what Is Mine there's no problem there's no Problem you're the problem it's your Decisions your actions your behaviors I'm living walking breathing proof of That was on my parents couch in 2020 and Now I'm financially free spiritually Free and mentally free I just finally Took sovereignty of my own wealth and Health and abundance it's it's that it's

Really that simple but it's so complex Right don't let your left hand know what Your right hand is doing guys your right Brain controls your left hand we can go Deep into that I do that on my other Channel refined Integrity but anyways so At the end of every video this is in the 16 page free book that's down Description of this video or in my Social media platform I break down Exactly what I'm doing so I have Cryptocurrency um I've invested quite a Bit into cryptocurrency in my opinion I've been dollar cost averaging since 2020 I've bought the dips okay when it Goes up in the Bull Run 2024 2025 I'm Using Merlin the smartest way to track Your crypto we created this because we Used to do spreadsheets we created this We have coming up on God we're going to Come up on 3,000 customers pretty soon It is absolutely amazing we created a System where you can actually set up an Exit Plan where we'll alert you when You're close to your exit Target so it's 30 days for free in the description of This video you can all download it okay When it goes up I'll be exiting at Targets on the way up when I pull I'm Not going to be buying Lambos and big Houses and stuff like that those things Will come in the future if I choose to Buy those things but I will not buy Those things unless they're bought and

Paid for by an asset I don't buy Liabilities unless an asset P for it I'm Taking that money I'm Max funding my Index Universal Life policies I'm going To be getting more precious metals and I'm going to be tapping into real estate Right then I'll let that settle for just A moment when the markets when the Markets come back down when the markets Come back down my apologies for that When the markets come back down I'll buy Back in and I'll just follow the waves Of Cycles when it goes down I buy back In when it goes up I sell but when I Sell I make sure that I'm putting it in Things like tier one capital and things That have been here forever silver I Don't have any gold yet but silver I Have silver uh I'm getting into real Estate now these are tangible things That I can touch and feel right so I Have some untangle fake Air money like Crypto and fiat currency and I'll use That fake money that they can monetize And just print it's fake guys you have To look at it fake they can just turn The printing the thing is you can't turn The printing machine on they can okay That's the difference and if you don't Think the wealth Gap is big now guys the Wealth Gap is going to be massive and This whole time you're fighting Invisible enemy and then you're not Going to have any fight left in you

Because you can't feed your family and Guess what they're going to come out With a Fed now Services is going to be To put money right in your bank account Ubi Universal basic income I ain't Waiting for someone to come support me So I hope this information I hope that Wasn't confusing so um I just want to Get this information out to as many Humans as possible so many free Resources in description of this video Or my social media platform can set up a Free consultation with my insurance team But a lot of people it's funny a lot of People are setting up consultations and They're like yeah you know when they Have realize how much they have to save You guys you have to have about two Million two million to retire Comfortably now you have you have to Start now like now like there is now so What I did is not only did I start now 41 now I'm 48 but I also got my kids set Up and you should be getting we have What's called the million-dollar baby Too you should be setting your kids up As well give them a fighting chance man You know get rid of the big ass jacked Up truck $1,200 payment get rid of the Two cars go down to one you know humble Yourself create a budget because there's Nothing better than Financial Freedom You can get all the stuff later guys I'll buy all the cool stuff later but I

Will not buy that stuff until an asset Can pay for it I'm no longer going to Pay for liabilities myself okay I'm a Big enough liability on my own self my Own Consciousness so I love you guys I Appreciate you as we always say Warriors Rise get your together love [Music] You


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