Ripple/XRP-David Schwartz-Dream Scenario,SEC vs Ripple Settlement/Remedies, $30T= $2,820.69 Per XRP

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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines David Schwarz is Back with a dream Scenario uh yeah you're GNA like it and I love it somebody roll that beautiful [Music] [Applause] Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on [Applause] In Welcome back to the show you can follow Us on Twitter and YouTube for exclusive Content right now it is$ 1.73 trillion Market cap for crypto to Market is off By 0.1% 43,000 Plus for Bitcoin 2,300 Plus for ethereum 96.1 uh billion plus for tether market Cap xrp's 51 cents ladies and gentlemen And we are up 3.8 on the 2 24 hour and Off by 1.9 on the 7 Day range of price Very quickly did dip down to0 4989 and ranging as high as 05261 we're Sitting at 0. 5196 that's where we're at ladies and Gentlem if you haven't done it we're now 89 days away 13 hours in counting until Xrp Las Vegas I tell you what David Schwarz is going to be on stage do you Think he's got a lot to talk about and Say what do you think he's going to talk About automated market makers clawbacks Smart contract I the the list goes on Ladies and gentlemen this is going to be

An Incredible opportunity to hear David Talk about some things that are going to Be brand new to The xrp Ledger as well As so many other incredible incredible Guests that are participating and Sponsors make sure you go to xrp Las click the link below get your Ticket VIP is going to sell out very Quickly now before we move through the Rest of this information and this Information today is absolute f Fire by The way you're going to love it and so Is this let's keep in mind here as John Deon touches on potential settlement Remedies and appeal and I just want to Highlight inside of This that he says basically here uh if You go into this he says I don't think There are any talks for settlement right Now there's still scorched Earth Litigation even in the remedy stage but Then he went on to say here uh the Settlements can still happen in the Future additionally he pointed out that The SEC can still initiate a settlement If it believes it can get more from Ripple through a settlement than from What the judge could rule there's your There's your measure right There so now this is going to come down To where we're at now does the SEC Believe if they hold out for the judge's Ruling that it would be a more favorable

Ruling for them than to settle I'm Starting to think think where things are That may be a settlement over the judge Because we have continually seen the SEC Lose in other cases recently the debt Boox case right where they're losing Legal ground to stand on and we know That they've been called out all the way Up to this point so this does get very Interesting another interesting point About this article in John deon's Comments here is he talks about the idea That you could see Ripple literally any End up paying less than they spent for Their own legal Defense that's insane if that doesn't Show you what a bully the SEC is I don't Know what does to be perfectly Honest then this here from Bill Morgan Who highlights to keep in mind here February 12th is the next window to Watch out for a key date for The Case of The SEC versus Ripple which is when the Parties are expected to complete all Remedies related Discovery so we're just Just you know uh 9 days away from that Along these lines a pivotal ruling of The sec's motion to compel Ripple to Produce certain financial information Might shape events so that could let us Know whether the SEC is going to lean Into some kind of a settlement or Whether they're going to forge forward And hope that the judge gives them a

Favorable ruling I don't know it hasn't Been favorable for the SEC so far right So we shall see one thing's for sure is They will take it to the 11th hour That's what they do now I want you to Listen to this clip here as Swift Iso20022 Global implementations will Make xrp holders millionaires says High Vibe we know xrp operates as a currency On the Swift blockchain also Iso20022 Complement everything we've heard about Xrp in the past is coming true well Listen to this as it talks about uh the Financial system and where we're going Here payments okay how however there's a Lot of things coming just literally Right around the corner we already have Fed now we're going to have Swift Mandates we're going to have sepa inst Um you know there is just going to be a Lot just in the payments Arena not Necessarily just the whole of FS but in The payments there's a lot that's going To start to happen and the issue that we Have there is actually when we have These dates they always get tighted Towards the end well 2024 and 2025 is going to be the years we're Going to have to do it we already have 76 ISO 2022 clearings out there however We're now getting mandates we're not Getting industry change as you say it is The Tipping Point when next year 2024

We're going to get busy with ISO 2022 Frankly whether we like it or not okay Restructuring of it it really is very Deep you know payments me you I'm a Payments guy but you know payments is Not the be all and end all of banking And you know it's just part of it but All the other systems that are inside of The bank need to talk to the payment System if you will it's the bit in you Know the very heart of it so those Things need to change too otherwise You're just putting a layer and you Could argue you're just putting lipstick On a pig and that's not what anybody Wants to do might be what they have to Do but it's not what they really want to Do so it is if effectively anything that Touches payments needs to get changed And I think the the way to fix that in Many ways is to automate and the issue That we have here is effectively the the Testing and the validation of an ISO Project 30 to 50% of that is just in the Testing piece well if we could automate That then you're going to save yourself An awful lot of time and get those People customer facing you this is where We're going And in short order is what this Gentleman is telling us cuz payments is His Business 2024 is going to be an Incredible year according to what he

Just said now I hope you're following That because this is where we're going Remember this is happening behind the Scenes while we're seeing all of this Positioning and posturing by the Financial players of the world to begin To take advantage of this new technology Inside of their business models and Payment flows Xrp users to benefit from automated Market makers on corium as corium plans Launch of The xrp Ledger bridge and Don't you know we're going to have People from Corum on stage at xrp Las Vegas to tell you all about it oh you're Going to want to know about it I've been Hip to Quorum for a a year or two super Excited about what corum's going to be Doing we covered this Yesterday this was ol sovia senior Director head of product marketing at Ripple ex coinbase and Google pay guy And he says we're excited to wrap up January with fresh updates from Ripple I'll pin this in two simple categories Building and growing building 90% of our Business is outside the United States After being relatively quiet for the Past three years in the United States For rippo payments we're geed up to Announce new product updates powered by Our money transmitter license known as Mtls that cover the majority of the US States how about

That then there was This recent clip of David Schwarz and This has always been the reason why I'm Here I know the world and the United States need a solution to the current Monetary crisis take a listen one of the Crazy of the one of the crazy success Outcomes that I could see is like I Could see a place where the United States says look the dollar is not going To be able to hold on to its position of Dominance but we'd rather whatever Becomes the sort of next dominant Settlement uh you know unit not be Something controlled by Russia or China Or you know a geopolitical rival you I You could almost see them deciding that A cryptocurrency was less a less bad out Come for them and it may be that there's No geopolitical entity that's strong Enough to take over the role that the United States had and so maybe they Decide on some neutral Asset I don't know you can dream right You're damn right you can dream David Schwarz and you know what this was very Similar to a conversation I had with David Schwarz in 2019 in Singapore and It was an open conversation there was Nothing you know there was nothing uh Less than professional discuss you know I mean it was just the idea of this Macro understanding of why xrp is here Why it's being introduced to the

World another Caption of David Schwarz and his dream Scenario my dream scenario is Swift Makes a deal with ripple where all the Banks get get to use Ripple net for free Maybe even paying Swift fits our xrp Strategy Perfectly then there's this from about a Year ago go you know what the funny Thing is is I don't hear all these crypto Twitter trolls attacking David for saying much the same thing That aligns with My Philosophy since Before I was even a fraking YouTuber I don't hear them chasing him Down and telling him he doesn't have the Right to discuss that idea oh it's too Big David you're not allowed to do that I didn't know if you were allowed to do That yeah the the the crypto Twitter Police they don't approve of this kind Of talk David I don't know if you know That but I know they give you a Pass I love it Because listen there's the B there's the Bottom up and the top down and as I have Said multiple times neither one is the Golden Strategy both are necessary and what is Required to make either strategy bottom Up top down Successful is legislative Clarity period full Stop give us that and then let's watch

And see what people and businesses Decide to do take a listen like a threat To Dollar dominance for example like if There was some credible threat to Dollar Dominance like that like I know it's Kind of a fantasy here but like if there Was some other country you know let's Say a large country like you know China Or Russia that like implemented some System that was some sort of threat to Dollar dominance then you could see the United States responding you know if They thought that a technological Solution was the best solution they'd Probably you would see a priority that You wouldn't see under any other Scenario despite their their natural Conservatism and there you have it and What happened two days ago Saudi Arabia Officially joined the bricks Coalition Which means we told you to take your Petro dollar agreement and go fly a kite With it Uhuh if that scenario continues to play Out it will as as I see where I'm Sitting it will require a huge liquidity Injection to the xrp Ledger and the Deck and one of the quickest ways to do That is to use the dtcc and the newly Acquired securency is now called digital Assets as a part of the dtcc and start To inject the liquidity of huge volume And settlement of assets and Derivatives listen to CEO Graham rodford

What he said at the most recent November Swell conference just recent uh 2023 Here just a couple months ago 30 to Trillion 30 to 50 trillion on The xrp Ledger by 2025 he believes trillion all On xrp trading on artx here we go find My original projections but the the Total Market is 1.4 quadr in everything That's ever out there and if you start Looking across any of those asset Classes they're all starting to move on Chain already um and the ease with which We've seen people interested in money Market fund tokenized treasuries and Those types of instruments the support For stable coins when you're talking About replacing cash when I see dtcc Euro clear clear stream you know it only Takes one of them to flip on to natively Digital and that's truly it only takes One of them to flip on Native digital Where they're just natively settling in Digital assets because the payment Systems are coexisting they're running Parallel to one another that's what he Understands and it'll just take one of Those big entities to do that and all of A sudden the liquidity flow just like Railroad tracks changing from going Right to Left once the tracks change it's On that's where we are and we've been Here and people get frustrated and come Up with these false narratives they come

Up with these false water marks in their Head I believe the price should have Moved when the case settled I believe The price should have moved when then This was approved I believe the Clawbacks or the automated market makers Or why didn't the price move why didn't The price move why didn't the price move We don't have legislative Clarity have You seen the bank start using it in the United States then it's the same damn Answer we're looking for I know it's Frust Frustrating but let's be Clear we're not crazy we're still Waiting for the same Thing when we get it is when I can make A really informed decision about what's Going to happen or not it's not until Then but I ran the 30 trillion out of The 30 to 50 trillion that we just heard Mentioned there and shout out to xrpl HQ Shout out to Trey and I set this at 30 trillion for Total estimated daily transaction Volume store value I put at 30 Circulating Supply at 50 I hit calculate It's a $ 28269 Xrp now you know what I'm going to do Now I'm going to take this as an extreme And say you know what let's let's assume That that guy is completely way off and I'm going to move it to to 1 trillion in

Store value and 1 trillion in Daily Transactional Volume 50 50 billion Supply I haven't Changed a thing over here it was in the Default settings it still Is let's hit calculate that's a $942 Xrp now I don't know about either one of You but if we don't hit the 30 to 50 Trillion by 2025 and we're at 1 trillion Or you going to call this a Failure because you won't do it at my House you won't be welcome Here that's why when I see targets like Five eight bucks 13 bucks $27 yes I have plans to enjoy some Profits at some of those price points But what I am here for is the Integration of this asset inside of the Financial system and it hasn't happened Yet it's doing it outside of the US I want to see the adoption inside the Entire Financial system I want to see That there's absolute Clarity the OCC The SEC and no other agency is stepping In between and saying not so fast Not Just Sh let me see the open free market you Regulated free market using this asset And then we'll Talk because I believe that is really All we've been waiting On I hope you will join us in the Freedom Zone ladies and gentlemen dig if you want to support The channel you could do it for almost Next to nothing we're very grateful for Every one of you no doubt about it it's Growing like crazy inside of there make Sure you uh click the link underneath or Just go to dig and come on In it's the freedom Zone we're going in Right now uh I'll catch all of you on The next one not Financial advice for me Or anyone Else


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