XRP: 82% December Price INCREASE ON AVERAGE, But There’s MORE To The Story…

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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel here's a headline from you today Xrp price history hints at 82% increase In December but there's a catch now this Story really caught my attention because They're actually referencing material That I happen to have highlighted in Great detail uh recently it may have Been I don't know 3 or four weeks ago The days blur together at this point as Through the weeks and months and years Apparently but I did recently talk about This and um I wanted to highlight and I Want to share with you a specific Message on this because um yes there's That it's just data the the average Returns 82% in December is that what's Probable actually no and I'll explain Why but even though it's true that it's Unlikely if you just look in terms of What's most probable based on historical Data that the answer is no we're going To have a bad December despite that Being the case I have a message of Optimism and I'm not convinced that that Uh we're going to have a bad December Even though it wouldn't be unreasonable To surmise that based on the data and I'll explain in Greater detail what I Mean uh and then there was also this Headline from the Crypt basic Ripple CTO Compares Ripple to Amazon in bid to Dispel claims xrp holders are investors In Ripple yeah so look folks this is one

Of those things that really grinds my Gears these argument and it's amazing Because I saw this crap in 2017 and it Was more prevalent back then but these Arguments that if you hold xrp you're Basically like a shareholder in Ripple What a bunch of BS nonsense obviously But I want to share with you how David Schwarz handled somebody coming at him Like that but before going further I do Want to be clear I do not have a Financial background of any kind I am Not offering Financial advice and you Definitely should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right I'm just an Enthusiast who enjoys Making YouTube videos about crypto Related topics but just as a hobby and Just for fun all right so into the first Topic as the crypto Market approaches The final stretch of 2023 all eyes are On xrp as investors eagerly anticipate Potential gains according to data from The crypto rank portal the average Monthly return for xrp in December is Projected to SAR to an impressive 82.7% folks well hallo year that sounds Like a high number that I'd like to see In fact they note in the next sentence That if that materializes that Percentage Increase that would bring xrp to $110 per token not quite the promised Land but hell that's a lot better than

What we got right now with it being what 60 something cents 61 cents at the time I'm recording This okay so I mean that's just data That's just numbers you know me I'm a Big logic reason data type of guy so Yeah $110 that's what we should bet on Right well maybe maybe not let me go a Little bit further here peace continues However a closer examination reveals a Nuanced reality over the past 5 years Starting from 2018 December has proven To be a challenging month for xrp with Each year reporting negative returns and So look this is where they were pulling The data from and this is the website That I shared uh however long ago it's Probably three or four weeks I don't Know uh but this comes from crypto Rank And what it's showing you here is the Price performance of xrp dating back to The beginning literally August of 2013 And it shows you the performance whether It's up whether it's down what the Percentage is up or down every single Month through to this current Point November and November's not finished but At the the time I'm recording this it's Up for the month 1.99% right so we have no data this year Obviously because we're not in December Yet we have no data for December of 2023 But we do have 10 data points right for December they're on your screen so look

Here's the deal most months are down in Terms of price action for xrp most Months are down and it's easy to see why People get so easily shaken out of their Positions because most of what it is to Be holding xrp is to just suffer you Know in terms of price action it's Moving sideways roughly it's moving down It's not moving up you know that's it's Not it's not as likely okay if here's The deal if you were to if I were to ask You next month it doesn't matter what The month is I could ask you it at any Point in time next month will the price Of xrp be up or down if you bet down There's a high probability you're right You just wage your money on and you just Be winning Right but uh but look so yes most months For xrp are down holding xrp is too Suffer obviously with the Bitcoin Maxi Trolls coming at us we got the SEC Nonsense all that but it's it's not Unreasonable to think that xrp could be Up substantially this December so long As crypto is grinding higher with Bitcoin leading the way because the the Truth is that most months are negative For xrp but it has stayed in the top 10 Coins by market cap its whole life its Entire existence because here's the deal When xrp runs it melts faces there look There are people walking around right Now maybe you've seen them there were

People walking around today without Faces from an injury they suffered in 2017 when xrp ran to its alltime High right that's a true story that's a Real thing are people without faces Right now so when xrp goes it really Melts it gets hot right it gets huge Jumps in terms of Price and then it still spins most Months going down in price so the reason That it's still in the top 10 by market Cap is because when it goes it really Goes I mean here you can see in 2017 Eight for that month 88% up here you can See in 2014 118% off but mind you we've Got 10 data points for December for xrp That's that's all we have right now 10 Data points and there were three were Three times that December was positive The other seven it was Negative and I know one of those was uh You know one of those was 2020 and with The SEC who knows what would have Happened maybe that one would have but Still that the data is the data so 3 Months positive 7 months negative right But see that's why I wanted to tell you Even though and this is what two things Here this is why frequently it's more Meaningful to look at uh when you're When you're considering data to look at Median data rather than averages Obviously because it's everything so Skewed with you know the 88% and the

118% and then everything else is Negative just about you know so there's That uh but then also and this is why I Told you at the outside of the video Like this is my message of Hope like We're in a hot market right now we In the the market bottomed a year ago Right we've been inching upward I know That we had a rough summer we had a few Months down but nothing goes up in a Straight line right but the point Is in particular in recent weeks things Have been really hot so if we are going To see for crypto broadly a very Positive December it is quite plausible To think that xrp could finally see Another freaking green month because the Last green month we had in for the month Of December was in 2017 it's been Negative every December since Then but it's not so I don't know it's Going to happen I'm just telling you There's a message of optimism look if The Market's going to go why couldn't Xrp go substantially higher these are The types of bullish conditions that we Want to see that we don't usually get to See because most of what it is to be an Xrp is to suffer basically it's to move Sideways and see downward price action This is different this moment we're in Right now it doesn't it seem that way it Has been certainly recently unless you Think that it was all just a big joke

And it's all going to go crumbling on Down or if we get a Black Swan event Okay but that's why my message is is one Of optimism I don't know what's going to Happen for sure I don't make prize Predictions but I'm Optimistic you know there will be Another green December for xrp at some Point and whether it's this year or some Year in the future okay fine but it's Certainly plausible given the current Conditions to think that yes we could See That then there's this piece Ripple CTO Compares Ripple to Amazon and bid to Dispel claims xrp holders are investors In Ripple and I just I appreciate their Response he's always got a sense of Humor about himself something too in a Recent tweet Ripple's Chief technology Officer David Schwarz responded to Assertions that xrp holders should be Regarded as investors in Ripple Schwarz County countered the hypothetical Claim By drawing parallels with the e-commerce Giant Amazon notably the Ripple CTO Initiated the discussion while Expressing dissent regarding the Operation of a billion dooll company With a board of directors not answerable To investers Schwarz was speaking on the Recent open AI incident involving the Sack of Sam Altman quote and this is

David Schwarz here I was just thinking Maybe a board that's not accountable to Investors and leaving the CEO and Employees out of the upside isn't such a Great way to run a multi-billion doll Tech company end quote no kidding an xrp Enthusiast blockchain Maverick joined The conversation advocating for xrp Investors in response to schwarz's Perspective oh blockchain Maverick thank You for advocating on my behalf I didn't Know you were doing that just for me and For everybody else out there listening Right now what a standup guy Except I don't agree with his opinion nothing Personal against the guy I don't know Who blockchain fabric is but uh the Position held is not reasonable piece Continues in particular blockchain Maverick boldly asserted that xrp Holders qualify as investors in Ripple This claim is rooted in the view that The line share of the funds driving Ripple's business operations is sourced From purchasers of the xrp Token Now it's it's just F in light of you Know the conclusion of the most core Aspect of the secv Ripple law whether or Not xrp itself is a security in light of That and understanding the clarity that There is in terms of secondary Market Transactions it's exceedingly absurd

That somebody in 2023 after that after That ruling would still argue nonsense Like That really steams my vegetabl Son here's how David Schwarz handled let Me go keep going through the article Here In dispelling the view that xrp holders Deserve recognition as Ripple investors Schwarz drew a comparison with Amazon's Business model he highlighted that the Majority of the funds sustaining Amazon's business operations are derived From individuals who use the platform to Purchase items from third party sellers Quote does that make them investors in Amazon end quot that's a pretty good Point there well I mean if that's all it Takes right stands to re you're buying Stuff on Amazon so you you I guess you Own Amazon right you're you're right You're getting something and it's Because Amazon exists right you're Getting a Product Right oh You Gotta Love David Schwarz That's it's it's a brilliant point the Way his mind works it's a beautiful Thing he's literally a genius Obviously but the way his mind works he Just has these unique perspectives very Frequently and the way that he Articulates things and I to me this is One of them

Anyway peace continues however some Crypto enthusiasts failed to welcome Schwarz's analogy not quite the same an Xrp supporter noted in reply arguing That Amazon did not create the goods it Ripple CTO countered this noting that it Would not make a difference if Amazon Created all or none of the goods on its Platform meanwhile blockchain Maverick Highlighted that the Ripple team had Opted for the release of xrp as a Substitute for an IPO his point was that Ripple aimed to benefit from xrp P like They would have benefited from an IPO Except for and I know you guys have to Know this right if if you have an IPO And people are purchasing stock there Are certain rights that that are Associated with that with an ownership Position in the company which is what That is and there's certain Guarantees and legally binding contracts None of what you have with xrp and is This not of material difference to Blockchain Maverick apparently not peace Continues SCH clarified noting from a Personal standpoint that his intention And conviction were consistently aligned With the idea that Ripple would generate Revenue through an IPO moreover he Claimed this perspective influenced his Decision to opt for ripple stock rather Than xrp as compensation furthermore he Noted that the deviation from the IPO

Trajectory at least from his standpoint Was wholly Unexpected so yeah and I talks about That too as far as you know Ripple Having an IPO ultimately I think it's an Inevitability but um it's it's not going To be happening anytime soon and by the Way that's not speculation I don't know If you heard I've talked about a couple Times in recent videos um that that Comes from the top at Ripple that that Absolutely is the case U they're not Going to have an IPO but that's just in the short term M It doesn't mean forever for the rest of Time it's guaranteed that there won't be One it just means in the short now That's so what does short-term mean I Don't know I guess ask Brad Garling House is it is it a mon is it three Months is it half a year is it a year is It two years I don't know probably not The first half of next year though if I Just had to make a four fund Guess but it just it's just you know With with the current regulatory Environment they just when they went to The road show this year turns out they Just looks like they just didn't get the Positive uh response that they were Expecting now the good thing is they Basically have more money than God so For them it doesn't matter it's just Like in terms of what you could do if

You did have an IPO versus not there is A material difference there in terms of Ripples You know financial situation they're Golden it's it's it's not it's not going To hurt them um but but it still will Come so that's where're at right now Either way blockchain Maverick nothing Against you man I don't know who you are But this does not make sense this does Not make sense I'm not a financial Adviser you should not buy or sell Anything because of anything I say or Right that would be a very very very bad Idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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