Ripple/XRP-Crypto Battle Lines Drawn-XRP/ETPs-Uphold & Ripple Liquidity Hub-December 2023 $5Billion?

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Welcome back to the show everybody and Listen to these headlines here Elizabeth Warren draws the crypto battle lines and We've got uphold and ripple and we sit Down with the CEO from uphold Simon Mcgoffin and he tells us about the very Re live Ripple liquidity Hub that is Launching days away come on in we got That and so much more somebody roll that Beautiful Intro Digital perspectives with Brad KES come On In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on YouTube and Twitter for Exclusive content right now it's $1.48 Trillion market cap for crypto and the Market is up 2.7% right now we'll take it in the last 24 hours you know what Happy Thanksgiving to everybody out here and All of your families and happy Thursday If you don't celebrate Thanksgiving how About that one uh Bitcoin 37,400 plus Just over $2,000 for ethereum at the Moment tether market cap is 88.6 billion For now and number five spot is xrp at 61 cents we recovered 3.5% in the last 24 hours still off by 4.2 on the 7 day Let's look at the range of price quickly Here ranging between 59 cents on the Bottom and 62 cents on the top we'll Keep an eye on it as we move forward but Let's let's go here let's go it's I

Trust Capital ladies and gentlemen now You know it gratuitous sponsor break Right here ladies and gentlemen that's Exactly right yeah Daddy needs a new Pair of sneakers and look I was a Customer before they were a sponsor and That's how they became a sponsor because They were such a great company and so Impressive I sat down with them and said You know what let's figure something out Here and we did we have for years and it Trust Capital has been serving as the Best Ira in the crypto space buying gold Silver crypto IAS as well and you just Click the link underneath the video and You can find out just how easy it is to Get your own back office and roll over Your 401k 403b 457 and more so many People have taken advantage of this what A great company here uh make sure you Check them out for yourself this is a Beautiful message right here from Navin Gupta understanding what's going on Geopolitical events around the world That are just really you know quite Depressing here I think this is a Beautiful message from naven and one That I practiced for a more than a Decade now in my life close to two Decades actually uh meditation something I do every day if you don't know it and Uh it can bring a lot of focus in your Life there's no doubt about it and just Take a listen to this beautiful message

Here from Navi um I wouldn't say Blockchainbased superpower but I would Definitely say I would want the whole World to learn to meditate to do Meditation and the reason that is we Have got so much Strife in the world Because we think person a is different From person B but through meditation you Essentially realize hey you know what we Are all one and we can live Peacefully together right there is Enough resources in the world there's Enough money in the world there is Enough um um uh resources in the world All we need to have is a big heart so That we are able to share right and I Think the world needs more peace the World needs more understanding and Meditation brings that to us there's no Question about what a beautiful message From naven and I hope if you haven't Tried it you could simply pull a guided Meditation and uh try it for yourself It's it's worth the five or 10 minutes a Day there's no question about it let's Start right here because Warren Elizabeth Warren somebody could probably Stand to sit down do some meditation or Damn so uh this is Sam Lyman here says Let's do Central Bank digital currency I Think it's time for us to move in that Direction oh yeah listen to what she Says here the battle lines are clearly Drawn by Senator Elizabeth Warren here

On the crypto space take a listen that Banks do wrong if you think we could Improve that in a digital world the Answer is sure you could but in that Case let's do a central bank digital Currency are you there oh for a central Bank digital currency yes I think it's Time for us to Mo essentially because We're you know the thing is when you Look at every piece of paper currency we Issue not with coins but every paper Currency has its own identity mhm so Essentially we're prepared for the Blockchain now with with currency should That be how we build this so I think of It as again what's the problem you're Trying to solve and if the problem You're trying to solve is fast almost Frictionless ability to send money Across the country do it rapidly send it Around the world be able to send it to Your cousins in Argentina if that's what You're trying to solve a central bank Digital currency does that and you don't Really need a stable coin for that You've already got a dollar denominated You don't really need a Bitcoin to be Able to do that so then the question Becomes so what is it that the Bitcoin What problem is it solving for and now We get into a very different Space let me tell you what if we're Going to talk about what we're going to Solve with a cbdc let me tell you what

We need to solve not only we need to Solve frictionless payments which could Do with stable coins as well but let's Also solve the problem of making sure That that digital dollar whether it's a Stable coin or a cbdc has the same Rights and privacy as that paper one I Have in my pocket right now don't Compare Bitcoin to to cash please don't Do that Elizabeth it sickens me then There's This uh this is about USD tether and It's clear from Senator lumus uh just Not long ago a couple weeks ago who said That we need to do something about Binance and tether and the illicit Activity that's going on well we just Saw binance get its wings clipped we Know that uh cz's had to step down There's charges against him there's Going to be 4.3 billion and penalties Paid whatever have you you know uh but Let's look at uh tether has not been Dealt with yet and I have said and Speculated that I believe taking binance Down in the manner that they have done Is another way way to cut a leg of Liquidity out from underneath of tether Uhhuh let's take a look at this not Tiger Global says if we're all being Honest with ourselves a doj treated Binance like a large traditional Financial institution they acknowledge Crypto contagion if they rugged the

Company today and they didn't do that Because that's the way it was handled Says I don't believe that the United States government wants crypto to fail But they do want the control the Critical infrastructure absolutely true Bit fin next here here says the most Financed approach or yeah the most Balanced approach is criminal charges For tether and tether Executives along With massive fines against tether and Tether's Executives like what we've seen With binance the actual tether Network On blockchain can't ever come into Compliance without making tether Completely pointless so we'd likely see An orderly windown of the operations Tether would need to kyc AML every Single solitary transaction not just Their so-called customers this is a Fantastic point being made here no more Tethers out of thin air on the weekend To Goose the markets and then backed Some point later after triggering Liquidations uhhuh that is a very very Smart uh overview as far as I'm Concerned here tether is definitely next On The Hit List make no mistake about it And as yall see Mubarak has said here The battle lines are becoming clear yes The crypto battle lines have been drawn By Elizabeth Warren and have been for Some time watch out ladies and gentlemen This crypto winter is not over until we

Understand where tether Falls then there's this Susan Freedman In front of the British Parliament the conversation about high Energy consumption of Bitcoin comes up And Susan Freeman has to explain to them That xrp is nothing like it it is Inherently green take a Listen environmental impacts uh of the Crypto industry more widely uh my Understanding uh is the energy Requirements of proof of work Verification for Bitcoin blockchain is So vast that Bitcoin now consumes more Power than Cal developed countries and I Was Wondering that's Daniel first across the Panel does these kind of prefer work uh Crypto assets make are they really of Modi from an environmental perspective It's if it's sucking up so much energy To do these Transactions is that really a price wor Pain I I think I think the industry Realizes the the problem at hand and I Think there's a huge desire across the Industry to improve the Energy Efficiency that there have been some um Initiatives taking place of Uh which have helped which you detail You know some of the submissions that I've looked at um and more needs to be Done more needs to be done whoever that Guy get rid of that guy right how can I

Give an answer Without Really providing Any real substance right how how' he get There you know they different tokens Have this is Susan freedan from Ripple We know how she got there different Energy profiles the tokens that Ripple Uses for its product is Xrp inherently green all of the xrp uh That's in existence was created at the The time of its creation it doesn't rely On mining in order to um uh validate The Ledger and xrp is one example there are Other tokens out there that are also Inherently green and we think that as The space evolves you're going to see More and more um projects go along those Lines what do you mean by it hand The I mean that unlike um unlike the Proof of work protocol which relies on Mining in order to validate Ledger Transactions xrp relies on a consensus Mechanisms Computers it uses a super majority Algorithm to to validate different Transactions so no mining involves no Energy um output in the same way that is Associated with a proof of work Protocol proof of work protocols though Themselves I recognize uh the issues Involved I think and point to um their Use of renewable energies it's the the Issue of energy is one that industry is Paying attention to and trying to Tackle there you have it and uh you know

Speaking of trying to tackle problems in The industry how about This huge very important alert dive into The future of Finance with xrp Etc Group's physical exchange traded product Offers a seamless and secure way to Invest in xrp through a regular broker Or bank with cold storage custody and a 100% physical backing it's like an ETF For the crypto world let's ride the wave Yep shout out to Chad Stein grber and Wall Street Bulls here I have posted This also myself uh the other night and This is extremely exciting I have said To people not only will we see Bitcoin ETFs ethereum ETFs we're going to see Xrp ETFs and exchange traded products You're seeing it right here right right Here and you're going to see even more Of it and what we need to think of while That's happening is is think of the fact That you have to back these funds these Exchange Trad products and exchange Traded funds because there's different Kinds right but you have to back them With the physical digital asset That means if they have a$1 billion fund There has to be $1 billion worth of the Xrp taken out of the market and put in Cold Storage custody so it is always Backing that fund and as it grows they Will have to continue to accumulate that To back the fund which creates scarcity And a demand on the supply now factor in

This okay you get enough of that and you Get a price floor for the asset because Of the demand that is soaked up for These funds that are constantly there And never going away uhhuh now factor in The assets that have use Case utility And combine that into this idea of Pulling xrp off the market for these Funds now create the demand for payments Well we're about to see that I had a Chance to sit down with the one in only CEO of uphold Simon mlin for an Incredible conversation I always love Talking to this guy he's got such a Great energy and we talk about the real Live Ripple liquidity Hub that is going To launch in just days away and Projecting around5 billion a year to Start uhhuh all of that why we while We're watching these exchang traded Products and funds be launched that are Soaking the asset up off the market and Draining the exchanges over time don't Believe it it's still true take a listen All right so we're here with Simon mlin He's the CEO of uphold and we are Excited not only to talk about the Uphold vault which is coming very soon But we're also excited to talk about the New partnership that uphold has with Ripple tell us a little overview about That very quickly Simon sure um as you Know Ripple payments provides a solution For international companies to move

Money cross border uh they do so using Xrp uh we are becoming a node in their Network of liquidity providers and our Function in the network is um a large Company using Ripple payments will open An account on uphold it will be pre Funded with Xrp uh by by Ripple and then our role Will be to convert the crypto into Fiat And to pay out to Banks and obviously That that Leo is a is a regulated Activity we'll be operating um UK Europe Europe UK UK uh us Europe us those are The corridors that we initially open in Um we're very excited because next year We open into Brazil as well and uh you Know as you probably know Brad I mean Moving money across the border is not Just difficult for people expensive slow And error prone even even companies it's Difficult to move money across Border in Certain situations listen to this um you Know we've just got licensed in Canada Uh and you wouldn't believe how Difficult it is just funding the bank Account that we've opened in Canada The other day we were kind of like Laughingly saying you know we're going To have to send somebody with a bag of Money to Canada to get money into this Bank account and it's like it's the I Mean it's 2023 this is the kind of problem you'd Expect to have in

1953 so you know very very excited to be Involved in such an Innovative solution Great clear use case of crypto to solve A big uh Mass Market problem well it is Exciting Simon because you know you guys Have a different approach at uphold Anyway you're more like a prime broker Plugged into what 30 30 plus exchanges At this point and you're really making The best markets Poss possible for the People that need to make these markets For payments or whatever it is and Coming together with ripple now really Is like a real live example of Ripple Liquidity Hub with the combination of Uphold working together to serve in the Form of payments making those best Markets for your customers what kind of Volumes could we expect to see going Forward over the next year Simon if you Could if you have any well I I mean it's It's hard to forecast but we're sort of Setting ourselves up initially uh you Know with expectations of around five Billion a year um but you know the the Potential especially as regulatory Clarity you know is now Maturing uh uh in in certain parts of The world you know that the volumes can Be much higher solving a very large Problem um and I think most people know Uphold because of the retail app but Actually what uphold is is a web3 Financial platform um and What Makes Us

Unique is as you said we're a prime Broker connected to 30 underlying venues So on top of that we have a fully Automated highfrequency trading stack That's listening to prices across the Entire Market seeing the quantities Available at different prices that means We're able to you know um execute very Very efficiently move large positions in And out of the market with minimal price Impact you know so that um Ripple is one Of several companies using us you know Effectively to facilitate payments using Using crypto and you know for us it's Absolutely the direction we'd like to Take the business because it's embracing The utility use case of crypto solving a Big practical problem and it's putting Our uh it's putting our liquidity stack To its best possible use which is you Know moving moving large quantities with Minimal price impact so we're very Excited about it and the beauty about Payments is people pay for stuff every Day so it's recurring and you know it's A dependent form of income well to speak To your point about this about moving Into use Case utility and hopefully at Some point that becoming the real price Driver for the Assets in this market That do serve a use Case utility like Ripple the company or xrp the digital Asset for payments and look and as an Uphold shareholder I'm extremely excited

To hear about this idea of building the The ability to serve payments on the Back end so you're not riding the Speculative wave of the market up and Down on the retail side the deeper part Of upholds Market I can clearly see is Going to grow into the serving the Payment side of the market so this is Extremely exciting for every single Party involved whether it's you Ripple Or xrp to digital asset for settlement Of payments cross borderwise and Hopefully someday soon we won't have to Put that guy on that plane to Canada With that big bag of money you Know hopefully not no absolutely Simon Mlin thank you for stopping by great to See you Brad you too care you know uh Great conversation with Simon and super Excited and again just to go back to the Combo as payments are going to ramp up And the demand to solve problems for Payments we have these kind of products Being launched that will create a demand To put it in Cold Storage To back the funds with the physical Assets their themselves this is Extremely exciting almost as exciting as This ladies and gentlemen I'm telling You right now you need to join us in the Freedom Zone we are on a mission have You ever heard of the Six Degrees of Separation to Kevin Bacon well it's kind Of like a game that basically everybody

In the world is basically six steps or Six people away from meeting someone They've always wanted to meet so me and Digital asset investor have set down a Little fun game for all of us in our Groups and we are on a mission that's Right a mission to see if we can meet Snoop Dogg himself but you've got to be In this group we both love Snoop Dogg I've always admired him as a person and An artist no doubt about it and I can Tell you we've already had the first Degree of uh uh connection take place And we're excited to move forward and All of us involved here are working Towards having a night that we can hang Out with Snoop Dogg himself and how Amazing would that be follow us on this Adventure help us get there click the Link join the freedom Zone it cost Almost nothing to be inside of this Thing and we're having a blast and it's All censorship free no question about it We hope to see you inside not Financial Advice from me or anyone else wishing All of you a Happy Thanksgiving Everywhere we catch all of you on the Next One


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