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Welcome back to the show everybody check It out we got this binance in the SEC Sec in the debt box case what about the Zachan off case what about the SEC Versus Ripple because the SEC files a Reply against Ripple we're going to get Into that and David Schwarz what's going On for 2024 we got that and so much more Somebody roll that beautiful [Music] [Applause] Intro did perspectives with Brad KES Come on [Applause] In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now $1.63 Trillion market cap for cryptocurrency The market is Up 3 and a half% 39,900 plus as Bitcoin is struggling to Get back over 40,000 it was earlier this Morning 2,200 Plus for ethereum 95.5 Billion plus tether market cap xrp 51 Cents up 1.2 on the 24hour off by 9.6 on The 7 Day range of price very quickly Ladies and gentlemen 51 cents right now In ranging between 50 and 51 cents That's a tight trading range we'll keep An eye on it to day progresses I do want To remind everybody ripples going back On the board at link to today uh look This stuff doesn't last long and the Window of opportunity to get this Private Equity of Ripple is closing very

Quick I'll remind you it took over a month to Get Ripple back onto the board just Recently and now we're seeing another Black block of it come back this is so Exciting because you know this won't go On Forever and as this goes on you know That some point Ripple does intend to Have some kind of a public exit and Knowing that link to has to secure these Shares first from actual Ripple Shareholders this is super exciting Because you're getting down to the wire Where the shareholder says no I don't Want to let it go for that price right You know and then they start getting Into this game of well do they hold it Are they going to sell it and will you How much longer before you won't be able To get anymore and then the window will Be shut so make sure you click the link To the sponsor and get that Ripple Private Equity while it's available now I want to let everybody know this is a Great 33 minute video rundown here with James Murphy meta law man who I'm going To be talking to in just a few moments For an interview you will probably see Tomorrow and uh this is a great rundown Of highlights from coinbase hearing from Two lawyers it's John Deon and metal law Man James Murphy it is an amazing clip But I want to give you this Quick Clip

Right here when he's calling out Patrick McKenry and asking where is The subpoena To Gary gendler in the SEC take a listen We are tired of the letter writing Campaign by the financial services Committee there's been a threat to issue A subpoena we need to follow through so That's not an empty threat take the 30 Seconds that it takes get the messages Out there we want Gary Gensler to be Subpoena and the documents that have Been requested repeatedly that request To be honored and no longer do we want His voluntary participation we want him Forced to do it there you go the SEC is Coming after all of crypto weak Regulators spread fear and strong Regulators uh spread opportunity I think We've got a real problem because the SEC Has been spreading fear remember Gary Gensler says that the law is Crystal Clear well if the law is crystal clear As He suggests then he certainly could Answer whether or not the second largest Cryptocurrency in the world is a Security is well interestingly enough Because we know that he was asked in That uh Congressional hearing by Patrick McKenry if it was a security and he Wouldn't speak to it or answer it but Remember it was Freddy Riz Freddy risoli Fred RIS polei from hotle law who Actually pushed a motion through and Made and forced the SEC to acknowledge

That the SEC has not reached a final Decision about ethereum Network or ether That was what happened right there Because Freddy from H law said I'm going To push them to the point of having to Answer and he made them and they have Not delivered any Clarity on that So we have a lot more to go over let's Go quickly here because there's so much Happening all across the board so There's the layout right there we know We have problems Congress has not pushed The subpoena forward which they really Should do uh then we have this the debt Box case which we know the SEC was Caught Lying and now here to try to avoid Sanctions in the debt box case the SEC Has applied for and has been granted the Opportunity to file for a sir reply they Have until January 30th try to make up For all of that business now I don't Know if you all remember this and it Kind of I had forgotten about this but When I read it I was like oh that's Right there was a company GCC Exchange In the UK that had uh had not made its Payment to Ripple and they were working With them and apparently the the parties Have now entered into a confidential Settlement agreement with no admission Of liability so it does appear that they Have worked out whatever the issue was And I had forgotten about that but I'm

Glad that we've able to kind of clean That up and figure out what's going on There and essentially it was a $15 Million lawsuit so it was not a small Matter right but it appears to be Rectified now so that's exciting to Understand that being closed we move Forward now binance is in line and They're seeking a dismissal in the SEC Lawsuit over security token Classification and what's important to Understand here is uh one of the things I want you to know is that the current Interim CEO is Norman Reed who was also The former Chief legal officer who Signed the finsen document and that Settlement when at when he was the chief Legal officer at Ripple so what a small World this can be sometimes right so all Right so moving on quickly here during The hearing on January 22nd US District Court of Columbia bances legal team Presented arguments and challenges uh The sec's treatment of cryptocurrencies And Regulatory legal framework what it Boiled down was uh is that the Judge Amy Burman Jackson presiding over the case Mentioned that she would carefully Consider the arguments put forth by both The secc and binance before making a Decision the outcome of this legal Battle will also have implications for Regulatory Landscapes surrounding crypto Exchanges and the classification of

Tokens additionally the judge also asked The SEC to Define clear C boundaries With Securities laws she stated it seems Like you are trying to say that all Digital assets at the end of the day Have the earmark of Securities if you're Not where is the boundary of what you Are Saying there it is this is the problem Where Gary gendler says there's Clarity And this that the other and then you Know when judges bring this up they say Well there's the Howe test it's like the Howe test is an ad test that does not Clearly answer the question the way it's Being asked by the judge here and she's Not the first judge to ask that question So we are seeing the SEC lose in a Repeated fashion I hope that we see that Happen here with the SEC versus binance As well but we got to get moving we got More to go over here now let's get to This because the SEC versus Ripple case The SEC has filed its reply in further Support of its motion to compel now with This we're going to read a response here Shout out to Jim and for all the stuff He does to summarize Sherry says here The SEC is not asking for a mini trial Since they believe post compliance sales And future sales cannot escape a cour Issued injunction apparently Ripple told The SEC they plan to restructure their Odl contracts moving forward and the SEC

Won't accept that so that's what we have There for the overview of that now don't Forget while all of this is going on we Covered yesterday the zakinov case Zakinov versus Ripple where the uh Consumer the retail investor had bought A small amount of xrp and like a couple Weeks later said hey I lost money on it And then tried to sue them it really Felt like a weaponization of the court System is what it really felt like even Though I can't personally prove that and That was before the actual SEC versus Ripple case so but knowing that the Judge in the Ripple case has found xrp In and of itself to not be a security And secondary market sales do not Qualify as Securities uh what kind of Measure does the Zach andov versus Ripple case even have at this point uh So I'd love to hear a lawyer comment on That but back to the SEC versus Ripple And this recent uh reply for its further Support in the motion to compel to give Up this new evidence let's take a look At this breakdown here from Wrath of Common so basically here looking at uh Number one audit Finance statements from 22 23 is what they're looking for the SEC argues it's proper to discover these Things claiming both sides acted and Spoke together as if it would happen Also the SEC tried to get it in 21 Ripple acknowledged post compliant price

Could be relevant to show SEC damage so Maybe not so irrelevant after all now I Couldn't find a number three so maybe he Skipped a number I'm not sure but or Took it down but and though Ripple Argues their finances are irrelevant to Assess penalty size they can pay the SEC Says Court cons courts consider wealth For deterrence even if Ripple can't pay A big wallet just means a bigger sting May be necessary number five Ripple says Now that they follow uh says they now Follow rules but promises are cheap and The SEC wants to see the receipts and Judge for themselves uh if they really Have stopped selling xrp as Securities Institutional sales on that level they Want to look at the present and future Odl contracts to confirm legality Finally remember those pre-lawsuit Agreements uh Ripple made even if they Had conditions turns out the law Considers them sales the SEC wants to Peak at Ripple's post compliant earnings From those deals because profits from Them might need to be returned or as They say discouraged so what will the Result be I don't know says rraa common Not a lawyer more of a word digester but We can all follow along at home cheers No no doubt and Shout out for that Breakdown it's a really great breakdown We'll see where this goes but remember Discovery is not something that normally

Is reopened I do understand that much so How much the judge will allow for the SEC to look is going to be an Interesting find we will see then There's this ladies and gentlemen the One and only David Schwarz sits down to Talk with Tony Edwards from thinking Crypto what are you looking forward to This year in 24 and he's also asked do You think the Ripple case will end what What are you looking forward to this Year Uh well reg regulatory Clarity or Resolution to the lawsuit obviously Would you Know there there there is some Reasonable chance that that that ripples Lawsuit with the SEC will be res will be Resolved in 2024 um still could be Appeals I suppose I mean whether that Would be resolved I don't know um uh big Big on big big on um sort of scaling at The blockchain layer I think right now People can't really innovate right at The blockchain layer and Technologies Like side chains and some of the some of The zero knowledge proof stuff um will Enable people to innovate more sort of Right at that lowest layer and enable More scalability uh just getting more People into the ecosystem I think is is Is is the biggest is is the biggest Thing like we have to create user Experiences that that are compelling to

People and hoping I'm hoping that we can Do that on the xrp leder side I'm hoping The amm amendment will eventually Activate decentralized identity doesn't Seem uh all that controversial um and Seeing things like carbon markets and Tokenized securities I think one of the Problems particularly so like in the United States and in most of Europe like We're over served with financial Products like we have access to Everything like I can invest in anything I want right on my right on my phone With an app but there's a lot of people Who don't have those opportunities and They basically their choic is to stuffff Cash in a mattress or or not you know And giving them access to tokenized Securities and giving them access to Things like collateralized lending um Obviously they would be on the so that's The other interesting thing so like when You think about collateralized lending Or centralized lending you often tend to Think about like rich people having a Tax efficient way to like access their Crypto profits that's not super you know That that that's not what what I that's Not the way I want to change the world But if you think about it from the other Side of the sort of lowrisk loan for a Person who can get a return who might Have access to other Financial products Or services like that's really that's

Really big because that's that's the the Way you build wealth is by saving up a Little bit over a period of time but you It has to compound otherwise inflation Is just going to destroy it so they're Giving people who haven't had an Opportunity to build wealth and Opportunity to build compounding wealth In a system that can't where can't be Regulated away or you know or taxed Away By by fees and everything that that you Know eat into those Rich you know small Fees today the fees compound too so Those kind those kinds of things are are Exciting and of course institutional Adoption we'll see what the bit what the Bitcoin ETFs lead to there you have it Right there the one and only David Schwarz who by the way will be on stage At xrp Las Vegas 2024 you're not going To want to miss it ladies and gentlemen And there's so much more incredible news Coming make sure you go to xrpl and get your tickets before They're gone now just a sentiment of Where the market is for xrp right now Crypto says here just because I say xrp Is on support doesn't mean that my Stance is bullish and it doesn't mean That it has to Bounce xrp is not bullish at the moment We are below the weekly 21 ma moving Average in EMA 50 and 200 ma needs to go Above these levels for the Bulls to

Regain momentum and other technical Analysts say even though they Acknowledge the same that doesn't mean That we're not on the right side of Where we need to be to see this huge Imminent breakout sometime in the near Term not Financial advice and there I'm Going to leave you with this and I leave You with this wholeheartedly I can't Wait for xrp Las Vegas 20204 either and You're going to be able to meet Mr I There we've got special things planned For him and until utility is the price Driver of this Market opening night to This party hasn't happened so from where I'm sitting we're some of the luckiest Investors in the world I've always been A long-term investor and I'm here for The macro playay I am a Perable I hope you'll join me in the Freedom Zone our Republic is under siege Ladies and gentlemen and I hope you will Join us at dig prospectives decom and Click the freedom Zone and join us in There and if you're interested in being Around like-minded people in building Your wealth learning how to maintain Your wealth create and protect it this Is a great place for you to be because I Tell you people in here are achieving Their goals every day and we're helping One another get there and that is truly How a mastermind works so many resources And material and the community is

Absolutely outstanding so make sure you Join us inside uh the dpmg or the Freedom Zone we'll see all of you there Not Financial advice from me or anyone Else I'll catch you on the next One


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