The Secret of the Wealthy… “Pre IPO/ICO”

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The true secret of the wealthy IPO and Ico we're going to break that down in Today's video my name is coach JV what I Work to do is make very complex macro And microeconomic strategies very simple So the normal everyday person can Implement them in their lives and take Action in the biggest shift in Generational wealth I have two amazing Resources for you my goal is to help Over a million people by 2025 number one resource is a free One-on-one consultation with my wealth Protection Team to teach you how to Ensure your wealth in these volatile Times compound and grow tax-free the Number two resource is a free 16-page Guide absolutely free on my exact Blueprint of my five pillars of wealth In the description of this video you Will find both of those in the social Media link or whatever you're watching This on you will see that in the social Media link click there and set up your Free consultation get the free book so This week's been a little bit different Um as you're watching this I am Traveling uh in Peru and I want to break Down uh what we've talked about so um Little bit different con context or Content again I want your feedback uh Last time I went on my spiritual journey In Peru I kind of just ghosted Everything but I want to make sure I

Keep the content going so this is a Little bit different so I'm taking you Guys a little deeper into context versus Reporting the news so last Friday we Talked about um my personal story how I Got here on Monday we talked about uh What made me Rich my crypto game plan on Tuesday we talked about how I became Wealthy my business game plan and how I Increase my earned income every single Quarter uh yesterday we talked about how I lost it all and how I actually ensure My wealth with tax code 7702 and today I'm going to talk about One of my secret strategies and you can See the pattern now I'm talking about my Five pillars of wealth which are in the Book down below uh free guide for you so Pre-ipo so let's talk about why Gary Gensler in the SEC is so dramatically Going after the cryptocurrency space Because an Ico is initial coin offering An IPO as initial public offering so the Cryptocurrency industry kind of creates The the secret to the wealthy so let's Take away cryptocurrency and let's talk About the stock market at first so where People get wealthy in the stock market Is called pre IPOs so picture as a Hockey stick this is what I was taught Okay so the hockey stick is right here When the when the company IPOs and this Is when the wealthy get in so when You're coming into an IPO there's a

Bunch of wealthy people that have Already been in pre-ipo so when that Thing skyrockets just like everything Else they're pulling profits so if we Take that into the cryptocurrency Industry there's not an IPO process Right they're not going through the SEC So everybody has a chance to do initial Coin offering and that's where the Volatility comes from and that's where The great price appreciation comes from If you do it correctly you can make a Large amount of money that's why the SEC Wants to be involved regulate it so it Would have to go through the normal Regulatory process but I'm going to talk About preos today so many of you guys Know we're big fans of Ripple and xrp Now xrp and ripple are completely Different different uh Cate categories So in Cryptocurrency I treated them like icos And I showed you my crypto game plan so If you watch Monday's video on November 6th where I talk about my crypto game Plan I do the opposite of the 99% so I'm Not a day trader I don't trade what I do Is I just follow economic cycles and Emotional Cycles so when everybody's Coming in I'm pulling profits right Because I got in early and then when Everybody's selling I'm buying right so I buy fear and I sell the new or I sell The the excitement right pretty simple

So if you look at IPOs initial public Offerings if you're an accredited Investor you can get into IPOs early Before they hit the stock market right So you're getting in very very early I'll give you Ripple as an example so we Work with a company called link to I'll Put the link down below and I'll show You that in just a moment so we are Heavily invested in Ripple the company Pre IPO before it IPOs Brad Brad Garling House said after all the case settles That they will be iping so we're already Early we're already invested in it okay If you look at xrp that's the token okay That's a cryptocurrency two separate Things so pre-ipo allows you an Opportunity to get into companies very Very early you do have to be an Accredited investor one thing to Understand about IPOs is that it's very Very risky here's why it's an initial Public offering so I'm in some IPOs Right now that I have no idea if the Company's ever going to go public if the Company doesn't go public all my money Is gone so that's why the SEC based on Their rules want people to be accredited Investors so that they're based on what They say they want you to have enough Acumen or financial Acumen to understand That what you put into a preo you could Lose everything so that's the risk of a Preo so companies like link 2 I'll show

You this just in a moment I'll put the Link down below uh where you could get Into let me pull this up for you guys There you go so link to is a great Example that's how you can get in a Ripple preo you do have to be an Accredited investor and I think they Started a platform like for example Inside of our Warrior Academy with our Gen shifters and people who've been in Our Academy for over six months we do What's called 506 BS so we took a group Of people preo that were non- accredited Investors into Ripple preo but there's There's rules that you have to follow With that we can only do that with People that we know um that we Understand your finances we understand That you have the acument so we create What's called 506 BS so within our Academy we were able to get people into Ripple preo by following the proper SEC Structure doing a 506b so those are some Of the examples of what we do inside of Our Academy but this is an example of Preo so link to democratized private Financing right you got Ripple you got Uphold here you got poly sign this is David Schwarz uh you got zipline this is A pretty cool what is this uh Delivery Systems you got Circle we know Circle Connected to the world economic Forum uh We got link to which is their platform It trust Capital many of you know I know

Like and trust it trust Capital you got Discord that's a badass company I think That their price is pretty high but for Example we are heavily invested in Ripple preo and the next one we're going Be going into I believe is link to uh Because we believe in the company that Um that does the preo here so I I just Want to share that with you guys so Let's recap so uh Monday we talked about My crypto game plan where I do the Opposite of the 99% Tuesday we talked About my business game plan information Technology and attention Wednesday we Talked about how I ensure my wealth and Today we're talking about pre-ipo so Remember you do have to be an accredited Investor but I would tap into link to or Click the link down below and go in There they started a program where non Accredit investors can do a form of 506b But they're very very limited spots but It's cool to Surf around there check it Out uh you can look at mosaic scores Which is important how you um I wish you Could see behind me there's a book Called The intelligent investor so I Just want to bring that part up uh Tomorrow I'm going to actually talk About um how you need to rewire the Foundation end up in a different Situation like how did I go from losing My money three times fully indoctrinated To radically transform my life four

Years later and then as we go into Monday I'm going to talk about Legacy And share with you guys I'm only going To speak for my paradig but the next Phase that I'm going into uh is trust so I'm going to be building a family office For my family so think about that that If you can if I can do this you can do It I was on my parents couch four years Ago and now I'm meeting with trust Attorneys to build a family office like The Rockefellers I think about that now Your family and Paradigm can change very Very quickly with your manifestation of Magnetism but it's understanding that How the mechanisms of money work and Tomorrow I'm going to talk about that You have to rewire the foundation to end Up in a different situation so I hope You like these context of the video I Want to make sure I got you guys some Content while I'm out and pro on a Spiritual journey I love you guys I Appreciate you as we always say Warriors R get your together let's go Everything in need description of this Video or in the social media link in my Platform thank you [Music] Guys


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