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Ignition sequence starts 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero lift off we have a Liftoff hey everybody this is the Digital asset investor and I'm starting Out with this th this is the Black Swan Capitals he put out this video and it is Great right over the target so the Question is how do you set something up That uh that takes the credit card away But still allows governments to function Um and if we went back to a gold Standard we'd have to do something like Um back the world's currencies with gold At a certain ratio that was clear and Transparent and everybody could Understand uh the problem is to do that Now with all the currency that's been Created you have to have a gold price That's really high compared to today and And the people who have run those Numbers uh come up with estimates of Anything from $10,000 an ounce from for Gold to $60,000 an ounce so um that Would be very good for gold bugs you Know the people who own gold and silver Would make out and the people who trust The government in dollars would be Devastated because their their net Worths would just crater um but we have To do something like that and uh like Like you said familiar Um ideas that are already on the table Are what get adopted in times of panic Because you know you have to do

Something the world is falling around Falling apart around you uh and that's Not a good time to learn about some new Thing that you're going to implement you Know it's much easier to take something You already know how to do and go just Go back to that and so there there's a Good chance we end up with something Like a um a gold back currency going Forward something that's similar to the In ret perspect familiar classical gold Standard it was in place for basically 200 years before World War I now if this Is the case which it is and I've done my Research central banks will have to use A digital asset that can easily Bridge All banks and apis to the network for Interoperability it would also have to Be the most efficient and the most Liquid asset and that's exactly what Ripple has done with their digital asset Xrp if you've done your research then You'll know that this is one of the most Undervalued assets on the market kit on The Planet but goal is too that's why I have A uh a sponsor miles Franklin you use Code Dai gold this is where I buy my Gold info@ mfranklin Cents dark Defender said that six the 60 Cent line was important to hold and xrp Did defend 66 cents like Clockwork now look at this from eag Crypto xrp market cap $1 trillion just

The beginning in the wake of xrp's Previous parabolic Ascent where it Skyrocketed by a staggering 100,000% it's true I was there the Current surge of 7% might seem like a Mere Drop in the Ocean however let's Take a closer look unlike unlike the Last time this time around achieving 7% Gain of the previous Monumental rise is Not only feasible but it's practically a Walk in the park for the xrp community Xrp Army stay steady the influx of Trillions of dollars into xrp and the Xrpl ecosystem is looming ever closer so Just for for you know you know how they Say shits and Giggles I decided what what is 100,000% look like from here from 69 Cents well Google does math I used to Use a calculator and now Google is a Calculator 100,000 um% of 69 cents is $690 I would accept that Ripple tweeted This out uh in the last eight hours Introducing Ripple payments the next Evolution of Ripple payments at Pro Product delivering a licensed in to-end Solution for financial institutions and Smmes with 70 plus payout markets Expanding crypto liquidity Solutions Integrating with The xrp Ledger deck and Much more Monica long says crypto Utility starts with payments and for the Last decade ripples focus on com key Components of infrastructure liquidity

All frms tokenization custody and Compliance you know it sounds a lot like They're they're about ready to flip a Switch folks if I didn't know different Required for Enterprise grade payments Today we're unveiling an endin solution For just that this is an evolution of Our product where our customers can tap Into crypto utility without having to be An expert in using the te this Technology a single onboarding Experience with ripple managing the Endtoend in flow to move value at any Time as fast and low cost as Possible says uh excuse me I'll be Taking the stage at Ripple swell shortly To share more so Ripple swell is in Motion here is a picture from uh there Man that looks Nice um and then here's uh they're They're in Dubai of Course and then here's a closeup and and Then they've got a video that they put Out of them setting it all Up please no copyright Ripper boy these guys they know how to Do it check this out looks like f now Folks let me let me spell this out out For you this is not a coincidence says Stable coin issuer Circle internet Considering a 2024 IPO link 2 is Planning the 2 IPO in 2024 I think a lot Of these companies know that this Thing's about to be switched on and when

I say that I mean crypto and in turn the IPO market for crypto and in turn the IPO Market in General I believe that these people Really all believe that that this thing Is about we've been through what two Years two plus years of a crypto winner All this goes in Cycles folks and you Know what I love the fact that I that Link to is my sponsor because I have Private equity and uphold Ripple link to What else I trust capital I don't have Circle but I would have Circle but I Just haven't bought any any stuff lately And then the one I didn't see there is Polyon I have Too but any look folks we're at a moment In this market where when this thing Takes Off any of this stuff could go Absolutely Nuts all right Brian Brooks was at DC Ftech listen to him here basis they're Either funded by the agencies which is a Majority of all housing Credit in the United States or they're funded Privately through a series of Securitization transactions that are Mostly underwritten by one of a handful Of big big Banks blockchain makes it Possible to crowdsource funding almost Globally I'm I'm actually on the board Of a credit crypto company called credic And what it does is it allows people to

Identify an aspirational rate of return And it matches borrowers and lenders in Different asset classes that achieve That rate of return much more Efficiently and much more globally from A much more diverse set of investors so Those things are all good but what's the Problem where this breaks down it's not On the underwriting side you know AI can Be very very good at that it's not on The recordation side because smart Contract protocols can already do that Inside of the crypto universe so that Exists and will scale where really is is On the fundraising side and that is Because nobody wants to invest in an Asset that they can't readily sell and The reason that it's hard for people to Want to invest in a token versus a Mortgage back security is because of Issues around us Securities regulation Which make it very hard to either buy And sell tokens or to list tokens on a Securities Exchange and you have two Kinds of problems here one is a problem About what is a Securities so if if I'm Buying a fractional interest in a house Or a fractional interest in a mortgage Pool is that a security that's subject To Regulation but even more fundamentally If we decide that it is a security that Is subject to regulation at the moment The SEC and finro won't allow that

Security if it is a security to register With finra and trade on an exchange That's the real puzzling thing about Crypto Securities is unlike normal Securities where there's a well-known Registration process crypto Securities Are currently barred from Trading Anywhere because F won't allow it that's The last mile problem here once we allow Mortgage tokens to be fungible the same Way that all other Financial assets are Fungible to be bought and sold on an Exchange you know floodgates will open But that hasn't happened yet for Whatever reason and I know you have some Regulators speaking on these issues Later today you should ask them so in Okay now I wanted to show you this this Is from the FI the financial services uh Committee from the GOP side Okay the latest report that they they They put this out like they're shocked The latest report indicating Gary Gensler's SEC coordinated with an AI Platform to develop its disastrous Climate disclosure rule that would Financially benefit the firm is a gross Conflict of interest well guess what What hey GOP you what do you think Gary's going To do you didn't call for an Investigation of E eth Gate none of you Did Tom emmer did not Patrick uh McKenry Did not Warren Davidson did not none of

You called for Jack squat in getting This thing investigated you talked about What you were going to do you talked Talked and you talked you didn't Subpoena him you didn't subpoena Anything You didn't do anything you talked and You sent letters and so why wouldn't he Do this this is on You he they'll continue to be corrupt You've let them be corrupt which what Does that mean for You does it mean you're a part of it That's what it looks like to Me because you didn't do anything you Talked and so don't act surprised you This is as much on you as it is on Gary Gensler at this point as far as I'm Concerned Now um I wanted to remind everybody that Today Brad garlinghouse is at DC fintech Week he's going to be 9:00 a.m. to 9:25 and then our old buddy Gary is Going to be um H where is he I think He's did they save they didn't save him For Last I don't even there he is right There 11:30 to 12: p.m. why I still Don't understand why on Earth you would Invite Gary Gensler who's done Everything he could to stop crypto for The last few years you're going to Invite him to a DC F Tech week to talk About what how he's going to continue to

Stop what you're trying want to Do makes no sense now I'm going into the Private group now um for well I'm the Digital asset investor I'm not an Investment adviser this is for Entertainment purposes only Please Subscribe hit the like button and tell Your friends that in diix RP Today I'm going to tell you I'm going to Tell you something I know that happened During E Gate that I that I I never have Mentioned and I can't go too deep into It but I can give you the surface and Then um and then we're going to talk About what's what really what what CNBC Is not going to tell you what we can't Talk about on YouTube we can't talk About on Twitter about what what FTX Really is more more stuff on on that uh This is boy our country is just Completely corrupted Now


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