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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines xrp's path to Greatness we've got evidence of it and I'm feeling good about it I think you Will too and how about this 5200 per Breakout for xrp in the near term we got That and so much more somebody rolled That beautiful Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on In welcome back to the show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now $ 1.5 Trillion market cap for crypto the Market is up 0.2% we see Bitcoin 37,600 plus and $2,088 in change for ethereum tether Market cap is 88.8 billion plus getting Close to an all-time high there if not An all-time high so we'll keep an eye on That 63 cents for xrp number five spot Right now up 2.2 on the 24hour and 2.7 Up on the 7day range of price very Quickly here for xrp uh on the bottom 6172 on the top 6366 we are at 6327 at the moment now Before we go any further remember the Black Friday special the golden ticket 83% off plus 3 months extra it's Available now all you have to do is Click the link underneath the video what Are you waiting for ladies and gentlemen $344 a month you can't be this is look You can't afford not to have the kind of

Protection that's provided here High-speed VPN secure password manager End to end file encryption personal Privacy manager this is a musthave click The link underneath the video to get Started and you can't beat the prices Right now right here from Jim filin Shout shout out to Jim here he says uh Xrp community xrp and xrp Empower scored Some extraordinary emails regarding Bill Henman ashgate ladies and gentlemen Ashree pass #f Free including one that shows that Henman was warned that he has a bar Under the criminal Financial conflict With Simpson because you have an ongoing Financial interest in The Firm happy to Talk live my Outlook is up to date if You want to schedule something however The analysis is the same for Simpson as It always has been you have a bar under The criminal Financial conf conflict With Simpson because you have an ongoing Financial interest in The Firm meeting With them while having such a conflict Is not permitted as we discussed during Your briefing even calls with them are Not permitted it's also a serious Optics Issue you can't be seen to be granting Special access to affirm you have a Financial interest in this meeting is Small enough to raise concerns as for Rob I will coordinate with him and his Staff on whether this presents any

Conflicts for him so listen even the SEC Knew it was a free pass even the SEC Could see eth gate but still nothing has Been done oh proving once again that There are only two kinds of people in The world the Hales and the have not and It looks like the have is getting a pass Here for himself isn't it hey gendler When are you going to do your job buddy When are you going to do your job Probably Never well this is a clip here from Christine lagard uh that came out Yesterday shout out to Riz for dropping These clips here I actually went hard on This inside of the freedom zone I'm Going to play this for you to show you One of the reasons you need to be in the Freedom Zone because this this is what We're talking about in here plus so many Other topics mandates vaccines you name It we're covering it all in here we Couldn't dare do that on the channel fun Stuff too fun stuff too don't don't get Me wrong but there's a whole whole Library of stuff that's being built in Here that you're missing out on but Let's hear this clip now from uh Christine lagard being asked about Bricks Coalition then we're going to go Into how all of this leads I believe Into showing the proof and evidence that Ripple the company and xrp and The Ledger are smack dab in the middle of

This adoption and the fourth Industrial Revolution and the change over to the New payment rails of the new monetary System take a listen welcome back to the Freedom Zone ladies and gentlemen well Today we're going to take a clip here Shout out to Riz xrp for this and it's Christine lagard the president of the European Central Bank remarking after Being asked asked about bricks Coalition Are they competitors are they working in Cooperation where does the ECB see Bricks in the current state that it's in And going forward on the geopolitical Stage take a listen to this Response from University of Le and um in The University we had a debate with the Director of the BNB uh about the bricks And how they influence the world today And now I would like to know how you Perceive them do you perceive them as Competitors threat or as partners and What would happen if I know it's Difficult but if they managed to build a Central bank like we have it here in the USB and maybe also have a common Currency will it be a danger for Europe well thank you very much for Taking us uh Beyond uh our borders And for all of you bricks is Brazil Russia India China South Africa think and soon to be Saudi Arabia Iran and United Arab Emirates she left

Those out for a second about what these Countries really have in Common in terms of Demographics in terms of geopolitical Alliance in terms of history and Background and ask yourself whether they Have enough in common to Actually volunteer their currency to Something that would be jointly Organized care for and used in the Future now very quickly I have I have to Come in here because the you know first Of all she is politely saying These countries don't have really Anything in common with one another Right it is the political version of you Know there's no honor among Thieves it's It that that is the vibe I'm getting From her in that response that is Carefully crafted by the way on the spot Uh the other side of this is remember This conversation is about a bricks Currency right and a Central Bank of Bricks which they do have an International bag but keep Listening I think that's my way of Addressing your question a common Currency cannot be just um something Nice to have that you decide on the Flight it's far more um important and And it's an expression of your Sovereignty and you really have to have Something bigger than that something That brings countries together so um you

Know of course there there are Discussions and they are common interest But I don't think that there is that That sort of strong Foundation of Collective sovereignty that would Deliver this single currency that they Could uh that they could envisage you Know they they they did set up an International uh Bank some I would say Probably about 8 to 10 years Ago it I don't think that it has uh Generated much uh by way of even Projects um there is there is an Asian Investment Bank there are some Development banks that are very active And very efficient but in terms of Having actually a central bank that that Manages monetary policy in all these Countries and looks after the Currency I'm not so Sure well where to begin here uh look uh She's pointing out there is no Collective sovereignty between between All of these major nations in the Coalition I have said this before China if you look at the collective Sovereignty of China alone right the Sovereignty of China it's a communist Government now they call him a president But it is a communist government right They control their people in a very Communist dictator way uh and the Reality here is is that for China to Yield to some degree as every country

Participating in bricks would have to do For a reserve currency that represents Their Collective you're going to have to yield Some power and control of your own Sovereignty to do that in order to find A collective sovereignty that's why the Smirk on Christine lag guard's face Right here Right I've talked about this before but Look what we cannot Overlook here even Though she doesn't a great job of Basically you know brushing it off and The idea of a bricks currency and we all Know back by gold as they have suggested And it wouldn't be right away but Nevertheless the real danger here which Is not being addressed is the D Dollarization movement and the fact that They can start as they already have by Strengthening each other's Nations and Their currency status by just directly Trading in their own currencies and Getting out of the US dollar trade Market that's that's where the real Threat is now she did a great job and The way the question was asked and not Addressing that because it all has to Start right there first the countries Have to start trading in their own Currencies which they have begun to do And then they have to build up Enough trust between one another that This is working to eventually have a

Discussion about Collective interests And finding a common ground where they Can find Collective sovereignty the Problem is is that there's so many Diverse cultures and countries together In the brics Coalition Christine lagard Doesn't see that way forward but I tell You what but that doesn't mean they Better stop moving towards a new Financial system and payment rails Because we all know that the real threat On the immediate front is them using Their own currencies and ditching the Dollar market and Euro to go along with It and as we have seen lessening their Position in us treasuries to boot so Look this all plays into the Geopolitical stage and where we're Currently at at the moment as I've said I don't find it mutually exclusive that We're watching what is happening between Russia and Ukraine we don't I don't find It mutually exclusive that what's going On between Israel and pal Palestine is Happening right now at this moment which Involves by proxy Iran to help that help The one side there you know these are All countries that are involved in Bricks and China sitting back with a Hundred-year plan waiting for the right Timing because you know they want Taiwan All of these things on a geopolitical Stage absolutely from where I'm sitting Play a role in trying to disrupt the

Collective grouping of bricks and moving Forward and being able to cohes together Because of all of these other events That are taking place just my thoughts There you go right there so look I mean When we think about these things you Know this is the global stage we're on And again as a reminder brics Nations Especially Russia China and India are Attempting to replace the dollar with Their local currencies for global trade This has to happen before they can even Begin the conversation of having a Bricks currency that is backed by gold Which we've already heard about as well That's the first step then look at this Let's come back to the US and what People feel like is this stagnant moment And resistance to embrace innovation in The United States and understanding with That geopolitical weight hanging over The world's head of a new payment system And dollarization movement taking a Place with bricks and all the countries About to join take a listen to this clip From Brian Brooks quickly here when a Technology comes along and says you know Um those things that your business is Built on those those actually weren't Permanent those were just transient Features of a pre- technological age and We can solve those problems and we don't Need that anymore well the incumbants Get very worried by that and we have

Analogies In Our Lifetime where I think We remember this right so if you think About the original internet and you Think about the fact that the original They're too young well I mean you know The lights are bright you I thought I Saw one person I I think I I think Jim Asberg is out there he's old enough Because I knew him then okay if you Think about the original internet in 1996 the internet became within one vote In Congress of being treated like a Telephone company right there was a real Debate about whether the internet should Be regulated like a common carrier and It almost was that way and the reason For that was is that the common carriers Were super worried that longdistance Phone call in and all kinds of other Things that whole business model was Going to be ruined by the internet and It Was to all of our Benefit but incumbents have a very Powerful ear and Regulators respond to Their incumbents so I can tell you like In my seat it makes you feel really Special when Jamie Diamond makes the Schlep down to sit in your office and Talk to you for two hours but that Happened to me every month it was really Amazing like oh my God and the normal Incentives you have when you're in that Seat are are the incumbent Charter

Holders of whether there're State Banks Like Yelena or National Banks like me or Whatever is I want these guys to be Happy these guys are my customers in Fact in a prior era some Bank Regulators Did refer to Banks as their customers so When you have a technology that is going To destroy or at least disintermediate An incumbent Regulators are going to Have on average I think we were a little Bit different but on average it's going To be hard for them to embrace it so is The US anti- Innovation I mean no one Would say that they're an Innovation but They would all be super scared of banks Going away or whatever their Constituency was incumbency is really Powerful wow what a remark and doesn't That support what we understand about This clip right here the central Monopolis Gary gendler talked About so Chris how do you plan on Distributing Ripple I know part of it is Uh set aside for the founders and then The rest is given out to basically Encourage people to use Ripple or Ripple Labs uh can give it to Business Development Partners to Consumers Broadly the people globally so two Things what we've been doing which we Like is we've been incenting market Makers um with xrp forgivable loans um It's essentially the vehicle that we're Currently using um but we we feel that

Does that in sense uh say big currency Traders um high frequency traders to Actually be active market makers on Ripple U say big currency Traders um High frequency Traders tax um that Provides liquid markets that's good for Everybody them an incentive in the Long-term success of the network um that Provides liquid markets that's good for Everybody gives them an incentive in the Long-term success of the network in some Ways just what exactly what visa did is They sort of gave out ownership of visa To Key Banks to participate in the System central monopolis with another Central monopolis a lot of commercial Banks aren't terribly excited about that Maybe you're going to have to give some Ownership maybe you'll have to give 50% Of your ownership to the 20 banks that Are now you know part of this I mean There are other ways to build incentive System maybe you put a native token in There and you give you give you know Them the native token you know so there May be other incentive Ways Monopolis some ways just what exactly What visa did is they sort of gave out Ownership of visa to Key Banks to Participate in the system we think That's good and the other cool thing and There you have it right there and aren't We in that moment isn't that in fact

What is left to argue over the case that Ripple and the investment contracts that Are claimed by Analisa judge Torres isn't that isn't that where we're At right now is to discuss these Relationships that were created on the Back end oh I think So and should we not forget Raul advani Shout out to Cowboy crypto to Sky him And wee I'm telling you policy director Rul advani at Ripple is ex assistant Director at International swaps and Derivatives isda that's right the same Organization that Ripple joined in order To help settle over a quadrillion Dollars worth of derivatives earlier in August 2023 Ripple a crypto payment Solution announced its membership with International swaps and derivatives Association Isa the strategic move came As a pleasant surprise to the xrp Community members as it positioned xrp To fully partake in the massive 1.2 quadrillion dollar derivatives Market that's right the same kind of Numbers that everybody wants to beat us Up about what are they doing inside of Isda Ripple's not there to sweep the Floors and fold and set up the Chairs they're there to help settle this Stuff That's why they're there and when we Look back years Beyond in the past and Down that road from where we've come

From it confirms that we're on Target to Me I'm not selling a used car it's not Financial advice it's just my digital Perspectives and so is this dark Defender says we targeted 6667 cents 24th of November we were day and a half Late but he continues as expected we Have the break in 4H hour time frame uh Towards 67 cents then we expect the Retrace says enjoy your coffee shout out To dark Defender then this here from Crypto Insight says uh xrp versus Bitcoin on the monthly xrp's largest Impulse against Bitcoin and price in General was around a 5200 per Spike Around 2017 to 2018 Bull Run there says Right now we're holding a higher floor And our technical structure is more Bullish after a longer consolidation RSI Is grinding upwards something is coming You can see the RSI down here right here He's talking about and you see this Consolidation taking place what he Compares to here it's even bigger here Remember the longer the base the higher In space is what Brian Kelly from CNBC Says not Financial advice look I I if we See that 5200 per gain again that would Put us at $32.76 per xrp now would you have a Problem with that cuz I wouldn't I don't Know where this goes I really don't but I love following it and I love looking Back in history of the fundamental news

And seeing that Ripple and xrp and The Ledger are still on track for the Ultimate use case which they've set out To do crossborder payments settlement of Derivatives and who knows what's coming Next I couldn't be more excited and with That I hope you guys will join us in the Freedom zone or the dpmg which has a new Special offer right now for you joining You're going to want to be inside of Here the weekly calls alone are worth The investment in yourself let alone the Library and the access to the resources And Community inside of here click both Of them and by the way if you join the Dpmg you get the freedom zone for free I'll catch all of you on the next One


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