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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines here crypto exchange Ceases operations in the U.S we'll tell You which one global banking upgrade Happening starting this weekend brics And how about brick coin you're going to Want to know about it Anthony welfare Advisor from Ripple and highlights today Four best outcomes for the SEC versus Ripple and for ripple you're going to Hear that from John Deaton and how about This xrp price possibly four plus Dollars starting in April we got that And so much more somebody wrote that Beautiful intro [Music] Thank you Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.23 trillion dollar market cap for Cryptocurrency the market is up point Three percent good morning everybody 28 400 plus for Bitcoin ethereum 1838 and Change tether market cap is 79.8 billion Plus this morning and xrp is 53 cents It's still up 19.1 percent I like it 19.1 percent All Things Considered on The seven day now we'll take that now Let's go ahead and get started with this The range of price on xrp we've been Watching it is between 51 on the low


Side and 56 on the high side we'll keep An eye on it ladies and gentlemen take a Look at this because this was this was Out just a day or so ago here David Schwartz put out uh a a tweet in Response about link two and poly sign And essentially said yes they're Actually acquiring poly sign and this Was in response to where you could get It and who was where who had it and it Is linked to legit well you damn right They are and David Schwartz here says so As well shout out to David and ripple Hell shout out to Brad garlinghouse too Yes they are actually acquiring poly Sign shares from investors employees and Former employees these Shares are then Owned by legal entities typically Partnerships that you can own shares of So link two shares here Ripple CTO and Poly sign board member David Schwartz Knows exactly how link2 sources its Private Equity before making it Available to our Global investment Community and you can get that Opportunity because There just happens to be Ripple and poly Sign on link two's platform for private Equity click the link underneath and Check out my sponsor see if it's right For you I love it And right here Is the survey and the survey says first Of all the survey says 72.4 percent of

You pegged it that there would be no Judgment yesterday and you were right 27.6 of us saw the glass half full and We're wrong this morning That's okay because there will be a Ruling coming and we've got some more Information we're going to hear from John Deaton just a few minutes here the U.S government sold about 216 million of Seized Bitcoin linked to Silk Road Market earlier this month it plans to Sell the remaining 41 490 Bitcoin over four transactions this Year oh I'm sure that's good for the Market I want to play this clip here Mark Boston no slight to Mark here but he has Been a pretty good hater of xrp I don't Think he understands it and I'm Certainly willing to have him on my show Or go on his show and help him Understand it he says imagine being in The xrp Army and hanging your entire Bull thesis on helping Banks transfer Money instead of embracing Bitcoin Freedom money And then he puts the hand over his face Like oh my gosh they just don't get it Well I think we do get it Mark you know And uh unless you think the governments And banks are going away I don't think Maybe you get it if you approach The Regulators with a you need to adapt to Us

I mean that is Dead on Arrival like in My experience and globally and frankly Even here in Davos meeting with Financial Regulators in all kinds of countries I Think uh We have to acknowledge Ben Bernanke the Former head of the U.S fed came to one Of Ripple's uh Customer Events and one Of the things he said is Countries will not give up their ability To control monetary Supply they will Roll tanks into the streets first Because it's giving up sovereignty now We can debate whether or not some Countries at the longer tail ever had Control of their money supply but the G20 I think whether I mean I agree with Jeremy that digital cash or excuse me uh Cash is anonymous and private and all Those things but if you ever walk into The bank and ask to withdraw twenty Thousand dollars of cash Uh they're gonna ask you a lot of Questions you better believe they are He's absolutely right and I think Brad Going house has got it right right there No doubt about it and listen it doesn't Mean I don't want to see Bitcoin live But look just like we as xrp holders Ripple private Equity holder you know The SEC is really suing Ripple over xrp That's a real fact and you have to weigh That out as somebody who's in this space

Just like you have to weigh out the fact That the Department of Homeland Security Knows exactly who the four satoshi's are And you have to weigh out the fact that The SEC acts like they don't know who it Is and so is the cftc and it's very Suspicious you also have to weigh out The fact that what would happen if the Satoshis were publicly revealed what That would do to the Bitcoin price and If the wallet of Satoshi was opened up And dumped on the market what would that Do and what are the implications to any Public company like microstrategy that Hold the asset Bitcoin on their books And then what kind of lawsuit would they Be facing if these public disclosures Weren't made knowing that the identities Are actually known These are very real things just like you Got to look at the SEC case and make Very real things known to yourself about That situation as well and then we go Even further speaking to the whole Crypto space now it's bittrex that's Next here popular cryptocurrency Exchange bittrex has announced that it Will wind down its U.S operations due to The challenging Regulatory and economic Environment look I I think I nailed it Right here and I shared Eleanor Terrett's tweet shout out to her and she Will be at the xrp Las Vegas as well John Deaton and many many other

Incredible people Nancy Beaton from Uphold and I'm telling you and so many Other incredible people we're going to Have a moment there with John Deaton Eleanor tarot and you're going to and Jeremy Hogan's going to be there Virtually as well participating we're Going to have a q a and you're going to Want to be a part of that I'm going to Tell you that's going to be a remarkable Portion of the uh conference But I say it looks like the sec's plan To suffocate the industry so the central Monopolist can scoop it up for pennies On the dollar or working like a champ But spell correct said cheap Meanwhile Congress is having plenty of Meetings I'm sure they will save us Hashtag sarcasm All they do is get mad and go out and Tweet too It's like it's it's it's it's it's uh It's not good what Congress is not doing Right Meanwhile in El Salvador El Salvador Recognizes the Innovative moment we're In time we're living in Technology Innovation such as software programming Coding apps and AI development and Computing and Communications Hardware Manufacturing will be Exempted from Taxes in El Salvador they know how to Get the people there they know what's Coming

And we better all know what's coming The Bank of China March 31st through April 1st 2023 Nationwide system Maintenance but it gets deeper we Covered this yesterday and this is for Anyone who missed it just look at Ace This is a peep in the window size sample Of what's happening globally It started this weekend here whether It's iso22 maintenance digital upgrade I Mean you you name it the banks around The world are doing it They are moving and taking shape to Match this digital age the ones that get It understand look this is what happened To the record industry they laughed at Napster they laughed at digital file Sharing They didn't think it was going to be a Thing and you know what The record industry is gone it will Never be the same again Because instead of embracing the Technology and taking hold of it they Thumbed their nose at it and it Disrupted that industry so greatly that It has never looked the same since I urge you to understand that these Banks here that are making these changes They learn the lesson they don't have to Touch the stove to know it's hot And it gets bigger we know we've been Reporting here as a constant story that Continues to evolve here

Bricks are in fact developing a new Currency ladies and gentlemen if we take A look at it it is not a joke The transition to settlements and National currencies is the first step The next one is to provide the Circulation of digital or any other form Of a fundamentally new currency in the Nearest Future That's what we're talking about here Brick's next Summit is set to take place In August this year Jim O'Neill recently Indicated that a group of countries Should expand and work to counter the Dollar dominance Notably O'Neill has served from the Chief Economist Economist at Goldman Sachs and coined the acronym brick Currently known as Brazil Russia India And China and South Africa are part of Brics Coalition but a host of other Nations intend to join it and we know That that is very real too and that's Where things get very very tricky ladies And gentlemen like this Compliments to Anders L here and shout Out to Michael Branch for this one here This is a reminder China and Brazil to Settle trades in their own currency Ditching the US dollar Saudi Arabia Partners with China to build a Chinese Oil refinery Refinery for 83.7 billion Yuan which is 12.2 billion dollars They're not putting up Corner Store

Ladies and gentlemen They're digging in Saudi Arabia enters trade alliance with China Russia and India Pakistan and four Central Asian Nations To step further away from the Reliance On the U.S dollar And just a day or two ago China and France complete their first gas trade Using Chinese Yuan ending Reliance on The U.S dollar for energy trades are we Picking up on a narrative here ladies And gentlemen because it's out here if You want it Jason Collins here from glint this is Why I'm using glint the way to central Banks accumulate gold I'm using Jason Collins and glint to do the same for me And my family Click the link underneath the video for That and see if it's right for you once You start you won't stop US Dollars dominance AS Global Reserve Currency weakens as countries opt for Local currencies in trade China Brazil Agree to trade using their own Currencies bypassing the U.S dollar Making another blow to the Greenback Supremacy gold will flourish I think He's right not Financial advice Here we have quick clips from highlight Clips from the one and only Anthony Welfare has a great book called Commercializing blockchain and I want to

Bring you in right now at just a couple Points in this so you can get the Highlights of it it's all very good but I just want to give you the quick Highlights here take a listen Mentioned Ripple yesterday so James RVP For cbdc's uh Ripple's about 750 people Um we're growing massively which means I Never update the slides so we grew by About three four hundred people last Year Um we cross-border known for our Cross-border payments but we also do Lots of other Um sort of projects using xrp Ledger and Other sort of Technologies one of those Is cbdc's and we've been working on Cbdc's for around about three years now And that is massive 750 employees that Is growth while you're being sued by the United States sec Come on in who's upset not this guy Brad garlinghouse has got the wheel he Ain't playing around over there now Let's go ahead and get a look at this This is at 3 14 3 18. you're going to Hear him talk about crypto exists in the Future they're making their plans and Market infrastructure and addressing the Market that crypto will not completely Go away I think it's an important point Take a listen a on different blockchains And on public ledgers And then obviously on the left hand side

As you're looking at the the slides we Have cryptocurrencies we still believe They will exist in the future you know We're not looking at this where cbdc's Will be the only thing and cryptos will Be nothing and vice versa that makes That scale could be anything yeah so at The moment it's something like 97 90 of The money that we have in our wallets Um is actually Commercial Bank money so It's near the right hand side That probably will stay similar for some Countries but change so it could be a World of 20 30 50 cryptocurrency one Percent cbdc or vice versa or any sort Of mix on that so we need to be ready For a world of interoperability and sort Of bringing this all together and they Can do that because they have access to Use The World Exchange the first ever Decentralized exchange known as The xrp Ledger that keeps them Nimble to be able To adjust for the market conditions in Anywhere in the world as he just Mentioned some countries may have a Bigger Reliance on crypto some may stay The same and it just may be a digital Cbdc they are able and prepared and Nimble to be able to flex with the Market and provide the interoperability Because the xrp Ledger is a World Exchange that happens to be Decentralized

Let's take a look at this this is four Highlights best outcomes in favor of xrp Holders and we don't have a problem Reading this shout out to John Deaton uh Let's take a look at a Deaton highlights The possible outcomes for the Ripple SEC Lawsuit that could determine the Futures Xrp secondary Market transactions it Says right here According to John Deaton judge anna-lysa Torres the presiding judge of the Lawsuit could rule in four ways that Could become suitable outcome for the Token it says here for the first best Outcome John Deaton said judge Torres Could Grant an outright win for ripple While rebuking the SEC for gross Overreach and Its Behavior throughout The case boy I'd love to see that one That that big that was my favorite uh he Cited an instance where Judge Sarah Nepper and the assisting judge described The SEC lawyers as Hypocrites who lack Faithful allegiance to the law and that Is correct there then he uh goes on here Secondly judge Torres could rule that Ripple offered xrp as Securities during The early stages of the ecosystem but That token itself and secondary market Sales do not constitute Securities Thirdly judge Torres could send the case To trial to allow a jury to decide all Undisputed facts in this ruling she Could add that xrp is only a software

Where code and that the secondary Market Transactions aren't Securities now that Would work too but I'd hate to see that For ripple to go that distance but it May happen Deaton noted that the last best outcome For the coin involves the judge ruling That ripples passed and present xrp Sales are securities while excluding Future secondary market sales of the Coin he said judge grants the SEC Summary judgment versus Ripple for both Past and present sales of xrp as Investment contract but the judge makes Clear her ruling has nothing to do with Secondary sales and of xrp Ripple Appeals the case and we have the status Quo for years if rip if judge Torres Rules that xrp secondary Market Transactions are not Securities U.S Based exchanges including coinbase will Be prompted to re-list the token or the Coin how about that worst case scenario We got to look at it meanwhile Deaton Who represented xrp holder who Represents xrp holders in the capacity Of Amicus curay Friend of the Court Highlighted the worst case scenario that Could happen per Dayton to judge Mike Grant summary judgment in favor of the SEC against Ripple without commenting About xrp if this happens Deaton said he Would ask the judge to provide clarity As he did in the library versus SEC

Lawsuit however Deaton thinks judge Torres will comment on xrp secondary Market transactions during her ruling I Believe judge Torres will comment Regarding secondary sales and regarding The token itself xrp holders Amicus Brief and 3 500 affidavits are a big Deal spend the bits tap Jets Amicus Brief are a big deal the judge knows the Public's interest at stake he added and By the way Deaton's assertions come as The xrp communities anticipate summary Judgment from the lawsuit many expect a Ruling or outcome yesterday but it Didn't happen as we know we will hold on To see when it does now As the deadline goes John Deaton reminds All of us yesterday afternoon there is No deadline of today for her to rule the Decision could come out within the next Hour or it could take another 30 to 60 Days based on previous cases judge Torres has issued her ruling on summary Judgment within a couple months of her Daubert expert decision so we are very Close if she follows that path now let's Take a look at this because xrp to price To Surge Beyond four dollars in April Predicts an analyst here I don't have a Problem with it but who is it it's Crypto bull 2020 who says looking at my Charts in my opinion the verdict that The SEC versus Ripple lawsuit will be Announced on April 13th well that's a

Special day because that just happens to Be my birthday so I got I don't have a Problem with that be a great birthday Especially if it's that first outcome That John Deaton talked about And if it's followed by some price Action I absolutely would be ecstatic Especially at 4.75 I think he could go a Lot more but we got to have this ruling To to to open the door for Mass adoption Certainly here in the United States as Well look it's not Financial advice from Me crypto bull or anyone else Excuse me it's just my digital Perspectives I'll catch all of you on The next one


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