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Welcome back to the show everybody well You're going to like this one because You're going to hear Ripple tell you They got over 500 Partners we got that And so much more somebody roll that Beautiful Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on In welcome back to to show you can Follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now $1.49 Trillion market cap for crypto the Market is up 1.1% good afternoon good Evening good morning wherever you are 37,800 Plus for Bitcoin $238 and change for ethereum and tether Market cap 89.1 billion plus number five Spot is xrp at 60 cents off by 0.1 to 24 Hour up by two and a half on the 7 Day Range of price very quickly is pretty Tight here at6 6061 on the bottom and 6168 on the top yeah that's what we're Talking about now let's take a look at This egg rag crypto says gold going to $3,000 yeah ladies and gentlemen I got No problem with it says take another Look at the September post it suggested That going back to 2,100 range would be A big deal in reaching 3,000 here's a Prediction gold hitting 2300 by March 2024 on its way to 3,000 how about that One from megr crypto look this is why I Tell you about miles Franklin putting Precious metals right in your hand you

Can do it right here all you have to do Is go underneath the video get the email That I've put there for you and in the Subject box put dig gold dig gold that's What you have to put get the best deals Possible you want to get gold before the Price goes up you don't want to get get It before the price go you want to get It before the price goes up don't wait Don't be that don't be that one don't You got to do is contact them let me Know tell them I said come on in Chad Stein grber here says someday soon You'll be able to send and receive usdc Across any chain it won't matter just Like when you send an email you don't Think about the network you just need an Address this is exactly right this is Exactly what we've been talking about Here he says this is how C Black Rock Digital dollar will Work yeah as Circle announced obviously Yesterday on boarding users into the Cosmos ecosystem another cross chain Protocol there happy for them and we Also know from this clip that I played Yesterday or the day before we know that Uh he Jeremy air from Circle usdc was Sitting right beside last year at the World evil Forum with Brad Garling house And he even hinted that we could do more Scalable uh things in improving with Blockchain such as Brad's company Speaking about Ripple we have to

Preserve digital cash that has to work On the open internet it has to work Interoperable with anyone anywhere That's how we're going to solve this Problem and I think we're really close I Mean usdc itself um has we've seen over Three and a half trillion dollars of Transactions directly on the internet Between counterparties and and so um if We can you know improve it with more Scalable blockchain Technologies like You know Brad's company uh provides There you have it right there there you Have it it's coming ladies and gentlemen It's coming and so is this this here is Offline payments being talked about in The discussion from the bis just listen This very quickly for Cbdcs everyday transactions people have Used cash for everyday Transactions today however digital Payments are changing the landscape with Over 1 trillion cashless payments Globally in 2021 Alone digital payments are faster and More convenient than ever but it comes At a price of giving away personal data That can reveal a great deal about your Whereabouts associations and Lifestyle as our lives become more Digital can we still preserve privacy in Our Payments project Toon from the bis Innovation Hub Swiss Center explores how

A retail Central Bank digital currency Or cbdc can provide cash-like Anonymity privacy is the right to keep Personal information secret or known Only to a trusted group of people Privacy is important to people making Payments but it is the most complex Issue to solve today payment privacy Comes in several forms when you pay in Cash there is full anonymity however Cash can't be used Online when you use a credit or debit Card other companies have access to all The data but you trust them to maintain Confidentiality and cryptocurrencies Offer some anonymity but all Transactions are Public project toon explores a new Privacy Paradigm payer Anonymity here consumers have cash-like Anonymity this means that no one can Link a consumer's identity to their Transaction however the Merchant's Identity is linked to the transaction so This means that a sale at a merchant is Recorded but only by the Merchant's Commercial Bank the Central Bank never sees the Identities of consumers or Merchants now we're talking I don't want The Central Bank seeing anything I'm Doing not because I'm doing anything Wrong it's just none of their Business privacy is key when people pay

But also payments should So ultimately in order to get that done It takes you to offline payments as well Xrp Ledger payments could go offline With new proof of payments protocol this Is from a couple years ago just showing You they've been working on it on boy You getting ready to see something that Ripple's been working on I mean you're Getting ready to see up underneath the Hood here in a second but I'm going to Play this clip here and this is uh a Panel talking about Hong Kong monetary Authority speaking on the eh KD pilot Program which we know Ripple is smack Dab in the middle of and offline Payments just happens to be one of the Things they're working on after Announcing the policy s stance on eh KD In September last year um dhk has been Paving the way for possible Implementation of eh KD in the future Through a three R approach the work Under r one comprises laying down the Lead legal and Technical foundation and The work has begun um round two focuses On application research and Pilots we Were delighted to Kickstart our ehk day Pilot program just slightly um more than One month ago um 16 firms from the Financial um payment and also um Technical technology sectors are Participating in the first round of the Pilots these selected um participants

Some in groups are working on 14 um Pilots spending across uh a number of Interesting use cases including Programmable payment um tokenized Deposit offline payment offline payment Now listen we don't know every single Pilot that they're working on Ripple Which ones they're on which ones they Aren't we know that they're doing Tokenized real estate we know that They're doing payments with EK or e HKD And many other things but why wouldn't They be involved in offline payments I Mean they've been working on it for Years right well you're going to love This okay these are Ripple employees I Guess breaking down here how xrp is used Within interbank transactions and you Are going to love every clip that we've Got here shout out to Rohit Q for this Give him a follow you what you do is you You pay pay for payments in your local Currency that is used to buy xrp in the Middle and xrp is liquidated into the Beneficiary currency again no there you Know at no point is this Market off Limits it doesn't matter that your bank Is shut over the weekends you can make You can make crossb payments at any time Between almost any currency and uh and You do that through the network so 3 Seconds for a crossb payment because of A concept that's called Atomic Settlement your your payment will either

Pass in full or fail in full so we don't Have the same failure rates and because Of these efficiencies the cost is Dramatically lower as well you're not Going through intermediary after Intermediary who will all take a cut You're just liquidating directly to a Receiver a regulated receiver in the Market that you need to get to There you have I know that's a lot so um We well it is a lot but it's a lot good Three seconds to send a payment near Zero payment failure rate 1% cost to Sender and zero trapped in Prefunding yeah that is a lot but it's a Lot of good information you as an Organization to determine how much value That you'd like to is we work with you As an organization to determine how much Value that you'd like to to have and Hold for those crossb payments on a Daily basis so you'll have access to the Funds in a wallet um on bailment so you Don't at that point own the xrp that sat In that wallet when you want to make a Transfer you withdraw those funds and as F mentioned it goes across the xrp Ledger to a receiver where it's Liquidated the following business day You will then get an invoice from Ripple That says hey yesterday you made a $500,000 payment pays the invoice to Repay that to Ripple and that would be a Local Aussie dollar payment from your

Bank account to Ripple's bank account in Australia I think I might actually start To understand blockchain by the end of That that was Actually is well listen uh there's a lot More to understand here too because this Is a great clip as well Ripple system With xrp can be Implemented up and running within two to Three months including testing plus it Can be done on the short side as fast as Three Weeks yeah don't believe it it's still True take a listen which I think should Be quite comfortable for you how long is The implementation process to get Started with Ripple yes so typically we look at about A two to three month uh basis from start To finish um a lot of that is part of The onboarding process so we go through A credit review process we then have an Onboarding process that's relatively Straightforward in terms of the Technical integration side it can take Between I'd say probably one to two Months um that includes things like Testing um integrating into the system And just general process uh I think the Fastest one I've ever done was probably A 3- week um implementation which was Very fast um and probably the slower Ones hit that sort of three Monon Mark But it's as it's as fast as you can put

Resources into to making it happen and We're we're here to support that you Know uh that's pretty mind-blowing think About it so on the long slow side you're One quarter of a year One Financial Quarter you're up and running completely Transformed no prefunding of Accounts zero failure rate 1% cost to Sender 3 seconds and it's done complete Transparency over the payment the entire Time that is Revolutionary that is not the way Payments work today and in the long side Of it you could be all up into the new System in just three months in the short Side three weeks well take a look at the Long list of Partners here yes you are Seeing this right 500 plus partners and Growing come on in see a lot of names Here for the types of organizations that Ripple has partnered with so far that Are uh our regulated financial Institutions I've explained how you know How we've started to grow and uh I'll Call out a few in um relevant to our Region heha money transfer are a Remittance business in Australia and um they can reach all over The world through regulated payout Partners like uh MFS Africa who cover The whole continent and pay out locally Local currency we have um banks that we Work with like uh like travel X Bank in Brazil and uh an indic in India so again

The whole spectrum of uh of money movers Are connected to the Ripple Network Today there you have it so essentially What we're about to see is what it Sounds like to me is when we get some Legislation some rules rule making Global level and domestically in the States and we get stable coins this is Why stable coins are so important Because stable coins will turn banking Into 247365 Right transmitting a value in a Regulated environment 247365 cbdcs as well this is extremely Exciting and what I see here is 500 plus Partners in growing which means 500 and Plus Network effects that are about to Jump off at some point in the future Here now when have you ever in your life Known this much about something that you Were invested in before it ever happened Oh I'll help you Never join us in the freedom Zone Dpmg private live stream every Wednesday Night for the dpmg and if you join the Dpmg make the investment in yourself you Get the freedom zone for free if you Just want to do the freedom Zone which Costs almost nothing to be a part of it Is so Inexpensive then I tell you this you are About to get an extra perk ladies and Gentlemen because the freedom zone now

Offers full access to the private Digital perspectives telegram Group Which you will want to be a part of no Doubt about it click that link below We'll see you inside uh not Financial Advice to me or anyone else it's just my Digital perspectives I'll catch all of You on the other One


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