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Hello this is Matt on the moon Lambo Channel I'm going to share with you a Perspective uh from a guy the a CEO in Fact that I thought sounded wildly Irresponsible initially uh due to the Way that it was described in an article Partly in as a result of the way that it Was described in an article but I went To the source material and it's not Quite as crazy as I as as it might sound On the surface anyway I still have a Little bit of a question question mark Over my head but it's not as Bonkers as I initially thought it might be um its Perspective from the CEO of a precious Metals investment firm and he says that Xrp quote presents an opportunity to Become incredibly wealthy end quote now On the last part I certainly agree with That I agree that there's there's true Opportunity here in crypto uh broadly Speaking but certainly with xrp Specifically I I think once uh you know Value you know price catches up with Value and more people jump in my gosh it It'll be so obvious if you fast forward A decade um not that we necessarily have To wait that long but if you fast Forward a DEC I think it's going to be Abundantly clear that everybody here in 2024 was super freaking early that's What I think anyway but look at this Headline from the Crypt basic experts Says xrp offers path to remarkable

Wealth with minimal risk and so the the Part now I don't want to tease this too Much but the part where I was kind of Like o it kind of made my head tilt Sideways like a confused dog was like Um he says he he said this with such Confidence you all that what I just Shared with you about the um you know The opportunity for incredible wealth With xrp and then he's like yeah but I Don't know that much about xrp and I was Like What what are you talking about then but But the reason I say it's actually not Completely crazy after I I went into the Source material and I transcribed what He actually said in full uh is because Broadly speaking it actually does make Sense I'll get into it but but before Going further I do want to be clear I do Not have a financial background of any Kind I am not offering Financial advice And you definitely should not buy or Sell anything because of anything I say Or right I'm just an Enthusiast who Enjoys making YouTube videos about Crypto related topics but just as a Hobby and just for fun okay so I can Hear that headline expert says xrp Offers path to remarkable wealth with Minimal Risk uh and I I gotta say this Too minimal risk Look I consider investing in crypto to

Be because I'm being a realist here like I'm Pro crypto you know me I could not Be more confident in my xrp I couldn't Possibly sleep easier holding my xrp now Than I have in the past like there's no Way that but but but that being said I Still firmly believe that investing in Crypto is much more risky than investing Investing in pretty much anything in Traditional Finance like equities I mean Think about it investing in xrp can we At least be real here like even though We all love xrp right because this is an Xrp centrer Channel and making that Assumption that's where the opportunity For lifechanging wealth is but can we be Real enough with ourselves to admit that A safer less risky bet would to be would Be to invest in you know an ETF that Tracks the S&P 500 like that could we at Least admit that that would be not Particularly risky in comparison to Something like xrp like I'm just being Real I'm just saying man so that's why I Looked at some of these things and I was Like I was about to have a meltdown then I I listened to him and I was like I Still wouldn't have worded it like the Way he said but okay the president and CEO of Miles Franklin precious metals Investments has argued that xrp offers People a lifetime opportunity to become Wealthy without taking on significant Financial risks Andy shman CEO of Miles

Franklin precious metals Investments Expressed his optimistic view on xrp During a podcast conversation with Versen Alara the founder of Black Swan Capitalist notably sheckman shared this Sentiment with within the economic Discourse of dollarization he Highlighted that dollarization entails a Shift from the dollar as the SL sole Global Reserve currency now folks as far As this idea of the the dollar no longer Being the global Reserve uh yeah I'm on Board with that concept not that I Wanted to happen I'm in the United States so you know I'm just saying but The dollar is so abused and you can see Steps being taken you know for for Countries to try and get away from that And it's only natural because if you Control the global Reserve uh might you Be able to um kind of back Nation entire Nations into a corner with geopolitical Influence yes the answer very clearly is Yes and so even if you're a nation that Doesn't stand a chance at ever you know Issuing their own fiat currency that Would become that even if that's which Is the the case of almost every nation Right uh if that's the case then if You're one of those Nations wouldn't you Rather it be the case that there's a Global Reserve That No One controls like No no one entity entity anyway like Wouldn't you prefer decentralization

Wouldn't that be better than the United States having that opportunity to have Power over you if they want something Specifically from you or for you to do Something if you're that I'm just Acknowledging the reality like of course That's and so I think things evolve and The dollar continues to crumble uh even If it takes a long time and maybe it Doesn't collapse in my lifetime I'm not Making a prediction on a timeline I'm Just saying that it's being abused to an Agree that I just I don't think it's Going to be sustainable if you don't fix Something yeah the idea of a Cryptocurrency becoming a global Reserve Whether it's xrp or something else I'm On board with that that could happen I'm Not going to predict which it would be I Think that there are some people in the Xrp community that a little bit to Rah Xrp rather than living in realville I And look I acknowledge it could be xrp And there could be more than one Global Reserve it could be xrp and Bitcoin for Example I'm just making stuff up now it Could be but um you know that that's a Very real Concept um and so as far as that Pertains specifically to xrp yes bottom Line for me is sure it could Happen but you know what are the Percentage chances of that given that There are over 20,000 different

Cryptocurrencies well hire for extrap Than many others because it's been Around for over a decade and it's more Proven and there's more liquidity so uh Being one of the earliest movers that Helps But look it's going to happen but to be Honest with you even if it's going to Happen for most of us alive today are we Going to see that even maybe for some of The youngest listening right now maybe When you're really old maybe you'll get To witness that but uh I'm not Optimistic it's going to happen sooner Than later I could be wrong but I I I'm Not optimistic it's going to happen Sooner than later I think there's more Debasement to be had First peace Contin he underscored the Importance for individuals to accept Embrace and adapt to these changes or Risk being overwhelmed by them based on This premise shectman pointed out that When the when he evaluates investment Vehicles such as xrp the sixth most Valuable crypto he views it as a medium For individuals to attain substantial Wealth sheekman suggested that he holds This opinion despite not having Extensive knowledge about xrp's value Proposition okay so here's the deal There's a quote on your screen it's not Quite the whole quote I went to the Source material transcribed it myself

And that's what I'm going to read to you So it's what's on your screen plus a Little bit more here and I could have Been kind of surprised that he said Exactly what he said but I don't Disagree with all of it so so here is The actual quote here's the entire Relevant portion for You when I think about something like Xrp not knowing much about it I would Say it presents an opportunity to become Come incredibly wealthy without taking An enormous risk because it's valued at A level that allows you to throw a Moderate amount of money at it and if it Works you make a fortune end quote okay So that last bit that was left off which I just read to you highly relevant in What he had to say here highly relevant And so that's why I read this and I was Like wait what but then when you add That additional context I was like oh Well it's not quite as crazy still I Have some quals with what he said here First of all like it's not a good look To say I don't really know anything About the sex herp you don't really know A whole lot but you could become Ridiculous they well they from it and so Look I believe that it is possible not That people actually have already become Filthy Rich because of xrp the the the Adopters that were before me I jumped in In 2017 but there people before me and

They sold a early 2018 top or close to It good for them good for them um but There's there's scarcity to it there's Genuine in fact xrp there's there's Deflation programmed into it you know There's there is not deflation Programmed into Bitcoin now of course Once all the Bitcoins mind people with People losing uh Bitcoin key so on and So forth it has a deflationary impact as A result of that it's just not Programmed in with every single xrp Transaction literally xrp is burnt so There there is that so it's it's scarce And almost nobody owns it so if we're Right and xrp is going to have true Staying power The idea of xrp being worth of Fortune In the future yeah exactly well I've Been saying that for years and that's Why I said okay that part's not crazy I Just think it's kind of interesting that He would say that not knowing anything About xrp because I would State stuff Like that broadly speaking about crypto And then I would say it's not going to Happen for every coin here's why I hold Xrp here's why why I think it is Possible for xrp so I'd flesh it out I Wouldn't say it specifically about a Coin unless I had done some level of Research even if it's just Bare Bones to Think hey there might be something to This and so for him to say yeah I don't

Really know anything about xrp but you Got beay rich like be the streams okay Okay thank sir just calm down a minute Can you do some research first no there Nothing against the guy I was just a Little surprised by that but then when He says not taking an enormous risk Again well I said it earlier I think Investing in crypto is way more risky Than investing in traditional Finance so It depends on what you mean by that I Mean I guess if you put in a nickel then Maybe maybe that's not particularly Risky but in terms of what's Happening Especially if you don't know what's Going like are you sure I mean if you if You if you're just new to crypto you Want to put in a little bit of money Just to see how exchanges work this or That that's cool like I did that I get It before I had done uh any reasonable Amount of research I did that in November 2017 trying to get my feet wet I get I get that but if you're talking About how did he word this here A Moderate amount is that how he worded it Let me read this thing again um without Taking enormous Risk yeah there you go that's the part That was cut off so he says uh because It's valued at a level that allows you To throw a moderate amount of money at It and if it works you make a fortune so Look that's a point I make all the time

And he is right about that I know xrp is A large cap coin and So I understand a small cap coin is Really going to take off run to a crazy New all-time high the multiplier effect For that will put xrp to shame in terms Of even if xrp hits new alltime high I Get that I don't care personally I'm not Really interested in small caps I I live In large cap land in cap land because The risk profile is different Right but uh so like that's not a crap On xrp like that's that's where I think It's it's safer and more reasonable to Be for the long call right and and other People want to dabble in all that like There some of you listening now that Like to probably call yourself a Deen For example or you want some micro caps And you know if you want to do that go For it I think that most people going That route I think most people get burnt And it's you know it's almost impossible To you know magically put money in one Of those things that takes off and then Have put in enough money that it will be Life-changing for you specifically but You sure are risking a lot and so those That have made it work cool I just think It's a real small percentage of humans And that's why I just think if you're Here for the Long Haul investing for Something that's more tried and true Like xrp and obviously has Real World

Adoption and utility for me that's a Sweet spot and I say it's a sweet spot Because even with xrp being a large cap There's almost no money in it and so What he's saying here so um hopefully he Understands xrp is a large cap and I Think he just understands there's almost No money in it but that's because There's almost no money in crypto Broadly speaking so when you look at the Market cap for xrp at$ 28.9 billion and Bitcoin versus $947 billion how much Money does I stas get how much money Will it take to flow into xrp to get the Price just to double how much money Would have to flow into Bitcoin to get The price to double I don't know the Precise numbers but obviously it Wouldn't even be close way more money Has to flow into Bitcoin to get it to Double and that doesn't mean it can't Double but I'm just saying since there's Less money in xrp to get a crazy Multiplier effect if we're right if this Is going to take off if it goes to new Alltime High if an Enterprise Discovery Yes that's where I agree with the Concept but that's because it's broadly True of crypto and then I'm just Flushing out my ideas in terms of where For me personally The Sweet Spot is Investing in crypto and I say it's it's Large cap it's safer it's more tried and True there's more adoption with these

Coins um but it's just so cool that We're early enough that what is a large Cap today like xrp that may very well Look like a small cap in the Future so you may have to take on Greater risk to get the same type of Return in the future but right now Because there's so few people in crypto That's just not the case so he is right About that I just had some I just Thought it was a little like quirky the Way he worded some of the stuff and the Way he thought of some of this stuff and Then again the fact that he's just like Well I don't really know a whole lot but It's going to the Moon slow down there Bucko so it's it's not completely crazy But I just want want to kind of flush That out and share some additional Thoughts because it's always an Interesting topic of conversation but And I do believe like xrp I firmly Believe what's most probable though I I Can't say for sure it's going to happen Is that xrp does hit a new alltime high At some onone point in the future and Enters price Discovery and if that Happens my God see and this is why I'm Excited like say xrp goes to 10 bucks Which I don't think is a crazy number I Don't know if it's going to happen it's Not a price prediction I never make Price predictions but I'm just like I'm

Looking at myself as just one individual And so I I've said publicly my average Buy price for xrp is 25 that is if it goes to 10 bucks not That I would hold it until necessarily 10 bucks I'm just kind of make a point Here that's a 40-fold Increase that is lifechanging even for a Large cap and it's not crazy to think That could happen so that's why I say on That point yeah I agree I think there's Just so much freaking opportunity here What a weird way to approach it though Which is why thought would make for a Fun video here you guys tell me what you Think though I'll stop talking I'm not a Financial advisor you should not buy or Sell anything because of anything I say Or right that would be a very very very Bad idea until next time to the Moon Lambo


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