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Welcome back to the show everybody check These headlines we got G7 versus bricks We've got Ripple and the digital Euro Association come on in unveiling the White paper and you know what else we Have John Deaton calling out Gary Gensler's motives I think that's what I Heard and is xrp going to make that move To 10 bucks because we need to see Something else first we're going to talk About what it is and let's roll that Beautiful intro here we go Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Tick Tock YouTube and Twitter for exclusive content right now 1.18 trillion dollar market cap it's up Point four percent good afternoon twenty Six thousand nine hundred five dollars 18 cents for Bitcoin ethereum 1741 and Change tether market cap right now 79.5 Billion plus but what does the Department of Justice in the U.S Treasury think about this we'll find out Soon enough and was tether flipped a Long time ago like I had learned from The possible chance of from uh xrp Darren could be could be I would rule it Out but you know what I think we Definitely need to have some clarity on Tether Sprint before we see the true Bottom in the crypto space xrp however 50 cents right now it's up 7.3 in the 24

Hour and 37.7 on the seven day who's mad about That not this guy I can tell you all Right look let's get started because Right now now before we do I do want to Look at look it's 52 cents again on Fiat Link there's a spread here ladies and Gentlemen what's going on I don't know What it is but I don't mind it happening As long as it's real I'm down with it Now I do want to remind people that this Morning's video we covered egg rag Crypto in the diamond pattern Which suggests that if xrp can maintain Its strength above this 50 Cent level it Signals and the leading indicators of The tools that he's using there suggests That there is a 10 xrp in our future and I can't know when and he doesn't either But there's also the chance that the Pattern fails and it goes the opposite Way so we don't know what the answer Will be but it's very exciting to see us Above 50 cents knowing that this could Be a scenario that plays out in the Future potentially not Financial advice Let's go ahead and get started guys if You haven't done it ladies if you Haven't done it get your tickets because It's not 39 days left it's 38 days left I was standing on the stage of xrp Las Vegas 2023 I met with everybody the Caterers the lighting the AV you name it We met them all they're incredible

People double check what your rooms are Like which are smoking hot these hotel Rooms have been redone and they're Remarkable really beautiful inside and They're big the rooms are big so better Get your room if you haven't done it yet Stay right at the place it's where Everybody else is staying why not be Right there and you know what if you Haven't come before and you haven't come To something by yourself you're not by Yourself There's so many other people who reach Out to me say hey I'm coming by myself Feels a little weird no it doesn't You're coming to meet family you're Coming to solidify those relationships You've made for years online and Celebrate the ecosystem of The xrp Ledger and all the incredible products And companies around it take a listen to This to see all the amazing people in This xrp Las Vegas conference 2023 first Time ever it is going to be amazing get Your ticket because this room is going To be full of hundreds of xrp people and There's no doubt about it it absolutely Is and you're going to see one of the Things you're going to see is panelists Flair naming service which is just Launched and I tell you the Decentralized way to build identities Online with the flare Network system dot Flare domains for your wallets and

Websites now I've already put my name on The reservation list and you get a Special spot where you get access to get The hottest domains for Flarenetworks.flare For the first time really ever and and I'm telling you I couldn't be more Excited and I can't wait to have them on Stage to tell us exactly what's going on Here very excited about that Brics countries have overtaken G7 in the World purchasing power parity in the Gross domestic product it says Mexico Finally applies to join brics this is a Massive move here from Mexico to move to Join bricks we know Saudi Arabia is on The list as well if the mou for 15 Billion dollars goes well that's exactly Where they're going and what will that Mean for the elevated status of the U.S Dollar as the global Reserve currency Through the Petro dollar agreement I Think it will mean very very negative Impacts and I do believe that some asset A bridge asset like xrp can play a Gigantic role in that and all of this is Moving in tandem With the piloting the release the launch Of Central Bank digital currencies and I Want to bring you to this really quickly Right now Ripple and digital Euro Association unveil Central Bank digital Currency and digital assets white paper Now listen I haven't gone through the

Paper yet but what I do want to share With you is this is that it's Anthony Rouse from Ripple here presented his Views and expertise and study competing With the white paper uh commenting Excuse me on the white paper he said That cbdc's blockchain is technology on Which state cryptocurrencies are built Can do and offer enhanced security and Access control to ensure privacy and Various usage scenarios emerging not Least because of concerns about Government oversight of Central Bank Digital currencies and digital assets The white paper seeks to answer Questions about the reasons for the need For privacy the role of technology and Ensuring it and how existing regulatory Assets will affect State Cryptocurrencies that's really what We're talking about here the main Conclusion of the paper however is that There's a need for minimum standards to Be adhered to and whether those Standards are different from country to Country there is a way forward to Respect all those differences and still Have inter-global jurisdictional data Flows and that is important to Understand as we move forward here now Right here we have Julie stitzel here Who shares what One Believes about Crypto major U.S policy decisions should Be made by Congress and State

Legislators not by unelected officials Hello think that's a shot towards Gary Gensler at all because I do and speaking About a shot towards Gary Gensler John Deaton got up this morning and said you Know what I'm gonna put my helmet on Another day and get in the game because He doesn't stay on the sidelines he gets In the game and I want you to listen to What he says here you have to fight the Government when the government is Corrupt and they overreach and he talks About the differences between Jay Clayton's time there at the SEC versus Now when we're talking about uh uh Gary Gensler and how he was even different When he taught it MIT very key important Point we have something for you after So but when Mark says don't fight the Government so what's coinbase do shut Down when Mark says listen to the Government who when the government says It's Regulators Gary Gensler who won't Be there three years from now well what About when it's Jay Clayton and Bill Hinman they say ethereum's not a Security but a new chairman says he is The security or implies it you have to Fight the government when the government Is corrupt and they overreach coinbase Met 30 times coinbase has a broker Dealer license for Securities and said Which one of these tokens are security And the government says we don't tell

You we don't give advice the SEC says We're not going to tell you which ones The Securities even though we're saying You're listing Securities okay these are Assets in the secondary Market okay and You have a government regulator who is Absolutely Crushing this industry for purpose if You think talk about the Hamas language You know what it reminds me of it Reminds me of the Ripple case when they Talked about they used non-fraud they Use fraud like language even though they Didn't allege fraud against the Executives it's because it inflames People's emotions when you talk about Terrorists that terrorist hummus Language and the complaint is absolutely Not necessary or arguably relevant to The underlying Swap and derivatives charges it's there To create the narrative for Elizabeth Warren and Gary ginster to say look Bitcoin included is still being used Primarily for illicit purposes to fund Terrorism it is a campaign that is Coordinated intended And and I'm telling you what's going to Happen is they're going to crush this Market into the incumbents come in and Get a bigger slice go on crypto law U.S My site Gary ginsler in April 2018 at MIT Discusses this issue he says the

Incumbent players are not going to let This happen he goes on to say that the Disruptors will have to pay up to 50 Percent of their business the man's on Video at MIT before being chair And there you have it and I want to give You that clip right now so you can Freshen up on it Some Central monopolist with another Central monopolist a lot of commercial Banks aren't terribly excited about that Maybe you're going to have to give some Ownership maybe you'll have to get 50 of Your ownership to the 20 banks that are Now you know part of this I mean there Are other ways to build That's what we're talking about ladies And gentlemen Giving up 50 percent of your ownership Now you tell me what Gary genzer's real Motive is here Tell me I think John Deaton's got it on lock Here We need consistency from an agency where This guy's not teaching one thing at MIT And doing the 180 degree opposite as a Regulator and then you have to question Anyone would question What the motivation is here when he's Teaching the idea of the central Monopolist taking 50 percent of Something from someone in order to play Along and have a seat at the table

Speaking of seated to table I want to Come back to this the digital Euro Association paper that ripples Contributed to here and what I find Interesting is this take a look at this So take a look at this So we know we have the digital Euro Association that just came out Ripple's Already on the digital pound Foundation Then we got the Ripple private Ledger And Republic of Palau then we have Bhutan as well with the Ripple private Ledger doing their stable coins and Cbdc's right We know that actually Ripple is on the Digital dollar project When might we see now think about this Ripples also uh working in collaboration With fed now and the domestic rails in The payment system there Pretty remarkable what we're talking About these deep connections while we're Being sued and waiting for a ruling in The case which could be days or hours Away Weeks at most say the legal analyst But we're being sued while Gary genzer Talks about how the central monopolists Really operate behind the scenes before He has a chair and then is taking Literal action that serves them and not Protecting the retail investor Now you tell me what the hell is going On and we'll both know

Then there's this guy first of all shout Out to Susan Friedman for sharing this From Ripple's policy Had a policy while other jurisdictions Have constructed Entire Frameworks to regulate crypto in The four years since uh Christian Carlo Left the cftc the U.S is still Struggling to answer the same threshold Questions he faced his chair it's not a Question of if the industry leaves the U.S but how fast Well said Susan Friedman and just to Remind people that are new into this Space Christian Carlo wrote a paper declaring That xrp was not a security against the Howie test and destroyed the Howie test With xrp it was amazing But listen to what he says here that all Crypto is not a security take a listen Real quick that's as far as the sec's Approach uh uh look I I uh is someone Who was involved in the decision at the Cftc to designate Bitcoin a commodity Under cfdc's jurisdiction and then did a Lot of the initial work for ethereum uh And and other cryptos before I left Um you know I think it's it's not Correct that all crypto is a security Well crypto Is architecture crypto is algorithms Crypto is uh a means of recording value And it doesn't have to be uh monetary

Value or value using the internet as Opposed to uh double entry Bookkeeping On proprietary balance sheets which is The way we've done it for the last 400 Years uh in the world crypto is a new Architecture now sometimes that Architecture might serve a capital Formation purpose and in that case the SEC absolutely has an important role in Our constitutional system we've Designated the Securities Exchange Commission to oversee Capital markets And capital formation and to the extent That crypto serves the purpose of Capital formation then there's a Legitimate absolute role for the SEC With its long tradition of investor Protection Sometimes that architecture serves as a Commodity and not as a capital formation Instrument in which case there's a role For the SEC sometimes those algorithms Serve as a a banking function in which Case there's a role for our banking Regulators and I think that's such a Great point and I think it's really Smart of uh Chris to really lay out the Idea and understanding that look there Is a role for the SEC to play it's just The SEC feels like they're the one to Play all the role I mean imagine going To a play and all the 40 different Actors in the play are played by the Same actor you know it's like what in

The world's going on here so uh look Kudos to Chris John Carlo for laying That down kudos to Ripple for being on All of these associations from the US The digital dollar project right to the Digital Euro Association contributing There certainly the digital pound Foundation I mean there's so many things That are happening here that's why the Ruling in this case is so important and Time is running out we are going to see A decision I believe sooner rather than Later so how long it is if we go by the Math as John Deaton says of just looking And observing the history of Judge Torres when she's ruled on a dog Promotion and then come out with the Ruling of summary judgment we could be Looking at just a few weeks at most as a Weight here or hours or days away I tell You it's very exciting nonetheless this Is also exciting to see the price moving And to understand that there are some Technical analysts like egg rag crypto And dark Defender tell us here this key Range of 50 plus cents is very important Here we need to stay above it as you can See this line and the price above so We'll see what happens there but that's Going to do it for me make sure you hit The like And subscribe not Financial Advice from me Dart Defender egg red Crypto or anybody else it's just our Digital perspectives I'll catch all of

You on the next one


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