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Welcome back to the show everybody check Out these headlines bricks projections Are staggering and you're going to need To know them expector CPO that's right Bob way talking about the Trojan Horse And we got draft State stable coin Bill We're going to talk about it and here it Is European Union passing legislation Becoming the first in the world to Provide crypto regulations it's Happening ladies and gentlemen and what Are the implications for ripple we're Going to show you an xrpta break of Structure one dollar plus let's find out Somebody roll that beautiful intro Thank you Digital perspectives with Brad kimes Come on in Welcome back to the show everybody you Can follow us on Twitter and YouTube for Exclusive content right now 1.27 Trillion dollar market cap for crypto The market is off by one percent good Afternoon everybody Bitcoin now 28 800 Plus coming back a little bit from this Morning 1974 and changed from ethereum And the market cap for crypto is I mean Uh USD tether excuse me 81.4 billion as it stands right now 49 Cents for xrp we're off by 1.4 under 24 Hour and 2.5 on the seven day let's take A look at this glint baby we're now live With the brand new iOS version of the Glint app in the US don't mess around

You want to see it in action get it out There and check it out or click right Here on my uh Twitter feed and check out The video so you can see what it's all About or just download the app and get Started Gold is security glint it's key hashtag Gold five baby that's what we're talking About yeah it's your alternative to Currency it's your alternative to the Banking system to be quite honest with You click the link underneath the video You will not be upset about it and when Things changing around the world the way They are I am glad I've got some gold And I'm glad I do it with Glenn Brazil Russia India China and South Africa Known as bricks in the brics Coalition Which is growing rapidly are projected To pass G7 nations in global economic Growth by 2028 in five years 60 months Write it down that's what they're Talking about more than half the Population of the world and a good part Of the majority of the resources natural Resources of the world in these Countries it is easy to see that this Projection could easily take place right I tell you the world is changing rapidly Ladies and gentlemen you are going to See evidence of that what the European Union has done shout out to Elizabeth For this one she sits down with the one And only Chief product officer former

Ripple employee Bob way and Dirk from X Factor and listen what they have to say Here pretty interesting here the thing That I found interesting about the Expector project Um I didn't really approach it at first From a metaverse thing you know the Metaverse is super fascinating in here I Really have been approaching everything About From the xrpl perspective The Meta Universe to me when I started Talking to Dirk is just a big shiny Excuse To be the Trojan Horse for getting People to look at money and utilizing Money you know they're in a better way a More empowering fashion and I thought It's also a big shiny excuse to throw Away everything that I think is broken With the traditional World Wide Web Absolutely and I can't wait to hear him Talk on stage at xrp Las Vegas Dirk and Bob way will both be there and I Couldn't be more excited to have them Both on stage with us now remember this From the stable coin hearing that Happened yesterday this so-called Bipartisan legislation on stablecoin Provides divisive income or divisive in Congress once its first draft was Published now here Mr McHenry alarmed me This was Maxine Waters uh somewhat when He said that the members on his side of

The aisle had come up with a whole new Bill Waters said the posted bill in no Way represents negotiations between the Two of us I think we're starting from Scratch now they worked collectively in A bipartisan fashion when Maxine Waters Was running uh was the head of the FSC Financial Services committee but all of A sudden power changes hand and this is What I don't like about politics right Is the posturing for power and control And looking to stall they're not worried About what's the best benefit for the American people that's the lies they Project whether it's on the right side Or the left side of the aisle because They were doing it when the other side Had power too let's face it right And it's despicable They're there to do the best job for us But no they get lost in the power Control right the power struggle and That is a shame because you're about to See evidence of a huge part of the world That's gotten it done today Before we get there however Gary must be Removed America is dying certainly when It comes to the Innovation race this guy Is not helping here he is asked multiple Times in this about why he starts his Conversation with the committee and Other entities with my views or my own Listen to this very quickly it is so Evasive and obfuscating of any

Responsibility or accountability how can Someone anyone in this position actually Be a leader for Texas Mr sessions is now Recognized for five minutes Mr chairman Thank you very much Mr ginsler you Started your uh conversation with this Committee with my views on my own Yes sir why did you say that because It's part of our law that I always say That my views are my own they don't Represent the staff or my fellow Commissioners Do they represent the agency I'm here as the chair of the agency but Because I'm a fight member of a Five-member commission the commission Speaks uh uh as that commission and so That's standard language that we uh Include speeches and our testimonies so You don't represent the eight you cannot Speak on behalf of the agency why are You here as as chair of the agency to Express the views as the chair of the Agency and why didn't you say I Expressed the views as chairman as a Opposed to my own I don't understand That Those are personal when you say my own That's personal now you're contradicting That and saying as chairman Again because it's written into our uh I Think you ought to reevaluate that Because I think that's a complete Cop-out

I think that's a cop-out that I think we Hear and that's why this Committee is going to express its Opinion to do they to you today yeah and They certainly did didn't they And it is true it's a cop-out and the Truth is is that disclaimer says the Views are my own and not that of the Agency well if that's true when you're Asked whether ethereum's a security or Not you should give your opinion because It isn't the opinion of the SEC But I think he doesn't do it because I Identify Gary Gensler as a passive Aggressive coward right and that Certainly doesn't have the makings of a Leader And the yeas have it The European Parliament ladies and Gentlemen just voted in favor of Signaling the final consent to Landmark Crypto legislation law this is a very Historic moment I believe And I tell you the clock is ticking for The U.S to be and remain not remain to Become a leader in this digital asset Revolution European Union makes up 27 to 29 Countries And they got the job done I tell you And you're going to hear just how good They got it done CZ binance gives a a Pat on the back here it says basically

We're going to be doing whatever we need To to support this uh legislation that's Moving through and making any Adjustments to their business model to Make sure that they are compliant And in the meantime John Deaton says in The U.S in the United States Gary Gensler May finally answer the question Whether he considers ether security oh Wait no he won't This gentleman's going to break down Just what a historic day for crypto in Europe this really is I want you to Listen to this it is a final green light I tell you this is extremely exciting Because now there is real pressure Outside of China alone and what they've Done with the digital Yuan things are Moving very quickly now countries Whether it's the United States or others Better get in line and start falling in On how they're going to regulate Cryptocurrencies and digital assets Alike because the entire European Union Has just done it Regulated And that is one reason why we've seen The associated with a lot of concerns in Terms of consumer protection Market Integrity and financial stability and These concerns have become quite clear In recent times That is why the commission two years ago Put a proposal for regulation on the

Table the markets and crypto assets Regulation Mika as is known in common Terms we welcome the agreement of the Co-legislators on this important text Mika would for the first time bring the Vast majority of their crypto assets That are currently unregulated within The regulatory fold and address the Concerns to Consumers Market integrity And financial stability he would do so By regulating the issuers of crypto Assets including stable coins it will Also regulate the vast universe and Ecosystem out there in terms of crypto As the service providers who provide Services around crypto assets and as a Result we will have a safe and sound Framework that will allow these markets To develop on the sound footing this is The first comprehensive piece of Regulation of crypto Assets in the world And we hope and trust that other Regulators will follow suit which will Be important to address risks fully of These markets that are Global in nature I gotta tell you this is pretty darn Remarkable right here and again you talk About setting a tone for the rest of the World this does it at my house and the US better get in line they better get in Line pretty quickly here and it starts With at least at the very least Stablecoin legislation but what are the Possible

Implications for ripple Well don't forget about this crypto Startup Ripple last November Seek to license in Ireland to drive EU Expansion Ripa was expanding its Presence in the EU Steward out of Rowdy Was just in England you know in the UK Right Where it plans to passport its services Through an entity in Ireland This is all from Stuart El Dorado The General Counsel for uh Ripple most of Ripple's business is now driven outside Of the U.S despite its large presence in The country the SEC is Sue uh suing Ripple as we all know right El doradi Said the FTX collapsed into bankruptcy At that time back in November was a call To action no doubt and I tell you they Get access to the whole entire EU Jurisdiction through this license right Here and knowing that they have just put Legislation through in the green light For crypto regs I would watch out And speaking of watch out this right Here is silver Guru 22. it's David Morgan ladies and gentlemen I think Ripple is definitely here to Stay listen to him say it on Stansberry Research shout out to Matt McCall Daniel Cambodi and everybody there over at Stansberry take a listen the UK uses Ripple uh for transactions not in all of Them but many of them and you know I

Don't like to get I don't mind Controversy really Um I think Ripple is definitely here to Stay and uh on the UK Um transaction that's using Ripple not Xrp just for clarification but uh yeah I Think I actually made the statement and I made it somewhat off the cuff but There's thought behind it I try to be You know thoughtful and everything I say But I said that the bank's got in a Hurry and they didn't have their project Completed which it looks like they've Accelerated or they're there close to it They could use Ripple that's already you Know in place very fast very efficient And very accounting you know accurate Accounting uh to use that system as Required to get this thing started if They you know needed it immediately and There you have that ladies and gentlemen And then we have this congrats to Elon On their test uh launch it went well and Obviously you know they gained a lot of Data it wasn't to go to outer space it Was to learn the new things they wanted To learn but it made me think as I was Congratulating Elon it made me think This is what I imagine xrp looking like After we have Clarity in the SEC versus Ripple case and match that up with the Legislation that's just gotten the green Light for the entire European Union I Tell you things are happening fast

Ladies and gentlemen Things are happening fast Now I want you to just imagine for a Second with the legislation in the European Union understanding the Relationships we have studied for years And years on end and though just the Ones that we know about and actually Getting Clarity for xrp certainly Secondary market sales and understanding That we may possibly become the only Digital asset with that clarity Before we get out of here let's take a Look at this for clarity we need to Break this structure a break of Structure here as he's showing us this Is egg rag crypto saying the daily 43 Cents but versus the weekly one dollar How well there's your change of Structure area right here you can see it He's pointing out and right here you see This if we get up above that 60 Cent Range it looks like we're chasing down a Dollar to me I don't know about to you But I want to break some structure just Like that rocket on SpaceX launch and See it but I want to have Clarity be the Reason for it ladies and gentlemen Because once we get clarity we Understand U.S adoption and World Adoption can explode to a level that We've never even dreamed of witnessing Because what would be holding it back Then

Not Financial advice for me or anyone Else it's just my digital perspectives I'll catch all of you on the next one


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