Ripple/XRP-WEF Predict CyberAttack, Bitcoin Decline Incoming?,Brad Garlinghouse/Stuart Alderoty

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Welcome back to the show everybody check It out uh we got 60 Credit Unions under Cyber attack today and guess what else We may even know who's behind it we're Going to get into all of that into the Freedom Zone we got that and so much More somebody roll that beautiful Intro digital perspectives with Brad KES Come on in Welcome back to the show you can follow Us on Twitter and YouTube for exclusive Content right now $1.6 trillion market Cap for crypto Market is up 2.6% right Now 41,500 for Bitcoin ethereum $2,220 in change we see tether market Cap 89.4 billion plus number five spots Xrp at 61 cents off by half a percent in The 20 24h hour up 2.9 on the 7 Day Range of price very quickly between 60 And 64 cents which is pretty wide for Xrp at the moment we'll keep an eye on It as Bitcoin breaks 40,000 which could Mean the crypto Bull Run is finally back That's what a lot of people are saying But we're got we got some technical Analysis for you before we get out of Here today it might pull it might uh Question that notion ladies and Gentlemen and look at this uh as we told You as a followup every month there is a Billion xrp released in escrow Ripple Kept 200 million xrp out for operating Expanses uh expenses and expansion locks

Up another 800 million xrp after that Release we told you we'd follow up on it We did and here is a reminder from this Morning's video and if you have not seen It I highly suggest you go watch that Video Standard Chartered back zodiac Custody joins Ripple partner Medico so Now we've got Ripple Ripple partner Standard Chartered Medico which Ripple Owns now uh hooked up and connected with Zodia which is backed and started by Standard Chartered this is getting good Ladies and gentlemen I got news for you I'm liking I'm liking the way this Looks and meanwhile I've brought this up Multiple times on this channel Chinese Developer ever Grande RIS in liquidation If creditors veto its plan for holding Huge debts Hong Kong Court will convene Monday on troubled ever Grande's plans For restructuring its 300 billion debts Monday's hearing would be the last Before a decision is handed down now the Reason I bring this up is twofold one Ever Grande is tied to China and their Central Bank whatever is happening there Will be a cascading effect we don't know How deeply but it will be a cascading Effect to other central banks make no Mistake about that because central banks And the central banking system is Connected at the hip but here's the Other problem here Okay this is the problem as well Bitcoin

RIS uh tied to USD tether which we have Seen many many conversations here on This channel evidence thereof at least Suggestive evidence EV of That and if tether is tied possibly to China's Leman Brothers equivalent ever Grande I want you to listen to David Morgan from Morgan Capital explain it Best here from last year and that's a Metaphor an analogy to bitcoin Bitcoin I Think in the white paper started off With a great idealism but if you look at The present day basically a lot of the Top dogs are associated with MasterCard And they are um big holders they own Most of it so whenever you own the main Body of something you are in control I Mean if you owned 90% of the silver Market you'd be in control of the silver Market you owned you know 90% or if even 55% of the oil Market you'd be in charge Of the oil market and it's the same Thing with Bitcoin or ethereum or any of Them it depends what the ownership ratio Looks like unfortunately Bitcoin has Been hijacked the whales own it oh do You feel this is correlated to price That the price pressure bitcoin's been On I mean apart from this recent rally As we speak is that what's behind it for You that is the big question it's all About tether and tether has got issues And no one really knows what's going on With tether now we have conjectured that

They may be tied to ever Grande and if So that some of that paper is not worth Much and so as long as tether do print Indiscriminately they can send a bit Coin price basically wherever they want To but once it's discovered that tether Really is a Federal Reserve in Disguise And just printing money out of thin air If that's the case and many believe it Is then bitcoin's got a problem going Forward and and there we have it and That's where the conundrum lies right And meanwhile we see Swift payment System is moving dratic Dr dramatically To accelerate accelerate I cannot talk Today moving dra dramatically to Accelerate crossborder transactions both To and from Europe and meanwhile we know Sepa European uh Europe's payment system I tell you I just cannot get it out Today I don't know what it is uh has Been pushed back with the Iso20022 adoption to March of 2024 just Four and a half months or so away from Us so uh very excited to see all that Happening but we're seeing look I'm Showing all of these might feel a little Sporadic today but I'm showing all of This because I believe all of this is Really kind of indirectly connected Right if USD tether is a problem if USD Tether which I believe has serious Questions hanging over his head and if You go as far as to understand that it

Is tied possibly potentially to ever Grande then we have cascading effects From ever Grande to the central banking System and inside of tether if that be The case Meanwhile the payment rails Swift are Trying to do what they can to remain Relevant powerful and in Control but let's listen here as nobody Says it better than steuart aldera what Xrp in The Ledger does take a listen Here what Ripple has done both with our Proprietary software and with the xrp Ledger which is a blockchain using this Digital asset is crypto asset like Bitcoin ethereum it's we can move the Value real time and the founding mission Of the initial brilliant Engineers who Put all of this together their Vision Was the internet of value just like you Can move in just like I can send an Email now across the L and I don't know What server the recipient was on and Know server on don't know Server I get send in that email Seamlessly instantaneously moves to the Receiver and essentially that's what we Do with value that's what we do with Money it actually settles um and we've Been doing that we've been trying to Perfect it and um again we've built a Very successful business but that Business relies on The xrp Ledger just Like there's a Bitcoin Ledger an

Ethereum Ledger there's an xrp Ledger And it relies on the digital asset xrp Which we believe is faster cheaper more Transparent to move than other digal Assets and there you have it steuart Alar laying it down and here's Brad Garling house going to lay it down too Take a quick listen to this this is a Throwback clip but it's perfect for Today I think 100% of the examples you Heard us all talk about were Infrastructure you know I I describe Myself as we're a plumber to the Global Financial Infrastructure and that's not about Going to Starbucks and using xrp to buy A coffee yeah that'd be you could do That hypothetically and Starbucks could Choose to accept that but I don't think That's where we are you vitalik one of The founders of the ethereum ecosystem He he was on a panel at a ripple event And the question he was asked was who's The competition and he pulled out a $2 Canadian Bill and said this is the Competition I couldn't disagree more the The the comp if we go out and say we're Going to attack the system or attacking Fiat at the same event we had Ben banki Come and speak and he's like look Central governments will control M1 Money supply this is fundamental to be a Sovereign Nation and so this idea that We're I mean I agree with Katie like I

Don't call it cryptocurrency I refer Them as digital assets cryptocurrency Suggests I'm going to go to Amazon and Buy things with this I think 100 it's a Great point and it's why we say digital Assets here when referring to xrp for Sure reminder that the US Federal Reserve unveils several recommendations In favor of xrp over 111 mentions in Public comment to the Federal Reserve About payments and infrastructure pretty Remarkable and so is this this is an Article that was just put out by Jeff Wilser here for through Coindesk uh Jeff is an incredible writer And not because this is just favorable And and and positive towards Brad Garlinghouse and ripple but because he's A great reporter I have worked with this Guy and he is true to his word I tell You that and in a world Of media and spin and narrative I can Tell you firsthand that Jeff wilser Tells the story and the whole story and Here he tells the whole story about Ripple co-founder emerged triumphant This year in legal cases which bring big Implications for the future of Cryptocurrency he couldn't have done it Alone without the xrp arm army he says And we go into this I'm not going to Read the whole thing he got a chance to Speak with Brad garlinghouse and he says Here uh the reason for the proper party

That was H that happened in New York uh Months earlier it said uh Ripple CEO Brad Garling house had promised that if They were victorious the SEC lawsuit Would throw a proper party to honor and Thank the xrp community he says uh here He says uh I had profiled the xrp Community also known as the xrp Army Earlier this year uh for for years they Deserve due respect he says um Garling House had made this promise in may he Predicted that he would be on the right Side of the law and the right side of History and sure enough July 13 2023 US District Court Judge Analisa Torres Ruled that Ripple had not violated Securities laws by selling xrp to retail Investors the xrp Army rejoiced the xrp Price briefly doubled while lawyers Continue to debate the exact Implications of the ruling it was widely Seen as the least partial Vindication of For ripple xrp garlinghouse and uh Perhaps the entire crypto space and so Garlinghouse introduced the proper party As we know and uh let's see and uh he Took the stage he roared as some thanked And began his personal story he said it Began before Christmas and the damn SEC Is suing me it was right before Christmas right and uh Garling house sat On the microphone referring to the SEC Sudden announcement on December 22 2020 That it had filed a lawsuit against

Garling house Ripple co-founder Chris Larson the crowd booed at the mention Some yell you know what the SEC he says I'll be honest it was a dark a bit of a Dark time he told the crowd and he did Tell us that and uh basically he went on To say and I want to find the part here Where um he says uh he spoke with Brad Garlinghouse he said uh to slowed down And want say he said I spoke uh who had Gone down GTO millionaire working loses Yeah we know that so he says so why did The SEC ultimately Sue Ripple and Brad Garlinghouse I asked him Point Blank why Do you think they sued you what was the Motivation a break a long pause the Pause was so long that I was worried the Phone had died in this long plls I Thought about many accusations from the Xrp Army which claims they that key SC Figures had ties to ethereum foundation So they threw the book at Ripple as a Form of regulatory capture the theory is Called eth gate I gave an introduction Here with Garling Garling house go there Finally he acknowledged the long Pauls And finally said I don't know he added I Think one day we'll all will know he Says and that he found it quite Incredulous that they would bring this Case against Chris and I individually he Says since the December 20 lawsuit uh The Grinch you stole Christmas uh as Garling house called the SEC it had been

A painful two years for ripple and xrp But quietly almost stealthy he had been Building innovating and creating uh Partnerships Ripple launched Central Bank digital currency platform and Announced uh relationships with Hong Kong monetary Authority taiwan's fubon Bank Georgia's National Bank to buy Financial Services Authority and more to Outsiders it seemed like xrp was a Zombie project insiders felt that xrp Was poised literally to take over the World's core banking infrastructure There's still plenty of work to do Before world domination but by any Measure Garling house can point to 2023 As a Triumph that's why he's an easy Pick for this year's coin desk most Influ influential list and he really is There's no question about it and I want To shout out um you know uh Jeff wilser For the article here and how uh Brad Garlinghouse had highlighted uh John Deon at the proper party and he was kind Enough to give me a shout out about xrp Las Vegas here but he also says um in This Garling house pointed to a tall Bald muscular goatee wearing lawyer John Deon who in many ways embodies the heart And soul and brains of the xrp army Deon Raised his fist in solidarity as he Clenched his fist uh the crowd applauded As if he were a rockstar and to them he Is and he certainly is it was Deon with

The help of the xrp Champions like Brad Kim's digital asset investor and so many Others out here and I know that Jeff's Not able to name them all but you know Who you are and every one of you are Certainly uh valued and appreciated no Doubt about it who rallied the xrp Community to petition the judge that They were actually buying xrp not Ripple And had never heard of Ripple so the Argue argu uh so the argument would Weaken and the sec's argument would Weaken uh from that as well look this is A great article and I encourage you to Read the entire thing and what an Incredible moment it was As we move forward from that right now And I tell you we're in a beautiful spot Where we are but I want to bring you Back to where we are with Bitcoin we Know we're waiting for the approvals of The ETFs spot Bitcoin ETFs right now This is now three separate people have Made the statement that China can Control 51% of the Bitcoin via mining Brad garlinghouse has said it Charles Hoskinson recently said it Brian Brooks Has said it and I want you to hear him Say it the way he says It that China has done is they have Captured more than 51% of the mining Capacity on the Bitcoin blockchain which Means that the very first internet of Money which was the Bitcoin blockchain

About 10 years ago is now essentially Owned by China so as a country we now Face a Geostrategic competitiveness issue which Is do we in the United States want to Own internet 2.0 in the same way that we Own internet 1.0 yeah you know it's a valid question It's a valid question and with that we Have to be able to look at all angles Here look at this Bitcoin dominance Ideal decline Sparks altcoin Boom uhhuh there's a suggestion that There could be Bitcoin dominance is is Yet to fully retrace to 702 as the chart Below IND indicates however there's Still room for growth a significant Decline is on the horizon and this could Spark a glorious Boom for alts get ready For them to pop like popcorn says eggr Crypto interestingly gold is signaling a System breakdown hinting that a Substantial portion of capital might Flow into crypto why because those Involved in or keen on crypto are drawn To the concept of self- custody a Feature only found in crypto and gold Don't get swayed by the big accounts Aiming to preserve or double their Capital your strategy might diverge Completely so stay true to your game Plan and here is what he shares here as You could see right through all of this That there may be a downward run here at

Least in the short term before it heads Back up again this is quite interesting Because you know could this be a Downturn that happens in lie of waiting For the spot Bitcoin ETFs or is the Chart leading that we might not see the ETFs at all this is a very tricky time And I don't know the answer but I want To share those perspectives with you and Here we see this what happened this Morning on the xrp pullback that we saw Touch around 58 cents this morning Crypto to says it was a retest of our Launch pad woo looking at the xrp chart Against Bitcoin here you can see showing The three touches we just just had and If that's the case Let it Fly ladies and Gentlemen let it Fly now we're getting ready to go into The freedom Zone and this is where we're Going to talk to you about the world Economic Forum predicts cyber attacks And just recently in the last day here Over 60 Credit Unions experien outages Due to ransomware attacks we're going to Talk about that and so much more inside The freedom Zone all you got to do is Click the link underneath the video dig Perspectives. comom and join us It is almost nothing to be a part of That group and you aren't going to Believe what you find when we get in There we're getting ready to get started Not Financial advice of me or anyone

Else I'll catch all of you on the next One


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