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Welcome back to the show check out these Headlines we got Black Rock we got bat We got breaking news on a new Amendment On The xrp Ledger and another one soon To follow Swiss and a central bank Digital currency get ready ladies and Gentlemen the bank of England you won't Believe what we got for you there Ripple In the bis and we got this digital Euro You're going to want every bit of it and Ripple CTO and a Google comparison and So much more somebody wrote up beautiful Intro digital perspectives with Brad K's Come on In welcome back to the show everybody You can follow us on Twitter and YouTube For exclusive content right now it's 1.62 trillion market cap for crypto the Market is off by 0.9% and we see we're At 39,7 Plus for Bitcoin at the moment 2,100 Plus for ethereum 95.5 billion Plus for tether market cap xrp's at 50s We're off by 1.7 on the 24 hour off by 9.8 on the 7day the range of price very Tight right now between 50 and 51 cents We'll keep an eye on it but I want to Let you know right now the window it's Not closing yet but it is getting very Very difficult to tell you that this Event is not going to sell Out I'm going to tell you and it looks Like VIP tickets are going to be first Somebody play it this is what you're

Going to be missing I don't want you to Miss it I want to meet you I want to Hang out with you take a Listen But one thing that I really like is I Think you'll see a lot more of these Neo Banking type of services come into play I think you will start to be able to use Your crypto portfolio to have a debit Card and pay or you'll be able to send Money you know I could send money to Favio or crypto to Favio just like I Send venmo Today there you have it ladies and Gentlemen it's coming and it's coming in A big way make sure you click the link Get your ticket underneath the video or Go to xrp Las and get your Tickets today do not mess around they Will sell out I can feel it and VIP is Going to sell out faster than the General admission so if you're looking For VIP experience it's going to be Remarkable I would get your ticket as Soon as you can right here we see big Breaking news here 1.7 billion Black Rock now holds $ 44,5 Bitcoin oh my goodness that's how That's going and everybody's like yeah But why is the price going down in the Market you know people are selling into The face of this new product you know Hang in there hang hang in there it Reminds me when you see companies go

Public and then you see that initial Runup in price and then you see a huge Selloff and then usually a couple months Later it'll recover right so not Financial advice just giving the Evaluation there what it looks like to Me in the ETF land we'll see I got some Exposure to it let's see what happens Here we see backed which is owned by the Parent company that also owns the New York Stock Exchange ladies and gentlemen I have been talking about back till I am Blew in the face about how excited I am About backed and backed is a publicly Traded company and I want to go ahead And tell you right now and shout out to My man Jr inside of the dpmg group I Know him and I and a few others in there Have been trying to gather up as much Back as we can and it's a126 a share and When it ipoed it went $54 $55 in that Range and then we saw the huge sell off Into the face of of it right into the Face of the IPO and now we're in that Point where we're waiting for regulatory Clarity the suppression to be lifted Right the legislation that we need and Then I think you're going to see this Thing make a run like we've never seen Before and it's a public stock just Saying just Saying and right here mckl market shares And so does documenting Ripple here Breaking clawbacks Amendment have

Reached the 80% V voting threshold to Pass on the xrp ledger so you know what That means we have that waiting period That twoe waiting period looks like February 8 this thing will become if it Stays above 80% voting consensus it will Become a new addition to the Ledger how Exciting is that we covered you can type Clawbacks into the search box of the Videos and find the information on Clawback Amendment and what that really Entails Switzerland Central Bank plans December Cbdc pilot oh boy we like hearing that And then we have this remember when the Bank of England told us this about Digital pounds you're going to love this The bank of England nor the government Would be able to program your digital Pounds or restrict how you spend your Money there you go They're not going to Control it they're not going to restrict How you spend your money but this just Came in Bank of England to limit how Much UK digital currency could be Held you just can't look I mean there's I mean I know that there's a difference Between phasing something in and then They like you know give it you know Limits to make sure it's going well and Introduce it but I you know that does Feel a little toofaced you know from the From the uh UK does it but look these Are government central banks and the

Reality is is this is the danger that We're worried about with digital money Is that not only you know on the front Side of introducing it and making sure That it it integrates and implements Well into our financial system which I Totally understand but at the same time You know you have to wonder you know What do these governments and central Banks really intend to do when they have That kind of programmable power it is a Very serious concern and in fact today We're going into the freedom Zone after At the end of this video you're going to Want to join us in there we have a world Economic Forum whistleblower that is Going to break down Central Bank digital Currencies and other plans that the World economic forum is planning to do To the Masses Ripple joins the bis task force For crossb payments ladies and gentlemen That was a reminder because the bis sets Out its 2024 strategy with key focus on Cbdc and tokenization and then that Brings us to the conversation of bridge Currencies give Mr Man a follow this guy Does amazing stuff it's a 15minute video I'm not going to play it you can breathe This s relief but what I am going to do Is bring you into one of the key Parts Here at about this Mark right here or so And I'm going to let this play and You're going to hear them talk because

Now you have to understand Daniel Eden Of the B bis formerly of R3 is talking About Bridge currencies and bridging Mechanisms and the practicality thereof And in the early part of this video he Talks clearly about if you have two Currencies that have enough liquidity to Cha tra trade between one another There's no need for a bridge currency And we've known this but I want to Acknowledge it for those that don't yet Understand it right and the truth is is That when you start getting larger and Larger volumes of payment that need to Be made in a more consistent way this is Where you start getting into the Conversation of how you could build Pools Uhhuh liquidity pools using he says Automated market makers for central Banks let me let it play supporting the Functionality of the bridge currency Right Yeah it's interesting I mean I'll give You an example we released this week a Project called project Mariano and in This project we looked specifically at You know we envision a world where cbdcs Exist and we took three economy Um Singapore uh France and Switzerland And pulled their cbdcs in a common kind Of offshore pool that was an automated Market maker and in that automated Market maker all the currencies could

Trade against each other so so and I so I bring that example as like a serious Departure from the way we think about Foreign exchange Today maybe I mean there's there's a lot Of value moving around in the crypto Ecosystem in in that type of in in these Type of structures maybe that's Something that's attractive for central Banks moving forward and we're really Just starting to scratch the surface of Those type of tools so my my intuition Is that technology is only a part of it Um technology can open up new Realms of Possibilities you know the US dollar Isn't the US dollar only because of Technology right it's it has many many Other facets to it the depth of the Markets the rule of law many many things Create the trust in the US dollar that You have that that that exists around The world um I think as the technology Advances and and technology is a part of This I don't want to minimize the Technology component of this but the Technology in general is kind of equally Accessible to to everyone maybe there's Slight variations in form factors um so My sense is that that Rising tide will Kind of lift all the ships and the Competition will likely be in things That are a little bit um softer Let's let's call them so you know I Don't think you decide which bills you

Use based on the the fabric and the feel And what they look like I mean at the End of the day it's where you live and What you have access to but even if you Could choose it's more about which Central banks you engage with what where You're doing most of your business Activity and that's the currency that You choose to deal in right so it's a Very very practical thing so so my my Sense is you know this if we I don't Think it's a zero sum game between Bridge current you know bridging Structures or direct structures I think There's a lot of space for for crossbo Payments and and you know you asked About digital assets as well so as we Create more and more type of digital Assets as we maybe tokenize our deposits Maybe hold certain types of stable coins For payment needs that are very very Specific my sense is that all of these Things will will bloom a lot of times People think about um currency Competition and currency competition is Very very real currency competition can Exist between different forms of payment Within an economy currency competition Can also exist between different central Banks and different Fiat issuers so so Currency competition is not a new Phenomenon currency competition will Continue to exist technology will Probably make that competition more

Relevant and maybe even Fiercer but the the beneficiary of this Competition will be the users right and As long as we can keep the guard rails On as long as we can not mess it up Right and I think you know when you Think about the role of the bis and the Central Banking community in general Right that that that is the lens through Which we look at things right it's it it This needs to work not just on the sunny Days but on the rainy days and on the Rainy days that's the most important Time where where where we test whether Or not these type of things uh have the Impact that we we we would like them to Have um so I'm generally optimistic and I I think not looking at it as a zero Sum game is very very important there's No reason why your wallet well there is A reason today why your wallet can't Hold 50 different types of currency I'm Not sure that there's a reason moving Forward why it can't and I'm not sure There's a reason why it can't provide Realtime foreign exchange depending on What you are about to buy um in the Future as well right so so just kind of Open that up and say oh well maybe we're Actually looking at this from the Relatively narrow lens and the future of Payments is is much more interesting and Exciting than you know just you know These tiny movements that we think about

Today very very informative for me I Hope you get the same thing out of it Here uh the entire clip is fantastic so Shout out to everybody that put that Together there too uh let's move quickly Now because I don't want this get too Long this is Jenna pachcha of digital Euro and she basically in the middle of This video explains you know uh well you Know let me give it to you within sum of Money which needs to be talking about Promisory notes and what happens is is Jenna comes in and explains how it works Once you take your money to the bank You're transferring the notion of it's Like an IOU right when I take and and This is something many of our listeners Probably heard me say before but when I Take my1 pounds in cash that I've had Stashed under my mattress or something To a bank branch should I be able to Locate to physical bank branch and I Deposit it in my bank account I no Longer own a £100 what I own is now a Claim against that Commercial Bank for The sum of100 which is actually no Longer backed even by1 pounds that they Hold uh just sitting in a vault it's Probably because they've used it um as Based for L for making loans um and Extending credit it's now backed by About1 pounds in a vault along with um You know some other um s some um loans And liability due to them alongside um

You know a lot of credential regulation The financial services comp compensation Scheme and all the stuff that gives me Trust in the financial system exactly Well interestingly enough is that Doesn't really give us the real trust It's fractional lending is what she's Explaining which is the way the banking System works and to the point that she's Making I want to build on it and and ask The question generally of all of us as We watch this digital transformation Take place how do we see because Fractional lending is so dangerous and It is what has helped take us to ruin Right in the financial system you know Among other things but certainly one of The key notes and as we move to a move Away from a debt based system to an Asset back system I have to ask the Question what happens to fractional Lending at some point you have to Eliminate fractional lending just like You're not going to pass stable coin Legislation and say you don't have to Back it one to One you guys can do you know a 10 to one Right you know what I mean like you know Or one tenth of one to one nobody's Going to want to see one tenth of of to One on a backing of a stable coin and I Wouldn't want to see that in the banking World so this is something that is also Yet to be

Revealed to me how all of this changes In the banking world and again I mean I Think we could also call it motive right You talk about the Legacy players in the Banks and why are they fighting all of This so much well maybe just maybe that Whole fractional lending will end up Coming into question as we move through The transformation of this digital age And I hope that it Does let's take it to here where Ripple CTO David Schwarz talk about The xrp Ledger Compares it to Google I like what He's got to say Here David Schwarz is liken the xrp Blockchain value proposition in the Payment landscape to the utility of tech Behemoth Google in the search engine Business this remark came during an Exclusive interview with coindesk where He elaborated on the evolving crypto Ecosystem emphasizing the niche where The xrp Ledger aims to excel is is cross Currency payments specifically the Interviewer inquired about the growing Trend toward a multi-chain crypto Ecosystem where each chain possesses Distinct use cases considering these Varied niches the special and Specialties the co coind Des journalist Asked whether the concept behind The xrp Ledger implies that it aims to emerge as The predominant choice of Payments in his response he asserted

That he firmly believes The xrp Ledger With it native asset xrp is set to excel In Cross currency Payment Solutions and Liquidity Provisions according to him The xrp Ledger design and optimization Specifically cater to these use cases uh Drawing a parallel he suggested to that A failure in the niche area would be Akin to Google failing in its primary Search function he said in his own words Here I strongly believe The xrp Ledger Is the best option for cross-currency Payments and liquidity provisions it was Uh developed specifically for the Purpose and everything has been Optimized for this particular use case Therefore if it fails to deliver in this Area it would be like Google failing to Search uh you can't say it any better Than that right you just can't and then There's this xrp shooting star ladies And gentlemen or gravestone dogee he Says I do urge you to take a moment to Read the post below and see how reliable Candle candle formations are in Predicting price prediction and if you Look here you see what he's got here 50 To 55 cent which is the window we're in Now and he told us about this some time Ago so this is the stuff that really Comes back and look back down the road That you've been down and say you know What okay here we go it says hold on There's more there could be a 7 to 12%

Overshooting to the mix so that could Take us down lower as he said from the 50 to 55 cents all of this very Pertinent to pay attention to because of Where we are because the ultimate point From the technical analyst egg rag Crypto as we've seen many times is is That regardless of this pullback dip or An overshoot on the dip it's not Changing the scenario for a 20 plus doar Xrp in the in the future whenever that Happens so all of that is still in play And still on the table as far as the Technical analyst of concern we'll have To keep an eye on it and watch it I'm Very excited because 2024 could really Shape up to be a very defining year for Crypto as far as regulation and Legislation go I can't wait to see what Happens price will take care of itself As long as we get those things done We'll see now it's time for us to head Into the freedom Zone the world economic Forum whistleblower Cbdcs microchips it's all in their plan And we're going inside right now join us In the freedom Zone not Financial advice Or me or anyone else here we go we're Going in as we say as we speak


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