ELON Musk “GO F*CK Yourself” You Better Prepare For 2024!!!

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You better prepare for 2024 I'm going to Give you my prediction and at the end of Video I'm going to give you exactly what I'm doing from my current Paradigm to 2025 my name is coach JB what I work to Do is make the complex macro and Microeconomic strategies very simple so Normal everyday person just like me and You can Implement I've been implementing These strategies for the last four years And it's radically transformed my Family's life and my goal is to help Over a million people by 2020 we've Helped 7,500 people since 2020 and we're Now ramping it up because we are here Now everything we've been talking about Is coming to a head and I'm going to Show you the facts figures numbers logic So I have three resources for you number One is a absolutely free consultation There's scammers out there I'm not dming You I'm not asking about your crypto Portfolio that is not me never send Anybody money pretending to be me we Have an insurance company we're licensed Insurance agents we teach people tax Codes 7702 how we ensure our wealth during These volatile times compound and grow Our wealth that is in the description of This video set up at absolutely free Consultation it cost you nothing number Two is if you're ready to jump into our Paid education Academy we have our

Warrior academy and our 120 day Challenge in our five phases and number Three if you're not ready for any of That I have an absolute free book a 16-page guide on exactly how I did that It's in the description of this video And in my social media platform bio the First video that I'm going to show you Is going absolutely Ely vital right now And the reason why I'm showing you this Is because um and I'm going to give Credit to all different people because I Love everybody right I'm a spiritual Person I love God I follow the Principles of Jesus simple right not a Religion I love everybody I love what You Love religious people call it the Rapture people like me call it the Great Awakening the world economic Forum calls It the great reset but I'm here to tell You and look you in the eyes right now That you have to start Preparing in the Rapture they say There'll be one person in the field and One person will go up there is a massive Separation of Consciousness okay there Is a vibrational frequency difference is What I call it there's a higher Frequency people who are connected to The new field and expanding Consciousness and there's people who are Going to continue to repeat Consciousness and those who are stuck in

The repetitive patterns in the darkness And the lower frequency of jealousy Anger and hate are going to be stuck Here and there's going to be massive Separation between the wealthy and the Poor okay and I'm going to show you a Video that's going viral right now that Kind of gives us not kind of it tells us Where things are heading okay we're Going into one of the craziest Presidential elections that we've ever Experienced and guys this is all by Design This Is All By Design this is all Happening and playing out because we're Being played it's a repetitive cycle and Until you break free from this until you Stop trying to escape the matrix and Understand you can create think walk and Talk and act and you have free will to Create your own reality and your own Matrix you will be in the same cycle so Elon Musk was being interviewed Everybody thought that this was AI this Is real deal he told advertisers excuse My language to off this tells you Something guys the gloves are off Whether you believe in Elon or you don't I'm not saying for against but listen to What he says this was on an interview in The New York Times he says fck Advertisers this is sharing with you What is about to happen okay then I'm Going to show you from an economic sense If they lower interest rates next year

The middle class is going to get crushed You're not going to be able to afford a Home guys but if you properly allocate Your assets and you get your Together right now you could radically Transform your family's timeline but you Have to get financial education and you Have to be dedicated okay so listen to What he says and this is wild and then We're going to go into what is going to Happen with the economy and my Prediction at the end I'm going to share With you exactly what I'm going to do What was that trip like and obviously You know that there's a public Perception that and and you're Clarifying this Now um but there's a public perception That that was part of a apology tour if You will this had been said online there Was all of the criticism there was Advertisers leaving we talked to Bob Iger stop you hope uh don't advertise You want them to advertise no what do You Mean if somebody's going to try to Blackmail me with advertising blackmail Me with money go Yourself But go Yourself is that clear clear seriously Guys can we get any more clear on what's Happening like hate or love that dude The separation is happening now you can

Push back on this but guys the Consciousness is separating people are Done with industrial error they're done With this government structure they are Done with these manipulative low Frequency low vibration money hungry Greedy that continue to Blackmail PE blackmail people into Speaking their truth and we are standing Up now and saying No this is what we Believe whether you believe Elon or mus Or his belief systems but he's saying You know what F you you know how much Money he is going to lose he is going to Lose with that but he is going to win in The end by standing on whatever his Truth is whatever his truth is he's Saying you guys man no okay so at The same time the very companies the Very companies that told you Cryptocurrencies of fraud seven years Ago are now saying that it's a flight to Safety okay now we're going to go on This Balancing Act here okay so Gale's Uplist plan adds to intrigued over Bitcoin what they're saying is if Grayscale gets their Bitcoin ETF they're First in line guys there's going to be Billions of dollars flooding into Grayscale which is going to cause Institutions to come flooding in and It's going to cause price appreciation So now here comes all the noise now guys Pay attention you have to have an Exit

Plan here comes all the noise Bitcoin Mate reach 57,000 over pending ETF Approval do you guys remember this Feeling 2020 2021 it's going to a 100 Kit guy the feeling is coming okay the Parabolic move is coming the Bitcoin ETFs are going to get approved in my Opinion so this is my prediction they're Going to get approved in first quarter Okay the Bitcoin having is going to Happen in April you're going to have a Presidential election coming up they may This is what I'm going to bring up to You guys they may cut rates sooner guys If they cut rates okay right now the Dollar is attractive because interest Rates are high if they cut rates that is Not good for you because if a $800,000 Home will shoot over a million it will Be completely unaffordable okay Completely unaffordable but if you are Properly allocated in assets crypto Currency stock market housing things Like that your assets are going to go Parabolic and I'll explain to you how I Have my system set up I'm just speaking For my Paradigm but it's changed my life The last four years and we're now going To head into the wealth Paradigm from 2025 to 2030 okay so Bill Hickman says Feds will cut rates sooner than expected Guys I didn't think this was going to Happen I mean I've been telling you guys They're going to keep raising rates

Trying to cool inflation which jacks up The job markets so what I predict is the Job markets are going to get start to Get um really rough on the back end of This year going into q1 Q2 they may cut Rates to try to cool things down and Then boom our assets are going to go Through the roof so you have to get Mentally prepared for the back end of 2024 to have an exit plan to secure Compound and grow because what goes up Comes smashing down United States in Some circles that we probably have Avoided a recession for the near near Future we're going to have a so-called Soft Landing that's the consensus is That your view as well well I think it's Really hard to predict I do think the Economy is weakening uh we're seeing you Know evidence of that in some of our Companies you're seeing uh I have some Concerns uh you know the there's been a Huge subsidy in terms of low interest Rates and companies most companies fix Their uh rates or their debt at you know Very low rates and certainly Real Estate Investors did the same and that works Until it doesn't work and so I think We're what's going to be interesting is To see what happens when people get have To repic their debt and I think that can Have sort of a cliff-like effect and You're certainly seeing that uh in real Estate now the markets are assuming and

The markets are not always right but the Markets are assuming that there's going To be a Fed discount cut sometime next Year as we talk now just about the end Of November um it's not clear what the FED will do but uh some people say that The FED if they were to cut interest Rates next year would help the Democrats And therefore be seen as very political The other hand some people say the FED Can't wait till after the election Because the economy might need a a Stimulus so you have a view on what the Fed's likely to do exactly what I've Been telling you guys they're going to Cut rates and then you're going to get a Stimulus because the middle class is Going to get effed guys effed you are Going to need a stimulus checked if You're on the wrong side of this coin I Think they're gonna cut rates and uh I Think they're going to cut rates sooner Than people expect Bo I'll just leave it At that guys I've been God the exact Narrative and I'm I'm I'm going to Pat Myself on the back CU I predicted this Guys I predicted this based on Macroeconomics pulling myself to a 30,000 foot overview studying people Like Ray Doo not listening to the understanding historical Patterns in religion too guys when Gaza Invaded uh H Hamas invaded the all the The the Israel thing happened guys that

Was so it was exactly 50 years the Jubilee guys the shamita ended last year We one year after the shamita it is so Perfectly timed out it's Unbelievable and all this stuff that was Called conspiracy before is no longer Conspiracy it's facts figures numbers Logic so the UBS sees rate a sees a raft Of Fed rate Cuts next year on the back Of the US Recession Bank of America deuts Bank Predict interest rates cut in 2024 it's guys I've been telling Everybody's like we're not going into Recession the economy is fine global Economy will sputter in 2024 because of The inflation and interest rates and the Wars o e CD says okay so what we are Talking about and what I'm going to do Okay so I've been preparing for this Since 2020 okay I'm going to pull Something up a tool for you guys while I Do this okay so in 2020 I started to see Uh uh economic patterns so I devoted my Life to this I devoted my life to and Also to just so you guys know in human Design I'm a generator so a generator Basically we have a logical circuit and We see patterns to predict the future Right so we study the past to predict The future and so what I do is I go Backwards in history religious spiritual Mental uh financial and all these things And I study it to be able to predict the

Future and so what I did was is I Started doing my investments based on The future and I do the opposite of Everybody else so when everybody's Getting excited I am selling when Everybody is fearful I am buying the Warren Buffett strategy it's the Opposite effect guys okay so I'm G to Pull this up real quick I just want to Pull this tool for you guys there we go Okay cool okay so let's break this down So first I have a crypto portfolio and I'm going to repeat this over and over Again because I want this to be Ingrained in your mind I'm speaking from My current Paradigm and then I'll speak On the back end what I'm going to be Doing in the future then when I have That education I'll speak that truth That I'm experiencing to you guys okay So just want to let you guys know Anything I talk about like Merlin I own Merlin a creator of Merlin everything I Talk about my insurance company I own my Insurance compy company they're my They're not my agents they're Independent agents they're licensed with Me on my team uh but everything I talk About is something I've created because I believe in it or I use it does that Make sense so I think that's very clear That's why I can talk about God and Jesus and you know like Elon I have no People paying me for advertisement

Anything I can talk about whatever I Want complete Freedom okay so number one I have a crypto portfolio I'm Diversified across payment rails supply Chain you know gaming all these Different tokens and stuff I you you Guys know we all talk about the same Tokens right but crypto is not my Retirement it's the ability to make a Large amount of money in a short amount Of time like we did from 2020 to 2022 Then it came collapsing down Parabolically that's why we created Merlin I have a strict Exit Plan I'm Holding 50% of my portfolio long term I'm exiting 50% on the way up so as Everybody's flooding in I'll be exiting At Target points on the way up and how I Will be doing that is I track my crypto On Merlin and basically we created an Exit plan in there so basically it's in There and when I get close to my exit Target say for example my first Target For xrp is $3.7 now my target may be Completely different to yours my average Buying cost is 17 so when it hits $3.7 I'll exit about 10% of my 50% of my Portfolio if it gets to five or $7 I'll Exit a certain amount there if it gets To $10 I'll exit a certain amount there And if it doesn't go to my next Target I Don't exit but when I exit though it's Opportunity cost of money I take that Money and going to be personally Max

Funding index Universal Life policies Insurance why because as you Ure your Life your car and your house I Ure my Money so when these markets come Collapsing down my principle is Guaranteed and if I choose to buy back Into the markets or I want to buy some Real estate I will go to my policy and Borrow against my policy and I'll still Be netting based on so for example if I Borrow if I'm earning 7% in the in Indexed Market okay and I borrow it 5% I'm still making 2% on the money that I Put in in there and now I'm multiplying My money I could go buy a property I Could buy an asset I could put money Into another company I'm going to Continue to expand in businesses I'm Going to go deeper into my businesses And continue to grow my earned income Precious metals I'll be transitioning Into gold I have a little bit of silver I'll be going into gold for for store of Value um and as I told you guys real Estate I see the value of real estate For me I'm just not interesting to me I'm just not interested in real estate It's not fun to me business is my thing Okay but real estate for me I saw the Benefit of the tax benefits this year so I'm I'm going to expand my real estate Portfolio um and work to get uh Depreciation um obviously I can write Off the interest um and you know all the

Rental things so that that is I need That that needs to be part of my Portfolio because of earned income and Then what makes me the richest man in The world is my relationship with God Every single day all this physicality Can be taken for but that's what made me Wealthy is because I connect to the Field in frequency that it already Exists I know that I win in the end so I'm always smiling I'm happy I'm joyful I thank God every day for the abundance That I get to experience because it's Created by God creation love expanding Consciousness I love God with all my Heart I love you as I love God I treat Others as I want to be treated and I Pull the log out of my eye before I pull The straw ears that's why you don't see Me respond to haters guys I just Spate My truth that's It love you guys very much so Merlin Where's where we at here Merlin here Okay so Merlin 30 days for free guys Everything we do we allow you access for Free because we want to build Relationship with you we're all Relationship it's in the description of This video you know there's going to be 10,000 people to watch this guys all 10,000 of you should have Merlin it will Change your crypto Investment Portfolio Number one we don't hold your keys and Comos it's just an interface it just

Shows you your portf your it connects to Your exchanges so it basically we don't Have your keys we don't have your combos You'll be able to see your portfolio in One place and you'll be able to exit so As everybody else gets wrecked and loses 85% of their portfol cuz how hard do you Think they're going to going to pull Profits and guess what you will be the Exit liquidity you will be the exit Liquidity do not be the exit liquidity Do what the big boys and big girls are Going to do they're going to get in They're getting in early right now and When it goes parabolic they're getting Out because their job is to make their Clients money our job is to make our Fam's money so we can secure compound And grow create peace freedom and family Structure so Merlin 30 days for free It's in the description of this video Download it another thing too if you end Up paying for Merlin or you go into the Paid part of it and you don't like it Guys we have the best customer service In the world you literally can go onto Merlin and cancel your subscription you Don't have to jump through hoops we are Very focused and customer Centric in all Businesses we do our Warrior Academy our Insurance company Merlin every company Refined Integrity my beard company every Company we do we mastered customer Service because we want a relationship

With you not a sale so we love you guys We appreciate you like I said everything You need in description of this video um And I'm very proud to share these things Because we put a lot of effort in to These and every single product we Provide in our ecosystem the 3T Warrior Academy ecosystem provides a solution to Humanity to move them forward and expand Consciousness so I love you I appreciate You as we always say Warriors rise get Your together let's [Music] Go


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